Blog Commenting for Backlinks (Earn Editorial Backlinks Commenting)

Do you do blog commenting for backlinks?

Do you want editorial backlinks? Can blog commenting help get them? How important are editorial backlinks in SEO? Let’s keep reading…

Blog commenting is an exciting blogging exercise right? I know you all agree with me. It’s been one of the ways to expand and grow your sphere of influence as a blogger.

There are of course a bunch of benefits but I’m not about to dwell on them. However, one of the reasons most people drop comments is to get backlinks.

They focus on backlinks from the comment area on blogs using the traditional WordPress commenting system. Some go looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs just to drop comments and grab some backlinks.

Such backlink hunters don’t comment on blogs with Disqus or any other similar commenting system that does not link back to the commentator’s url – Facebook, Google plus, etc

Comment area links are not editorial.

Backlinks from comments are not editorial. That means the decision to drop a link while commenting is not the editor’s. Though you have some amount of control (as blog owner) while approving the comment, you don’t fully decide where to link the comment to.

Editorial backlinks are links that are consciously inserted in the content by the editor. For instance, I’m writing this post and I think Neil Patel has done a great job by writing a complimentary article. So What I’m going to do is link out to his article.

Check out Neil’s article where he wrote on 8 blog commenting mistakes. While I encourage you check out NP’s post, that link is purely editorial.

Another post I recommend you check out is Donna Merrill‘s article on how to be successful in blog commenting.

Why traditional blog commenting for backlinks may have negative long term effect.

Traditionally, folks drop comments to get that backlink from the comment area. This may have a long term negative effect on your SEO.


Bloggers keep changing. They constantly move from one commenting system to the other and some of these don’t have room for backlinks.

If a blogger switches from CommentLuv or WordPress inbuilt blogging system to a social media powered blogging system, you are going to lose all the links you’ve got from that blog.

blog commenting for backlinks

There will be a shakeup in your backlink profile and this may have some negative ranking effects. That’s why I encourage doing blog commenting for editorial backlinks.

Blog Commenting for Backlinks – Editorial Backlinks

Here is the truth – if you want editorial backlinks as a reward for your commenting tasks, forget about commenting for backlinks.

I’ll explain in a moment…

Most of those who comments for backlinks don’t often go above the average. I know they have graduated from the “great post” kind of comments we used to have in those early days. Now, they say something a little more just to fill the space and drop the links.

Some don’t even read the post introduction to get a glimpse of what’s talked about. All they want is to drop a comment that will cause you to approve their links. That’s exactly why blog commenting has never worked for you. So here is what you should do to generate those SEO Powerful editorial backlinks

Here’s how to create editorial backlinks by commenting on blogs!

Comment for relation building.

One of your greatest achievements as a blogger is to connect with influencers in your niche. These are bloggers that can pull you along as they grow daily. Commenting is a great way to hook up with these top bloggers but you don’t just do it like an average guy.

You have to go beyond the average level and hit the right point that will keep you proactive. Here are my suggested steps how to connect with your dream blogger and cause him or her to give you that editorial backlink.

  • Read his content thoroughly

It’s generally said that people scan online and read just sub titles but if you want to stand out and be noticed, you’ll have to break the rules.

I don’t think there is something else you have to do to drop an attractive comment without a proper knowledge of what’s written in the post.  Give yourself time and don’t rush. It’s needless to try to scan 100 articles per day and drop 100 nonsense comments. Why not focus on 10 that will certainly notice your presence and pay attention to what you have to say?

  • Drop a “wow” comment

This is where you open the door. When you drop a great comment, the blog owner is certainly going to pay attention to what you are saying. Next, he will be on your blog to check it out.

Note that great comment doesn’t necessarily mean long comment. The greatness in a comment is the content. It’s how you show your understanding of the subject according to the post and how you relate to it.

Share your experience in the comment. If you know of some examples, point them out. Above all, speak directly to the author in your comment. Try to make sure you get the author’s name. He may not be the blog owner so don’t make the error of mentioning the blog owner’s name on a guest post submitted by someone else.

  • Give others editorial backlinks

Don’t be a selfish blogger. Some bloggers think when they link out, they make someone else grow by sending traffic to their sites. What’s wrong with that? Why do they think so selfishly? They don’t link out yet they expect others to link to them.

