How to fund a comfortable retirement ~ Joy Healey can inspire you!

How to fund a comfortable retirement is the question everyone should answer before that age of retirement. As a matter of fact, if you fail to answer this inevitable question now, it may be too  late and of course, your retirement will be uncomfortable!

You agree with me that no one (including you) is ever willing to be broke during retirement. The only way to avoid retirement is death and no one on earth prays to die early. I’m sure most octogenariansnonagenarians and centenarians still pray to see the next day.

The featured blogger this week, in her story inspires you to look around and make sure you are building a solid foundation to stand on during retirement. She came after Kim Willis and Kimberly George.

Meet Joy Healey

joy healeyJoy lives in NW London, has two sons, two grand-daughters and two grand-dogs! Her hobbies (if only she had more time) are reading and line-dancing. She volunteers at a local dog-rehoming centre and at her Church.

After 30+ years self-employed in the computer industry, Joy suddenly woke up to the fact that she’d delayed planning for an income in retirement to the point that it was “too late” for conventional methods to work. What little planning she HAD done was decimated when one of the trusted darlings of the UK pension providers went belly-up, so saving into a pension fund went back to square one.

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me

Unwilling to accept a reduced life-style due to poor pension planning, Joy decided to start a part-time online business in parallel with running her two offline businesses of bespoke accounting software development and book-keeping. It’s a matter of pride to her that her longest software client has been with her well over thirty years, so she must be doing something right!

However as so often in life, “pride comes before a fall”. She imagined that her 30+ years in the computer industry would give her a flying head start when it came to developing a part-time online business. Naively trusting silver-tongued gurus who told her how “easy” it was to earn an online income, she embarked on a roller-coaster online career, but without understanding the importance of certain vital steps.

First Venture Into Online Marketing

Her first online success was 5 years with a UK based MLM selling memberships of a Lottery syndicate. Her initial demonstration of the power (and later the pitfalls) of Internet Marketing came when she introduced a casual acquaintance who just ran with the business. At the time all she saw was a steady stream of distributors pouring into her team and the commissions just rolled in, even surpassing the income from her full-time business. Back then it just seemed like magic, but later analysis revealed the planned and very ethical strategy this distributor had used so effectively.

For a while this MLM income seemed to be the answer to the “how to fund a comfortable retirement” question. Sadly towards the end of those five years the parent company over-stretched themselves trying to launch into TWO similar market-places. Both expensive launches flopped disastrously and the company was taken over by a competitor that closed down all affiliate accounts literally overnight – taking with them everyone’s prospect and customer contact details. Many tried to challenge this, but to no avail.

Those savvy distributors who had maintained their own contact lists just took their team with them to the next venture – although only a few ever achieved the same success as with the Lottery syndicates. At the time Joy had neither the understanding of the need, nor the technical skills required, to maintain her own “list” and lost the lot! Three good things came out of this apparent disaster:

  • Because it was a part-time business she still had her main income to fall back on
  • Rather than spending them, she had used all the Lottery earnings on home improvements and financing her younger son’s now successful property business
  • She discovered the need to learn how to do Internet Marketing “properly” – and was told that this started by having a blog.

Joy Healey’s Blogging Career

Joy has been blogging in her “named” domain for about three years now. She has been through three phases of blogging:

  • Completely dire, having followed the “wrong” leaders. These blogs are now wiped into oblivion and good riddance.
  • Well-researched and well-written content on two blogs in the health niche that she worked her socks off with, but she didn’t understand the importance of promotion and engagement! These two were “retired” just recently – with some regret because they represented a lot of hard work – but there were too many balls to keep in the air.
  • The current (and final! phase) is learning to do it properly and with focus, following leaders who “walk the walk” instead of “talk the talk”.

Joy’s Target Audience Is….

…. people looking to start a part-time online business, juggling the demands of family life and a current job or business.

This especially includes those who can’t put their hand on their heart and know that they have made adequate provision for a comfortable retirement income. For these people a side-line business that they can pick up and put down as time permits can be a life-saver. Her “collapsed pension” lesson suggests that even if you think you have a good income plan, it’s no bad thing to have a “just in case” plan B.

Most of Joy’s days are tied up with the off-line business that still pays the day-to-day bills. So most of the work involved in running her online business is done when sane people are in bed fast asleep. One of Joy’s colleagues referred to this as “Blogging After Dark” and it kind of stuck.

How to fund a comfortable retirement

Above all, she is reaching out to people who understand that income from an online business doesn’t just happen out of thin air. When you learn and implement proper strategies – even if that costs a few dollars (from current income) – you will save time, money and stress in the long run.

Five Approaches To An Online Business

Thefirst three are the ones Joy put the most time into – there are many others, just a few of which you can read from items 4 and 5 below!

