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The month of February 2016 is  seeing its last days and I’m here with the second featured blogger of the year. She’s coming after Ikechi Awazie and I’m happy you are going to meet someone of substance today.

In the past, I have had the excitement to feature over 30 must-meet bloggers. While I’m glad these are my awesome peeps, I want to give you the opportunity to meet and connect with them too. Check out the list here

If you’re starting a business and are struggling to use the web to grow your company and attract clients… then our blogger today — YourChicGeek is your girl.

Meet Kim George, YourChicGeek

kim george

Kim is the proud owner and founder of  She is a blogger, entrepreneur, techie and Starbucksaddict that is passionate about helping small businesses create an online presence.

Prior to becoming a blogger, Kim worked as a consultant helping small businesses with their technical challenges.

How It All Began for Kim… 

Kim got her online start in 2009 — where she began building blogs and websites in addition to offering tech consultations. It was during this time that she discovered Lisa Irby of 2CreateAWebsite’s Youtube channel and started learning about the benefits of blogging and using a blog to build an online based business.

After listening to Lisa’s videos and spending time learning as much as she could about blogging and online entrepreneurship, Kim decided it was time to create a blog that she could call her own.

In 2013, Kim launched Small Business Sense – a blog that covers tips, tricks and how to guides aimed at helping small businesses.

Kim was able to successfully grow the blog to a readership of more than 100,000 visitors per month.  Her blog was such a hit, that some of her content landed in large publications including the New York Times, Small Business Trends and Neil Patel’s Quicksprout blog.

Getting recognition from these popular blogs motivated Kim to continue blogging and publishing content consistently on the site to gain even more traction in the blogosphere.

The Comment that Rocked Kim’s World 

Kim is pretty active in social media groups and communities. It was in one of these groups, that a comment from a fellow entrepreneur totally made her rethink things.

The fellow entrepreneur asked for a link to her blog because he wanted to see some of the content that she had written. She states that after sending him the link, he responded that he loved her content but wasn’t very clear on what she did and who “specifically” the blog was for.

Kim was really taken back by this comment…but deep down she knew it was the truth.  This one comment caused her to re-evaluate her blog and future goals.

This evaluation led her to start completely over and create a new brand — with a clearer vision and purpose.

Under her new brand, Kim combines her love for tech and blogging to teach small businesses how to build an online presence for growth and client attraction.

What are Kim’s Goals and Plans for 2016

Kim’s plans are to continue creating content that will help small businesses make their businesses accessible online.  She also plans to continue focusing on networking and building relationships online with fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, Kim plans to start running monthly boot camps for entrepreneurs new to the web. Additionally she plans to continue creating more startup resources that help build an awesome online presence.

The free 31-day Startup Challenge!

Kim George and Shannon Baylor-Henderson have teamed up to lead you on the path to smart entrepreneurship in 31 days.

Anyone with an idea, struggling to get off the ground, it’s your chance to let these CEOs hold you by hand in a 31-day plan of action, showing you what to do each day to get closer to your dream 

You’ll get exclusive access to their downloadable workbook filled with templates, guides, worksheets and motivational tools to keep you moving in the right direction.

Kickoff Begins March 7, 2016. Click here for more on how to signup free!

free 31 day

How to Connect and engage with Kim George

You can connect with Kim on the following social media networks:

You can also download a copy of Kim’s 10 Step Blueprint + Guide to Building a Powerful Online Presence for your brand.

Drop Kim a comment

Kim will be here to interact with you. Drop her a comment below and be sure to check out her social media profiles

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31 thoughts on “How to Build an Impactful Online Presence with Kim George – YourChicGeek”

    • Hey there Renee! Wowza its nice to hear that you found one of my posts via a Google search. Thats super awesome. Im sorry that I am late commenting..but I appreciate you stopping by to check out the blog.

      Cheers and have a great week.

  1. Am very inspired with your Success Story, Kim George, I like reading about Successful People and learn one or two from them. From your story here, i learned we should take other peoples comment/s or suggestions (positive) serious or work on it to charge you, because as you took that comment serious to re-evaluate your blog and future goals….that is a real lesson i appreciate here today and it will spun me to work more on my blog.

