WordPress Vs Blogger ~ Choosing a blogging platform!

Welcome to part III in the “How to create a money making blog” series. In part I, we saw how to choose a blogging topic. In part II, we were looking at 10 tips to choose the right domain name and how to register it cheap. In this part III, we are looking at points to help us  choose the more appropriate Content Managing System (CMS) or blogging platform from amongst the top 2.

It’s important you choose the right blogging script right from this beginning so as to avoid the hassle of moving from one platform to the other in the future. Each of these CMSs has its list of pros and cons. That means non is perfect. However, considering some points will help you in making the right choice.wordpress vs blogger

WordPress.com Vs Blogger

These are the most widely used blogging script today. They are both free (But you have to buy domain name and pay for hosting) and offer an evidently simple and user-friendly interface.  In any case, there are a few things that must be underlined about each of these blogging platforms before deciding where to go. Let’s begin with Blogger…

NB: I’m talking about self-hosted blogs not sub-domains!

– > Blogger blogging platform

Also called BlogSpot, is a Google owned blogging platform. It’s free and more reliable – unlikely to be hacked and virtually no downtime. It’s quite simple. Beginners can easily find their ways through. It has a decent selection of templates.

However, there are some downsides. Customizing it is not as flexible. Setting it on your own domain name is sometimes not easy to figure and moving your site from blogger to a different platform is a complicated task. There is a significant risk that you will loose your SEO.

Themes and design styles are relatively limited. There is very little community support in the form of plugins.

There are many bloggers that have moved from BlogSpot to WordPress

– > WordPress blogging platform

This is actually the most popular blogging platform in the world. With a huge library of plugins and themes, WordPress provides a full spectrum of blogging solutions for bloggers.

WordPress script is very flexible and can be made to run virtually everything – eCommerce, full-blown video shops, full-blown membership sites, etc. It has hundreds of thousands of plugins, through a vibrant open-source developer community. With a  huge theme library, you can customize your blog’s appearance to the best you want.

The big issue I have with WordPress is vulnerability. Being the most widely used and open source, it also attracts the most in terms of attacks. The most attacked and most hacked blogs are running on WordPress.

That however should not cause fear. A lot has been provided in the community to maintain a minimum level of security.

WordPress quick security tips

1 – Host your site with a top and recommended host
2- Put in place an effective security plan : –

  • Get tough security plugins.
  • Do regular database backup.
  • Do regular file backup.
  • Keep some backup copies local.
  • Frequently update your core scripts, themes  and plugins.
  • Backup before running an update.
  • Avoid free themes and be very cautious with free plugins too

NB: Here is how to secure a WordPress blog

My choice … WordPress

I have been blogging on WordPress and that’s what I recommend. The rest of the series will be based on this platform. In part IV, we will proceed to choosing the right host. I’ll be giving you some tips on choosing the right host and I’ll also be telling you why I have chosen WPX Hosting to host my WordPress blog. I’ll show you some reasons why they are good to start with.

To further help you make the appropriate choice on what CMS to use, check out this WordPress Vs Blogger post by my friends of WpKube.

Thanks for reading this part. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and share it on social media.

43 thoughts on “WordPress Vs Blogger ~ Choosing a blogging platform!”

  1. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Great post indeed!
    As you described, Blogger is free but not flexible as WordPress, you are right, I think for beginner, WordPress is not costly. You can buy 1 year Hosting in just 15$ and I think it is not much more as any newbie expected. WordPress has lots of feature. especially Plugin help us a lot to make posting easy.

    Any way thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Areesha noor!

  2. I did a serious mistake with my first blog, by ignoring the blogger platform. As mentioned above, it’s free, fast, secured, robust and somewhat easy. Yes! with zero SEO, it ranks better than a zero SEO wordpress blog and good enough for small/medium sized blogs.
    For absolute newbie bloggers, get your hands dirty with blogger, spend a little, just the register a good looking domain name.
    Only one disadvantage, you will loose the flexibility with blogger.

  3. I think it really depends in what you want to achieve. If you want a fancy blogs with plug ins and design flexibility, then go for WordPress. If you just want to share posts, tips, etc. then go for Blogger. Most blog readers would go for contents than fancy stuffs that take time to load.

  4. This is great Enstine,

    I started blogging with BlogSpot, it was really great until the need for customization started coming in…i had no choice but to move to WordPress, believe me it was not easy to secure at that time because i was careless , i was still careless until Enstine introduced me to SiteGround.