Now, one of the result-driven ways to network and attract editorial backlinks is linking out yourself. Once you identify and exciting article, leave a ‘wow’ comment, then link to it from your blog. Do your blog commenting for backlinks and link out to others for more attraction.

NB: Don’t just link for linking sake though! Be sure to link out to valuable and related content. Use NOFOLLOW tag where necessary!

  • Shoot a friendly mail to the linked blogger

Now, you have to let the blogger know you link to his article by sending a friendly mail or mentioning or tagging him/her on social media.

Note that there is no guarantee that everyone you link to will act back. However, you always get 4 to 5 reactions out of about 10 editorial backlinks you give out.

Epic Content for Editorial Backlinks

The best and indisputable way to attract editorial backlinks is epic or awesome content. I don’t know how you want to call it but content that attracts attention from readers will highly attract backlinks. Readers will link to it from their content even without you building any relationships with them.

Note that you may be in friendship with other bloggers but if your content doesn’t represent real value, they may never link back to it. No one will link to your blog to please you. They do it because there find value for their readers.

There are other factors (apart from great content and relationships) that will encourage editorial backlinks from other readers.

One of these is your theme. Mind you if your theme is some poorly coded free theme with terrible fonts and graphics, it will be difficult to attract attention. That’s why I encourage investing in premium theme. You may need to spend some money but the long term results are always rewarding. Thrive themes and that’s what I’m using right now.

If you comment for relationships, publish content that meets the readers need and have a professional and attractive theme, you will not be able to avoid editorial backlinks. They will just come in from around the blogosphere and boost your search engine rankings.


My conclusion is you stop doing Blog Commenting for Backlinks. Start commenting for networking. Stop rushing. Take your time to read and drop attractive comments.

If your are still not confident with your theme, invest on one. You need it if you want real growth. If you’ve been selfish with links, start giving others editorial backlinks. If we start giving out these backlinks, everyone will have them because everyone is giving them.

This is my idea of doing blog commenting for backlinks. It’s about building relationships.

Let me know what you think about this post. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!! Not all back-links are created equal and getting an editorial link is the best thing that can happen to your blog. All the future of “CommentLuv” backlinks isn’t guaranteed, I have found them more helpful compared to normal blog comments.

    Great perspective that many people didn’t think about. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Honestly, that is exactly my current strategy. I started my blog a while ago but never gave it much love. Wanted to focus now more on it, but i feel not motivated to write, when nobody is ready it anyways. I know it is sort of a egg and chicken problem. Anyways, I am trying to get exactly some back links from commenting now. I know it is rather easy just to post: great content or whatever, but that doesn’t provide any value and usually you would know it’s not genuine praise. So I am putting some thoughts into it and actually read the blog post.

    Also i just noticed the CommentLuv gives me an error. Anyways I will still leave the comment here for future generations, whatever that means 🙂

  3. Very nice!
    Millions of tips and rules at different sites and blogs how to comment. Very strange. People forgot, that main aim of commenting is simple conversation and exchange of ideas. Where we’re goin’?

  4. Hello Enstine Muki, Thanks for writing an article about Blog Commenting for Backlinks (Earn Editorial Backlinks Commenting). Its really amazing. It is very helpful for me. Just keep sharing more and more article like this. Thanks once again.

  5. Hey, Enstine! Great post!
    Two quick questions:

    1. Does it matter if the content have been written genuinely and trying to backlinks in the commenting sections as well. Because, I suppose that way we could generate good traffic too. I’m not sure if that matters, or not.

    2. Any insight into how we can make our comment that instigates wow in the reader’s mind? Just wondering how I could make my comment much interesting and joyful.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. You are one of those blog commenting ninjas buddy. So many tactics and just a fountain of knowledge you are. Well done. Keep these strategies coming. I still feel genuine blog commenting is the most overlooked blogging strategy, from a networking perspective.

    • I agree Ryan,it is largely overlooked or misused by other bloggers.

      I leave comments because it’s an easy and effective way for me to practice my writing.

      But the “side effect” is that I also connect with wonderful bloggers like you and Enstine.

      Blog commenting is an indispensable networking strategy for me.

