5 Tips To Drive Massive Pinterest Traffic – Pinterest is designed for traffic!

There is no doubt Pinterest is a huge source of rich traffic.

If you’ve been active on the platform, you’d agree with me that it’s not just any kind of traffic. Pinterest traffic is the buying type.

I sincerely think you are making an expensive mistake if you are leaving this platform out of your marketing strategy.

Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter, which are more of social media designed to keep users within the platforms.

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There is actually less of social happening on Pinterest. Power Pinners (those I consider Pinterest influencers) I have come across don’t even have the comments or likes one would expect on social media platforms. They get repins and clicks. These are traffic elements everyone else on the platform is looking for.

Pinterest is meant to get clicks not social engagement

Some of my Pins that got some attention from pinners didn’t even get comments.

pinterest traffic tips

Do you want to drive massive pinterest traffic? These are 5 tips to drive traffic from pinterest to your blog posts. #pinteresttraffic #drivetraffic #blogtraffic

These stats may not inspire you though but here are a couple of interesting things to note:

For the past 30 days, this Pin got 13k impressions, 197 clicks and 67 saves (like shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter).

But how many comment did it get? Figure that out yourself.

More than half of Pinterest users are looking for items to buy, guides, places to visit or looking for someone to help them out. They ain’t looking for folks to connect and engage with.

pinterest traffic

People follow on Pinterest not for you to tell them where you are, what you are doing or for you to share pictures of your new baby. They want you to tell them where on the Internet to find what. That explains why the URL field is an important element of a Pin.

But how do you drive massive pinterest traffic

I didn’t want to trick you by using the word “massive”.

I have been active on the platform for over a month and a half right this moment I’m doing this article. Though my traffic is growing (averaging 60 clicks daily), I have seen pinners celebrate attractive traffic stats.

So you too can get that “massive” traffic if you play by the rules of the platform. Here are my suggestions (mainly from what I’m doing) how to use Pinterest for what it’s meant – traffic.

1 – Get a free business account

The first thing is to signup to the platform by creating a business account. This is because a business account allows you to position your website for traffic.

create a pinterest business account

If you have a personal account already, be sure to upgrade to a business account.

With the business account, you will be able to:

  • Link and confirm your website to enable rich pins (This actually allows Pinterest to fetch some materials from your blog each time a pin is saved from it).
  • Have access to Pinterest’s Built-In Analytics Dashboard
  • Get access to new features before a personal account

2 – Invest in a pinterest course

I know there is so much free Pinterest Traffic materials out there. But trust me this comes with a cost.

If you want faster growth and more results, avoid making silly errors by being led by people who are already seeing results.

The #1 reason must of us struggle online is the fact that we want to rely on free materials. Successful people know they need the services of another expert to learn a new thing. That’s why they spend money on coaching programs, training materials, etc.

Pinterest has a method in place and some experts have tested the platform, seen results and come up with training programs to help starters go straight to the point and harvest success.

Pinteresting Course

When I started in December of 2018, I bought this course. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most talked about Pinterest trainings we have in the market today.

The author shares her personal manual pinning strategies for you to follow and see the kind of results she has.

Pinterest traffic

With 3.3m monthly viewers on Pinterest and over 300k monthly blog pageviews, there is reason to give Pinteresting Course a try. I think Mommy on Purpose (as Carly calls herself) is worth listening to when it comes to driving traffic from Pinterest.

Pin to profit – foundation

Another course I’m going to vividly recommend is McKinzie’s Pin to Profits training. She’s one of the mom bloggers to follow if you want to learn blogging and make money with it.

This is just one of McKinzie’s five courses. If your problem is just Pinterest, you may want to go in for this. But if you want more training on blogging, Pinterest traffic, Tailwind, you may want to consider buying all her courses at once. Click here for more on this.

3 – Be an active Pinner

If you want massive traffic from Pinterest, you must use the platform actively. I see some folks who pin passively and expect traffic.

You may get some drops of visitors but being more active on the platform grows your exposure and traffic.

There are generally two ways to be an active Pinner:

  1. Pin manually. This course will help you with a strategy
  2. Use a scheduler. Tailwind is the most recommended

I have been pinning manually but I look forward to using Tailwind scheduling tool. That’s because  of a couple of factors:

  • Tailwind is the official scheduling Pinterest app
  • Tailwind has more features that can help grow your traffic
  • The scheduling feature allows you to pin at the most appropriate time your followers are likely to be online.

Tailwind is one magic of an app for Pinterest. I will be doing an in-depth review of this app with time. I have tested my free trial period and my conclusion is that it’s worth the invest.

4 – Add CTAs in your pin Text overlay and Descriptions

One of the things I’m beginning to do that shows positive impact is adding Calls To Action on my Pin images and Description.

Now, looking at the Pin I mentioned above, if I added some captivating CTAs, I’m sure they would be more clicks.

People often get attracted to the Pin by the Title and Graphics. But an appropriate description and enticing CTA will attract more clicks that just writing like telling a story

5 – Give it time

Time is an important factor in driving consistent free traffic from Pinterest. That’s because Pinterest algorithm needs time to understand your Pins before gradually placing it for exposure.

Some of the pins I see on my feed today are evergreen content posted 2 or 3 years ago. As people save and click your pins, Pinterest will begin seeing them as relevant and will start showing them necessarily.

The more time you spend pinning consistently, the more you have the pins that work together to bring you traffic.

Most of the top pinners that get millions of viewers have thousands of pins and followers. These are not things you get within few months.

Why I have only 5 tips

As a matter of fact, I can write a long list of things you need to do to drive massive traffic from Pinterest. But the truth is that if you enroll in one of their courses I recommend, you are going to get more than any list you can read on the Internet.

You are going to learn more stuffs on:

  • Pinterest SEO (See the difference between Pinterest and Google SEO)
  • Designing attractive and viral pins
  • Joining group boards
  • Creating your own groups
  • Attracting more followers
  • Joining tribes on Tailwind
  • When it is most appropriate to pin
  • How to monetize Pinterest traffic
  • Etc

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These are 5 tips to drive massive Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Tips for Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Marketing

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