11 tips to build a popular blog in just 90 days or less!

One of the questions I get often is how to build a popular blog. I got a private message from one friend on Facebook 2 days ago who said “Enstine, your new blog is getting so popular. How do you do it?”

Many people all over wonder how others do things to work for them. If it works for me, it can work for you. That’s right!

Now, I often give two answers to this question on how to build a popular blog;

  • Work smart and work like an ant – Get it quick
  • Take your time and build it gradually

As expected, many bloggers want to build a popular blog so fast. That’s achievable but you have to be an ant 😉

There are two entities involved:

  1. The blogger first
  2. The blog second

I have seen very popular bloggers with some little known blogs. For the most part, these popular bloggers have several blogs. Some of these blogs are just not a major part of their blogging career.

Now, there are also some little known bloggers that run very popular blogs. They have succeeded in building a community that runs their blog.

However, to be able to build a popular blog in just 90 days, you’ll need to work smart and like an ant. Now, these are a couple of things I recommend you do as you strive to building a well known blog.

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How to build a popular blog in just 90 days

1 -> Write top content that’s loved

The very first step at building a popular blog is constantly publishing the kind of ‘wow’ content that attracts readers. There is no magic key here! The more you publish sharable content, the more the news about your blog spreads.

You have to go beyond just writing 500 words posts and produce in-dept treatment of specific topics. That’s the key to writing viral content. It’s not about the number of words. It’s about your mastery of the subject and how you drive understanding home.

Google’s RankBrain is a step towards rewarding authors with a deep understanding and treatment of specific topics on their blogs.

2 – > Build an attractive blog

The attractiveness of your blog is a strong factor. There are several ingredients that make your blog more attractive and sticky;

  • The theme (graphics, colors, fonts, responsiveness, etc). Get the right theme here
  • Photos or medial objects on your blog posts.
  • Load speed of your blog. Host with WPX Hosting for top load speed
  • Browser compatibility.
  • Engagement and interactivity
  • Less annoying elements (popups, banners, etc).
  • and of course attractive articles.

These things put together will compose the attractiveness of your blog. Any of these that’s not a factor of professionalism will be a deterrent.

3 – > Be active on social media

This is almost no news. If you want to build a popular blog as early as possible, social media most be a strong factor. 90 days may not be enough time to build a huge follower-base but joining Facebook groups and and other social media platforms is a fast way to start spreading the news and growing. Respond to comments, tweets and retweets to attract more attention.

4 – > Using social media applications

There are some recommended Facebook, Google+ and Twitter apps for bloggers. These apps generate real likes, followers, retweets, tweets, shares and thus traffic. Some of these applications are free and include EasyRetweet, Viralcontentbee, Triberr, etc. These apps don’t only generate traffic but also help in building relationships with other bloggers.

5 – > Content sharing community sites

Content syndication sites are great places to pull traffic to your blog and spread the word. They are also wonderful communities to meet and network with like-minded bloggers. Here are some sharing communities I use and recommend:

6 -> Blog commenting

There is been a lot written on the Internet on blog commenting. As a matter of fact, it’s a powerful expansion tool if done right. You have to leave reasonable and related comments on related blogs. The key to succeeding in commenting is reading the post thoroughly and sharing your own view about the topic discussed.

Another result driven tip is to leave replies on comments made by other visitors. Don’t just reply to the comment on top (like I see many do) simply because your want your comment to be on top.

Trigger conversation in your comments and remain interactive. Make it real discussion and avoid simple words or few sentences just to build link.

7 -> Guest Blogging

Although this blogging activity (just like blog commenting) is being messed up by link-hungry bloggers and some SEO firms, it remains an important tool in building a popular blog and networking with bloggers in your niche. Submitting your top contents to popular blogs in your niche of course will bring you huge benefits – traffic, backlinks, relationships, authority, etc.

The first thing to do is read the guest posting guidelines on these blogs. Most blogs do provide details on the type of posts they accept. Reading, understanding and following these guides is the first step towards getting accepted.

Often, you will have to decide between posting on someone else blog and posting on yours. Now you think the content you have just written is killer. Remember no blog will accept thrash. They need your best. The content you submit on other blogs must not be lesser than what you publish on your own blog.

8 – > Attending live event

Live blogging events and online hackathons are fertile grounds to gain popularity and expand. That’s where you meet other bloggers physically and share points on a more practical note. Don’t miss any opportunity to attend a live event in your area. While on the event ground, make an effort to meet and chat with more successful bloggers.

9 – > Constantly run Contests and Giveaways

This strategy is the killer and can make your blog very popular in a very short term. People love winning stuffs so they always look for opportunities to win something. If you want it even hot, do a cash prize giveaway.