    Keep blogging

    • Hello there Tola! Nice connecting with you on Twitter my friend and yes, blogging goals and evaluating things is seriously important.

      It took someone making a comment for me to really take a step back to think about what it is that I wanted to accomplish with my brand online and if I was really headed in the right direction. Glad that you enjoyed the post + huge thanks again to Enstine for the invite 🙂


  2. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for introducing Kim to your audience. I already know Kim and can confirm she is smart and savvy – she really knows her stuff. I can also confirm she has plenty of moxie!

    She is one to watch for sure – destined for big things

    Kim Willis

    • KimboW (:-) …. How goes it dude? Thank you soooooo much for the compliments. It’s really a privilege to be in an accountability group with you and some of my favorite bloggers and entrepreneurs that are crushing it online.

      Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks again 🙂

  3. Hey Kim and Enstine,

    This was a great review of Kim. I’ve met Kim about a month ago I believe through Adrienne Smith’s blog. I really like her writing style because it’s very comprehensible to anyone no matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. You both take care and have a great week ahead!

    • Shermannnnn! Whats up dude. I appreciate all of your support and thank you for the compliments on my new brand.

      Wishing you a fantastic weekend and thanks again for stopping by to check out the blog.

  4. Hi Enstine,
    Happy to be here again,
    So glad to read about yet another wonderful and talented person on your monthly series. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about Kim.
    Hey Kim nice to meet you on Enstine’s page. It is really good to know about your activities of helping fellow beings. I just downloaded some of the ebook you offered, it is indeed worth preserving as guides. I appreciate the way in which you presented your voices, keep up the good work.
    I will surely be on your page to read more of your resources/ would like to know more about your start up challenge.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend
    Best regards
    ~ Philip

    • Hi Philip! Thanks for commenting. Sorry that I am lateee 🙁 But the startup challenge is free and will be run on bi monthly basis to encourage folks wanting to transition from full-time employment to entrepreneurs or just encourage current entrepreneurs to get un-stuck. 🙂

  5. Hi Kim! It’s great to meet you!

    I loved the name of your website so much that I hopped over real quick and added it to my feed. I particularly like your post on the difference between free and premium platforms. Woot! I was just having this conversation with a client of mine this week.

    It’s always great to get to know someone better via a fellow bloggers website so I’m glad Enstine has featured you.

    Looking forward to reading more from your website!


    • Hey Bren! Gosh I am super late to this train but I want to personally thank you for commenting and checking out YourChicGeek. I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Hi Kim,
    nice to meet you here at Ernestine’s blog
    and read the story of your journey. I looked
    at your blog and it is beautiful,I like it .
    Good to see you do a challenge, I wish you
    all the best and hope many people take the

    • Hello there Erika!

      Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog and for the well wishes on the upcoming challenge.

      I am super excited about it for sure. Wishing you a fantastic weekend ?

  7. Awesome One 😀 Thanks For Sharing Enstine Muki! … 😀
    It’s Really Worth .. 😀
    Going To Share On My Social Media Profiles!!!!

  8. Hi Kim and Enstine

    Nice to meet you Kim and your jouney is pretty interesting. I do love the name of your site and the brand that you have created ” YourChicGeek” (So cool)

    I checked out your blog and it is indeed awesome. It is great that you doing a challenge. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

    Take Care

  9. Hi Enstine and Kim,

    Nice to meet you on Enstine’s blog. You are a busy lady and wishing you great success with your 31 Day Startup Challenge. I took a quick look at your blog; very nice and going back to do some more reading.

    Reading about bloggers like you who proves that working hard with determination and consistency does pay off, inspires many people (myself included).

    • Hey there Monna! Thanks so much for checking out the blog. It has been super busy but I am grateful to be a part of accoutability groups of like minded folks that keep me on the course. Hope that you have a great week.

  10. Hi Kim,

    Welcome to Enstine blog, nice reading about you and your blog.

    I’ve been hitting my head lately against the wall, thinking seriously about the direction of my main blog and exactly who is the blog for?

    Honestly, I couldn’t supply the answer to this question myself. The more I tried to convince myself that yes, this is my ideal blog readers…….the more it down on me that my audience are a bit scatter across different interest.

