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    Quick $4,000 in Cryptocurrency and I want to teach you the exact steps!

    It’s crazy how people make real money in Cryptocurrency. It’s even mind blowing how we can make more. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to make money in Crytocurrency. Well, this is from my experience and I want to show you the exact steps.

    I have made and lost money. But I have made more gains than any losses ever. Since my entry into the industry in 2015, I have been scammed a couple of times. I have invested in the wrong coins. On the other hand, I have also been blessed with some really profitable currencies. Continue reading


    16 Top Bloggers reveal how they make massive earnings online!

    So many of us want to make money blogging. As a matter of fact, I’m one of those making money with their blogs and if you are reading this post this moment, you are certainly interested in generating some earnings as a blogger.

    There are almost uncountable ways to make money as a blogger. In this post, I discussed 15 different ways bloggers (including me) make money. If you haven’t read that resourceful article, I recommend you check it out.

    Recently, I publish another post on 5 options to monetize your blog. A pretty nice summary to get you going.

    I’m still on the look out for more ways to make money as a blogger. So I stepped out and contacted some top bloggers in the industry to share their secrets with us.  The good news is that most of them responded, sharing their most cherished secrets.

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    Microweber revolutionizes Drag & Drop for CMS and Website Building!

    Those of you who are following the world of CMS and website builders may have noticed that Microweber, the turnkey opensource website builder that I wrote about some time ago, has been keeping quiet for a while. Well, guys – we have news, there has been a good reason for that.

    Drag & Drop at its best

    The guys at one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use CMSs out there (A system that changes the way you publish on the web) have been real busy improving the Drag & Drop feature and overhauling the admin design to give an even better experience to users. Continue reading


    What happened to CommentLuv? Is it broken? Any risk ?


    Quick Update - Response from reader

    After I published the post below, my friend Deborah of SocialWebCafe responded. she has been in contact and for good reason, does not recommend attempting to contact Andy, not out of selfish endeavor on Deborah’s part, but out of respect for Andy and his wishes.  Suffice it to say that he has granted permission, in writing, for Deborah’s continued development on the plugin, along with those who may want to participate on a team of developers.

    One of the WordPress blog commenting plugins that have been the talk of the day is CommentLuv. This plugin brought a new breath into blog commenting and engagement. The other day, a friend on Facebook wrote to me and asked to know what happened to CommentLuv.

    Users of this excellent plugin saw a remarkable increase in the number of comments they got.

    Some features of this plugin made it king:

    • The keyword anchored and post title backlinks
    • The Twitter handle exposure
    • The replyMe feature
    • The Antispam GASP integration.
    • Etc

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    Exit Intent ~ Increase Email Signup to 600%, reduce cart abandonment!

    Exit Intent is basically, an Internet marketing technology that monitors mouse behavior of website visitors and detects when they are likely to leave the website or web page.

    The intention of website readers can easily be read following the direction they push their mouse cursor. When they move their mouse pointer to the close button of the web browser, their intention to close the window is quickly and easily deciphered.

    Exit Intent technology comes in at this point to decide what to do with the reader who intends to leave. What generally it does is trigger a lightbox with information intended to hold the reader back from exiting. This lightbox is generally referred to as Exit-Intent Popup.

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    March 2018 Blog Commenting Report ~ 88 readers made 161 comments!

    It’s another new month to read articles and leave useful comments everywhere. On this blog, we had an exciting month of March.

    There were many of you who read my blog. 88 decided to drop at least one comment. In total, we had 161 comments. This is beginning to get exciting.

    In today’s post, I’m simply posting a list of my comment authors with a count of the number of comments they made and of course a backlink to their URLs. Continue reading

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