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The month of February 2016 is  seeing its last days and I’m here with the second featured blogger of the year. She’s coming after Ikechi Awazie and I’m happy you are going to meet someone of substance today.

In the past, I have had the excitement to feature over 30 must-meet bloggers. While I’m glad these are my awesome peeps, I want to give you the opportunity to meet and connect with them too. Check out the list here

If you’re starting a business and are struggling to use the web to grow your company and attract clients… then our blogger today — YourChicGeek is your girl.

Meet Kim George, YourChicGeek

kim george

Kim is the proud owner and founder of  She is a blogger, entrepreneur, techie and Starbucksaddict that is passionate about helping small businesses create an online presence.

Prior to becoming a blogger, Kim worked as a consultant helping small businesses with their technical challenges.

How It All Began for Kim… 

Kim got her online start in 2009 — where she began building blogs and websites in addition to offering tech consultations. It was during this time that she discovered Lisa Irby of 2CreateAWebsite’s Youtube channel and started learning about the benefits of blogging and using a blog to build an online based business.

After listening to Lisa’s videos and spending time learning as much as she could about blogging and online entrepreneurship, Kim decided it was time to create a blog that she could call her own.

In 2013, Kim launched Small Business Sense – a blog that covers tips, tricks and how to guides aimed at helping small businesses.

Kim was able to successfully grow the blog to a readership of more than 100,000 visitors per month.  Her blog was such a hit, that some of her content landed in large publications including the New York Times, Small Business Trends and Neil Patel’s Quicksprout blog.

Getting recognition from these popular blogs motivated Kim to continue blogging and publishing content consistently on the site to gain even more traction in the blogosphere.

The Comment that Rocked Kim’s World 

Kim is pretty active in social media groups and communities. It was in one of these groups, that a comment from a fellow entrepreneur totally made her rethink things.

The fellow entrepreneur asked for a link to her blog because he wanted to see some of the content that she had written. She states that after sending him the link, he responded that he loved her content but wasn’t very clear on what she did and who “specifically” the blog was for.

Kim was really taken back by this comment…but deep down she knew it was the truth.  This one comment caused her to re-evaluate her blog and future goals.

This evaluation led her to start completely over and create a new brand — with a clearer vision and purpose.

Under her new brand, Kim combines her love for tech and blogging to teach small businesses how to build an online presence for growth and client attraction.

What are Kim’s Goals and Plans for 2016

Kim’s plans are to continue creating content that will help small businesses make their businesses accessible online.  She also plans to continue focusing on networking and building relationships online with fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, Kim plans to start running monthly boot camps for entrepreneurs new to the web. Additionally she plans to continue creating more startup resources that help build an awesome online presence.

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How to Connect and engage with Kim George

You can connect with Kim on the following social media networks:

You can also download a copy of Kim’s 10 Step Blueprint + Guide to Building a Powerful Online Presence for your brand.

Drop Kim a comment

Kim will be here to interact with you. Drop her a comment below and be sure to check out her social media profiles

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