How important are Pinterest Followers? (A Very Important Discovery)

Are Pinterest followers important?

On Pinterest, we have both Board and Account following and people can choose to simply follow your account or just follow one or more of your boards.

Boards are like your account segments and each board is further broken into Sections.

Your home feed (Smart Feed) shows Pins from people and boards that you follow, plus Pins inspired by your boards and recent activity.

But is it that important to care about your number of followers?

It’s two months today I have been pinning more consistently. I have created pins for some old evergreen posts and seen them breathe more healthily.

I do create pins for new posts as well and have read a bunch of Pinterest tips posts. I believe I’m now better at the game. But a lot is still to be discovered.

Consistency has grown my follower base from 957 last month to 1.9k today, in just a month.

pinterest following

But before I share with you an important discovery about Pinterest Following and Pinterest SEO, here are a couple of points that attract my focus about this traffic platform:

  • Pinterest Followers (Boards and Account)
  • Pinterest Group Boards
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Tailwind (Get your first month free here)
  • Pin images and text overlay
  • Pin title and description
  • Smart Feed

Now, if you are reading and trying to improve your pin performance, these are the core areas discussed in most of the articles out there. But are they all important? Which of these deserve more of your attention?

Well, I won’t get into details of all these parts. Let’s focus on your followers now.

Pinterest Followers

Like any other social media platform, your followers on Pinterest are members who can easily find your pins, generally on their Smart Feed. The Smart Feed is the Pinterest Home Page once you are logged in. The content differs from pinner to pinner, depending on their interest and those they follow.

So one may think that the more your followers, the more your exposure and traffic. All things being equal, that reasoning is correct.

But …

Pinterest is shifting from being a social network.

That means a lot if you want to see success on Pinterest. Shifting away from being a social platform means Pinterest is turning resources to something else calledΒ Visual search engine!

Yes Pinterest is a search engine. Unlike Google where we have keywords, SERP Titles and Meta Descriptions, Pinterest has more elements that affect CTR. These are:

  • Keywords
  • Pin Titles
  • Pin Description
  • Pin Image quality
  • Pin Text overlay

So if Pinterest is giving importance to its search capacity, is it still important to lay emphasis on followers? What is the relationship between Search and Following ?

A very important discovery

Let me share with you what I discovered. I haven’t read this from Pinterest blog or from somewhere. You may have a better explanation or maybe have a document somewhere with clearer notes.

I ran a reach on Pinterest with the select option “All Pins

pinterest followers

The entries on this result page were from folks I follow on the platform. As I scrolled further, I began seeing results from people I do not follow.

I wanted to find out more. So I switched the select option to “People

pinterest followers now

Again, the first four lines on the result page were all Pinners I follow. From the fifth page, I started seeing folks I do not follow.

I did same with the “Boards” option and the results were same. This brings me to the conclusion that Pinterest followers are still important.

Please take note

The keyword I used is actually one of my niche keywords. So definitely, most of the people I follow have optimized their profiles and boards for that keyword.

That should explain why content was pulled from my following.

I went ahead and used a completely strange keyword: “Weight Lose

As expected, I had tons of entries on the result page but not of them was from my followers.

Does not mean anything?

The more followers you get, the more Pinterest SEO works for you.

Pinterest Followers are important

People who follow you are more likely to search for something you’ve shared on the platform. Therefore, if you want your pins to rank on top of Pinterest SERP for more searches, you’ll have to get more relevant followers.

We’ve seen from the simple discovery above that the accounts and boards you follow are a ranking factor.

Despite the keyword optimization, (for the most part) Pinterest algorithm will have to first of all tap into your following each time you run a search to get the best results before spreading across other boards and accounts.

While you get traffic from your followers’ Smart Feed, you also draw traffic from their search result pages.

More followers, more re-pins, more traffic.

Pinterest has the re-pin (Save) feature which is like Share on Facebook and Retweet on Twitter.Β  This allows your followers and others who find your pins through search to save your pins in their own boards.

pinterest follower repins

Added to the Save button is the Send command which allows people to send your pins to others on the same platform.

But this seems to be the most underutilized feature on the platform. While I have never received a pin, those I have sent out have not had any feedback.

Getting more Pinterest followers

Now we’ve established that getting followed on Pinterest is important for exposure and traffic. But how do you attract more followers?