  7. Thanks for great insight in the comments.
    My worry is how to maintain backlinks since i’ve realised that my backlinks have started dropping after maintaining it’s level for quite a while.
    What are the possible reason? Could some of my bloggers have shifted positions?

    Please advise

  8. Thanks bro for sharing this valuable information. I really feel good after reading this blog because my all doubt are gone after reading your blog. Keep it up.

    Great Job.

  9. Hey Enstine,

    You are exactly right. Blog commenting should be all about friendships. I love you said Wow comment and yeah, it’s great when a reader can add something interesting and insightful. But it’s not always easy, especially, when the article is so good.

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you here again and thanks for the comment.
      I believe if we take time to put value in out comments, it will pay off well.

      I personally get attracted to anyone who comes to my blog and takes time to leave a comment. I often go check their blogs and I believe I’m not the only blogger with this mindset.

      Rather than rush over for a backlink (with the bad luck of not even being approved luring), let’s take time to engage and connect

    • Hey Taka,
      Thanks for sharing your point on this post.
      I have had many exciting connections due to blog commenting. If we do it right, we get the connections and the links 😉

  10. Thanks so much for this post.I got it first my mail but was busy then an had to check it out came ontime as am working on a project to train people on webDesign and making money with the skill and have been considering discussions like backlink, SEO.

  11. Estine sir Its a very nice experience to read this article,
    WEverytime I learn new things/
    wasim recently posted..How to edit aadhar card

  12. Really I am agree with author now days people do the comments on blog only for back link that is not good this is selfishness people should understand ….they should have to honest about their comments ….I think this article gives him a message …..

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Firstly let say thanks for your quick response to my email some days ago and sincerely appreciate your tips and suggestions regards my questions.

    I will say am totally agreed with your post, and highlighted issues about blog commenting particularly ‘Comment for relation building’ its through your community ( blog comment section) that i met blogger like Adrienne, Donna Merrill, Peter (from Thai Village), Ryan Biddulph, etc from their informative, educative and helpful comments which doe not look like that they are looking for backlink, but commenting to help and build relationship here.

    I always learning from your blog posts and no regret following you from post in Kingged . com to your blog some years back.

    Keep the good work.



    • So sweet to hear bro 😉
      we comment for relationship. other things come in as added value with time.

      Clean your blog and make it good. Business is eyeing it 😉

  14. You nailed the point Enstine!

    Most people comment on other blogs because of “backlinks”, but there’s really no value on those “No-follow” and no editorial backlinks.

    They simply don’t get the point behind blogging, blogging is about giving away as much value as you can, and then everybody will come to you over and over, not only the readers and clients will come to you, but also the backlinks will come because you are focused on adding value to your audience and your fellow bloggers as well.

    Great post bro! I loved it.

  15. Definitely a win-win tactics. A lot of bloggers usually miss the power of this. I got to meet a LOT of fresh people, like you and Harleena, beause of it

  16. Hello Enstine,

    Absolutely, People try to make comments only for gaining backlinks which does not make any sense to me. I personally doing blog commenting to engage with bloggers and build a good relationship with them. Blog commenting always help me to find some like-minded bloggers like you and connect with them. Donna is a great personality and she is an awesome blogger. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for being part of this content today. You’ve got the right approach so keep it up. That will certainly generate more editorial backlinks for your blog.
      Hope you are set for a wonderful week ahead 😉

  17. Hi Enstine,

    I first want to thank you for the mention here.

    Commenting is so important to make good connections with others. Especially those who are in your niche and even better those who are influencers. You want to keep chipping away by commenting and sharing their stuff on social media. When doing so, you will get noticed.

    Your mindset has to be that of giving the person who wrote this article for you to read as a gift of some sort. You went there and visited, got something out of it, so at least give your honest opinion and thank the person. As mentioned above that “Wow” factor will really work only if it is true.

    So what does it do for you? It will give you the backlinks you need from others. The more backlinks from successful bloggers when they visit you, the better the SEO.

    So take it from Enstine here and follow his wonderful advice in this article.


    • O yeah thanks for making it Donna. That was an awesome piece on your blog. I just had to link to it as it’s a valuable extension to this article.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead 😉

  18. Thanks Enstine Muki to share a valuable information i am learning about Blogging by reading your blog every day to get information for backlinks, on- page, off- page and blog traffic. realy you are a great man to share a killer post for your blog.

