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How to start a small business online with $68 and no skills!

How to start a small business online with wealthy affiliate unversity

Many people want to know how to start a small business online with $100 or less and having no skills.

The truth is that the Internet has opened new incredible doors nowadays. With just $68, you can start a thriving business online even if you can’t do anything but watch TV.

I will discuss with you in this post how you can start your own profitable business online if you can just get $68 from your mom, dad or friend.

If you have Internet access and are ready to follow simple steps, there is no reason to be broke in the next five months.

There are people who are computer programmers, graphics designers, legal advisers, translators, freelance writers, etc who can simply signup to freelance platforms and be hired. Continue reading


How to Make $1000 from a Single Post – Trick Unveiled!

How to Make $1000 from a single post

One of the things every blogger wants is to increase their earnings in a quick way. For an established blog, you can earn 50$-200$ for a sponsored review.

But, this new little known trick can generate more than $1000 from one blog post!

Make sure you have the following things before getting into this trick

  1. Internet Connection – You can’t do anything without it 
  2. An Established Blog with good content, traffic and theme.
  3. Good Alexa Rank (Good if it is below 100K)
  4. Good PR / DA /PA …etc.
  5. Email Address
  6. Google Search Engine

You have the above things? Then, Welcome to this trick, in this method, we can earn up to $1000. Continue reading


Free tool reveals blog commentators’ exact location (GDPR Radar)!

Do you want to know the countries and cities of your blog commentators? Or you have just someone you want to know where he/she is commenting from.

I will show you how to locate their cities so easily using free tools.

There are a couple of tools out there that give you broader stats on where a percentage of your readers come from. Alexa, for instance will openly state: Continue reading


Affiliate Marketing has NEVER made anybody money. I’m shocked!

affiliate marketing fail

One of the most trusted bloggers, a good and amazing guy, a man respected in blogging and online marketing industry has just made the most contradictory statement ever in the history of Internet Marketing.

According to Ryan Biddulph, the guy blogging from paradise, “Affiliate Marketing in its existence has never made any body money…” Is Ryan really in his right senses?  

I have written about Affiliate Marketing and you can download it here. I have published blog posts on the topic and taught thousands of bloggers how to make money with Affiliate marketing. And above all, I have made money with Affiliate marketing.  Continue reading


3 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Publishing a Guest Post for a Million Member Readership

blogging lessons

I recently published this guest post on the wildly popular Positively Positive blog.

This community includes 2 million Facebook fans, 80,000 email subscribers and a massive Twitter following too.

I learned 3 critical blogging lessons that will help you land guest posts on highly popular blogs with monstrously large, loyal, engaged readerships.

Check this out -> How to build a popular blog in 90 days!

If you are starving to grow your blog traffic, email list and blog profits follow these tips closely. Continue reading


MailerLite for email Marketing ~ Why this tool is best in the market!

Every online business that wants to see success should build a list. Your list is your market place that’s fully under your own control. The bigger your list and the more targeted it is, the more your profit (all things being equal)

A lot has been written about list building. But the industry keeps growing and changing. One of the factors that directly affects your success in the list building industry is the marketing tool. The choice you make determines the future of your investment. Continue reading

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