    I wanted to quit the blog altogether, yet am afraid of self destructing what I have spend some years with – the blog is my learning field, my failure, my success, my wins, my loses etc.

    But after reading your rebranding short story, I might just give it up entirely or if I could get someone willing to take it over for a reasonable price.

    Perhaps, I already registered my new home and his waiting to get launch date. More focus, specific and well targeted to just one audience looking to solve just one particular internet marketing obstacle.

    Thanks Kim.

    • Hello there Shamsudeen!

      Dude, I totally understand how you are feeling right now regarding the direction of your blog. As noted in my post, its not a great place to be in…especially when you know that you have poured so much time and sweat equity into the blog.

      My advice to you is this: Take a step back and weigh the pros and cons heavily of what it will take for you to completely start over building a new brand.

      If you decide to start over with a new brand (that is more highly targeted and laser focused on serving one type of audience) my suggestion is to leave your old blog up and running so that you can turn back to it if necessary.

      Good luck with your journey…and if you have any questions about it all, I am available and here for ya. 🙂

  11. Who says that women’s education ends in kitchen?

    It shouldn’t be.

    Kim is surely an inspiration to all awesome women out there who believe that they can reach out for the stars and touch the world in a special way.

    I greatly appreciate her boldness to refocus and re-evaluate her blog based on an honest comment given by a reader.

    Only a true entrepreneur will listen to what others have to say about their business and act wisely.

    I visited your blog and it seems there’s so much information to consume that i had to bookmark it. I have a question to ask concerning your featured image. Where do you get them from? They are supper clean.

    I’m in love with your blog already. Keep moving Kim. Don’t look behind except you’re stopping to pick up gold. 🙂

  12. Hey Enstine,

    I see you’ve featured the lovely Kimberly George as one of the awesome people you’re introducing your audience to.

    I’ve had the pleasure to connect with Kim and even do a Skype call where we took that time to get to know one another more. She’s an awesome person and I love what she’s doing.

    I hope everyone will stop by her place and get to know her more. They will be amazed at how much they’ll learn and I know those bootcamps she’s going to start doing will also be a huge success.

    Thanks for showcasing her and I hope you both have a terrific rest of your week.


    • Heyyy there Adrienne! Thank you soooo much for all of your support on this blogging journey. It it seriously great to be in the midst of awesome folks like you, Enstine and other bloggers that are out there crushing it in the blogosphere.

      Wishing you a fantabulous day! Cheers 🙂

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Good to be here once again and I see that you have featured Kim George. Never heard of her. Just looked up her website, It’s nice. Congrats to her for getting featured, It’s really nice and I think she deserves it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Enstine, first I must thank you who made it possiblef for me to connect with Kim George. I must confess this is my first time of reading her posts, but I am in no doubt she is a great resource person whom I can gain a lot from. I have connected with her on twitter already.

    The key points raised such as networking and belonging to a helpful and influencial community backed by your own ability to provide value to your customers are concepts I have started to impliment.

    And I thank her for her free ebook – traffic guide.

    • Well hello there George! I connected with you on Twitter this morning. Thank you for taking the time to head over to my blog and check out some of the content there.

      Networking and getting to know others in this space is seriously important for us as bloggers — especially for building relationships. It’s through networking that I have had the opportunity to meet some of the best there are out there like Adrienne, Enstine and Lisa Irby.

      Hope that you have an awesome week! Cheers…

  15. Thanks for featuring Kim, Enstine!

    I met Kim not too long ago in a networking group and I’ve had the pleasure of talking with her quite a bit since. I’m always amazed with her work ethic, she gets a lot done and she gets a lot done quickly. That is very respectable to me.

    Funny how we both started out by running into Lisa’s channel – had I not found Lisa Irby all of those years ago, I have no idea how different my life would be right now. It’s not even comparable, it’s changed far beyond I could have ever imagined.

    It was nice to learn a bit more about Kim’s history here, lots of new information!

    Thanks again!

    • Heyyyy there James! Thanks sooo much! We both have definitely been inspired immensly by Lisa Irby. She really is a true rockstar.

      Thanks for the sweet compliements too. I am really grateful to be in great company with bloggers like you, Adrienne, Fabz, Soji, Don and Enstine.

      Wishing you an awesome day. ?

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