  19. Hi Enstine Muke,

    Great post indeed!
    I am talking about myself, The main purpose of mine is learning something new and become familiar within other people but I also want to backlinks, I think it’s not bad to get backlinks from comment but we should think positive while commenting.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great tips with us.
    Areesha Noor!

  20. Editorial back links by blog commenting is really new technique for us. I will try it to build niche related quality links for my blog posts.

  21. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this amazing and helpful post. Building connections with other bloggers is really important. One can’t survive in this tough blogosphere without connections and relationships with other bloggers. Connections helps in sharing of ideas and many more stuffs.


  22. Hello Enstine,

    Well I think commenting means the readers views about a certain post or whether he/she agree with the topic and sharing views.

    I always read the article and the comments and believe me other readers comments are also very valuable to learn their views about the topic. I’ve been checking few posts here and I must say I’ve learned lot of new things.


  23. Hello Enstine, thanks for your great Article man. You always doing the best. to be honest, i am learning about Blogging by reading your blog every day. And you only share the killers tips that’s why i like you most. Evey of your post become my favorite when i read that one. I never hear this topic and i am going to follow now this to check and try with my blog. Keep sharing man

    Happy blogging

  24. Hey Enstine,

    I’ve had this post loaded up to read and am just now getting around to it. As you can probably imagine though, I’m in total agreement with you about this particular topic.

    If there is one thing we can count on it’s that things will always continue to change. Back in the day commenting for links was the way to go. No more my friend and I think that’s probably why a lot of people look down on it today. They just don’t understand the purpose behind it, the reasons that you even comment in the first place. For those who are evolving and learning how to continue to grow then they will be the ones to benefit from this. Those who don’t want to learn these lessons, well they’ll ignore this method frowning upon it and then move on.

    Great lesson Enstine, love it. I’ll be sure to share this one with my friends too.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      I’m glad you’ve finally made it 😉 and thanks for sharing and promoting this one.

      Yes change is constant and we must move along with it. I don’t see any other blogging exercise as easy and result-driven in building relationships as blog commenting. If we comment for networking, we end up building links and that’s just the point 😉

      thanks once more for adding your voice to the conversation. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  25. Hi Enstine

    I’ve made some great friends through blog-commenting. I can’t believe how kind some great bloggers (including yourself, of course) have been to me.

    And I’m now getting much stricter about deleting dubious comments that people leave on my own blog, where they obviously just wanted a backlink.

    And I know it was only an aside, but I will confirm that I became a lot happier with my blog when I went from using a free theme and invested in a premium one.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  26. Another fine post Enstine. I don’t get over here enough and think I am missing some quality content.

    Completely agree with what you’ve written. Just dropping a lame comment sure doesn’t get you anywhere. But some folks don’t seem to realize that. Well, it doesn’t help when those lame comments actually get approved. It’s like enabling.

    Also agree that it’s good to link out to other quality content. It’s something I’ve been doing more of and it does have some positive benefits.

    From what I’ve found, one of the best approaches seems to be a three pronged. Quality and engaging comments, sharing others content when it’s good and as you’ve mentioned, linking out when it makes sense and when it’s good. It does make a difference.

    Enjoyed the read, as usual 🙂

    • Hey Ron,
      Welcome here buddy! We grow bigger every day and it becomes difficult to be present everywhere. I perfectly understand and thanks for making time this day.

      I have been a way for about a week and just returned. Tons of comments, mails and mentions to treat. Just been sitting here and making a plan where to begin and your comment caught my attention so happily starting here 😉

      Google,other search engines and social media will keep changing the rules of their games but blog commenting, I think will stick to its winning principles – quality and engaging comments. The more we dish these out, the more we get positive results.

      thanks for the inspirational comment man. Hope your weekend is good

  27. A sincere post. The main idea, as far as my knowledge, goes is to start an interesting discussion while writing the comments. Let readers contemplate on what you have to say on particular post and create room for expanding the discussion. This will help readers to have a better insight on the topic

  28. Hi Enstine,

    This is one of the most thought out articles on this subject I’ve read in a long time, and I agree!!!

