How Unroll.Me is contributing to the emailing sector!

Email is a communication platform that most people take for granted. A majority of people know that it was discovered in around the ’60s to ’70s.

Following this invention, a ton of other innovations came to be. For instance, development of the phone paved the way for the internet, CD’s were replaced by MP3 and iTunes, and lastly, floppy disks were replaced by flash drives. Many other innovations have followed since then.

The role of Unroll.Me

The email has also transformed as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google continue to develop it. Compared to the past, email is now more organized, offers personalized emails, and improved spam filters.

Other innovations like Unroll.Me are still being made to improve the state of this communication tool. Since 2011, this app has mesmerized people with the ability to merge subscriptions and consolidate messages.

In the less than a decade, it has redefined the emailing sector especially after the acquisition of Rakuten Intelligence.

The future of emailing

In the technology industry, the future has to do with automation and artificial intelligence. According to the CTO of SAS Oliver Schabenberger, these innovations are bound to change businesses and the entire industry as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence will transform people’s roles instead of replacing them. Email marketing will also benefit from this advancement significantly.

Email marketing has for the last couple of years been simplified by multivariate and A/B testing. Most advertisers encourage adoption of this trend.

Unroll.Me has also improved email marketing endeavors. It works to scan the inbox for emails users have subscribed to and consolidates them so that one can decide what to do with them at a glance.

It can also merge all unread emails to one folder so that they are read at once. With these innovations, it is clear that users are at the center of things smartly using technology.

Email marketing has compelled numerous tech experts to develop products to enhance this e-commerce platform. A ton of products from innovators such as GetResponse, MailChimp, Zoho, SendGrid, and GoDaddy have flooded the market with the hope to enhance email advertising.

These products function to improve performance, experiments and automate tests. Despite these advancements, not every one of benefiting from this automation.

Given how much changes have occurred in the last couple of decades, making predictions for the future is challenging.

Although, there are innovations that show promise for the future. One such technology is big data. It has come to help small and mid-sized companies have access to leveraged tools. Data has proved valuable to large companies like Facebook, Google, and Adobe. According to The Economist, it is one of the most critical resources.

About Unroll.Me

Unroll is a tech solution that was established by JojoHedaya, Peri Blake, and Josh Rosenwald to sort out junk emails. From 2011 when it was established, this application has redefined the way subscriptions are dealt with on the inbox.

This technology uses a “Rollup” technique to categorize non-primary emails so that the core emails are not missed. Since it was launched, the application has attracted over 100,000 subscribers, processed 225 million emails and diverted more than 106 million of them.

JojoHedaya leads this company and his college-mate Josh Rosenwald the two professionals are the brains behind this innovation. They serve as the chief executive officers of the company.

Josh Rosenwald and his colleague did not graduate from college once their start-up kicked off. Over the years, they have strived to nurture their vision by continually upgrading their brand.

These executives work alongside Perri Blake who is a board member at the company committed to product development. This organization anticipates for a brighter future regardless of the challenges in the tech world.

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