  1. Joy initially created some online digital products. However doing this part-time, she found that the time involved in learning the skills to create them and promote them didn’t justify the sales made.
  2. Affiliate marketing– promoting ready-made digital products – made much more sense to her, given the limited time available.
  3. A product based network marketing business with repeatable products.
  4. There are online coaches and tutors and who offer an excellent service working from home with clients happily paying 4 figure sums for their knowledge and expertise.
  5. Other possibilities:


Experiences with (1) decided her that this was not a good choice for her as a part-timer. Instead she feels that learning Internet Marketing “properly” open up (2) and (3) as suitable paths for part-timers.

Unfortunately, for Joy, (3) fell by the wayside when the company she was promoting ceased trading – which is one of the dangers of network marketing.

So with the lessons she has learned while taking her part-time business online, Joy is now spreading her risk over a few different products and learning Affiliate Marketing to promote them.

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Do you still worry about how to fund a comfortable retirement? Does Joy’s story inspire you?

You can engage with her right here on this blog. Drop her a comment and she will be right here to respond.

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36 thoughts on “How to fund a comfortable retirement ~ Joy Healey can inspire you!”

  1. Calculating your retirement corpus is always a difficult task as it depend many thing like how much one can save, what are the future plans and how will be the monthly expenses etc. But the best things is in case you can start living a controlling & less expensive life and also stay fit & healthy. This will surely save huge money and reduce the medical expenses.

  2. Great stuff
    I completely agree on selling a digital product as it reduces all the hassle and mess with the delivery of physical product.
    I myself just started a online within the personal finance sector. Its so much more rewarding and interesting than to be an employee.

  3. Hey Enstine, Thanks for the post. I’m trying to establish my online business. But I was not sure from where should I start. Now got an idea from the three approaches. I can’t wait to be connected with Joy to get more ideas.

  4. Hey there Joy! Such an inspiring story. As James stated its nice to see that you continued trucking along with your online business and didn’t give up. A lot can be said for that.

    I also love the fact that you pointed out that there are a lot of folks out there selling the dream making it seem as if running an internet based business is all rainbows and unicorns. It is farrr from that!

    Wishing you continued success in all that you do. Cheers!

  5. Hi Enstine,

    Great to see Joy being featured this week.

    What a great gal she is, too. She has a high-pressure job yet still has time to build her blogging and network marketing business.

    When it comes to income generation and retirement planning, everyone needs to find their pathway, and it’s great to see that Joy has found hers

    Good luck Joy and keep up the good work


    • Hi Kim,

      Great to catch up with you here as well.

      When I left school, my parents insisted I take a job in the “real” world instead of going into a ready made position in the family business….

      One of my early “bosses” (who actually turned into a friend) gave me a reference that included the phrase: “Joy thrives under pressure”.

      When things get tough – as they have been this last few weeks, with blog security problems AND a busy time offline – I remember what that guy said about me, and it kind of boosts me on. So “thanks Chris” wherever you are now.

      Thanks for your good wishes Kim….

      The harder I work, the luckier I get 🙂

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  6. Hi Joy! So nice to see you here.

    We’ve known each other for a while now but I still learned a lot about you in this post!

    The fact that you’ve been so much yet still pursue this online venture is admirable. So many people try one thing, give up before they see results, and then say making money online is a scam. It saddens me because we both know it’s not true.

    It sounds to me like the new approach you’ve chosen is taking you in a positive direction, so I have no doubt better things lie ahead!

    • Hi James,

      Thanks – it’s great to be here 🙂

      About “making money online” (particularly in network marketing) being a scam… someone once said something to me, that made me think….. They said “Remember that eveybody starts out with the same products and business plan. Some will make a success of it, others will quit, and tell everyone it’s a scam.”

      Same business – the difference is just that person and what they do with it.

      Of course, we all know that there are some scams online, but if people do their due diligence and check that the company has been trading successfully for a decent time, they minimise the risk.

      Often what happens is that people buy a “shiny object” then forget it. Putting aside the over-hyped way in which some are sold, in some cases if the shiny object’s training were diligently followed – it can work.

      I’ve been the worst culprit of the courses buying spree – but my credit card is firmly in my pocket now. I’m now applying what I already have.

      Yes I lost a huge team (partly through my own fault not list building) but that’s no different to someone losing their job because their employer is taken over. These things happen.

      I had a few false starts getting back into the whole home business arena, but I’m very happy with what I’m doing now.

      Catch up again soon,
      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  7. Hi Joy

    You are an inspiration. When many people would have given up on life when they suddenly lose their livelihood, you stood firm and created an awesome lifestyle from yourself.

    I did not know that you were a software developer. How interesting. I must commend you for your blogging journey.

