10 Tips to help you choose the right domain name ~ Part 2

In Part I of this series on how to create a blog that generates incomes, we saw actionable tips on how to choose a topic to blog on. You may want to check that out so you don’t get confused where we are going. Be sure to join my list so you don’t miss a thing.

In this Part 2, I thought it’s important I share some guides on how to choose a good domain name for your blog.

Your domain name is your online identity. Its the way to your online presence. Without the domain name, it will be difficult to locate you online so choosing the right domain is crucial.

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Do you want a brand-able domain name – Your name, company name or unique word, or you want a keyword based domain name like bestwordpressthemes.com or seoconsultant.com?

NB: In September 2012, Google rolled out the EMD (Exact Match Domain) update. This actually was meant to to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms (or keywords) in their domain names. This is not our portion as we are about building an authority blog that provides in-dept contents that meet searchers’ intent.

10 Tips to help you choose the right domain name

choose the right domain name

Whether you are going in for brand-able or keyword domain name is up to you. However, let me throw in some more  tips to help in your choice of the perfect domain name;

1 – Social profile availability

Social media plays an important part in blogging. That calls for the need to check with with services like KnowEm to see if the social profiles for your domain name are available. For instance –  https://facebook.com/enstinemuki and https://twitter.com/enstinemuki are all social profiles for my personal domain name enstinemuki.com. This is an important point in branding.

2 – Make it as short as possible

The shorter the domain name, the easier it is to memorize and print on materials such as business cards, handouts, etc If the name is long and complex, you risk customers mistyping or misspelling it.

3 – Make it unique

Don’t get your blog confused with a popular site already owned by someone else. That’s foundation for failure. If you register fivre.com, you may be directly sending traffic to fiverr.com. In the same line, avoid picking someone’s domain name on a different extension except it’s your personal name.

4 – Make it easy to remember and easy to type

This is very important. If people find it hard to memorize your domain name because it contains some difficult characters, you are already loosing a good portion of your marketing value. If you use only vowel or consonants, it may be difficult to read or type except you are within 3 letters. Think of a domain name like ikdfopg.com. Something like this is definitely hard to remember or even type.

5 – Hyphens and Numbers may not be good

These characters are often misunderstood. People who hear your website address don’t know if you’re using a numeral (3) or it’s spelled out (three). In some cases, people misplace or forget the dash.

6 – Avoid Copyright Infringement

Make sure the name you’ve chosen is not copyrighted, trademarked or being used by another company. It could result in a huge legal mess that could heavily weigh on you, as well as cost your domain.

7 – Use an appropriate extension

Extensions are suffixes at the end of Web addresses. These can have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that’s appropriate for your blog. While .COM is the most popular, there are some other top extensions: .co, .info, .net, .org, .biz, .me, etc.

8 – Use online tools to search for domains

Most often, our brains are limited. Using tools such as panabee can help in getting the right domain name.

If you’re making a website for your business, this business name generator can help you find a name with an available .com domain. Clicking on the one you like most gives you more information and provides a link to GoDaddy where you can purchase the domain directly.

9 – Don’t be so obsessed about selecting a domain that describes your topic.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to find a domain name that describes what you blog about. It may not be keyword rich but just a descriptive word or 2. Get something that can easily be handled and go with it.

10 – Act fast

This is the last and some what very important points. Domains are picked very fast. As soon as you find your right domain name, register it immediately. It may not be available the next minute.

Registering your domain name

Where to register your domain name may not really be an issue. However, Godaddy is a widely used registrar. You can get your domain for as low as $0.99 for the first year.

  1. Go to Godaddy.com
  2. Search and use a godaddy discount code

In Part II, we are talking WordPress vs Blogger – Which of these 2 CMS to use.

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18 thoughts on “10 Tips to help you choose the right domain name ~ Part 2”

  1. Great post. But let me be more emphatic on point 9 – Don’t be so obsessed about selecting a domain that describes your topic. That is because many folks make the mistake of thinking that stuffing their domain name with a choice keyword helps with SEO. But unfortunately not so much. You may also want to use Business name generator tools If you are lost on options for a great domain name.

