Unroll. Me: A Look at Major Email Marketing Trends

Based in New York, Unroll.Me is a company that offers email management services. The firm first identifies then lists wanted subscription emails while organizing the information into an email.

It also automatically categorizes subscriptions into a Rollup. The company also offers newsletter as well as social notifications. It also provides a folder in an email.

The data is intended to store several Rollup emails. Unroll.Me supports different email clients such as Hotmail, Windows Live, Google Apps, and Yahoo.

Email Invention

The advent of email dates back to more than 40 years ago. It is characterized by an evolving spectrum of technologies as well as culminated standards in the system. Computer-based mail, as well as messaging, also became possible with the launch of time-sharing computers.

Informal methods of sharing files in communication expanded into the leading mail system. Developers of minicomputers created similar but incompatible applications.

With time, a web of gateways coupled with routing systems was linked to them. Between the late 1980s and 1990s, proprietary commercial systems dominated the industry.


Since then, the Video Home System, also known as VHS was created. The Internet was invented. The initial mobile phone was also created. Flash drives and floppy disks were then declared obsolete. CDs became obsolete. Major life-changing innovations occurred.

Advances have also occurred since then. While many of the innovations were declared obsolete, email is still relevant to society. Even so, email has undergone tremendous metamorphosis. Services from companies such as Google and Yahoo have sprung up.

Developers have created better spam filters for emails, more personalized emails, and improved organization for users. Unroll.Me is one of the leading email management companies invented in 2011. The organization has flipped the sector of email marketing by offering its users the chance to unsubscribe as well as consolidate email subscriptions.

Since its launch, the company is still impacting the industry, particularly currently that is has been purchased by Slice, an affiliate of Rakuten Intelligence. The firm integrated into its shopping application.

The Future

Advertisers have played a key role in enhancing the adoption of A/B as well as multivariate testing. Factors such as personalization, email customization, in addition to optimization have also transformed. These trends have contributed to the evolution of emails.

Artificial Intelligence Takes Over the Communication Industry

Artificial intelligence is gaining prominence in different sectors. In digital marketing, AI continues to make significant waves, particularly in Email Marketing. It’s useful to other emerging elements such as big data and machine learning.

Most email marketing tools work with artificial intelligence. As such, 40 percent of marketing companies use email automation. The number is expected to rise since marketers, and business professionals aspire to see future developments.

Will the Human Element be eliminated?

While AI is taking over the Email Marketing industry, the human element hasn’t been eliminated. For instance, Ratuken Intelligence runs an email service that automatically scans the user’s email in search for subscribed emails.

The app then generated an interface in which the user can unsubscribe from lists that they don’t want to read. Similarly, the service may consolidate a user’s lost of emails into one unit so that there’s no need to read from every single email. As such, the user is involved in the entire experience. The automated innovation has eliminated no one.

How Rakuten Intelligence Helps Its Users

Rakuten Intelligence allows users to gauge e-commerce via a technology that recognizes various commercial emails. It also enables users to extract and purchase relevant data from them.

The firm’s technology is tailored to help users to disregard personal email which may be useless in measuring market trends.

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