    You were able to create a successful online business despite your mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing. Welcome to the Club.

    HI Enstine. Thanks for sharing Joy’s story. Thumbs up and have a swell week

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Great to catch up with you.

      Well, however much I might have felt like giving up, it didn’t last too long.

      The spur to keep on going was that I like to be “comfortable”. I’m not one for the high life and fast cars, but I don’t want to be worrying if I can pay the next bill. So I’d rather work hard than worry hard 🙂

      Thanks for your welcome – and it’s great to be here!

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  8. Hey Enstine,

    So nice to see another addition to this series and thrilled to see that it’s Joy.

    Welcome to the family Joy and sorry I’m late getting by here. Story of my life these days though.

    I enjoyed hearing your story though and I’m sure it will ring true for so many others as well. Maybe they’ve haven’t had the exact same experiences as you have but similar ones.

    I know that with investments going belly up and the way others things have happened in our lives that there are so many people who have lost their retirement income so you advice of how to help them is spot on Joy. I know you care about everyone and I know you’re also very happy to have the offline work that you do. Doing it all to provide for your future, what a strain it is for so many people.

    Thank you for sharing this with us and Enstine, thanks for having Joy! Always a pleasure to hear about her.

    Hope you both have a marvelous week.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      How delighted I am to meet you here, as well as on our own blogs!

      Without your and Enstine’s help encouragement over the trials of my last few weeks, I could well have become one of the great “404 Not Found” statistics.

      So – from the depths of despair to the honor of being on Enstine’s blog – in just a month 🙂

      I hope that in turn I can pass on help and encouragement to newcomers to blogging and part-time bloggers like I am.

      Whether it’s to plan for retirement, or to have something in place in case of job loss, pension crash or whatever – a part-time business is worth sticking with.

      Hope you have a good week too,

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  9. Hello Enstine

    I am delighted to be here after a long much has transpired during my absence but in the midst of it still giving thanks to the Almighty for His goodness and grace.

    Thanks for sharing and featuring Joy on your blog. I have learned a lot about her in this post and can identify with some of the struggles in her blogging career like following the “wrong” leaders. Although I am not in retirement I can also identify with a taste of poverty in my life because of some poor decisions I made and lack of proper planning.

    Nonetheless, I admire her bounce-back and her courage to share her journey with us. In life there are no failures, but lessons from our many experiences to teach us and others so that we don’t venture out in the wrong direction.

    Have a great day/week. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I think anyone who won’t admit they had their share of set-backs blogging, either hasn’t been doing it very long – or is a very hard-working genius 🙂

      No failures – just lessons of things not to be repeated! And I have several of those.

      You are already taking steps towards a better retirement (however far away that is) by having a blog and seeing what you can do for yourself.

      However, after all the “lessons” I am finally seeing some success.

      Good to “meet” you here.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  10. Super advice Joy. Follow folks who walk the walk. You can just feel it. Authentic folks who blog their minds. My blog may be a bit colorful and downright wacky at times but anybody who meets me offline sees I am the same guy online. Walking the walk. Saw this when I met Zac Johnson the other day. Thanks Enstine and Joy!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Glad you agree with me 🙂

      Sometimes I use my blog for a bit of a rant, and other times I’ve expressed my grief in it too. At first I was a bit dubious about doing that, but folks don’t seem to mind, which is great.
      After all, if I really put my foot in it – I can always delete it!
      Good to catch up again Ryan, I am BAD for being AWOL from your blog for so long. Will pop over there, as I always enjoy your posts.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  11. Hello Enstine, What a nice surprise to see Joy here tonight and what a great story.

    My head was shaking up and down as I was reading though her story, seems like we have a lot in common.

    I guess it is never to late to start thinking about funding your retirement plan HUH?

    Great Share.
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,

      Great to catch up here as well as PAC – now you may realise why I was a little quiet on PAC last week. Being featured on Enstine’s blog was too great an honor to pass up on 🙂

      After a long hard slog, things are really taking off with my business – and what’s good is that I can just fit it in round my existing commitments. Phew!

      Catch you back in PAC and on your blog.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  12. Hello Enstine,
    Unfortunately I didn’t knew about Joy but after reading this article and her story I am inspired very much for my future. I am definitely going to follow Joy and learn more.

    Thank you so much Enstine for this special joy you given to us.

    • Hi Akash,

      I’m honored you feel that my story has inspired you and look forward to catching up with you again.

      Being featured on Enstine’s blog has been a wonderful opportunity to meet other bloggers I hadn’t come across before. Just one of the many good things to have come out of being here.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  13. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks so much for having Joy here as your guest. I’ve know her for a long time, but there are wonderful things I didn’t know about her in this interview.