    SiteGround has been helpful for the past 5 months all thanks to Enstine and i will recommend any upcoming blogger to go for BlogSpot before moving to WordPress, i am sure most Bloggers started from BlogSpot Blogs before moving to wordpress, But if you have the capacity for a WordPress blog as a newbie i suggest you go with SiteGround because they are the best when it comes to WordPress Hosting.

    Thanks for the tips, Enstine.

  5. I used Blogger for long time, but i start use WP now, it ok i get more reads but you can’t do any thing with out money. even simple things like founts .

  6. Hi bro,

    This is one of the most debated topics in blogging. In my opinion, WordPress would be the best to have a professional look. Customization is very easy in WP. Blogspot would be best for beginners. I began in blogger platform. Then I moved to WP. I host all my niche sites in WP. Currently, using Blogspot and wordpress.com sites for building tier 2 backlinks.


  7. Hi Muki,

    This is a great post; both platforms are very good in their own ways, however, the choice of a platform for your blog is determined by what you want to do with your blog.

    A blogger who desires to be in full charge of his blog with all flexibility must consider WordPress than Blogger. I ve used the 2 very well.

    – Emebu

  8. Quite the series you have going here Enstine. Very detailed, sure it’s going to help many people getting started.

    I was going to say that that was already mentioned, might be good to clarify the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Sure confuses many people.

    Been using wordpress hosted on my own domains for years now. Only way to go for me. Don’t see much use for wordpress.com as they don’t allow any marketing or promotion what so ever. They are quick to delete blogs. I’ve learned that lesson 🙂

    Good job on the post!

  9. Hi Enstine,

    WordPress is of two types: .com and .org. From your post i think you are referring to the WordPress.com. I’ve used blogger in the past and I must say its a cool platform for beginners and its easy to use AdSense compared to the WordPress.com where you have to have at least 25000 pageviews before using AdSense.

    WordPress.com isn’t self hosted but the WordPress.org is.

    If you are comparing WordPress.com vs Blogger then I’ll say blogger is better but if the comparison is between blogger vs WordPress.org then I’ll choose WordPress.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Kore,
      Good to see you here again 😉

      I mentioned in the post that “I’m talking about self-hosted blogs not sub-domains!” that’s referring to org which of course is better for many 😉

      thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that inspires someone 😉

  10. Yes, wordpress is the best choice but when it comes to slight ranking wise Google prefer blogger IP’s.

  11. When I was starting out with blogging, everywhere I go people talked about WordPress being the best blogging platform that has not changed even till this days.

    Blogger seems to be easy and a quick way to start your blog on a 100% zero money or investment, but if you’re here to do “business”, I mean if your blogging activities is a business to you…….then don’t settle for less, get yourself a self hosted WordPress blog.

    Is the best way to go.

    Thanks Enstine for sharing, really a beginner’s guide to start a blog.

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Definitely wordpress platform is better than blogger. We can get many benefits by making our site on wordpress platform. And, more security for our site. Off course, by creating blog site on wordpress it make easy do SEO and rank better on the SERPs.

    Anyway, very informative article you shared with us. Keep it up bro.

    Have a nice day!

  13. This is an excellent series for new bloggers, Enstine, showing them exactly what steps they need to take to get started.

    I would never recommend that anyone blog on any platform other than WordPress, and I’d strongly, strongly suggest they do it on their own domain (via WordPress dot org NOT dot com). You need to know that after all your hard work, you OWN your blog, and it cannot be controlled, limited or dictated to by a third party entity.

    I use HostGator to set up my WordPress blogs and they make it so easy. You can even call them on their toll free 24 hour Support Line and ask them to do it for you, which they will. After you’ve bought your domain name from HostGator or elsewhere, you can easily have a fully functional WordPress blog live and ready to post to in just a few minutes.

    Now, there’s tweaks and adjustments you’ll need to make at this point, but you’re well under way to joining the blogging world!

    Again, thanks for this great “get it done” series for new bloggers, Enstine. You’re making this step by step simple to follow.

    • Hi David,
      So good to see you here and thanks for the exciting comment. If I had a means, I would make this comment featured 😉

      Yeah, I think it’s a mistake for newbies to start on blogspot, defending themselves by saying they don’t have money.

      In a long run, the result is going through the hard work of transferring to WordPress.

      Your opinion is so important to me David as I’ll use it during the up coming workshop I’m organizing for bloggers in my country.

      while I thank you for stopping by, do have a wonderful week ahead

  14. I used both platforms and I highly suggest WordPress because of it’s flexible design and availability of plugins. I hosted my blog on blogger for an year and I was not able to implement all my designs due to their restrictions.

