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    10 Best Small Business Website Builders in 2019 – Recommendations

    A small business owner might find website creation a challenging task in 2019.

    Apart from budgetary and time constraints, there is the added stress of maintaining a website.

    Thankfully, drag-and-drop website builders make it easy to design and launch a good business website quickly and efficiently. It all depends on choosing a suitable website builder that meets the needs of your small business.

    Find a list of 201’s best website builders for small business below.


    Improve email Deliverability on your WordPress site: WP Mail SMTP

    One of the big problems faced by online marketers is how to improve email deliverability on their sites.

    But do not worry as you read this article. We’ve got a solution that will help resolve two main problems:

    1. Sending large amount of emails from your WordPress site
    2. Making sure those mails get straight to INBOX – deliverability.

    This is going to be solely for WordPress users. So quickly go get a copy of WP Mail SMTP, the master of WordPress email sending plugin.


    Secret Question and Answer for Google Adsense Western Union Payment!

    My recent Google Adsense Western Union payment was a bit embarrassing at the pickup-point.


    The Western Union agent asked for a secret Question and Answer attached to the payment, something I had no idea was to be a requirement.

    My Payment Receipt had everything (I thought) I needed to grab the payment, including the Billing ID, which after doing some basic findings happened to be part of the puzzle.

    Currency Talks 101: Cash, Credit and Ethereum Exchange

    Money always makes the world go round as the saying goes. Anyone can interpret this infamous saying in various ways.

    One can think of the power of money and how it can influence the world. Another might look at it as having money can actually help you change or even control the world to your whim.

    These statements have a lot of truth in them. After all, how can you even see the world without money? If you cannot even reach other parts of the Earth, then your influence is not all that effective. Internet has changed that aspect quite a bit, but still has its own limitations.

    Money is still needed in order for you to make a move that can possibly change the world.

    WPForms Discount, Promotions, and Coupons 2019 [50% OFF]

    WPforms discount will expire soon!

    One of the best WordPress form plugins is WPForms and there is no doubt about it.

    Not only is this plugin filled with features and use-cases, it’s backed by a team of renown WP professionals who have proven to deliver top-notch products in the industry.

    If you have a WordPress website and you want to be able to flexibly create any form of your choice, from simple contact forms to complex survey, conversational or billing/order forms, WPFroms is your tool.

    WPForms is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else.

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