    Joy…So great to know more about what you do. I love “blogging after dark” What a wonderful title that says it all for your target audience.

    I enjoyed reading about your journey because so many come into the internet and think they are going to make money right off. It does take time, learning, commitment. Many people can learn from your journey.

    Working at it part time is something many people do. They get discouraged, but I’m sure that you are one that can encourage the part time people because you have the experience to do so.

    Great to see you here!


    • Hi Donna,

      Although we regularly catch up on each others’ blog, how thrilled I am to be replying to you here too.

      It doesn’t seem long since I tentatively “crept” onto Enstine’s and your and Adrienne’s blogs – feeling I had nothing at all to contribute. But you all made me welcome just the same. And now I rabbit on just as I would with any other good friends.

      Yep – I’ve certainly picked up a lot of experience since then – whew. Some good and some bad – but all important lessons and stages in my growth.

      Being part-time is specially tough, which is why I hope to encourage other part-time bloggers.

      A real honor to connect here with you – and I’m sure we’ll continue visiting each others’ blogs too 🙂

      Joy – Blogging After Dark (Yes…. I quite like it too – thanks!)

  14. Hello Enstine Muki,

    It’s great post by Joy Healey. 🙂

    It is always to a matter of pleasure to read through yours article.
    Thank you for sharing this among us.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Shantanu sinha

    • Hi Shantanu,

      Great to connect with you on Enstine’s blog and glad you enjoyed reading my “online business story”.

      Have a great weekend, Joy – Blogging After Dark

  15. Hi Enstine,
    I just read your post about Joy Healey and her travails in trying to create a side income for herself. If anything at all, the message to some of us who are on verge of reitirement or who are just plain sick of our current job placings is that it is doable, the pitfalls notwithstanding. And you Enstine should take credit for placing this very valuable information on my laps(no flattery intended). It behoves on me now to impliment it.

    I seize this opportunity to say Hi to Joy Healey. I am excited and humbled to have met you online , courtesy Enstine Muki. I hope to learn from your vast experience in online mmarketing.

    • Hi George,

      Great to meet you online – I’ve looked for so long for something that is low cost and “doable” alongside all my day to day commitments that at first, Premier Cashback seemed “too good to be true”. A few months on, having been mostly passive in the business, teamwork has let me see the results with my own eyes and increased my confidence sky high. Same has happened for other originally passive members of my team who have also seen results.

      If I can help you please use the contact form on my website,

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Is great to have Joy among us today with an important aspect of life’s journey. Really, no one will love to grow old and have nothing to fall back to.

    Is important that will start the planning while still able to work harder, and at a very younger age.

    Think I have met Joy on linkedin but not so sure of this. Thanks for giving us Joy today, Enstine.

    • Hi Shamsudeen,

      Good to meet you here and for Enstine to have given you Joy!!

      I’m a little remiss in paying attention to LinkedIn – it’s one of the casualties of being a part-time blogger. You can only fit so much into the day. Hope we have connected, but if not – we have done so via Entine’s excellent blog.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  17. Hi enstine and joy; been a while since I’ve been here but glad to meet the newest member of our group. thought i had posted a comment but got an error message. so if i did already please delete this. great lessons on what to do and what not to do as well as what kinds of people to work with and which to avoid. thanks for sharing. wishing you all the best, Max

    • Hi Maxwell,

      I’m glad to have been able to join this group and meet everyone here.

      As you see, you comment made it through fine – it’s such a worry when that happens 🙂

      Yes, it’s helping me to focus now I have better identified the type of people I want to work with.

      Thanks for your good wishes,

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  18. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog – it’s a great honour to have this chance to “tell my story” to your readers.

    And thanks particularly for being there for me as a friend over the last few weeks when I was struggling with WordPress security issues.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  19. Hi Enstine,

    What a joy to read about our friend JOY!

    Yes, you brought out yet another amazing personality from the world of Internet! 🙂

    Though I know about Joy in quiet some time, the story explained here is beyond my
    knowledge! Good to know a bit more about this amazing personality called JOY! 🙂

    Her beginning struggles disappointments and victory all in a nutshell, you presented here.
    Thanks for sharing about her many different ventures, looks so amazing about the retirement plan and other connected projects. 🙂

    Thanks Enstine for the Yeoman service you are doing to your fellow bloggers and beings.
    Keep up the good work.

    Oh my, when will we get a place on and wonderful pavilion!!! LOL 🙂

    Keep sharing my friend.

    Best Regards

    ~ Phil

    • Hi Phil,

      Although we regularly catch up on each others’ blogs it’s especially good to see you on here too.

      I hope my experiences will be a wake-up call to people of all ages that they need to do “something” to secure their retirement income – whether it be one of the options I suggest or one of the many other options “out there”.

      Catch you again soon,

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

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