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    These 9 Blogging Nonsenses Must Stop in 2020!

    Blogging is exciting and successful bloggers are stars because they have the power to influence their followers.

    2020 is here and it’s high time we cleaned up the mess and keep the industry more attractive. A couple of bad things happening and I want to point a few of them out.

    If you are guilty of any of these, I sincerely advice you break off in order not to find yourself caught up in your own trap.


    Joballo Digital Academy Review: 1000,000 FCFA Funding legit or Scam

    Recently, I was introduced to a training platform called Joballo.

    I took a closer look, visited the office site here in Douala to find out more.

    The reason of my action was to find out if this is another training platform like many others we have out there or there is something unique.

    Plus, they claim every student on their platform benefit from free funding running up to 1000,000 FCFA. This is something near $2000 and you agree with me it’s not chicken change.

    In this post, I want to quickly share with you what I think about Joballo Academy, their training courses and the famous 1000,000 free funding promise.


    How and why you should attend Infinity Blog Awards 2019

    One of the greatest achievements we can have as bloggers is the recognition of our hard work.
    We strive to make our blog as user friendly as possible because we want to connect with our audience and give them solutions to their problems.

    This year, for the first time ever, Infinity Blog Awards will be hosting an awards ceremony dedicated to the recognition of stellar bloggers!


    5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Expired Domains

    Although expired domains pave the way to churn out a decent revenue by exercising additional measures, newbies often commit mistakes when it’s a new industry to tap it.

    Levering an expired domain isn’t merely about purchasing it at a handsome amount to gain from its resale value. There’s a lot that these domains can assist you in, be it expanding your existing business by traffic redirect routines, creating a high DA website, or even profiting from the revamped site.

    This guide lists several underlying mistakes that might doom your aspirations; however, you can safeguard yourself by being proactive about the same.

    SEO Marketing Services for Cosmetic Surgeons (5 tips to boost SEO)

    If you are a plastic surgeon then you might probably understand that it is quite difficult to attract new clients.

    Most probably the best advertising of your service you have is through word of mouth from clients whom you had successfully performed procedures with. But many potential patients or clients would prefer self-refer.

    When things like that happen and with the progress technology nowadays, the prospective patients will usually use the internet to search for plastic surgeons near them or the best plastic surgeons – or whatever their search would be like.

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