Top 4 cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Providers!

The demand for WordPress as a content management system (cms) for different types of websites is constantly on a rise. This, of course has also led to an increase in demand for managed WordPress hosting providers.

WordPress is the free and most-flexible CMS that can be hosted on any Unix/Linux systems but to get the best results, there has been need to setup dedicated servers and teams with some specific requirements that will ensure security, speed, compatibility and up-time.

Many Webhosting providers today have grown to understand this and are beginning to assign dedicated resources to manage WordPress Hosting as a separate line of product.

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Rank checker tool ~ The best SERP Rank Checker you need this year!

My recommended Rank checker tool for 2018 and beyond!

Whatever the business you are into online, it’s important to pay attention to traffic from search engines. The simple reason is that SEO traffic is most targeted and converts the most.

Getting indexed by search engine is one thing. Being ranked on a traffic generating position is another. That’s why we need the best search engine rank checker to monitor and adjust for better position.

Most of us get traffic from search engines but without proper SEO activities. One of the things you must do to beat your competitors and pull more of the traffic is, monitor your SERP position for different keywords using the most appropriate rank checker tool.

Once you know the position you are on SERP for specific keywords, it will be easier to adjust your strategy and move to a better position.

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Argument ~ Newer or Older Comments! Which should be displayed first?

how to display newer comments first

Last week, I came up with this post in which we discussed about the position of the comment form – Above or Below comments.

NB: I show you below exactly how to display newer comments first

I had interesting arguments from readers but a majority augured in favor of placing the form above comments. Whatever the result is, I recommend doing test on your blog in order to make an informed decision.

Today, I have another interesting argument and I’m so excited to hear your point.

We all know know blog commenting is a serious traffic and engagement factor. As a matter of fact, I have had businesses because of comment counts on my blog.

We want real comments right? But does the comment listing order have anything to do with the number of comments you get?

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Brenda Pace ~ The Woman Behind My Girly Parts

Brenda Pace

Yes I know I missed last week’s  episode  😉

But this week, I must highlight someone’s profile despite being quite busy with some offline stuffs. She’s a friend and faithful reader. After interacting with this wonderful and encouraging lady, I discovered my list of awesome friends won’t be complete without her.

Before entering into some details about Bren, you may want to check out bloggers I have featured in the past.

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Is Comment Form Above Comments Better? Please Add Your Voice!

Comment Form Above Comments

This is some crazy question but I think it’s worth an argument!

Presently, where is the comment form on your blog?

Is it below comments or above?

Recently, I pushed my form above comments and I’m just about doing some experiment – Which position is better?

But here is what I’m thinking…

Once I land on an old post with lost of comments, if the form is on top, I feel a push to drop my comment. I feel many other people are like me here 😉

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How to make dofollow backlinks for Google Page #1 easily!

dofollow backlinks index

Here is how to make dofollow backlinksfor Google Page #1. This simple dofollow backlinks building trick will help get your blog posts on Google page one easily and fast.

I have also found it to work very well to get my posts indexed by Google within 24 hours.

As a matter of fact, it’s not new under the sun. You might have been doing it before but I just want to add some spices to it so you can get better results.

NB: If you want blog commenting for backlinks, check out this other post. I give you details how to attract contextual backlinks blog-commenting.

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