    I will take a transparent moment and share why I use DISQUS:

    1. It was what I discovered first several years ago and it works for me.
    2. Because I don’t want people commenting who are doing so only for a link.

    I want a relationship with my readers, not a transaction. I am a networker at heart both online and offline. I enjoy meeting new people.

    If I comment it isn’t for SEO, it’s because I want to get to know you and I know the way to do that is follow your advice in this article:

    1. Read the whole article
    2. Leave intelligent comments based on the subject of the article
    3. Share the article on social media – and tell the social media audience why they should read the article if you’re really sharing for networking.

    In the end, if value is create through commenting, competency is established and a relationship is valued… the editorial comments will come.

    I’m mentioned in blogs every week now across the web and it’s exciting and much more meaningful to me than social media shares (of course I’ll take them, lol…). It’s more personal and it means that people read and valued what I had to say.

    That’s how I know I’m on track and headed in the right direction.

    Great post again Enstine. You never let me down my friend!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,
      your growth rate has been amazing and there is no doubt what you do really works. I remember the force with which you came in and I’m not surprised you are getting linked to here and there. You have given out a lot (and you still do) so time for you to get paid back has set in.

      Thanks for teaching us a lot on your blog man. Knowing you remains a great plus in my online business life.

      Hope you are enjoying this week

      • It goes both ways my friend! I have learned an incredible amount from you as well and I value your friendship and expertise!

        ~ Don

  29. Building relationships with fellow bloggers – links are just a part. Commenting on blogs and leaving comments is still an effective way to improve rankings if done correctly .
    This is a very interesting article – thanks Enstine for sharing it.

  30. Commenting just for backlinks is dead. Using it to make connections, priceless.

    Could not agree more about having a theme that looks great. People will not want to link to your content no matter how good it is if your site looks like a 3rd grader made it (no offense to 3rd graders.)


  31. Hey.. once again,A lot of bloggers often miss the power of this.A combination of no-follows as well as do-follows is very important when commenting and it will look more natural .Thanks for sharing this with us, am going to start giving out backlinks and I have been thinking that commenting cannot do much backlinks but with this post I have learned the really stuff here ..
    🙂 🙂

  32. I always make sure to provide links to relevant content on other blogs and most of those links are always dofollow because the content is just awesome. I have been following this strategy for a long time and I am now seeing some positive results as I am getting new backlinks these days!

  33. Links within the post, it’s good to link to those you know, provided it is of value and related. If not, just don’t link for the sake of linking or friendship, as Google takes it otherwise then. Instead, link to sites that give value to your readers .

  34. Thanks so much for this post.I got it first my mail but was busy then an had to check it out came ontime as am working on a project to train people on webDesign and making money with the skill and have been considering discussions like backlink, SEO, etc.

  35. This is a great post about editorial backlinks. This is first time I came to know what editorial backlinks actually are.

    I have been commenting on blog and giving valuable comment as I have been reading full content and responding to it throgh a valuable commnt .

    The thing you told in last points is unique . Giving credit to other is a great thing. I completely agree to this point and have been doing the same.

    I follow all these steps and wish to get editorial links soon.

  36. Hi Enstine and WOW (LOL)

    I really do mean WOW. I agree with you 100%. I look at commenting on a blog I’ve just read as a new learning experience or tool that I can use in my work daily. I have noticed many are taking to the new concept of making a comment worth reading and that is a benefit for all of us.

    Just look above or below (not sure which) at the comments you have received on this post from. Each person, including myself has learned something they may or may not have known or understood until now.

    Thank you. I would like to know what you are using to “Kindly Tweet This”

    Have a wonderful week.

    • Hi friend,
      Sooo good to see you here and thanks for the comment.
      I totally agree with you. Many (especially bloggers) have learned to go beyond and drop real comments. That’s really how to get the attention of both blogger owners and readers.

      We’ve been doing it and it’s been working. It will still keep working. Google and social media sites may change their rules. Blog commenting remains.

      Thanks for your encouragement today and happy Easter Monday

  37. Yes 🙂
    Blog commenting is a good way to build relationship with other bloggers and get free editorial backlinks for your blog.
    Thanks for sharing this informative guide with us.


  38. This is a good post. And all of your tips are acceptable and informative. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hope this will help the newbies. Thank you.

