Make money online with google (Forget about Adsense and SEO)

Ok here’s how to make money online with Google.

And yes this has nothing to do with Google Adsense and SEO. You can make money with Google even without having a website or blog.

I will be mentioning some little known ways you can make money with the search giant. You don’t need to be a Search Engine or Adsense expert. Let’s completely forget SEO.

Google is widely known as the number one search engine on the Internet. But there are a couple of other services under their belts.

The search engine master has many ways it can pay you directly without you doing any SEO or driving traffic to any Adsense blog. And I will be showing you some of these methods here. Continue reading


Email Marketing Guidelines for Increased Conversion Rate in 2018.

Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote brand sales and to increase the visibility of the brand in front of the customers. With Email marketing, a company can inform potential customers about the products and the services.

It can also be used to convince potential clients to buy more products from the company.  Many successful companies have incorporated email marketing into their marketing strategies because the activity of reading email through the smartphones have increased drastically over the years.

Marketers use social media channels and engage with the customers to increase sales, but email marketing allows the opportunity to send the product news directly into the inbox of the audience.

Technology and social media channels are growing and evolving with time. With changing trends both marketers and SEO needs to keep up with the changes. Just like 2016, 2017 is also a year of marketing.  Let’s explore the email marketing guidelines, which we can utilize to improve our email marketing in 2017.

Integrating Social Media Sharing Buttons with Email

We should combine the social media sharing buttons in the email because they increase the conversion rate.  Social media sharing buttons allow the user to share the email contents with family and friends.  Implementing these buttons in the email design would help the companies to reach a broader audience.

Design and Layout

If you are planning to increase your product sales, then you need to add innovative and attractive contents to the email design. Your email content is the only thing that can convince the audience to check your products and services. If the contents are boring, then the audience would not bother to read it to the end.

The audience always judges the email design on first glance, to decide whether to read it or send it to trash and to keep the audience from sending the email to the trash, you need to add clean and attractive designs. Marketers make mistakes when designing the email and these mistakes kill the conversion rate.

Most common email designing mistakes:

  1. Choosing a boring subject name for the email
  2. Addressing the customer with no-name
  3. Sending the emails with “no-reply” name
  4. Writing a too short email and not describing the company or the brand
  5. Focusing the email only on marketing products and forgetting about the customers
  6. Selecting and adding unattractive images in the design
  7. Writing an email with unreadable and unsuitable font

You need to avoid these mistakes if you want to make your email marketing campaign successful.

Emphasize on Mobile Friendly Email Design

With the vast usage of mobile internet, the business companies do not only require to convert their web designs into responsive, but they also need to create an adaptive design for emails.

Users do not only use PC and laptops to check their emails. Roughly more than 53% of the users, use their smartphones to log in to their email accounts in order to receive important email notifications on their phones. If your email designs do not have the ability to adapt according to the different screen sizes of smartphones and other devices, then most of your email contents would not be able to display on the screen, which in return will force the users to close the email without reading the contents.

How often do you read the contents of the website or email when the images and the contents are not readable and aligned?

Create a responsive design for your emails. So, that when the email is opened across different browsers and devices, all the contents are properly displayed. Create an email design that would allow the users to view, order and purchase the products directly from the opened email.

Automated Email Software

Not all the companies send the emails manually, some companies use automated software to reach their customers. So, that they could convert potential leads into customers.

With the use of automated software, you can cover large Geographical area and you can reach a large amount of audience with ease. Sending the emails manually is an exhausting task and it also wastes a lot of time, which can be better utilized in finding more customer leads. Automation can help you to reach new heights and increased sales because you would be able to reach a large number of individual consumers.

Over to You

If you want to increase your product sales by utilizing email marketing, then you need to ask yourself a question that how do you plan to maximize the sales by efficiently utilizing the marketing campaign. Email marketing is already used by dozens of companies and how are you going to outsmart your competitors? If you are new in the industry, then you are already far behind your competitors.

Since email marketing can give direct access to the inbox of the customers, it is obvious that your rivals are already utilizing this technique to double their sales.

But not all the companies utilize this strategy correctly which render all of their email marketing effort useless. But you can adapt the above-mentioned guidelines in 2017 to gradually catch up to your rivals.


9 Ways to make money with WordPress (WP Profitable Business Ideas)

In this post, I want to discuss with you how to make money with WordPress. How to create a profitable business that generates income using WordPress.


Because WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet. This makes it an industry. Yes. I believe WordPress has ceased from being a product by virtue of it constantly growing and attracting the attention of everyone, including corporations and Governments.

You can build a supper profitable, million dollar business just on WordPress and I want us to see how. If you’ve been looking for a financially rewarding business idea, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading


How To Use Pinterest For Blogging and Dramatically Grow your Traffic!

How to use pinterest for blogging, how to get traffic from Pinterest

Do you know how to use Pinterest for Blogging? 

If you are like me, and you’re a serious blogger, then you probably try to use every single resource out there that can help you bring traffic and potential clients to your blog, even better if it’s Free.

Social networks are actually one of the main tools used by bloggers and marketers every day, in order to grow their audience, build their brands and create more awareness for the products they promote.

Also, check out: How to Make Money With a Blog: The Definitive Guide For Beginners

But let me tell you something that you’ve probably not noticed yet, Pinterest is not a social network platform, Pinterest is actually a search engine. Yes, just like Google. Continue reading


Error establishing a database connection (WordPress Error FIXED)

error establishing database connection fixed

This WordPress error establishing a database connection is normal so please do not panic. I want to guide you step by step to fixing it.

I’m going to propose a solution irrespective of your Web Hosting provider. I have seen many guides how to fix this database connection error. But most of these are specific to different hosting solutions.

We will look at salvaging this in 3 different ways:

  1. Checking to make sure we are properly connecting to the database
  2. Using the WordPress Database repair tool
  3. Contacting your host

Again don’t panic. These are very friendly tools and methods and I will make sure even my grand ma can follow these instructions and fix the problem. Continue reading


10 Reasons Your Email Marketing is Failing (And How to Fix It)

Email marketing has been around for what seems like forever. By the look of things, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. And, this is despite the prevalence of social media marketing. Why is this the case, you ask?

Because email marketing has been, and still is, an effective marketing tool. However, making some obvious mistakes can diminish the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Here are ten such mistakes that you should avoid. Continue reading

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