    Now I am on wordpress and happy that I can implement all my ideas..!!!!

  15. Hi Enstine

    What an interesting series on making money blog. I know so many bloggers would jump and follow the series

    I am comfortable with WordPress even though I am aware of its vulnerability. It has a got a community contribution that makes it user friendly.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week.

    • Hey bro,
      From stats, these posts in the series are highly read 😉 I’ll be compiling them into a book soon.

      thanks for stopping by and creating an impact bro. Do have a wonderful week ahead

  16. Hey Enstine,
    I also believe WordPress iss the best but it needs you to invest more money that newbies can’t afford so for newbies blogger is best and I suggest them not to go for any free or unknown cheap hosting and always select good reliable hosting.
    Harshul Jethwani.

    • Hey Harshul,
      Well, not all newbies start off on a ‘poor’ footing. some have the money but just lack the needed coaching.

      That’s why they start on blogspot, then face the irritating experience of moving to wp 😉

      Thanks, for your contribution bro. hope you are having a wonderful week

      • Well the ones that have money must get started with WP as it is pretty easy and customizable. And if you lack HTML knowledge then you will be facing issues with using Blogspot. 🙂

  17. Hi Muki,

    This post seem like a debatable post; we all know what is good for us but for beginner its a game of chance. choosing the right platform is the number step to a successful blogging, I did start my blog on blogger platform but I later move to wordpress however this not to confute/refute that one is often better than the other but choice matters a lot and ability to afford what it takes to operate on wordpress needs to be considered unlike blogger platform.

    • Very correct bro and thanks for taking the time to share.
      I have noticed so many new bloggers without a coach starting on blogstpot, then moving to wp. It’s always not an easy task to move so it’s better to start off on the right track.

      WP is great isn’t it?

  18. Hi Enstine !
    I use both both and WP platform for blogging .In my point of view , both platforms are good and reliable . WP is best platform who is serious about making money online whereas blogger can be used to publish personal blogs .


  19. Long debate issue, As for me, i have my simple principle:

    If I want to use free blogging (subdomain) for a niche topic intended for making money independently I use Blogger. If otherwise i go for wordpress.com.

    I also cosidered Blogger for free hosting of my domain.

    My best choice for self hosted blog is WordPress, nothing else.

  20. Hey Enstine,

    I do love Blogger (it is so easy to use…in comparison to WordPress, where you have to learn a lot more things).

    But, in terms of professional blogging, WP is a much better choice – more features, more flexibility (although personally, I would recommend a new blogger to start with Blogger.com. Learn more about their niche and how things work. Then, migrate to WordPress. This can help to save money/time – in case you decided to change your mind and quit blogging).

    Hope you have a great weekend, Enstine 🙂

    • Hi Jeevan,
      That’s not a bad approach for new bloggers but you know migrating is another hard stuff to deal with. If money is not an issue, it may be a good thing to move straight to WP 😉

  21. This is was an interesting comparison and contrast but one thing that makes blogger top it all has to do with the fact that it can’t be hacked.

  22. Hey Enstine,

    Well I’ve used Blogger and I just prefer to have more control over my content and my site. Just the thought that someone else could decide to take it from me without my consent is unnerving to me.

    Now if you’re just blogging for the fun of it and don’t care then I can see where investing in something would not be your ideal situation. I don’t think it hurts to give them a test run though. Transferring them over is never any fun but I think that’s just up to the individual.

    Thanks for breaking this down for everyone. There are so many new people interested in blogging so understanding it all is so helpful for them.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      Good to see you here and I must say you continue to do a wonderful job over there on your blog. Thanks for your content

      It’s weekend here as I type this reply. I wish you have a wonderful one 😉
      Thanks for your contribution

  23. Enstine, this debate goes on and on, doesn’t it? I still like Blogger and have a couple of them that I use. I prefer it over the FREE wordpress platform at times because you can make money with it where the FREe wordpress you cannot or they will take it down without warning. Been there, done that. Most days I love the WordPress.org except when major technical difficulties come up but I’m getting better at finding the problems, ususally plugins and am able to fix. So much to keep up on for sure!

    • Hey Lisa,
      Good to see you here 😉

      I’m aware of the money making possibility on the free platform. However, I have never been attracted to the free hosting plans on both systems. I’m focusing on going with owned top level domain name and that’s where I think WordPress self hosted (wordpress.org) offers a wider range of possibilities.

      Yes, the wider range of possibilities comes with a wide range of problems too. However, with its huge community, it’s always easy to find a solution. Good to know you are always up to the task.

      Thanks for the comment. Do have a wonderful day

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