How to Choose the Affiliate Program That’s Best for You!

If you are thinking about starting your affiliate business, you are most likely to face a problem. This problem is  “Who should I affiliate with?”.

That’s a really great question to ask yourself because it’s always more efficient and more entertaining to promote what you already like or/and use.

If you’ve never heard about affiliate marketing, well, to put it simply, it’s a way of earning money by recommending products and/or services to people.

The internet is full of guides and tutorials about affiliate marketing so instead of wasting my time and talking about it, check out this guide instead.

Finding by What You Like

The simplest way to choose is to look at what you like. What your values are, and what ideas you support. If you like education – affiliate with Amazon publishers or educational platforms. If you like science/startup you can always affiliate with startups as they usually have this option.

There’s a lot of things to choose from and once you do – dedicate yourself to that area, because you’ll need to learn a lot about your affiliate partner in other to deliver efficient results.

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Finding by What You Already Use

If the method above was the simplest than this one is the easiest. This sentence will only make sense if we presume that not all simple things are easy and vice versa. Just take a look at your room and find products that you already use.

For example, electronics, shoes, clothes, perfumes, kitchenware, SaaS you use, etc. The only reason it is easier than simple is because while you might be using those products/services you might not so knowledgeable and passionate about it.

Finding by how much you earn

The reason we promote affiliate products is to earn a commission. That’s why sometimes it’s important to pay attention to how much money you make generating sales for someone.

Generally, I would recommend tilting towards promoting products that pay recurring earnings. These are generally subscription platforms where members are billed periodically, paying you a commission each time a billing takes place.

Though it’s often more difficult to generate sales in high ticket products, it pays more to promote such than focusing energy in a market that pays cents in affiliate commissions.

Conversion, Customer satisfaction, and refunds

These are three more factors that affect my decision to promote any product as affiliate. The commission structure may look attractive but if the product has bad conversion rate and/or terrible customer reviews, it’s a reason to turn away from it.

The Importance Of Understanding Your Niche

One of the most important things is to be knowledgeable about the niche you select. If you are passionate about it, even better.

Understanding your niche is crucial because this is one of the criteria that impact your success.


Well, think about it, which one is easier to sell? The product that you’re passionate and knowledgeable or the product you know nothing about?

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Are you promoting any affiliate products? What were the reasons you settled for that product? Let me know in the comment box

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