9 Tips For Capturing Audience Attention Through Video

Brands only have 8 seconds to capture an audience’s attention through video. This is according to the New York Times, who stated that 8 seconds is the average length of an online user’s attention span.

As a brand, you may be thinking that 8 seconds is nowhere near enough time to communicate your message and sell your products or services effectively.

You’d be right to be concerned – if a user is not totally captivated by your video within seconds they will click off of scroll past it, and you will lose them as a lead.

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However, you shouldn’t lose hope as there is good news. With the right video strategy and ingredients, you can effectively entice viewers and encourage them to interact with your video for longer. If you can do this, you will generate more leads and nurture them down your sales funnel until they covert. In addition, if your focus is shifted towards YouTube, there are a few cheeky strategies to get a kick-start – see: 17 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Subscribers & Likes (2021)

So, if you’re wondering just how you can keep your audience’s eyes glued to the screen for longer, we have 9 top tips for you.

1 – Use compelling titles

Users won’t click on your video if it does not have a compelling title. The title should be descriptive and tell the audience what they can expect from the content, but it shouldn’t give too much away. Without being “clickbait-y”, it should be a little teasing and incite viewer curiosity.

For example, you may choose to use a question in your title to entice your audience, but don’t use a question that is too blunt or short as it won’t capture attention or interest. And be sure to utilize keywords that you know your audience respond positively to.

2 – Use eye-catching cover images

You may have a strong title, but in order for your audience to click on the all-important play button, the title should be accompanied by a strong image.

The cover image should – like the title – be enticing, communicative of the subject matter and descriptive (a picture says a thousand words), but at the same time alluring.

You could also play with formatting by having two images side-by-side to convey a “before and after”/problem vs solution concept to do with your product or service.

This is especially effective if, for example, you are a beauty brand, as you could instantly show the impressive results of your products on a model, and urge an audience to click on your video to get a closer look.

3 – Communicate a problem and give a solution

If you have given your video an eye-catching and intriguing title and a strong cover image, you will attract clicks. That’s the easy bit; the hard part is getting them to stay with you.

As a rule, your video should be between 60-90 seconds. Any longer and you may put off audiences before they even click on it in the first place. In saying that, the first 8 seconds are the most crucial.

With any good marketing, you must present your audience with a problem and a solution. So, in the first few seconds present the problem that your audience is likely facing (you will know what your audience’s problems are through in-depth analysis).

When the problem is top of mind, you can take them on a journey to remind them that they could be doing/getting something better. Then, you should present them with a solution that will drastically improve their life, and make it hard for+-   them to turn away.

4 – Tell a story

The best way to keep an audience engaged for the length of your video is to tell a story. Storytelling is what connects people, nations and cultures; it’s what makes us fundamentally human.

By crafting a story with a beginning, middle and end (or with a “once upon a time” premise) you will hook the audience for long. Then, with more of their time, you will have more opportunity to communicate your brand’s message, identity and ethos, and sell your products and services.

5 – Use statistics

Using statistics is an amazing tactic that will greatly improve your chances of generating leads and boosting conversions. Statistics allow you to make direct comparisons in a clear and digestible way and evoke strong emotions that can cause audiences to take action and invest in your brand.

6 – Don’t give away everything at once

To keep viewers engaged and interested from beginning of your video to the very end, you must strategically plan each frame so that it slowly, but surely, reveals all. This build-up of suspense is crucial for generating hype around not only your products or services but around your brand.

If you’re unsure how to go about this effectively, it is advised to enlist the expertise of a professional web video production company.

7 – Surprise your audience

The online world is very saturated. Competition is rife in many industries, and it can be hard to stand out among your competition. This is why you must use opportunities to do something different and unique, and video is this perfect opportunity.

By injecting surprises, “wow” moments and climaxes into your video you can ensure it remains memorable, and in turn, your brand will stay top of mind. A good way to create climactic moments is to use powerful music and choreograph the video to it. Accompany this will special effects and a powerful storyline, and you will have your audience’s hairs standing on end.

8 – Use CTAs

Having a high number of views on your video is one thing, but having a high conversion rate is another ball game entirely. So, what must you do to ensure your video is actually converting your audiences? The answer: use strategic and powerful call-to-actions (CTAs).

These CTAs could be a simple direction such as “buy today!” However, these can come across as generic and predictable. The more inventive and creative your CTAs are, and the less “sales-y” they seem, the more effective they will be.

A guide leads down your sales funnel by offering incentives like deals, discounts and extra value (i.e. additional content). Just remember to use CTAs in the first 8 seconds of the video.

9 – Share your videos online!

Video content may be exceptional, but if it is not distributed effectively online it will not reach, and therefore convert your audience.

Social media is incredible for attracting wider audiences. By creating video content that is “shareable” you will reach more people which will increase your brand awareness and garner more interest. What’s more, if you create a series of videos which are incredibly unique in style, your content will become instantly recognizable by audiences, even in 8 seconds.

By heeding these tips for capturing audience attention through video, you will experience a greater number of leads and a surge in traffic to your website, which will translate to more sales!

Craig Evans

My name is Craig Evans. I am a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing and leadership tips.

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