How to Protect a (new) WordPress blog from hackers!

Protecting your new WordPress blog should be a top priority especially if your copy is self-hosted.

A common deadly mistake I see around is a hurry to start pulling traffic and publishing articles on a newly installed self hosted blog without taking some necessary security steps. That’s foundation for disaster.

Can’t access your site? Have you been hacked? Lost your password or entire account? Are your core files compromised? The free Emergency Recovery Script will solve your nightmare with a single click.

This is part 6 in the series to build a money making blog. If you missed the other 5  parts, here is the front page for a list of contents.

In part 5, we saw how easy it is to install WordPress. As a matter of fact, it takes less than 3 minutes to get a copy installed.

NB: I recommend WPX Hosting,Siteground orBluehost to host your WordPress site.

WPX Hosting does daily automatic backup of your site (For free) and keeps copies for 2 months. Backup is the foundation of every safety major you are ever going to implement on your blog.

In part 7, we are looking at setting up the right theme to monetize your blog.

NB: 9 ideas to create your new business on WordPress

The copy we installed in part 5 is still virgin and vulnerable to attacks and damages. In this part, we are going to implement basic and solid security to our fresh copy. While it is not common to have a 100% secured blog, it’s going to keep you very safe from your end.

How to protect a new WordPress blog

Basically, what we will be doing here is to:

  • Change some critical database setup entries,
  • Rename some key directories,
  • Rename some key urls,
  • Lock the admin access,
  • Secure against brute force attacks,
  • Setup backups,
  • etc.

I don’t need you to have any technical knowledge in PHP. The good news is that all of this will be achieved simply by clicking buttons, thanks to one highly recommended plugin.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and be sure you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. That’s the first thing to do.

Next, on the left menu, point your mouse to “Plugins” and click “Add new“. The window that opens should be something similar to the image below:

secure a new wordpress blog

Enter “iThemes” in the search field and click hit the Enter keyboard key. You should have it as the first entry on the list of plugins on the result page.

Click “Intall Now” and “Activate

ithemes security

After activation, you should have a new entry on the left menu of your WordPress Dashboard. Look for “Security” and click it.

NB: I’m going to have to ask you to go straight to the plugin website here for updated instructions on how to have it setup.

The reason is that the team behind this wonderful plugin keeps working and changing the interface. In order not to mislead you, go to the security section of their website for the latest update.

See you on part 7 here. Share your thoughts in the comment box. Also share on social media.

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  1. iThemes WordPress security plugin sounds good to be given the chance for security. But I am currently using the Wordfence Security Firewall & Malware Scan

  2. Thanks for a very helpful article. I can see how these Plugins can add benefits & functionality.
    I hear different opinions as to “how many WordPress” Plugins you can use on 1 website without degrading load times & optimization.
    1. What is your view as to how many are too many?
    2. Can you use most Plugins when needed and disable when not using?

  3. Hi Enstine,

    returning to your blog after a very long time. Feels sort of bad to see that you have removed the commentluv thing. But the blog is still good, theme is new and everything is awesome.

    I also think that wordpress users need to be focused about their blog’s security.Awesome advice you shared.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Enstime Sir,

    Great post indeed!

    It’s a great plugin to secure your website from hackers. I think I used this plugin one of my sites before.

    Anyway thanks sir for giving us great plugin.

    Areesha Noor!

  5. the method you shared to secure wordpress blog is really informative and helpful 🙂 i found this very helpful thanks for sharing your knowledge in this post 🙂

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    It is a well known fact about security & as same for the blogs. The overall content was effective as well as useful also for the security purpose.

    Well, at present i work on wordpress & your blog/content has a exact point. And also for the secured blog.

    Thank you for sharing the stuff. Keep going. Have a nice day.

    I think the websites should also be made secured. So regarding that, i’m attaching a link below for the particular stuff. i hope it might be useful.


  7. Hey Enstine,

    I must admit that it is a well-written blog with all much-needed security tips and tricks!

    Previously I’ve never given a thought of my website’s security but now I should tell you that it is as necessary as content on your website.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

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  11. No offense. Hackers can turn off security plugins if there are any backdoors. So better WP sites need to get updated and backed up regularly.

  12. Dear Enstine

    It was in deed a great information on security, apart from ithemes there are many other plugins available, even our friend george is also saying the same.yes agreed.

    I have tried to cover some other wordpress security plugins, I personally invite you to review my article and let me know anything to be added, to give better understanding to newbies

  13. Now my blog is completely secured . I first chosen a free theam checked that theam and found it was suspicious . Thanks man

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for posting how to improve WordPress security because most of the small businesses use WP for their site. They don’t know about WordPress security. In this post, you explained with easy to understandable screenshots. That will be helpful for even WordPress Beginners.


  15. I was searching like this post and finally I found out this article thanks for sharing this great article. Thank you very much.

  16. Hello Enstine,

    Security is really essential for sites these days. When I was new to WordPress then I was having some class mate who use to think that WP is secure, it can’t be hacked. But, now, I laugh on this because according to some studies, WP sites face the most hacking attempts.

    Anyways, your article is really nicely written. It’s a quick post for those who want to learn how to start securing WP blog.

    All points are good but I love one thing. Which is hiding the backend of the site. 😉

    That’s all from my side!


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