5 Landing Page Optimization Tips for Higher Conversions

Let’s face it: Landing page optimization might appear simple, but they’re difficult to get right.

However, when done correctly, it can drive a huge chunk of traffic to your sales funnel and convert visitors into clients for your business!

Now, here’s where the problem lies:

You drive traffic to a landing page that isn’t designed to convert visitors.

Optimizing your landing pages is all about creating the best user experience. The more informative, efficient, and all-encompassing your buyer’s journey is from adverts to conversion, the higher your conversion rates will likely be.

You can have the perfect sales funnel, spend thousands on ads, and work on the fictitious solution to appear first on top of Google result pages.

But with a poor conversion rate, you might as well be wasting your money and time, driving visitors into a dead end, and killing your rankings with a high bounce rate.

Now, while there are several landing page optimization tips out there, we’re going to focus on the core 5 strategies that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

1. Understand your audience

The first step to creating a good landing page is to build it in a way that considers the users’ desires, frustrations, and motivations.

You need to create a “user-centered design,” which means to think like a user and make all content and services to be in line with what the user wishes to know and do.

Understanding your audience helps you to speak to the user directly via the landing page copy. When users know that the products/services meet their needs or solve their problems, they’re more likely to take your desired action (conversion).

Hence, understanding your users, and applying user-centered design, should be a part of the landing page optimization strategy.

That said, the easiest way to know your target audience is to create personas. A persona is a clear picture of your ideal user profile, with details of their problems, language, age, income, goals, motivation, etc.

landing page optimization tips - have a clear user persona

Source: Adobe

With good personas, it becomes easier to know what users want and what to include on your landing page during the design process.

2. Have a clear and straightforward call-to-action buttons

A call-to-action (CTA) button shouldn’t confuse the reader. You want to make your offer clear, straightforward, and concise.

According to marketing experiments, “48% of landing pages contain multiple offers, and this is not a good practice. You want to have a specific offer for each landing page to keep your prospect focused on one thing at a time.”

User clear and simple call-to-actions like:

  • Join Now
  • Join to Download
  • Register for Free
  • Pick Up Here
  • Etc.

Here’s a perfect example of a good CTA button from Netflix:

landing page optimization tips - good cta from netflix

Simple and very effective, right?

3. Simplify your landing page

A simple landing page should eliminate the visual clutter – you want your visitors to focus on the offer (your call to action).

One of my favorite examples is Moz. Their landing page is designed to communicate volumes with fewer words.

landing page optimization tips - less is more with moz

As you can see, the page is pretty simple and provides an impressive but subtle visual, with a prominent CTA that’ll instantly lure users to take action.

Finally, it’s always better to keep things simple while creating your landing page, and this starts with creating a page with a tool that you’re most familiar and comfortable using.

4. Optimize your landing page for SEO

People always find landing pages through organic search. For example, your homepage is perhaps one of your landing pages, which means that it should at least show up if someone searches for your brand’s name in the search engines.


Aside from that, you can equally show up for industry-related keywords. For instance, if someone searches Google for “website traffic statistics,” Alexa is also the first organic result:

alexa website traffic statistics

Tools like Ubersuggest and Keywordtool.io will reveal to you the ideal keywords for your landing page. Add those keywords into your headlines, body text, headings, image alt text, etc.

Additionally, using industry-related keywords on your landing page alone won’t do the magic.

To boost its organic search ranking, it’s also important to build links to your landing page – and one of the best ways to do it is by using the topic clustering approach.

5. Clear and relevant content

To cap off our landing page optimization tips, we talk about content.

A good landing page should be more than a detail page or product listing, and one of the core elements of a landing page is its content.

A conversion optimized landing page should be able to address the following questions:

  • Can I trust this website?
  • Does it have enough information?
  • Does it have exactly what I am looking for?
  • Can I find a solution to my problems here?

The best way to write effective and relevant content is to use the exact phrases your prospective customers are searching, or the language they’re speaking in line with their needs.

By using the words your users are searching for, you’ll be able to directly speak to them via your landing page, and give them the impression that “you’re all they need.”


A landing page should be all about the customer and the user experience. To build high-converting landing pages, let the user know what’s in it for him and how he’ll benefit from buying your products or services.

Also, you want to make it incredibly easy to fill out forms and know where the CTAs points to.

Therefore, you simply can’t ignore these landing page optimization tips!

By knowing your audience and designing for their needs, your landing page becomes more appealing and relevant, and therefore users are more likely to take your desired action.

12 thoughts on “5 Landing Page Optimization Tips for Higher Conversions”

  1. Knowing your audience is where success begins Christopher, as far as landing pages. Speak their language, literally and figuratively. Put yourself in their shoes. Build a landing page geared clearly to benefit these folks to see optimal results. Fabulous job bro.

  2. Hi

    I think Optimization and knowing your audience is the important thing here. Even I also run an e-commerce website.

    This is a great article.

  3. Thanks for the landing page tips, I’ve been trying to increase my conversions for my blog. I even bought OptinMonster so that I can have a popup and welcome mat to present free offers. I’m already seeing a big improvement on site. do you think it’s a good idea to immediately try and sell your subscribers something after they optin? Or wait a day or two?

    • Great question, Mozie!

      Instead of selling, it’s best to EDUCATE first. Communicate to them the value of what you’re saying and make them aware of the situation. Once they are conscious, things such as sales and conversions will come much naturally.

      Also, Optinmonster is a great product and you shouldn’t expect anything less with the results you’re already getting!

      • Thanks for your reply Christopher, my lead magnets are actually coaching videos. So I am training them. I’ve just considered perhaps having a one-time offer in my freebies email which comes with the welcome email. I guess the best way to figure it out it to test it.

  4. Hi,

    Well, to be honest I think I’d best not say because it’s a looong time ago and my memory isn’t 100% certain which it was. But whoever it was, they were bigger than me and I don’t want to get sued LOL

    Let’s hope readers just take from it that they should test every aspect of the landing page experience, including the “thank-you” page.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  5. Hi Christopher and Enstine,

    Great tips on improving my landing pages, thanks.

    I know I used to be guilty of over-cluttering with more than one offer. Hopefully getting rid of that mistake now.

    Also, in my more innocent days, I was using an autoresponder that was putting its OWN adverts more prominently than mine on my download page!!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Thanks for the comments, Joy!
      Overcluttering your landing pages with one too many CTAs will cause you to convert lower. By focusing on a single CTA, you can get more visitors to follow through with your desired action.
      RE: autoresponders, that’s crazy! Do you mind sharing what this autoresponder is so other readers can avoid it?

  6. Hi Christopher,

    Optimization is one of the most important ingredient to launch or run any business successfully. When it comes to landing page without optimization you cannot get the best conversion rate.

    Glad you have shared this topic.

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