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How to create a blog that makes money ~ The ultimate guide!

how to create a blog that makes money

Anybody (including you) can create a blog that makes money. Any blog that’s read by human beings can make money. It all revolves round the monetizing strategies in place and a money making blog can generate between $0 and $500 000+ a month. That’s right!

One of the ways to financial freedom and being your own boss is to create a money making blog which will literally open up many channels to make money online. Continue reading


7 actionable tips to turn your blogging to successful online business!

successful Internet Business

If you are a blogger, I think you can easily turn your blogging to a successful online business and I want to share some tips to get you to it.

Let me quickly point out that blogging isn’t a bed of roses. Like any other business, success in blogging requires skill development, time and other resources. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that blogging is a click-to-the-bank business.

The good news however is that the income opportunities in blogging are unlimited. The reason is that blogging allows you to build a marketplace. With a business mindset, this is already an opening to earn income consistently. Continue reading


Bloggers’ Products ~ Janice Wald and her the academy

janice wald products

Bloggers are awesome people. Most of us don’t only write. We’ve found out one of the ways to make money and walk in financial freedom is to create a product.

There are tons of ideas to create your own product. You just have to think and take the bold step to be an author.

I want to help bloggers get exposure. So I will be regularly inviting bloggers who have come up with something to share with us details about their products, giving us discounts and allowing us experience what they have come up with. Continue reading


How to change twitter username and why you should not!

new username on Twitter

Is it even necessary to change your username on Twitter or any other social media platform?

For Twitter, your username isn’t just one of the two things you need to login. It’s part of your unique URL and address to your profile page.

Without your username, you won’t have an address on Twitter. No one will be able to locate you. So moving ahead to changing it (completely or partially) could mean or bring massive impact to your Twitter presence. I will be discussing a few reasons why you may not do this. But let’s see how to do it. Continue reading


Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress (FIXED definitely)

error establishing database connection fixed

This WordPress error, establishing a database connection is normal so please do not panic. I want to guide you step by step to fixing it.

I’m going to propose a solution irrespective of your Web Hosting provider. I have seen many guides how to fix this database connection error. But most of these are specific to different hosting solutions.

We will look at salvaging this in 3 different ways:

  1. Checking to make sure we are properly connecting to the database
  2. Using the WordPress Database repair tool
  3. Contacting your host

Again don’t panic. These are very friendly tools and methods and I will make sure even my grand ma can follow these instructions and fix the problem. Continue reading


January 2020 Commenting Report: 150 readers made 201 comments!

comment report enstinemuki.com

January 2020 is over. That means we are beginning to feel the new year.

It’s really been a busy month for me. There has also been an increase in my natural traffic too. I will soon be publishing a report on the exact things I did to get those results.

150 readers took their time to drop 201 comments which is great. Many of these comment authors are new timers and I do highly appreciate the engagement.

One thing that happened was Neil Patel’s post mentioning CommentLuv plugin. As a result of the post, I had a little more engagement on this blog and on this post. You know I have Commentluv premium enabled, giving you dofollow links from the comment section of this blog. Continue reading

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