  2. This is a really much needed article. When i was about starting off my blog, I didn’t knowanything about picking a good domain name and it really affected me.
    When next i’m setting up another blog, i’ll sure implement all i learnt from this article

  3. Today your ideal domain name are hard to get specially when you are after for a .COM domain extension. So when you are planning to have another domain name don’t stick to .COM domain extension because there are plenty of domain extension that can fit to your brand.

    By the way great post enstine and it very informative.Keep writing cool post.

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Being able to choose the right domain is a smart idea because they might have penalized some of the domain names in the market in the past without your knowing it. Moreover, as you mentioned; choosing a domain with social media availability and all other tips is vital. For example, I didn’t figure that out when I bought my domain. It was when I wanted to create a social profile for it that I realized I have made a mistake not checking for availability.
    Hence, the points and insights you presented are indispensable.

  5. Hi enstine muki,
    i am new lenure of seo.i wanted to purshase domain.many tips receive of your website.A domain name is for life and even though changing it is the middle is possible, it is a lot of pain meanstalk about changing your social media profiles, get back all the following and stats, etc.all point is very important for me.
    plese tell me about for best website to chose doman.
    tahks sharing for this post.

    Hafiz junaid

  6. Thank you for the article.

    A lot of people forget the a domain name is like an address,
    The harder to remember the least lightly someone will visit it.

    If you cannot give someone your domain name in a elevator, and have them
    not forget it your domain is to long.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    I think its hard these days to find a good name that most people will remember because its short, and rarely used. Unless you are going to take words from different language.

    I suppose, that can be a good angle? Why not!

    Possibilities are limitless if there are no preset rules attached. Rather than doing what others are doing, you can create your own personal little space.


  8. A brandable domain name can not be over emphasised. That was the first thing I went for when planning for my blog.

  9. Very interesting points, Enstine.
    I agree above all on finding a easy to remember domain name.
    Also, the shorter the best.
    I was lucky to find “Klinkk.com”! 😉

  10. Great points Enstine. I love your point about not overlapping with an already existing popular blog. That’s quite true. Also it is important that we don’t use any trademarked names in our domain. Even if we really have to, we have to make sure to read the policies of the company (whose name we are intending to use) and obtain written permission from them.

    A domain name is for life and even though changing it is the middle is possible, it is a lot of pain (talk about changing your social media profiles, get back all the following and stats, etc.)

    Take enough time and choose wisely 🙂

  11. Enstine, thanks for these guides to choosing a unique domain name. Before I add my own comment, let me quickly remark that domain names flipping is a very hot business right now, and anybody who wishes to buy a domain name must be fast about it before they are taken. For example 2 digits or 3 digits domain names are no longer available for registration except you are looking for the ones already hoarded by flippers who want to make heavy profits on them.

    Back to the main issue; buying domain names that you can easily incorporate into your social profiles is a great idea. Recently, I bought a domain name and set up the new site. I was able to create a Facebook fanpage, Google+ page, but when it got to the turn of creating a Twitter page, I found out that the name was already being used by someone.

    Hyphens and numbers are actually not too good for a domain name as people could easily forget the hyphen and type in a name that directs them to another existing website. As much as possible it must be avoided.

    I love having .com domain because they are the most easily remembered and most popular names. If they are available, it is better to choose them rather than .info or .me, etc.

    But I have a question on copyright infringement. If Mr A has a domain name and Mr B buys the same name but the plural of it by adding an “S”, would there be any problem? For instance Mr A has globe.com and Mr B goes for globes.com would Mr A claim any damages?

    • Thanks for your contribution bro
      I think what’s bad is taking the same name with a different extension. This is like globe.com and someone comes in with globe.net. That will certainly have copyright issues. Globe and Globes could mean two bodies. Globes could be read Glo Bes and that makes it very different from Globe in prononciation.

      That’s my understanding 😉

  12. Domain name suggestion tools are of great help, but the Social Media availability check was new for me. When first I launched my blog, I never looked for social media availability. But it was my good luck that, my site name was present with FB and Twitter.

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