BroadedNet traffic Stats in Google Analytics, Free Credits Voucher

broaded google analytics

Google Analytics is the free  most reliable tracking and traffic stats platform you can think of today. It’s also the best way to monitor your campaigns and know which to take down and which to focus on.

I have just added a smart piece of tracking code to broadedNet that will automatically create BroadedNet campaign in your GA account and track all the clicks you get from

NB: BroadedNet is a blog promotion tool that will generate real traffic to your blog without search engines or Social Media. It’s a free platform so you can sign up right this moment. To know how it works, click here. 

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Boost Traffic & Engagement with MycommentAuthors 1.4 ~ Upgraded!

boost engagement

MyCommentAuthors 1.4 is here with cool updates and light bug fixes. It’s your number 1 commenting plugin to help you bring back your visitors, boost traffic and engagement.

My readers have been quite excited since I released this plugin. It helps me show appreciation to them, feature them on my blog and give those who are more active a dofollow back.

If this is your first time of reading about this wonderful engagement plugin, here are a couple of posts I have written about it before;

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I don’t have time to comment! How do I keep going?


We know blog commenting is an exciting blogging activity that generates exciting results. Though some big blogs have shut down comments, it still remains a huge growth weapon.

I have always mentioned that blogging is not just about crafting and publishing ‘killer’ content. It’s more about engaging with people. Yes! Blogging has grown into becoming a community building tool.

Before I continue, here is a post I wrote on a Hidden Blog Commenting Trick For Huge Traffic & Networking! I recommend you check that out.

Bloggers are like movie or music stars. Yes! We are stars too 😉 

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BlogEngage Contest ~ More exposure, more traffic, more money!


BlogEngage is a paid community with about 3000 members. What that means is quality and authentic traffic. Traffic from paid communities evidently converts better simply because everyone around has a minimum spending power.

If you want the benefits of traffic from paid communities, try out BlogEngage today where you find savvy bloggers from all areas of live and every angle of the globe.

5 Reasons Why BlogEngage Stands out!

I’m an active member on BlogEngage so meet me there 😉

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StealthGenie Review ~Mobile Phone Spy Tool For Android, iPhone and Blackberry!

parental control android

Want a mobile phone spy tool to keep an eye on your kids, employee or someone else that should be under control? I think I have got you completely covered in this StealthGenie Review post.

As a parent, there is need to maintain some minimum control on your kids while they are away from home with friends or relatives. When you are away, you still need to make sure your kids back at home don’t become rats when the cat is out. In any case, you need to have an eye on them while they are not around you.

You want to make sure they don’t go bad places by tracking their exact location at any given time. You also may want to know what they are doing on their smartphones – the calls they make, the sound tracks, the videos, the pictures, the SMSs, the WhatsApp, Fascebook, Viber, Skype, BBM, etc.

You don’t have to monitor your kids the old fashioned way. What you need is a turnkey parental control mobile phone-based tool.

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$200 Blog Commenting Contest – Comment and get paid!

Isn’t it interesting how bloggers are beginning to give out raw cash to their readers? I’m so thrilled and won’t keep back any effort to tell you about any of my friends who is giving out money.

Vineet Saxena is one of my trusted readers and when I read his email about him running a $200 commenting contest this month, I said I was going to let my readers know about this.

The simple reason is I want you to be able to make some extra money doing what you do often – blog commenting. Besides, Vineet’s contest deserve some more exposure so I encourage you join me let’s help him spread the word. That’s what blogging is all about isn’t it?

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