How to Increase your blogging income~ 3 Evergreen Methods Revealed!

You can still make more money blogging. Yes! I know you make some money. What if I show you some more little tricks to increase your earnings as a blogger?

In this post, I gave some tips on how to choose the right flexible theme so you can be dynamic in placing money making objects on your blog. In another post, I discussed in more details 15 different ways bloggers make money.Β  To add to this, I created another post on how social proof can be leveraged to generate more earnings on your blog.

The truth is, at every moment, there is always something you can do to boost income. Don’t stick to the old fashioned method and expect your bank account to swell.

Of course these old methods still work but need with a twist – Google Adsense today is no longer what it used to be. Just going around and pasting the Adsense code on pages may not work.

Creating an ‘Advertise Here’ page on your blog is not enough. You need to go beyond if you desire to move from maybe charging $50/m to $500/m per 300×250 banner space.

All along this series, I have touched a lot of points to help you build a blog that makes money. However, there is still more in stock. If you missed some of these points, go check it out here

Before I get to the meat and drinks of this article, I have to bring your understanding to the fact that traffic is the lifeline of your blog. This has to be targeted traffic. In this post, I discussed how to build a popular blog in 90 days. You really need to check that out.

Getting votes (backlinks) from readers and moving up to Google page # 1 is another inevitable point to succeed in blogging. You need traffic from search engines too right? Here are my thoughts on this point.

Ok now your blog is up and running and you are already making some money. How do you make more?

3 evergreen methods to increase income from your blog.

Method # 1: Showcase your earnings

People want proofs and the more proofs you show them, the more they trust and believe in you. Some will be very ready to pay you to show them your secrets. Now if you go bragging that you make money, show us proofs of your own earnings.

You now understand why some bloggers publish their earnings every month. These are the kind of blog posts that attract the most attention in the make money online niche.

If you regularly publish your income report, you pull a lot of traffic. The more the traffic, the more the money you stand to make with a better monetizing strategy.

Method # 2: Showcase your money making tools

If you make money blogging, there are some tools you probably use. How do these tools help you make the money? How do they help you build a blog that makes money? Are these tools free or paid? Your readers will like to have your recommendations on some of these tools. What do you do to boost sales?

  1. Create an affiliate account for the products/tools you recommend.
  2. Get a unique coupon or discount code from the vendor for your readers.
  3. Create a resource page for these products and link to them through your affiliate link.

There is no doubt that this will help you increase income from your blog.

Method #3: Promote recurring payment products

We know the power of recurring paying affiliate products. You get the sale once and the commissions keep coming month after month. The key in this method is to promote products that are a requirement in your niche. The reason is that members will certainly maintain their subscriptions for long, ensuring long term earnings for you.

Building a list is a necessity for online business so promoting AutorespondersΒ  like AWeber or MailerLite is surely a promising direction.

Web hosting is a must if you want to have a website. Do you have web hosting services that pay recurring commissions? That will be a good business to promote.

Now, these are some methods I wanted to share so you can put them to use and increase your blogging income.

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45 thoughts on “How to Increase your blogging income~ 3 Evergreen Methods Revealed!”

  1. I saw some top bloggers show their income proofs, or reports a lot of time and didn’t realize that is a way to improve income :))) Really informative.

  2. Hi Enstine,

    This is a nice one to say. In fact, showcasing these tools gives one the opportunity to sneak in their affiliate products and his readers will buy them with excitement.

    Thanks for the insight. Let me see how I can implement so of the indirect ideas I got reading this.

    Keep it up.


  3. Hey Estine, I believe that people need prove of your earnings and facts to back up your claim. However, most of the SEO gurus seem to hide their real strategies. It is as though keeping the secret to themselves makes them feel more revered by newbies.

    Nonetheless, Nice read.

  4. Hi Enstine Muki

    Thanks for this Neat and great post. I really appreciate this article. And yes Resource page is really a great idea. I’m in Blogger Platform and I don’t know why my traffic is decreasing day by day. May be I have issue with my template.

  5. Hi Enstine,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Indeed the three methods you’ve mentioned here are the key of affiliate marketing. This is the reason, top affiliate marketers publish their earnings online and put a page about the tools they use for their website.


  6. Hi Enstine Muki,
    Great post again with much valuable data. The way of your writing is excellent . I read the whole post at one go.
    Thanks for sharing the post. Regards.

  7. I guess this post gives credit to the saying ‘We should practice what we preach’

    There is no way you can teach to make money when you actually are not a testimony. Showcasing your earnings and the tools of the trade is a sure way to teaching what you do.

    Mr Enstine you are really an inspiration.

  8. Enstine, a nice and well-detailed post there. I am in love with affiliates already but I dont know the costs and the set up. But one sure thing is that you’ve really persuaded me to start affiliate marketing this night.
    Thanks Enstine, looking foward to featuring you and Sue on my round up post.

  9. The biggest mistake bloggers make when monetising their blog is to use a strategy that does not work with their blog niche.

    I focus on product niche blogs more than general information because, using affiliate marketing, it’s easier for my visitors to buy because they actually want to buy before coming to my blog.

    The method listed her is for bloggers who want to teach people how to make money but here in Nigeria, for security reason, I will not recommend that at all.

    Anyway, it’s a great idea.

  10. Afilliate is the best according to me too because once you make a sale the commissions keep coming month after month.You just need to get a proper following and you are good to go in the affiliate market.

  11. That is true Enstine. Showing your earning always helps to gain trust of your audience. I recently have noticed that many people who are into make money online niche are doing it and they all have a huge follower base.

    Although It is hard to find some good products that gives you recurring earnings.

