3 unavoidable Affiliate Marketing Pillars to make $10,000 and more.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways bloggers make money blogging. It’s simply about recommending products, generating sales and earning commissions.

While thousands of bloggers are making 1000s of US Dollars monthly, Affiliate Marketing isn’t easy at all.

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Whether you are an expert, intermediary or a beginner, you need to know and work on these pillars to increase your affiliate marketing earnings to $10,000 and more.affiliate marketing pillars for 10000

1 – Targeted Traffic

Let me be serious on this…

You can’t make money in Affiliate Marketing without Targeted Traffic. If you and your grand ma are the only readers on your blog, you’ve got to convince her to buy so you earn some commissions and that will be all.

But if you need more sales and income, you’ll have to grow your traffic. I want to underline the word targeted. That’s because not everyone that clicks to your website is a potential buyer.

If you drive random traffic, you just end up hurting your business. SEO at this point is the best source of free targeted traffic because readers are led to your content by keywords.

These keywords are just the elements that tell searchers on Google “this is where to find what you are looking for”. If you optimize  your content and write to solve a problem, you are going to drive the kind of traffic that will click your affiliate links, place orders and generate income for you.

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There are several other ways to drive targeted traffic apart from SEO. These include:

  • Social media (Build targeted accounts and join relevant groups)
  • Pinterest (SEO and Social media. See this post)
  • Email list
  • Email signatures
  • Offline events
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Forum activities
  • Etc

Which ever of these channels you choose, be sure to remain within the confines of your niche. In other words, drive targeted traffic only.

2 – The product you promote and its Affiliate Program

This is a very crucial pillar in Affiliate Marketing. There are many things you must consider before deciding which product to promote as an affiliate.

As a matter of fact, many starters quit too early thinking it’s not working for them. For the most part, this is where they fail.

But in my ebook “Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers“, I have given details on 10 things to look for in an affiliate Markteing Program:

affiliate marketing pillars

There are two things I’m referring to here:

  1. The product you choose to promote.
  2. The affiliate marketing platform for the product.

These two can make or break your online business.

Don’t choose to promote a product because your cousin owns it. Your first point of consideration should rather be the relevance:

Does this product solve any of your readers’ problems? How relevant is the product to your audience. Is there need for it?

If these and may other questions have a NO as an answer, trust me you’ll be doing harm to your business promoting the promote.

Now, if you think the product can help solve your readers’ problems, try to find out if it’s efficient. By digging the net, reading customer reviews, you’ll know if that product is worth your energy or not.

Don’t promote products with bad reviews or bad customer feedback. You are going to get tons of refunds and losses in commissions. Bad reviews may also lead to poor conversion, which is something you don’t want to handle with levity.

Another thing I encourage is to get in touch with the product’s affiliate manager for some promotion materials. I know many products out there have banners, keyword ideas, videos, etc. But you can get more by talking with the affiliate manager. More on this in the ebook

Now, if these elements are not available and the affiliate manager isn’t helping things out, you should reconsider your position to promote the product.

Other factors you should investigate are the landing page CTR, checkout page abandonment and conversion, etc. These will all help you with clarity on whether or not you should promote an affiliate product.

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3 – Your strategy


You have targeted traffic pouring to your blog and you believe you’ve gotten the killer product to promote and make money as a bouncing blogger.

My advice is don’t celebrate yet. You may drive straight to a wall if you don’t lay out a great strategy. This is something many marketers fail to do.

NB: make money as a bouncing blogger

I have seen bloggers with massive traffic figures struggling to break through $100/m mark. That’s incredibly crazy.

Targeted traffic and great product are just two of the pillars. But if you have a great strategy, even with little traffic, you stand a chance of breaking your monthly records.

Many bloggers are stuck to banners on sidebars, footer and even content areas. Others link out in their usual contents to affiliate products.


But allow me tell you this is old fashioned. I know you make sales with all these methods. But you want the kind of income that will make you shout like an old man.

You’ve got to go beyond what worked years back. Readers have developed a sickness called banner blindness.

Simply inserting links in blog posts won’t help that much. You need the strategy that will bring the solution your readers are looking for.

Note that your readers are looking for something that will help them solve their problems. Banners and simple text links may not help them see the solution in the product you promote.

People don’t buy a product because the banners are littered everywhere on your blog. They don’t even buy because those banners are beautiful. The fact that you even mentioned the product on your blog isn’t enough reason for someone to buy.

Here is the big truth:

They buy because they see a solution in the product

So your strategies should do the following three things:

  1. Identify your readers’ problems.
  2. Find the product that will solve their problems.
  3. Help them see the solution to their problems in that product.

At this point, you should be getting unstoppable sales and commissions. But there is still something you can do to make it more crazy:

You will  find this discussed on pages 29 to 31 of my ebook Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers.

affiliate marketing pillars ebook

As a matter of fact, there are two elements and you need either of them or both to implement in your affiliate marketing strategies.

In addition, my book discusses some of these strategies. You don’t need to start working your brain so hard. Download a copy of the book and just implement some/all of these killer marketing strategies to see results from your blog.


I hope this post has helped you understand these affiliate marketing pillars. You just have to focus on them and you’ll be making sales.

Let me know what you think in the comment section. I’ll also appreciate a Pin on Pinterest or share on social media.

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