From my experience, RaffleCopter makes your contest go viral. The reason is that it has a reward feature. Participants are given a unique link to promote the event and earn points. Given that each participant has higher chances of winning with higher points, they will always share their links to earn the points.

At the moment of writing this post, each visit that you bring to the contest page through your unique link earns a point and each participation earns points. You see why participants will get into hot promotion of your contest?

10 -> Build a list

In this post, I detailed out some helpful points on building a list that keeps your subscribers. List building is a way of going popular as it’s a hot source of traffic. If you have trust from your subscribers, they will help share your content bring in more traffic.

These are some few points to help you on how build a popular blog in 90 days. Follow these tips actively and see where your blog goes after just 3 months. Your Alexa ranking should be within 100K. You should be having 300+ more visitors per day

11 -> Start Pinning

Piniterest is a huge source of traffic. Trust me the result you get from this traffic tool is tremendous. I see it as a social media and SEO tool. SEO because a huge part of it is based on keyword discoveries.

That’s it

This post is part 15 in the series to create a blog that makes money. Check out the previous parts here. In the next part, we are looking at earning backlinks and getting to Google page #1

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59 thoughts on “11 tips to build a popular blog in just 90 days or less!”

  1. These are great tips! I did almost everything in this. I need to focus on content sharing and building a list. These 2 things will get me more traffic I guess. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi Enstine

    These are awesome tips.

    Blog commenting and guest blogging are my most favorite ways to building a popular blog faster.

    Getting your name in front of your audience is an important first step. You never know who could be browsing the blog comments or reading the guest post

    Thanks for sharing

  3. 90 days for a blog to be successful is really very short time. And this article will be the best solution for that. Thank you very much for sharing this article. This is really helpful in generating quality traffic.

  4. Hey Enstine! Thanks for the tips, I have recently started blogging and as a newbie, these are some great tips to keep in mind. I think blog frequently its the inner passion to blog or to create something new that should drive you. Cheers!

  5. really a nice artical reall learn something one more you say pintrest huge trffice you are totly right

  6. Hi Enstine,

    You may have read or heard some bloggers say “I wish I knew these when I first started blogging.” The reason is that as you grow your blog, you keep learning new tips and tricks for a profitable blog. The tips here are great and will surely help any blog become a success. However, I want to add that you also need to have sustainable content creation and distribution strategy in place that would assist you in maintaining consistency an be active both in creating content for your blog and on social media and other marketing channels.

  7. Hey Enstine,
    90 days for a blog to be successful is really very short span of time. And this article is I think the best solution for that.
    All the points you have mentioned are really effective.
    I want to ask, many bloggers have stopped accepting guest blogging on their sites, what can be the reason for that?

  8. Great tips Enstine!
    I’d like to add a tactic. When you write new posts, link out abundantly to influencers in your niche.
    Then tell them about it. This will get you on their radar and even more important for short term, they will share your content on their powerful social media channels.

    This gives your exposure to thousand or tens of thousand of new eyeballs.

  9. [ Smiles ] Hello, Enstine. I have learned that one of the types of content that people love to read is, evergreen content.

    And, I do enjoy leaving valuable comments in the comments thread of my fellow bloggers.

    My friend, Ryan Biddulph comments on other people’s blogs (And, we both know that his blog is one of the famous ones on the internet).

    Thank you for your advice on how to build a popular blog!

  10. You didn’t mention ‘Being Ahead’. This is one of the secrets that made my blog popular in Nigeria. I tried to be ahead of others by looking the future trends in my industry and talking about it now. That alone has attracted over 50,000 views on one of my posts in a week.

    Bloggers are not just jobless people but researchers and readers of industry trends.

  11. Enstine:

    Thank you (as always) for providing a very simple and straight forward workable, proven blueprint! This post in particular, makes it so much easier to see exactly “what’s” been missing in my current attempts to build a viable blog following!

    Your ten points serve as an excellent checklist! Now it’s simply a matter of properly filling in the missing gaps in my current strategies!

    Tips #’s 5,6 & 9 really offer some much needed food for thought! Especially tip # five, because I’m not currently nearly active enough in those extremely viable communities! That will most certainly change going forward!

    Thank you so much for sharing your extremely valuable expertise!

    I’m going to have fun studying the other 14 parts of this excellent series! Thanks for providing a proven (and extremely practical) road map!

    • Hey Mark,
      I’m sure we do have a lot to do together in the days ahead on this subject and related topics. Always a pleasure to hear that you are getting a lot from my contents

      Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

  12. Great tips Enstine. Blogs can certainly be popular in a little time if you are prepared to put in the effort, which sadly is where a lot of bloggers go wrong. They think that posting adhoc and posting their link on a social media site is enough and become despondent when it doesn’t work. Follow the tips you have raised here, and anything is possible 🙂

    • Hey Catherine,
      Thanks for the comment 😉
      I have been following these steps and my 2 month old blog is certainly becoming popular 😉

      How long have you been blogging?

