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    EaseUS file recovery software review & success story!

    It’s an awesome experience if you use software to rescue a friend from a serious trauma. I had that same exhilarating atmosphere around me some few days back shortly after one of my friends came visiting, panicking and looking beaten.

    She thought she had lost her thesis and all research work to a formatting error performed on her removable storage device. But thanks to EaseUS file recovery software, we were celebrating shortly after. Continue reading


    6 Tips to using social media to influence your target market!

    Social media platforms provide a great way to connect with your customers as well as increase sales. Many business owners use social media platforms to grow their businesses by targeting their market audiences.

    However, you need to know how to get to your target market for it to help your business thrive. With the right strategy, you can influence your target market to meet your company’s needs and increase your sales. Continue reading


    How bad results can help you make money – [Free Mini Course]

    It’s just so crazy how money making opportunities abound.

    Just look around you and try to see. (It’s one thing to look and another to see).

    Listen and try to hear something.

    Then put the two together:

    1. What you see
    2. What you hear

    Wear your thinking cap.

    wink wink

    Some folks are thinking within a box. Some are in a very tiny box. And if you don’t think out of the box, you won’t see opportunities in failures. Continue reading


    3 Ways to get more followers on Instagram on a budget.

    instagram followers

    Instagram has become one of the social media platforms today that brands use to promote their products and services.

    More and more people are also using Instagram making it one of the best platforms for businesses to promote products and services. But competition is also strong on Instagram which is why you need to have the right strategy to put your brand out there.

    If you want to create a compelling profile that you can confidently plug to brands, you need to show that you have the numbers and loyal following in your profile. But doing so may take time especially if you are just starting out. Continue reading


    How to make money with content !

    If you can read and right, you have no excuse to be broke!


    Because Content Is Money

    Content is information. Content that’s money is information people are willing to pay for. As a matter of fact, information is the driving force of the world.

    Everything you can think of is possible thanks to the power of words – written or spoken. That’s information.

    From politics to technology, the world needs information to be alive. And if you can produce information and take it to the target audience, you will make money. Period! Continue reading


    IOTransfer 3 ~ iPhone/iPad Manager, YouTube Video Downloader & Heic to jpg!

    IOTransfer 3

    I have come across several phone management tools but IOTransfer 3 seems to be standing out with unbeatable features and user-friendliness in the iPhone Operating System market..

    Whether you are Android or iPhone phone user, there is often this need to move your file from one platform to another, usually phone to PC.

    While the Android apps are flooding the market, IOTransfer 3 is leading the iPhone file transfer software industry.

    iOS is the Operating System for iPhones by Apple. Users of this popular mobile Operating System have constantly been on the lookout for an intuitive, user-friendly, iPhone/iPad manager and YouTube Video Downloader. Continue reading

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