3 Pinterest tips every blogger must follow (Featuring Arfa Nazeer)

I’m so excited to bring the third featured blogger of 2019.

As a successful pinner, she will be sharing with us 3 Pinterest tips every blogger must follow. But before we get into these interesting tips, let me say again that I’m featuring bloggers every Thursday on my blog.

This is simply to give you an opportunity to connect with people who matter in the industry. I always tell everyone you cannot succeed as an Island and that’s true.

Show me a successful blogger and I’ll show you someone who is connected. The more people you know and connect with, the higher your chances to succeed.

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Meet Arfa Nazeer

Arfa NazeerArfa Nazeer, the face behind shemeansblogging, always had a dream of becoming financially independent and becoming her own boss. Even when she wasn’t blogging at all, she used to run an online boutique with her sister, and BFF at a young age.

Just after she completed her Masters in Mass Communication, she moved back to a small town where she hardly had access to high-speed internet but she knew things are possible only with courage, determination and hard work.

During the University days, her professor gave the assignment to start a free WordPress blog, and publish creative fictional stories. From that day, blogging had turned into a passion and a learning curve for Arfa.

At first, she started with freelance writing and continued working with several clients every month. While she was earning satisfactory income with freelancing, she launched ‘shemeansblogging’ which was earlier known as ‘Epife’.

Arfa has been blogging for over 4 years on different platforms but she only got professionally serious with her blog in the mid of 2017. Now, she uses her blog to educate, teach and help motivated bloggers grow their readership, build traffic and income through her in-depth content guides, free resources, and strategic advice.

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She never believed in rich quick schemes, and never jumped into money-making wagons. One thing she did from the very first day is to put enough time and dedication in content creation so when a post goes live, it assures reader with the golden nuggets of information and easy answers they’ve been looking for. This is the reason behind her continuous growth and success of shemeansblogging.

Take her free blogging course

pinterest tips for bloggers

More than 2500+ bloggers have taken her free blogging courseon ‘How to start a profitable blog from day 1’. She also manages a Facebook group Bloggers Campwhere she motivates bloggers to support and help each other grow.

Just like other Pinterest-obsessed bloggers, Arfa also gets maximum traffic from Pinterest. She uses Pinterest in such a strategic way that it drives regular traffic, conversions, and sales to her website. Not just she manages to get more than 300k – 600k monthly views but also has more 10k Pinterest followers.

Let’s find out what Pinterest tips she has to share.

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3 Pinterest tips every blogger must follow (By Arfa)

If you’ve been trying your luck to use Pinterest for your blog then make sure you follow these tips;


Pinterest is not just for inspiration or ideas, it is more like a search engine where you search for a topic and get relevant pins. Every time you add a new pin to your Pinterest profile, make sure it has a keyword in the description. Your Pinterest profile and content should be well-optimised. I have published a Pinterest SEO guide for bloggers to help understand how SEO works, and how to optimize Pinterest content.


We all know Pinterest is a visual platform where we see endless pins and has a low attention span. That means your Pinterest feed changes in seconds or minutes.

A clear, and bold pin attracts the most eyes which thus results in clicks, and repins. I would also suggest using paid stock photos as they make your pin unique in Pinterest’s eye and this would ultimately give a bonus.

I share tips to make pins go viral in her post. This is a must-read post for anyone who’s looking to get an avalanche of traffic from Pinterest.


Just like every other social media or marketing channel, consistency is important when it’s about Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how many pins you share every day, but the point here is to maintain consistency. If you pin 10 times a day then make sure you pin 10 times every day of the week and slowly, you can increase the number of pins to get more impressions.


Thank you for these excellent tips, Arfa.

With over 10k Pinterest followers, Arfa definitely knows how to get results from Pinterest. Follow her blogging tips, and strategic Pinterest tips to grow your own blog.

Arfa lives in Pakistan, and continues to build her blog and income by working from home and doing what she loves doing! And, that’s blogging.

This brings me to an interview I had on Lily Ugbaja’s blog on How To Make Money Blogging If You Live Outside The United States.

So you can do it like Arfa does in Pakistan, like I do in Cameroon, like Lily and even Jennifer Dagi and many others do in Nigeria.

Connect with Arfa on:

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  1. Hi. I’m not sure if I am friends on Facebook with you’re featured blogger or not, but I just followed her on Instagram and Twitter.

    I also liked her Facebook page!

    I think it’s a great idea to feature a new blogger every Thursday!

  2. Your blog have excellent tips about Pinterest, this Social Network is have his traffic and sales pontential really understimated by some internet marketers.

  3. Consistency makes a huge difference Arfa. You gotta be at it for a while to see long term success on Pinterest, as the site rewards people Pinning for the long haul. Fabulous tips here.

  4. Enstine,

    I want to thank you for featuring me on your amazing website! The content looks so good, and I’m sure my Pinterest tips help others in using Pinterest for their blog, and businesses.

    Best of luck!


  5. Great information on Pinterest. I really needed this very important information on getting traffic from Pinterest. Because I have been trying for a long to get traffic from Pinterest, but, not ever worked for me. So I will definitely try these tips.

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks so much! Pinterest is an amazing platform and one should just keep testing different strategies to make it work for their websites. I hope you’re going to follow some of these tips, and will have better results. I have been using pinterest for more than a year now and have noticed a significant increase. This tells that pinterest does work!


  6. Hi Enstine,

    It is always good to see a Country fellow to achieve success.

    Good Luck to Arfa for her blogging future.



  7. Hey Enstine, Arfa,

    Great post. I have done a lot of Pinterest marketing in the past few months so all these points I can speak for especially the last on consistently.

    Consistent pinning just ups the monthly viewers count and shows pinners you’re serious about providing ideas.

    Good post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Babs,

      Thanks for reading the post, and agreeing with the tips on pinterest. I’ve been on pinterest from quite a long time, and have seen good/poor results when we are consistent/inconsistent.

  8. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. I am trying hard on my pintrest account but was not very successful. But your post have given me some new points to consider and try. I am sure these will work for me.

    • Hi Muhammad,

      I’m glad you have found this tips helpful, and valuable. To be honest, Pinterest takes time, dedication and consistency just like other platforms. But, pinterest has potential to market a new account to thousands of viewers every day, or month. So, definitely experiment different strategies, and see what’s working.

      I wish you all the best.


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