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How to Publish 1000 Guest Posts on a Single Blog!

I published my 1000th post on Blogging Tips Dot Com a few days ago.

I want to share my thinking – and action – process with you to help you be more prolific.

Blogging is simple but sometimes scary. Why? We bloggers face our fears daily. Either you turn around or keep going. Writing and publishing 1000 guest posts on a single blog challenged me many times. I feared running out of ideas, losing profits and wasting my time. After conquering these mental blocks I intend to inspire you to be prolific as well.


More than 30 best design and photography WordPress Themes for 2020

Have you ever wondered what the most important features of a modern website are? You may have many options and we want to offer you ours. Of course, the first thing that everybody notices at once is the design. That is why, is working hard on the products to satisfy every client. All the efforts are made to create an eye-candy website and attract more visitors.

As a separate section we are going to present a showcase of the best 30 design and photography themes. This one is special for us, because we put our heart and soul to the templates. We understand that these kind of sites require creative approach and here it is.


Blogging Mindset Tip: Never Stop Doing What Works Because of Need or Greed

I love guest posting. Guest posting works well for me to expand my blogging business. Traffic? Check. Profits? Check. Guest posting 5 or more times daily vibes with me.

I keep guest posting. But imagine if I became needy, or greedy, and feared I wasn’t making enough money or driving enough traffic. My need or greed and accompanying fear would try with all its might to pull me away from what works – guest posting – to, something else.


Old time Bloggers & their blogs to follow and learn blogging!

Here are some old time bloggers I recommend you follow this year. I have followed some of them since 2012 and constantly, they deliver value. I have also featured some of these on my blog here before so I can tell you from my practical experience that dealing with them individually is worth every bit of your time.

Now, why do you have to care about who is featured here on the list of old time bloggers?

It’s important to to know and interact with people. I have said a couple of times that you can’t succeed as an Island. Show me any successful blogger and I’ll show you one that has a huge community of active members.


Do You Treat Blogging Like a Passing Hobby or a Serious Business?

I spent about 3 hours blogging so far today. Time check? 12:35 PM. Fun day. Busy day.

I treat blogging like a business because you need to treat blogging like a business, an actual job, where you work 3 to 8 hours or more daily, to become a pro, full time blogger.

Perhaps you work a full time job; devote 3 hours daily to blogging. But if you do not work full time, spend 4 hours or more daily blogging. Preferably, 8 hours or more.


Blogging gives you what you give blogging. See blogging like a mirror; blogging reflects back to you what you give to blogging. Imagine this mirror effect reflecting back to you success or failure.


How Advertisers paid me $660 to drive traffic to my blog!

You want to drive targeted traffic to your blogs and make money right? You have every reason to do that. No one can stop you!

We have the technology but the limit is our brains. A little thinking can drive us into marvelous money making moments

Let me share with you how I got paid $660 by advertisers to drive traffic to my blog, increase engagement and build my list. The crazy thing is that this same activity is making more noise that shakes more earnings into my wallet.

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