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3 Pinterest tips every blogger must follow (Featuring Arfa Nazeer)

I’m so excited to bring the third featured blogger of 2019.

As a successful pinner, she will be sharing with us 3 Pinterest tips every blogger must follow. But before we get into these interesting tips, let me say again that I’m featuring bloggers every Thursday on my blog.

This is simply to give you an opportunity to connect with people who matter in the industry. I always tell everyone you cannot succeed as an Island and that’s true.

Show me a successful blogger and I’ll show you someone who is connected. The more people you know and connect with, the higher your chances to succeed.

For a list of bloggers that have been featured, click here. If you want to be featured as well, see detail s here. Follow me on Pinterest here.


Pinterest Report ~ From 643 to 124,800 viewers in 30 days

It’s a month today since I bought and have been using the tips taught in this Pinterest course and so far, the results have been amazing.

Pinterest seems to be driving more traffic than Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. However, this depends on the measure of effort you put  in on each platform.

From my personal observations, Pinterest is designed to drive traffic. Facebook on the other hand is designed for social engagement on the platform and that’s same with Twitter.

Folks on Pinterest are more likely to click your links than on other platforms. I’m not talking about paid ads. I’m referring to the exposure you get from your followers and followers of your followers.

7 Pinterest Stats why you should use it for business

Pinterest is growing rapidly and becoming unavoidable if you want success online as a business.

Over 250 million monthly users makes it a huge marketplace to not neglect. Statistically, it influences buying decision in a way that should attract your focus.

The platform proportionately drives more referral traffic to shopping sites than social media. So let’s see some excited stats why your business should be on Pinterest today:

  1. 72% Says Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t actually
    looking for anithing
  2. 70% discovers new products on Pinterest
  3. 90% Says Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase
  4. 78% says it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest
  5. 66% says they buy something after seeing a brand’s Pins
  6. 41% of the people who shop in-store use Pinterest while shopping
  7. 59% uses Pinterest to find more information about their purchases


Pinterest Traffic report – 12,406% Growth in 11 days!

It’s 11 days today since I bought this Pinteresting Course and the exposure I’m getting is quite exciting.

I feel excited to share what I have achieved this far (in terms of viewers and traffic) because I want you excited and join me to do something that gets results.

Initially, Pinterest was considered the ladies’ platform. But men are getting in as it’s proven to be a serious business weapon.

And Pinterest is free so nothing stops you from hopping in. Grab your free account here and if you are already a member, follow me here.

While Pinterest is a social media property like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, it’s as well a search engine. See how it’s different from Google here.


Google SEO Vs Pinterest SEO – 5 Pinterest Ranking Factors included!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simply everything you do on/off your site to be found and ranked by search engines.

Let’s see how Google Search and Pinterest Search are different and what the 5 Pinterest ranking factors are.

Google is the biggest player in the online search industry. Pinterest used to be an image based social media. But recent changes have made it an interesting addition to the list of online search engines.

A search engine is a large database of information that gives users access mainly through keywords. Global search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc are search engines that curate information from different websites on the internet.