      • I run two blogs. The first has been operating for 18 months and the second I literally started a few weeks ago, so it is definitely in that early stage. However, this time around I know a lot more about what I am doing, and I plan to get my traffic levels up to the point my 1st blog is sitting at within 3 months. The challenge is on 🙂

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Thank you very much for sharing content sharing websites. They are really helpful in generating quality traffic via contents. Building popular blog really need personal dedication and a lots of ideas.

  14. bros without no doubt all point you listed their are great… But they are all good for money making, blogging and seo niche site.. what of other niche such as dating and more

    • Hey bro,
      it makes no difference really. You just have to get Facebook groups and Google+ communities in that niche

      The other community sites also have that category. Dating for example is a hot sector online attracting so many Internet users. You can build a popular blog in it so quick

  15. And can be done in 3 months? Now that’s a very bold thing to say, Enstine. 🙂 Good thing you have the credibility to back up that claim. But I agree, anything is possible as long as one would work hard(work like an ant, in your words).

    To have quality content is top priority, but I also believe in the importance of promoting your blog to the right people. All in all, great guide!

    Found this post shared on one of those content sharing community sites, Kingged.com. 🙂

  16. Hi there Enstine!

    Woo! Another valuable and great post from you! You didn’t fail me to see and read articles that is tempting and intention-grabbing. I bookmarked your post, it’s worth the second look and read the shared information and ideas here on how to make your blog become popular. 🙂

    BlogEngage? I think I’ve heard his once, this one is familiar. I will give it a shot! And great that Kingged.com is in your list! I think this one should be in the first number (for me, since I personally love this site and I’ve learned so many things there).

    And yes, guest posting and blog commenting are some schemes to make your traffic boost!

    Timely and very informative post! Thanks for this! 🙂

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  17. Enstinemuki.com is one blog which has taken a different since it was a establish.

    It has of course grown rapidly and the name behind it is doing a great.

    Thanks for sharing with us some of your secrets with respect to how to build a popular with 3 months. wow!

  18. Hi Enstine,

    You said a lot of interesting things and shared many effective strategies. The thing that interests me the most is the following:

    Choose a niche, master that domain and create quality content with an in-depth treatment on specific topics.

    I think everything begins here.

    Have a wonderful day

  19. Enstine, thanks for the reminder on the contests. I have to think of one to do for the holidays. Maybe a paypal gift card or Amazon one. Something everyone can use as a way to thank my readers. I’ve got to get back to some of those sharing sites too. It’s hard to make all the rounds each day. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hey man, nice to see your new blog growing so fast. It has really achieved a lot within that short period of time. And these tips are really informative, I think blog commenting and social sharing works great to promote a new blog and make it popular within a short span of time. Thanks for these awesome tips Enstine, appreciate this post.

  21. hey muki these all points are great and really useful but can you tell me how i can submit my post to all blog communities ?

    and thanks for all this points.

  22. WoW Enstine,
    you listed some fantastic points here!
    Thanks for mentioning Klinkk in your list of Content sharing community sites.

    Producing high quality content, being active on social media, building connections within your niche are all great suggestions to create a popular blog.

    Relationships are very important, I always remark that!

    Thanks for sharing this useful post and have a great week!

  23. Informative tips indeed, I believe the best way to get popular is promoting the blog’s on social media and organizing giveaway’s with attractive prizes are also good method. Writing the good posts and other stuff takes little time but we would soon see a good outcome.


  24. It’s great to see your new Blog growing fast and yes new blogs can get popular in few days or weeks and you have proved this.

  25. Hi Enstine,

    You are right!!! A 90 days old blog can be popular on the blogosphere. I used the same methods to be popular. I also the member of all blogging communities you specified here. It is the right way to be popular with few days 🙂

    Abid Omar

  26. Come on Enstine,
    I can’t agree more. Creating a popular blog is never easy neither is it a rocket science. Anyone who is dedicated and committed to his blogging business can achieve it within a twinkle of an eye.

    All is required is a good and workable plan and yada, it will all be a success. All the tips you shared here also applies and, anyone who is dreaming of building a successful and popular blog should apply all the tips you outlined here.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing man 🙂

  27. Hey Enstine,

    These points that you have listed and mentioned here are all superb. These tips, if applied in the right manner then the results will be awesome.

    I have run giveaways in the past and I must say that they have helped to increase the traffic on my blog.

    I also love having a mailing list because I can call back those persons who subscribed to my blog so that they can read new blog posts that I have written specially for them.

    Blog commenting and guest posting again is a great way to get traffic from other blogs and also to build up your backlinks for great SEO.

    Thanks for all the wonderful points here pal. Keep on blogging!

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