  12. I have 3 sites with different niche ,so I do my best in three and earn enough money with a lot resources, thanks for your all compliments

  13. Most of surrounded peoples are thinking why are you wasting you time in front of your computer because they are not paying for your work.
    But newbie blogger must know about that in blogging you will never get money quickly you must have to wait.
    Blogger must showcase their earning to know the peoples what you actually doing..?
    Can you tell me little brief information about the Affiliate marketing because I never tried.

    • Hey Anna,
      Good to see you around today
      Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing?
      Just wondering if I got your question right

  14. Great post man, and after reading several of your articles, I’m really getting in to your style. I feel that you are absolutely awesome at linking to a lot of your other previous posts. This is not only an excellent SEO and bounce rate strategy, but it’s also helpful for me as the reader cause your stuff is good and I benefit from more of it!

    Thanks man for your transparency and I look forward to more stuff.

    Josh May

    • Hey Josh,
      Thanks for such an encouraging comment. I feel like digging deeper. I hope I will, really

      Do have a wonderful day man and of course, I love what you share on your blog. I recommend my readers check that out

  15. You always deliver with your posts, Enstine. And I mean, always. πŸ™‚ What I like about each, actually I’ve already read those posts you mentioned, is that the tips are easy to grasp, and actionable. I don’t have to think long and hard how those tips would help.

    For example, I can see those 3 tips you shared now to be very effective. I have actually seen others do it, but hearing or reading about it’s effectiveness will probably push bloggers to apply them.

    Keep this up! Left this comment as well on, the IM content aggregator site.

  16. Hey this is totally real Enstine,
    I have seen many pro bloggers they show their income proof and promote their channel of making money. That is really great idea to make more money in blogging career.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this stuff.

    • Hi Atul,
      It’s with great pleasure I see you here today and thanks for the comment. I’ll be showcasing my earnings too soon to improve trust

      Thanks for being part of this post today

  17. Interesting tips I must say. It is good to have money making methods that are evergreen. The traditional methods like Adsense and Advertising may not be how they used to be but there are better methods that builds on the legacy of the traditional methods.
    The 3 evergreen methods discussed here are quite revealing!

    This comment was shared in where this post was found.
    Sunday – contributor

  18. “What if I show you some more little tricks to increase your earnings as a blogger?”

    I am very very certain that readers will be glued in this question! LOL! This will make their day (no doubts). I also agree with you that if they will remain old fashioned, they must not expect their bank account to swell.

    They should open their mind and eyes that being trendy could give you a big and good upshot. And these 3 methods that you gave here are some practical ways that should keep in mind and use.

    Great post, I must say! Thanks for this Enstine!

    Found this post shared on, the IM social bookmarking site.

  19. Yes, you are right.. People want proof because How can they trust on you.?

    Because blogging is the one of industry where you need to work more harder in your starting days means you work as a newbie but after you getting lots of knowledge at that time you need to only implement.

    Making money with blogging is easy or not… It depends on your work and your smartness of knowledge.

  20. People do want to see proof that you are making money. That is why I try to avoid things I have never done.

    Showing your proof is the only way I could believe you. Please do not photoshop any images because you are not only dishonest, but a fraud.

    No will ever trust you again.

  21. Hello,

    Another great post, Showcase the earnings or showing proofs to the readers make readers or encourage readers to buy products from our affiliate links.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Yes I agree with Ron, email marketing is a great way to build a consistent, reliable income. It is a must for internet marketers and bloggers I would say!

    Best Regards,


  23. Hi Enstine,
    Good article congrat on that, getresponse is not mentioned which is also popular only remark. Also to page ranking now is more quality than quantity regarding backlinks. I mean you need backlinks from quality pages instagram,facebook etc etc(only as an example.
    keep it up take care

  24. Another fine post Enstine.

    You’ve covered some of the tactics I’ve been working into myself. Biggest thing for me is building up more recurring income. You sure can’t count on G to send traffic and sales all the time. The other big thing, is like you mentioned, is to do more email marketing. It can really pay off and bring in some reliable income.

    • Hey Ron,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the comment
      My account with aweber has been down due to issues with my payment system. Will get everything back shortly. A list is a pretty nice source of traffic

      Do have a wonderful week

  25. Hey Enstine,

    I hope you have had a good week!

    Great post and some fantastic tips. Yes a resource page is a great idea, I recently added one to my blog also, though I currently have an issue with my blog theme and the link is displaying at the bottom of my homepage, lol! Will sort that very soon πŸ˜‰
    It is really interesting to see different bloggers resource pages as although many bloggers use similar or the same tools, you often find a gold mine of new tools frequently if you check out these pages regularly!

    Also, I find it a good idea to also have one high ticket item on your blog as all it takes is a couple of right people to click on the link and you can soon make a nice jump in your income.

    One other great way to monetize your blog is to have a paid members area as this will also bring in passive residual income for a long time to come if your members area is of good quality πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting Enstine, your content is always really good!

    Cheers mate,


    • Hi Steve,
      Yes I had a good week and thanks for asking πŸ˜‰
      Thank you too for you contributing ao greatly. I love the idea of high ticket item. Just one sale could make you smile πŸ˜‰

      I strive to do really good content and thank you guys for the support.

      Do have a nice week ahead

  26. Hey Einstein,
    Revealing one’s site income sources is a powerful means of making more money through blogging. The likes of Spenser haws pat Flynn tung tran etc are using this to make more money through their websites.
    Again, you blog really looks neat and beautiful on mobile. Its awesome.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  27. I’ve thought about that showcasing of earnings by “make money bloggers” like Zac Johnson, now I know why it’s done

    Thanks Enstine

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