My client wants to publish on your blog for $100 per post!

Please Note: This is another opportunity to be paid $100+ per post you accept on your blog!

Some few days back, I posted this opportunity from a client who accepts guest articles on his blog for $100 flat. That means you send him your guest post and if you meet his requirements, he pays you $100.

This time around, it’s another opportunity that requires less from your end. The client in question wants to send to you top quality articles, written in pure English. All you have to do is publish the articles on your blog and get paid per article.

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How to boost traffic with Sticky Posts ~ Kharim’s case!

Please Note:  Coupon code for your 600 credits below!

One of the new features I added on BroadedNet is the Sticky Post feature. What this does is stick your campaign on top of the widget until assigned credits get used up.

For the past 2 weeks since this feature was added, I have been monitoring the results with a lot of interest. Initially, after discussing with a few friends, I wanted to implement this on the widget and draw a conclusion to discontinue or maintain it.

Looking at the impressions and clicks for the past 2 weeks, there is every reason to make the feature even stronger. Kharim Tomlinson was the first guy to jump on this offer for $35. Then Chendong, the badblogger came in just after him.

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Shamsudeen Adeshokan ~ The blogging Coach from Nigeria!

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hello everyone, we are this week going to Nigeria to meet a good friend, footballer, businessman and blogger. He’s the second blogger I’m featured from this country after Jackson.

As I continue in this series, I’ll be touching bloggers from all over the world. That’s the beauty of blogging. We in this industry are not limited by space.

If you have not read about some bloggers I have featured in the past, check out this list. You’re certainly going to find someone to hook up with.

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How to increase blogging income with no increase in traffic!

income growth

Naturally thinking, the more your traffic grows, the more your business expands and the more profit you make. That’s quite true and it explains why people struggle to open more ways to drive traffic to their blogs.

But what if your traffic grows slowly or doesn’t even grow at all? What if your traffic is dropping? Does that immediately affect your income?

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Guest Posts wanted for $100 per post!

Guest Posts wanted! Get paid real money to guest post!

There are many sites out there that pay per post published. Some pay too low while others really pay handsomely. I think $100 per article is something to consider.

Most of us are looking for guest post opportunities where we can submit articles for traffic, networking and of course SEO benefits. Well this is something that goes beyond that and adds some monetary benefits.

This opportunity I want to share with you does not accept just any article of course. There are some requirements and I’ll like you to go check out yourself.

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Speakol Review ~ Better than traditional Blog commenting?

speakol argument

Speakol review – looking at something that’s about challenging traditional blog commenting tools!

Blog commenting has been around since the first blog went live. It has been an exciting way for blog owners to stay in constant interaction and conversion with their readers.

Commenting helps us in building relationships, improving SEO and getting more traffic. As a matter of fact, blog commenting is the main activity that helps me build an active and money making blogging community.

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