  39. Well, blog commenting should be done to start a conversation on a debatic topic through which many users get clear our their doubts from respective content. But now a days people just use blog commenting method to generate backlinks.

      • That what exactly i am saying , now a days people use blog commenting for generating backlinks. Blog Commenting should be done to make out clear your thoughts and share experiences.

  40. WOW!!!
    This is another eye opener. I have been struggling to get my blog / site backlinking right. And I have been thinking that commenting cannot do much backlink but with this post I have learned the really stuff here today


    • Hey Lawrence,
      I have known you for being so strong in connecting through commenting. Keep that up and sooner or later, friends will start hitting you with links 😉

  41. Hello Sir Muki,

    Thanks for sharing this with us, am going to start giving out backlink although i don’t have much traffic, but am going to be giving out back-links…’re going to be the first person am giving a backlink…LOL, and i hope you don’t mind if i re-blog this article…i promise i won’t tamper with anything there….Thanks

    • lol thanks bro
      I don’t have monopoly over any topic. Just be sure you don’t copy and paste

      Thanks for the backlink (to come). Make sure you only link to relevant articles

      Hope you are starting off a great week

  42. No wrong in all you’ve said so far, commenting for SEO purpose will and may just bring short term result if at all it did bring in any.

    Relationship building, networking and outreach with people like minded should be at the very top of why we should engage in blog commenting.

    The value or gains that comes from effective blog commenting can never be measure, its priceless.

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine. And happy festive period.

    • That’s it man and thanks for adding your voice
      It’s through this same activity that we met right? and it’s been a beautiful ride

      Better days are still ahead 😉

  43. Nothing like building relationships with other bloggers and think this will help you in the long run. Not sure how many people you should be building a relationship with but been figuring some things out and understanding on how important this is…

    Been away from commenting on blog for a few months and really want to get back into the grove, and thank you for sharing this post. Awesome content!

    • Welcome back Paul. I hope you give in more time and effort this time. You will certainly see results so focus on blogs in your niche 😉
      Thanks for being part of the conversation

  44. Agree with you, commenting just for a link may bring you a nofollow or a dofollow link but thats ends their. Like Enstine mentioned, if a blogger comments briefly he/she will get readers for blog along with a strong editorial link.
    But yes, it takes time. Anyway, I’ll go for long time results.

  45. Hi Enstine,

    Agree with you entirely 🙂

    Nothing works better than building relationships with fellow bloggers – links are just a part, and not the start and end of it all. That’s one reason we did away with CommentLuv, as we felt that link-droppers were coming in more than the genuine readers, and we are happy with our decision!

    Even the links within the post, it’s good to link to those you know, provided it is of value and related. If not, just don’t link for the sake of linking or friendship, as Google takes it otherwise then. Instead, link to sites that give value to your readers – they should be your primary concern, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • BTW – Your blog doesn’t seem to like me anymore – it doesn’t ever take my CommentLuv links…lol… 🙂

      Have a nice day ahead 🙂

    • That’s correct Harleena!
      I have been thinking about this commentluv thing too. Like I mentioned, I may end up taking it down.

      It’s on and off and I don’t know why. I’m running wprocket which was the reason for commentluv not working some months back. I worked with one of the developers who got the issue handled. Now it’s on and off so I may just take it down, maybe for some time to see how it goes.

      Thanks for this comment this beautiful Easter Monday. Hope you and family had a wonderful Easter weekend

        • Hey Dennis,
          People who comment for backlink end up getting junk.
          If we build relationships, we end up, for the most part, getting the real backlinks 😉

          Thanks for adding your voice

    • Hi Enstine,

      In my opinion there is certainly still awesome value in commenting on blogs and leaving comments is still an effective way to improve rankings when done correctly .

      one link per comment and also needs to be on a related blog or website

      A combination of no-follows as well as do-follows is very important when commenting and it will look more natural .

      Additionally , I really believe No Follow links still complete pass on some SEO value , small may it be .

      Cheers for the article ,


      • Hey Robert,
        Thanks for coming back

        As a matter of fact, if your link profile is made up only of dofollow links, you are going to run into issues with Google. A certain % has to be nofollow to balance up.

        Always great to hear from you buddy

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