How to Increase your blogging income~ 3 Evergreen Methods Revealed!

You can still make more money blogging. Yes! I know you make some money. What if I show you some more little tricks to increase your earnings as a blogger?

In this post, I gave some tips on how to choose the right flexible theme so you can be dynamic in placing money making objects on your blog. In another post, I discussed in more details 15 different ways bloggers make money.  To add to this, I created another post on how social proof can be leveraged to generate more earnings on your blog.

The truth is, at every moment, there is always something you can do to boost income. Don’t stick to the old fashioned method and expect your bank account to swell.

Of course these old methods still work but need with a twist – Google Adsense today is no longer what it used to be. Just going around and pasting the Adsense code on pages may not work.

Creating an ‘Advertise Here’ page on your blog is not enough. You need to go beyond if you desire to move from maybe charging $50/m to $500/m per 300×250 banner space.

All along this series, I have touched a lot of points to help you build a blog that makes money. However, there is still more in stock. If you missed some of these points, go check it out here

Before I get to the meat and drinks of this article, I have to bring your understanding to the fact that traffic is the lifeline of your blog. This has to be targeted traffic. In this post, I discussed how to build a popular blog in 90 days. You really need to check that out.

Getting votes (backlinks) from readers and moving up to Google page # 1 is another inevitable point to succeed in blogging. You need traffic from search engines too right? Here are my thoughts on this point.

Ok now your blog is up and running and you are already making some money. How do you make more?

3 evergreen methods to increase income from your blog.

Method # 1: Showcase your earnings

People want proofs and the more proofs you show them, the more they trust and believe in you. Some will be very ready to pay you to show them your secrets. Now if you go bragging that you make money, show us proofs of your own earnings.

You now understand why some bloggers publish their earnings every month. These are the kind of blog posts that attract the most attention in the make money online niche.

If you regularly publish your income report, you pull a lot of traffic. The more the traffic, the more the money you stand to make with a better monetizing strategy.

Method # 2: Showcase your money making tools

If you make money blogging, there are some tools you probably use. How do these tools help you make the money? How do they help you build a blog that makes money? Are these tools free or paid? Your readers will like to have your recommendations on some of these tools. What do you do to boost sales?

  1. Create an affiliate account for the products/tools you recommend.
  2. Get a unique coupon or discount code from the vendor for your readers.
  3. Create a resource page for these products and link to them through your affiliate link.

There is no doubt that this will help you increase income from your blog.

Method #3: Promote recurring payment products

We know the power of recurring paying affiliate products. You get the sale once and the commissions keep coming month after month. The key in this method is to promote products that are a requirement in your niche. The reason is that members will certainly maintain their subscriptions for long, ensuring long term earnings for you.

Building a list is a necessity for online business so promoting Autoresponders  like AWeber or MailerLite is surely a promising direction.

Web hosting is a must if you want to have a website. Do you have web hosting services that pay recurring commissions? That will be a good business to promote.

Now, these are some methods I wanted to share so you can put them to use and increase your blogging income.

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