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Steps to Backup and Migrate Your WordPress Site!

import to Wordpress

As a blogger or business owner with a WordPress site, you have spent so much time and effort to launch your online business. For the same reason, you should have as much control as possible over your online presence.

You’ve chosen a self-hosted platform for a reason, and it would be a shame to lose all of your hard work or become tied to a bad web host because you don’t have a backup plan in place. Continue reading


Top 7 CBD Edibles for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs

Top 7 CBD Edibles

I like CBD edibles especially Penguin CBD Gummy Worms. My daughter too likes them but we eat in moderation.

Do you take a bit of it when you blog?

I just got some from a nearby super market as I’m working from home. They were about closing their doors due to Coronavirus restrictions. I couldn’t take pictures because of the rush. But I got some so my kids are happy. At least, this is enough for some few days. Continue reading


Email Open Rate – How to get over 70% Open Rate

Email Open rate

Email Open Rate is a big point in Email Marketing and a common question I get from my students is: What is a good email open rate?

The truth is that this is a very difficult question to answer given that there is nothing that works for everyone in all industries. But there is a smart working trick to massively raise your open rates above any industry average.

As far as I’m concerned, dealing with your open rate is the most difficult spot in the industry. It’s where the biggest part of your attention is required.

Anyone can offer something good to bribe his readers for their email contacts. Some marketers even go beyond the boundaries to buy email contacts or use harvesters to quickly build a massive list.

But success isn’t at that level at all! Continue reading


Do You Want to See the Raw Power of Blogging Generosity in Action?

Read this post:

How I Built 53,900 Backlinks

Check the date I published that blog post: March 5, 2020. As of that date I built 53,960 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise. Cool.

But for the heck of it, I decided to check my backlinks again today on March 14, 2020. Peep the featured image for this post. Yep; the sheer power of raw blogging generosity wins again. I currently register 54,575 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise. Gaining over 600 backlinks in a 9 day stretch is nothing to sneeze at. But the more folks you help for free, the more you succeed online. Makes perfect sense. Continue reading


4 Eye Popping Blogging Lessons from New York City

The Big Apple!

I am currently in Brooklyn, NYC for 1 more day. Back to New Jersey for a few weeks before my wife and I return to Brooklyn in April.

I love New York City. Picture almost 9 million human beings spread out among 5 separate boroughs. Brooklyn alone has 2.5 million people while Queens has 2.2 million people. 2 *boroughs* of NYC are 2 of the 5 most populous cities in ALL of the United States. Amazing. Continue reading


How to Start a Successful Blog When You Are at College

Starting a successful blog while you are still at college is a great idea since you can have enough time to grow your audience, perfect your content, and transform the blog from a hobby into a fully-fledged income source.

Furthermore, having a personal blog automatically means that you are your own employer and content manager; you get to decide on your schedule, vacations, and “office location”

Now, starting a successful blog might sound overwhelming because of just how much work you need to put in. However, if you approach your blog step by step, the process will be smooth and natural. Here are some ideas that will give you a head start. Continue reading

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