7 hot tips to make more money blogging – blogging income tips!

Every blogger who makes some earnings wants to make more money blogging.

That’s simply because man is always on the look-out for more. We always want more and I know you are not different.

Isn’t that why you are reading this article? You are like everyone else who wants more and that’s just fine.

So in this post, I want to share with you some helpful tips for you to make more money blogging. It’s not just about making money blogging. It’s about growing your income.


Pinterest Traffic report – 12,406% Growth in 11 days!

It’s 11 days today since I bought this Pinteresting Course and the exposure I’m getting is quite exciting.

I feel excited to share what I have achieved this far (in terms of viewers and traffic) because I want you excited and join me to do something that gets results.

Initially, Pinterest was considered the ladies’ platform. But men are getting in as it’s proven to be a serious business weapon.

And Pinterest is free so nothing stops you from hopping in. Grab your free account here and if you are already a member, follow me here.

While Pinterest is a social media property like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, it’s as well a search engine. See how it’s different from Google here.


Google SEO Vs Pinterest SEO – 5 Pinterest Ranking Factors included!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simply everything you do on/off your site to be found and ranked by search engines.

Let’s see how Google Search and Pinterest Search are different and what the 5 Pinterest ranking factors are.

Google is the biggest player in the online search industry. Pinterest used to be an image based social media. But recent changes have made it an interesting addition to the list of online search engines.

A search engine is a large database of information that gives users access mainly through keywords. Global search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc are search engines that curate information from different websites on the internet.


3 ways to drive free website traffic from USA and why you should do it!

These 3 strategies will help you drive more of your website traffic from USA. Period.

If you have a business online, you should work hard towards driving more of your traffic from the United States of America except you have a particular interest in a different geo location.

The reason is simple…

It’s a large market with the required purchasing power and online payment facilities.

I know most European countries and Canada do have similar facilities. India of course is an emerging market. Africa has a lot of work ahead due to poor governance.

I have been online for over a decade and I can definitely tell from experience that the more readers I get from USA, the more income I make.

But it’s generally not easy to drive targeted traffic from some geo-locations. I have consulted stats of many websites. Over 80% of these sites gets the most of their readers from India.


How to Keep Your WordPress Blog Safe All the Time

You Think the Password Keeps You Safe?

In the same way, your computer has been exposed to a variety of Internet threats so is your blog.

Whether you have established the blog to share your knowledge, passion or as a kind of a business, you are supposed to protect it as your personal property.

Keep always in mind that your integrity and reputation could be compromised by some hackers’ attack. Posts and mailing lists can be used for spamming or other criminal purposes.

A hard work invested in gaining the readership can be lost in minutes. Security of your blog is of utmost importance, and complicated usernames and passwords are certainly not enough.


Top Six Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress

Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode Page for your WordPress website is a must-have when your website is unavailable. With so many plugins available, which one should you choose for your coming soon page?

While each of these plugins can get you a professional-looking Coming Soon or Maintenance page, it is all about additional features, overall use and your level of expertise in the area that should be considered while making your pick. Here are our top six suggestions for you.

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