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    Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

    5 helpful tips to learning how to trade cryptocurrencies

    how to trade cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new investment option on the market today.

    Most people do not fully understand how it works so that’s why they do fear altcoin trading or any form of cryptocurrency investment.

    There is so much potential to create wealth in cryptocurrency investment. With a few tips, you can also start trading and making money through cryptocurrency. Continue reading


    4 surefire ways to Buy Backlinks with impunity (No Google Penalties)!

    safely buy backlinks

    We need backlinks to rank and drive targeted traffic.

    At the same time, this is the toughest side of SEO.


    Because the search giant (Google) relies on this to know how much other website owners appreciate your content and no one is willing to dish out those links just like that.

    If site owners link out to your site, they are telling Google hey… thumbs up to this guy. He’s done a great job. Give him a boost.

    I know you are thinking about dofollow and nofollow. These both are important and Google considers them. I mentioned this in this post I recommend you read
    Backlinks are not the only ranking factors though. There are hundreds of them grouped in technical and content categories. Continue reading


    Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Review (The Ultimate Practical Guide)

    affiliate marketing blueprint ebook review

    If you are blogging for a while then you must be knowing that Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest ways to make money online.

    And if you are a beginner or aspiring blogger, let me tell you affiliate marketing is one of the best legitimate ways to earn passive income.

    That being said, affiliate marketing is not that simple as it looks.

    Signing up for hundreds of affiliate programs and just placing the affiliate links on your blog will work in your dreams only. Continue reading


    38 Most Recommended WordPress Hosting Voted by 135 Bloggers

    most popular wp hosting feat

    The WordPress Hosting Business seems to be a profitable deal. As the Content Management System and blogging tool becomes quite popular, the need for dedicated WP hosting services keeps growing.

    According to statistics, WordPress is the most used tool that powers online content with over 30% dominance. This content management giant has ceased from being a script.

    It’s grown into a huge industry with over 9 profitable business ideas. It allows users to create just any site, from simple presentation sites through blogs to complex eCommerce site. Continue reading


    Keyword Difficulty Accuracy: SEMrush Vs 8 SEO Tools

    In SEO Marketing, Keyword research is believed to be the foundation of any successful campaign.

    Whether you are working to rank a blog post or an eCommerce product page, targeting and optimizing for the right keywords is key.

    But keyword optimization has changed quite remarkably in the past few years. Search engines are out for content that meets the intent of searchers. It’s no longer about how well you place your keywords in content but how much value coverage your content has with regards to intent.

    As a matter of fact, there is still a need to create content with the consciousness of one or more keywords you’d like to rank for. This doesn’t necessarily mean counting the keyword occurrences and making sure it appears here or there on your content.  What it means is that you should make sure to answer every possible question that may be in the mind of the searcher at the moment of typing that keyword. Continue reading


    Group Leads Review ~ How to generate leads from your Facebook groups

    group leads review

    Group Leads is an interesting browser extension (Chrome and Firefox at the moment) that allows its users to turn any new Facebook Group member to an email list subscriber.

    Not only are you able to grow your list from your Facebook group with this smart app. You are also able to get new group members data posted automatically to a Google Sheet for further processing.

    If you are running a Facebook group, this may be a piece of gold for you, given the importance of collecting and storing email addresses of your community members where you have full control. Continue reading

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