What to blog about ~ Creating your Money Making Blog Part I

Deciding what to blog about has always been a very big issue especially if you are entering into blogging for your very first time. I want you to know it’s very normal to have some difficulties in choosing a topic so don’t feel alone

In this part I of creating a money making blog series, I want to make an attempt at helping you choose the right niche. This is a very crucial moment that determines whether or not you’ll succeed in blogging and making money.  If you make the wrong choice, chances are that you’ll soon abandon because of a lot of factors: 

  • Lack of enough materials
  • Lack of the inner drive (excitement or encouragement or motivation)
  • You may be faced with inability to satisfy your readers. That has a whole lot of consequences
  • Risk of copying others’ contents because you are unable to produce yours.
  • Confusion
  • ETC

You have to really know it’s a crucial moment for you as you about starting a life changing activity. Let me make you understand a few more facts:

  • Money can be made blogging in any niche or topic.
  • Not all topics are very interactive.
  • Some topics need more frequent publications than others.
  • You can blog in any language (Well, English is more widely successful).
  • You don’t need any huge investment to start your own blog.
  • You should not mix topics
  • ETC

Common mistakes in choosing what to blog about

I want to start by pointing out some common mistakes young bloggers make when choosing a topic to blog out. This will help you immensely as you’ll have a more focused list of things to consider.

1 – Following the crowd: This is deadly! That everyone around you has chosen to blog on Android does not mean you too should follow.  This is an area of high temptation. Maybe every blog you read in your community is something Android. Each time you meet your friends, they talk about Android and their related blogs. That alone should never push you into starting an Android blog too. There are lots of other things to consider.

2 – Following success stories: Success stories are meant to encourage us ain’t they? But you may not succeed in doing the exact thing some one else does to succeed. You may see your friends succeeding and making a lot of money with their Android blog and you start thinking – wow, that’s the way to go. Wrong! This shouldn’t be a prime factor to consider.

3 – Seasonal topics: I don’t encourage starting a blog on a topic that’s characteristic of a particular season. Creating a Christmas blog for instant will highly become dormant during non Christmas seasons. Go in for evergreen topics except you want just to create a seasonal blog.

4 – Expecting immediate result: Blogging is an activity that grows with time. As I’ll be showing you in this series, there are a lot of ends you need to join to start reaping encouragingly. Choosing a topic because you think you’ll soon start making money is a wrong approach.

5 – Hearing from mouths: It’s a good thing to ask friends for advice but what you get should just be guiding tips. Don’t blog on a topic solely because a friend talked you into it.

6 – Past experiences: Most of us have had experiences in the past right? but that alone should not be a source of inspiration to start a blog. Think deeply about it except it points you to a more profound topic.

Now, these are some of the mistakes some bloggers do to choose what to blog about. I’m not completely dismissing these points. However, don’t let them become the main determining factors in your decision.

What to blog about

The right way to choose what to blog about

Well, I’m not going to tell you there is a mathematical method to apply. You are still going to work your way out personally. However, these points will guide you!

– > Passion and knowledge

Passion and knowledge are two separate things that can help us choose a blogging topic that can generate a huge income. Passion is something you feel strongly about and truly enjoy. Passion triggers excitement, motivation and satisfaction. Your passion can help you acquire knowledge

Knowledge comes with education, research and practice. The more you do a thing, the more knowledge you get on it.

Will you choose to blog on a topic you are passionate about or a topic you know a lot about.  Note that your passion and knowledge can be merged on the same topic. That’s fine for you. What if  your passion is on Relationships and you know so much about Finance? These are two quite different topics aren’t they? Now let me ask some questions that may help you decide:

1 – Is your topic evergreen? Choosing evergreen topics help you develop content that remains relevant regardless of time. That will constantly attract new readers who spend time on your blog and increases your chances of making an income.

2 – Is there an audience for this blog topic? Your passion or  knowledge may be on a topic that has few or no readers. What you want is to create content for as many readers as possible who will help you make money (Well see more of this in the subsequent posts)

3 – Is there enough materials? If you want to blog on your passion, it’s important to do your research to find out if there is enough materials. Don’t choose a topic and get dry and stuck on the way.

4 – Do you like discussing that topic with others? I know of some friends who love talking about football. They can give up anything for a local match. They can speak for hours about one or two footballers or matches. That seems to be a good blogging topic for them.

5 – Do you enjoy doing research on that topic? You have to provide fresh, meaningful content and discussions about your chosen topic and more of this comes from personal research work. If you feel bored doing research to develop content, I’m afraid… you might have chosen the wrong topic

6 – Are there products people buy online in the topic? Remember we are building a blog that makes money so you should consider this at the very beginning. We will be looking at different ways to promote products and make money on the new blog.  So if you blog on a topic where you don’t get products to promote, we may not hit our objectives.

Later ahead, I’ll show you killer methods to transform your blog into a money machine

There are a couple of other questions you can ask yourself to come out with what will really work for you.

Ask yourself these questions and get answers for them This will help you strike a balance between passion and knowledge and find the best topic you can blog on.

Choose a topic, focus and develop content around it. Google is looking for blogs that focus and provide in-depth and complete contents on specific topics. Doing this will be to your advantage. Your readers will be loyal and that’s important in gold achievement.

Those are some tips that could help you on what to blog about. In the next article, I’m looking at Choosing a good domain name. Go check it out after leaving your comment below and sharing this part on social media

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