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    Enstine Muki

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    Top 7 CBD Edibles for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs

    Top 7 CBD Edibles

    I like CBD edibles especially Penguin CBD Gummy Worms. My daughter too likes them but we eat in moderation.

    Do you take a bit of it when you blog?

    I just got some from a nearby super market as I’m working from home. They were about closing their doors due to Coronavirus restrictions. I couldn’t take pictures because of the rush. But I got some so my kids are happy. At least, this is enough for some few days. Continue reading


    Email Open Rate – How to get over 70% Open Rate

    Email Open rate

    Email Open Rate is a big point in Email Marketing and a common question I get from my students is: What is a good email open rate?

    The truth is that this is a very difficult question to answer given that there is nothing that works for everyone in all industries. But there is a smart working trick to massively raise your open rates above any industry average.

    As far as I’m concerned, dealing with your open rate is the most difficult spot in the industry. It’s where the biggest part of your attention is required.

    Anyone can offer something good to bribe his readers for their email contacts. Some marketers even go beyond the boundaries to buy email contacts or use harvesters to quickly build a massive list.

    But success isn’t at that level at all! Continue reading


    Email Marketing Platform ~ Mailerlite for bloggers and small businesses!

    email marketing tools

    MailerLite is the best email marketing platform for bloggers and small businesses. I have used aWeber and a couple others. But MailerLite has proven to be the most reliable and affordable campaign tool everyone starting a business online should use.

    This email marketing platform has everything you as a blogger or small business owner will need, from automation to professional email marketing templates. Continue reading


    Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet – Matthew Woodward

    Intelligent Keyword Ressearch spreadsheet

    Bloggers keep creating products to help each other succeed online.

    We’ve seen some of those wonderful products. Here is the list.

    In today’s bloggers’ product post, we are looking at what Matthew Woodward has come up with to help your SEO. In line with Anil’s keyword research eBook, we are looking at his free Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet. Continue reading


    5 Instagram Stories Hacks For Beginners

    instagram stories hacks

    New to Instagram, or just the Story feature? No problem!

    You’ve made your way to the right place for everything you need to know about Instagram stories for beginners. These five hacks will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram stories and reach a wider audience.

    Stories are the perfect marketing tool for small businesses or even influencers who are trying to reach new followers and get them engaged with unique content. If you’re not using the stories feature, you’re missing out on one of Instagram’s best tools! Continue reading


    Wix vs WordPress – Choosing the right platform to build your website!

    wix vs wordpress

    Wix or WordPress?

    A few years ago, this wasn’t really a challenging question. Whether it was blogging, business or portfolio, WordPress was the way to go. However, today, the landscape has changed.

    closer look at Wix reveals that the platform now rival WordPress with just as good website building and content management features. In this article, we shall weigh both platforms and help you choose the best option for your needs. Continue reading

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