Blog Commenting for Backlinks (Earn Editorial Backlinks Commenting)

Do you do blog commenting for backlinks?

Do you want editorial backlinks? Can blog commenting help get them? How important are editorial backlinks in SEO? Let’s keep reading…

Blog commenting is an exciting blogging exercise right? I know you all agree with me. It’s been one of the ways to expand and grow your sphere of influence as a blogger.

There are of course a bunch of benefits but I’m not about to dwell on them. However, one of the reasons most people drop comments is to get backlinks.

They focus on backlinks from the comment area on blogs using the traditional WordPress commenting system. Some go looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs just to drop comments and grab some backlinks.

Such backlink hunters don’t comment on blogs with Disqus or any other similar commenting system that does not link back to the commentator’s url – Facebook, Google plus, etc

Comment area links are not editorial.

Backlinks from comments are not editorial. That means the decision to drop a link while commenting is not the editor’s. Though you have some amount of control (as blog owner) while approving the comment, you don’t fully decide where to link the comment to.

Editorial backlinks are links that are consciously inserted in the content by the editor. For instance, I’m writing this post and I think Neil Patel has done a great job by writing a complimentary article. So What I’m going to do is link out to his article.

Check out Neil’s article where he wrote on 8 blog commenting mistakes. While I encourage you check out NP’s post, that link is purely editorial.

Another post I recommend you check out is Donna Merrill‘s article on how to be successful in blog commenting.

Why traditional blog commenting for backlinks may have negative long term effect.

Traditionally, folks drop comments to get that backlink from the comment area. This may have a long term negative effect on your SEO.


Bloggers keep changing. They constantly move from one commenting system to the other and some of these don’t have room for backlinks.

If a blogger switches from CommentLuv or WordPress inbuilt blogging system to a social media powered blogging system, you are going to lose all the links you’ve got from that blog.

blog commenting for backlinks

There will be a shakeup in your backlink profile and this may have some negative ranking effects. That’s why I encourage doing blog commenting for editorial backlinks.

Blog Commenting for Backlinks – Editorial Backlinks

Here is the truth – if you want editorial backlinks as a reward for your commenting tasks, forget about commenting for backlinks.

I’ll explain in a moment…

Most of those who comments for backlinks don’t often go above the average. I know they have graduated from the “great post” kind of comments we used to have in those early days. Now, they say something a little more just to fill the space and drop the links.

Some don’t even read the post introduction to get a glimpse of what’s talked about. All they want is to drop a comment that will cause you to approve their links. That’s exactly why blog commenting has never worked for you. So here is what you should do to generate those SEO Powerful editorial backlinks

Here’s how to create editorial backlinks by commenting on blogs!

Comment for relation building.

One of your greatest achievements as a blogger is to connect with influencers in your niche. These are bloggers that can pull you along as they grow daily. Commenting is a great way to hook up with these top bloggers but you don’t just do it like an average guy.

You have to go beyond the average level and hit the right point that will keep you proactive. Here are my suggested steps how to connect with your dream blogger and cause him or her to give you that editorial backlink.

  • Read his content thoroughly

It’s generally said that people scan online and read just sub titles but if you want to stand out and be noticed, you’ll have to break the rules.

I don’t think there is something else you have to do to drop an attractive comment without a proper knowledge of what’s written in the post.  Give yourself time and don’t rush. It’s needless to try to scan 100 articles per day and drop 100 nonsense comments. Why not focus on 10 that will certainly notice your presence and pay attention to what you have to say?

  • Drop a “wow” comment

This is where you open the door. When you drop a great comment, the blog owner is certainly going to pay attention to what you are saying. Next, he will be on your blog to check it out.

Note that great comment doesn’t necessarily mean long comment. The greatness in a comment is the content. It’s how you show your understanding of the subject according to the post and how you relate to it.

Share your experience in the comment. If you know of some examples, point them out. Above all, speak directly to the author in your comment. Try to make sure you get the author’s name. He may not be the blog owner so don’t make the error of mentioning the blog owner’s name on a guest post submitted by someone else.

  • Give others editorial backlinks

Don’t be a selfish blogger. Some bloggers think when they link out, they make someone else grow by sending traffic to their sites. What’s wrong with that? Why do they think so selfishly? They don’t link out yet they expect others to link to them.

Now, one of the result-driven ways to network and attract editorial backlinks is linking out yourself. Once you identify and exciting article, leave a ‘wow’ comment, then link to it from your blog. Do your blog commenting for backlinks and link out to others for more attraction.

NB: Don’t just link for linking sake though! Be sure to link out to valuable and related content. Use NOFOLLOW tag where necessary!

  • Shoot a friendly mail to the linked blogger

Now, you have to let the blogger know you link to his article by sending a friendly mail or mentioning or tagging him/her on social media.

Note that there is no guarantee that everyone you link to will act back. However, you always get 4 to 5 reactions out of about 10 editorial backlinks you give out.

Epic Content for Editorial Backlinks

The best and indisputable way to attract editorial backlinks is epic or awesome content. I don’t know how you want to call it but content that attracts attention from readers will highly attract backlinks. Readers will link to it from their content even without you building any relationships with them.

Note that you may be in friendship with other bloggers but if your content doesn’t represent real value, they may never link back to it. No one will link to your blog to please you. They do it because there find value for their readers.

There are other factors (apart from great content and relationships) that will encourage editorial backlinks from other readers.

One of these is your theme. Mind you if your theme is some poorly coded free theme with terrible fonts and graphics, it will be difficult to attract attention. That’s why I encourage investing in premium theme. You may need to spend some money but the long term results are always rewarding. Thrive themes and that’s what I’m using right now.

If you comment for relationships, publish content that meets the readers need and have a professional and attractive theme, you will not be able to avoid editorial backlinks. They will just come in from around the blogosphere and boost your search engine rankings.


My conclusion is you stop doing Blog Commenting for Backlinks. Start commenting for networking. Stop rushing. Take your time to read and drop attractive comments.

If your are still not confident with your theme, invest on one. You need it if you want real growth. If you’ve been selfish with links, start giving others editorial backlinks. If we start giving out these backlinks, everyone will have them because everyone is giving them.

This is my idea of doing blog commenting for backlinks. It’s about building relationships.

Let me know what you think about this post. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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