4 ways to write blog posts that make money for life [ Like Pat Flynn ]

Being able to write blog posts that make money on consistent basis is a strong point in transforming your blog into a money generating machine. Many bloggers depend on advertising, sponsored posts, Adsense, etc, but in this post, I want to reveal the secret of the pros that can transform your blog into heavy money machine gun.

There is no exaggeration in the statement I just made above. I have studied income reports of some successful money making bloggers like Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward and there is powerful money making post type these guys create that constantly generate huge amounts for them even while they are away.

The materials I have on this blog post is capable of changing and adding more earning values to your blogging career. But will only remain a waste if you don’t put it in practice. I simply show you how to write blog posts that make money day in day out.

In this post, I promised I was going to reveal a strong secret to make money with your blog. As a matter of fact, this post is part of the revelation.

write blog posts that make money

I know there are many other guys that make money blogging and publish their income reports but I can’t go listing them here. This post is not about bloggers that make money by the way;)

Before we get to the meat of this post, let me remind you that this is part 12 in the series of creating a blog that makes money. If you missed the previews 11 parts, you can find theme on the front page

Let’s get straight to the point …

1 – Tutorials

If you want to write blog posts that make money almost on auto pilot, you must consider creating tutorials for essential products in your niche. If you study Pat’s and Matt’s income reports, you’ll find out that these guys (and others not listed here) make a lot of money from tutorial posts. There is absolutely no magic about it. Just do a detailed tutorial of a paid product that’s much needed in your niche. Use screen captures, videos, graphs and link to the product page through your affiliate link.

affiliate marketing earningsLooking at Pat’s income reports, you find out that the BlueHost short tutorial keeps bringing him huge income month after month. This is also true for other products.

Tutorial posts will in a more sure way add more to what your blog can generate as income. Tweak your post, optimize and make it search engine friendly. They more traffic you get from search engines, the more the conversion and the more money you make.

2 – Products reviews

Reviewing products (linking to them through your affiliate link) is another way to create blog posts that generate short and long term earnings. For better CTR and CR, you should review products you have used, showing your readers how effective they are and how practically you use them to get results.

Don’t just write short reviews for the sake of commissions. Do in-dept reviews that create a need where there is non. What makes people buy the product is when they see a need for it. If you don’t succeed to projecting the need and showing how the product brings a solution, you fail in making the much required sale.

3 – Interview Authors

Interviewing an author of a hot product is another excellent way to generate income. Such interviews are wonderful content types that make money. However many bloggers are yet to discover this. In the interview, get the author to sell the product. Ask questions that will push him/her to reveal high points of his product. Make the interview a sales conversation. Shift a bit from the traditional questions and make yours more unique.

Most product creators will be willing to have that interview on targeted blogs because this will help to boost sales.

– > To make this point even sweeter

Of course you know you will have to be an affiliate of the product promoted in the interview. Link therefore to it through your affiliate link.

You can even make more sales by asking for a unique coupon code for your readers. This is a powerful strategy. Ask your interviewee to generate this code that’s only available on your blog. For the most part, you will get a 10% or 25% discount. This makes the sales hot.

4 – Create coupon code Posts

People don’t just buy online these days without searching for coupon or discount codes. It’s a pretty nice way to save money buying online. one thing is that coupon code pages get shared so often making it more popular and generating more income.

You may want to create coupon codes for specific services (Web Hosting coupon codes) or specific products or companies (Hostgator Coupon codes, Godaddy .com domain discount code), etc. While visitors benefit by saving on their purchases, you are making your commissions.

I have a Godaddy coupon code post. I didn’t realize this post is at work until I had the following payment in Paypal just yesterday. This makes me want to tweak the post to get more traffic from SEO

godaddy commission paymentNB: With Hostgator, the coupon codes will credit your account, bypassing any cookies initially stored in the client’s browser. You can use a coupon code plugin to manage coupons on blog posts

5 – This is not all about post types that make money.

I reveal another little know post type in my free ebook which will soon be available for download on this blog. You will not want to not grab this 5th secret. It works in any niche and it’s guaranteed to generate income. Signup to my feed below this post so you don’t miss it when it’s announced.

Now you can write blog posts that make money for life. These ideas will be wasting if you don’t put them down. They are all very simple to do. No big deal. start reviewing products, creating in-dept tutorials, interviewing product creators and creating coupon code posts and watch how your blog starts generating huge earnings in the next months.

In the next part of this series, we are looking at where to get images and optimize them for fast speed. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and share this post on social media.

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