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3 ways to stop spammers from messing up your WP Contact forms

These is nothing as annoying as having your email inbox filled up with unnecessary form submissions from your own website.

But we know at the same time that we need those contact forms to connect us with our visitors. My contact page is one of my most visited pages by both human and bot visitors.

While I login to my business email everyday expecting a new business message from my blog, unlike before, I expect less of spam messages. This is because I have taken steps to say stop the bots that try to submit my contact form.


More than 30 best design and photography WordPress Themes for 2020

Have you ever wondered what the most important features of a modern website are? You may have many options and we want to offer you ours. Of course, the first thing that everybody notices at once is the design. That is why, is working hard on the products to satisfy every client. All the efforts are made to create an eye-candy website and attract more visitors.

As a separate section we are going to present a showcase of the best 30 design and photography themes. This one is special for us, because we put our heart and soul to the templates. We understand that these kind of sites require creative approach and here it is.


Blogging Mindset Tip: Never Stop Doing What Works Because of Need or Greed

I love guest posting. Guest posting works well for me to expand my blogging business. Traffic? Check. Profits? Check. Guest posting 5 or more times daily vibes with me.

I keep guest posting. But imagine if I became needy, or greedy, and feared I wasn’t making enough money or driving enough traffic. My need or greed and accompanying fear would try with all its might to pull me away from what works – guest posting – to, something else.

6 Different Ways Businesses Utilize Automation for Better Results

Automation has become one of the most critical factors for successful businesses these days. By saving time and reducing costs, it helps increase operational efficiency and productivity and helps companies focus on their core competencies.

But how are businesses utilizing automation for better results and sustainable growth? Take a look at how they do it so that you can follow their suit and grow your business.

1. Automating Daily Repetitive Tasks

Every business has various tasks on its daily plate that are necessary for making the organization run smoothly. However, most of those routine tasks are tedious and take a lot of time. As such, they can be overwhelming and stressful, taking a toll on productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and bottom line.


Schedule emails with Gmail – Write messages and send them later!

Do you want to be able to schedule emails with gmail? I mean you want to write an email today and set it to be sent later for perfect timing.

We live in different time zones and some times, there is need to make sure your message gets to your recipient just at the moment they are available to read it.

If you are doing some email marketing for your business, you must be using an email marketing platform like MailerLite that allows you to create and schedule campaigns.

Now, this is something that lacks in almost all of the personal and business email services. Most of these would only provide facilities for Vacation Auto Replies or Out of Office messages.

If you are using the very popular free Gmail email service by Google, I want to propose something you may find very useful.


How to enlarge images without losing quality (Online, MAC & Windows)

One of the issues we face as marketers is the ability to enlarge images without losing quality.  Whether it’s print or digital marketing, we have a huge concern about the quality of what our audiences see.

Good quality images don’t guarantee profit. But poor quality are proven to have a negative impact on business growth.

How do I make a small picture bigger and clear?

We can never guarantee having the perfect image size for any campaign always. For many different reasons, we find the need to enlarge images without tempering with quality.

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