How to create a blog that makes money ~ The ultimate guide!

Anybody (including you) can create a blog that makes money. Any blog that’s read by human beings can make money. It all revolves round the monetizing strategies in place and a money making blog can generate between $0 and $500 000+ a month. That’s right!

One of the ways to financial freedom and being your own boss is to create a money making blog which will literally open up many channels to make money online.

How to create a blog that makes money (The ultimate guide)

In this series, I will hold your hand from the very start through the ins and outs, touching every aspect you need to know till your blog is running and able to generate income. This ultimate guide to creating an income generating blog will be split into a series of blog posts on this blog. This is just an introduction and I want us to see in key points, the things we will cover.

NB: This guide focuses on creating a blog that makes money. However, if you want to create a blog and don’t care about the money making aspect of it, the guide is still ultimately useful. Make sure you sign up to my list so you don’t miss a thing in this series.create a money making blog

20 Points to create a blog that makes money – Points to cover

  1. What to blog about
  2. Choosing a good domain name
  3. WordPress or Blogger
  4. Where to host your blog
  5. Installing your money making blog
  6. Your money making blog at risk! Taking care of security
  7. Setting up the right theme to monetize your blog
  8. Installing the necessary Plugins on your income blog
  9. Performance and speed optimization tips and recommendations
  10. Creating Key Pages on your blog
  11. Creating your First blog post
  12. Content creating ideas that generate income
  13. Where to get images and optimize them for fast speed
  14. Starting to build a list – the money is in the list
  15. Growing as a blogger – How to build your community
  16. Free traffic and link building strategies that work
  17. Search Engine and Referral Traffic sources
  18. How to leverage social proof and boost your income
  19. 3 ways to make more money as a blogger
  20. 15 ways bloggers make money (On and Off their blogs)

Whether you have a blog already or simply want to create a blog that makes money, there is something in for you. If you are already making money with your current blog, there is need to step up and make more money.

This is going to be one of the most crucial blogging and money making guides online you’ll ever get.

I personally am making money as we speak. I have given you tips based on knowledge and experience. If you are doing things the right way, there is no reason why you are not making money. There is a key which I have revealed in this series. I can almost give you my guarantee if you follow this guide strictly.

Thanks for reading this first post and I look forward to seeing you on the other posts in the series to create a blog that makes money. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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how to create a blog that makes money

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