What do you write about in your first blog post?

Congratulations! You finally decided to blog. Now you’ve chosen your blogging topic. You got your domain name registered and bought a hosting plan.

You also have installed WordPress/Blogger and the necessary plugins and theme. You’ve created these 5 or more essential pages. All is set and it’s time to write your first page.

In this part 11 in the series of creating a money making blog, I want to dish out some essential ingredients of a winning first blog blog. If you missed the past 10 parts in the series, take a short trip back to this front page for a list of contents .

Many people starting a blog for their very first time don’t have a clue what to write about in their first post. I remember my first article was absolutely out of place. Yes! I didn’t read any guide about how to start. It was really off. You know I had a burning desire to make money blogging so I started off with a review post that failed so bad.

I had absolutely no idea what it means to write a review post. What I did was grab a video from the vendor’s page and splashed it on my first article. That took me no where. So let me give you some basics so  you don’t fall out like me 😉

How to write your first blog post

There are a couple of things that are recommended to be highlighted on your first post. These points will answer essential questions and put you already on a good footing.  Let’s see them together;

1 -> Who are you?

This is generally accepted as an important question to answer on your first blog post. It’s like getting into a new world and the first thing you do is introduce yourself else, no one may listen to you.

Introduce yourself and your business. Tell your audience what makes you the go-to person in your field and why they should trust you. Share your pictures, success stories, awards, products, etc.  This will highly boost the level of trust you get from your readers.

2 – > What are you blogging about ?

Give a vast idea what you will be blogging about. Explain what readers should expect from your blog. Start from a broader idea and narrow it down to specific areas. For instance – Social Media is a much broader idea. Narrow it down to Social Media components like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

In the broad Make Money online niche, you  may develop it by listing more specific areas like affiliate marking, surveys, sponsored posts, paid tweets, etc

What about Pets? That’s quite broad isn’t it? Now, narrow it down to things like dog training, dog health, dog food, dog behaviors, etc.

That will actually help your readers know what they get from your blog if they stick around.

3 – > What do you expect from your readers

As a matter of fact, not everyone reading your first post will know what you expect from them. Clearly state what you expect from your readers:

  • Follow you on Twitter
  • Like your Fanpages
  • Enter your Circles
  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Sign up to your RSS feed
  • Leave a feedback
  • Etc

4 – > Why should someone signup to your list or even read your blog

Now this is important! Give your readers solid reasons to stick around. Tell them exactly what will be their benefits for being loyal and repeat visitors. The more you touch specific points in your chosen topic, the greater the chances of getting your visitors hooked. For instance, you told them you will be blogging on dog training. That’s right but what should they expect? List out specific training types you’ll be hammering on and the results they will get from them.

5 – > How can your visitors interact with you?

An important question to answer isn’t it? Let your visitors know they can interact with you through blog commenting, Facebook, Twitter and other active social media sites. Let them know you can be reached on your contact page. Don’t assume they know it. Remind them and the results will be amazing.

Be smart and make your first post a huge success. Don’t write with assumptions. Give out necessary details. Remember first impression matters. Don’t let readers think you are low in your first post.

That’s it for this part. In the next part, I’ll be giving you some smart Content creation ideas that generate income.

Share your thoughts here on the comment box. Sign up to my feed below so that you don’t miss a thing. See you on the contact form is you have any questions.

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