  1. Use a clean profile picture
  2. Describe your profile properlly
  3. Create more niche boards
  4. Follower others
  5. Pin consistently
  6. Re-pin useful posts
  7. Share your Pinterest account URL on your blog. (Follow me here)
  8. Join Pinterest groups on Facebook and be useful
  9. Etc

Thanks for reading and kindly share on social media or save for later on Pinterest:

How important are Pinterest Followers? Do you want more followers on Pinterest? See why you should growing your followers. #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttips

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  1. Pinterest has very great potential to give you the massive amount of traffic. With right strategy you can get the much needed traffic. I have recently started using Pinterest and I Have seen great results. Just keep patience and you will definately going to see the results.

  2. Bro,

    Thanks for another well written and thought provoking post. Pinterest is certainly an enigma but here’s the bottom line: it’s a traffic generating powerhouse. And because of that, I want to understand it. I want to know it inside out. And thanks to your amazing post l now have a bit more insight.

    Thanks again for sharing. We continue to soldier on πŸ™‚

    Best regards,


  3. Hey Enstine,
    Pinterest followers are key to long term success. The more relevant followers you have the more people will find you and connect with you.

    And Pinterest marketing is both a short and a long term game.

    Anyway, your reports on your Pinterest achievements really inspire me, and I can’t wait to become more active there. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t want to spread myself too thin.

    I’m very busy as it is…

    • I was just going to leave and then I saw this post and yes it’s really time Worthing, I was literally shocked about the power of Pinterest followers. And it is also very true that it’s very effective for long term business.

  4. Pinterest is another great traffic source. I will never joke with it. I started using it recently and it’s making sense.

    Thanks for this bro.

  5. Hey Enstine,
    I have been paying much attention to my Pinterest profile since past few days. I won’t say that I am getting a lot of traffic, but I have increased my followers and number of monthly views. Hoping to get better numbers soon.

  6. I have a confusion that to get more followers, I need to repin their images so don’t you think my own pins will be lost in those pins, how you manage or how you standout your pins for clicks.

    • Hey Usman,
      Pinterest does not limit the number of pins you do. Some people pin 30 to 50 a day so if you do 80% of yours and 20% of others, yours won’t get lost. Note that the ratio doesn’t matter though.

      If you do SEO for your pins, they will be found BTW

  7. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for this valuable information, yes, Pinterest is important and of course the followers too. I am already following you and I pinned most of your posts too.
    It is really good to know more in this regard. I am going to act accordingly. Hope this will take us to a different higher level.
    Keep sharing.
    Appreciate your posts notifications and follow-ups.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have a great time of sharing and caring ahead.
    ~ Phil

      • Hi Enstine,
        Good to hear from you again, thanks for the quick response to my feedback.
        I would like to raise a question to you in this regard, in one of the tips you pointed out: Share your Pinterest account URL on your blog. Good, that is a good idea, but, Enstine, how can I embed this on my site like the one I installed (Facebook) on my website sidebar. How can I embed Pinterest and Twitter on my websites, is there any plugin for this purpose.

        Your reply is much appreciated.
        Yes, for sure there are beautiful and profitable days ahead!!! πŸ™‚

        • Hi buddy,
          My theme allows for this:

          I know there are also plugins that can do this but I do not use any for now. Maybe you should do a search on the plugin repository for Pinterest plugins. I’m sure you’ll find something

  8. I love Pinterest. Over the years I have seen a constant increase in traffic, with followers and yes those pages that struggle to rank on Google they are doing very well on Pinterest, so it does create a balance. So I would definitely recommend investing more time in Pinterest to boost content-based marketing strategy. Great post, thanks for sharing, Enstine!

    • Wow that’s sweet to hear Michela.
      I just searched, found and followed you now.

      Yes that platform should do well for travel bloggers. A little more effort, you will see even greater results.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week

  9. Hi Enstine, Thanks for sharing your Pinterest experience with us here. I wasn’t sure of the answer. I’ve upped my game this year and have seen traffic start to pick up from it. It’s mostly from using Tailwind and Viral Content Bee.
    I’d love to know how to get more Tailwind tribe members to my tribe. It seems you have to invite via FB or email only?
    I’ve pinned your cute duck image for this one Enstine. Thanks again and have a great day!
    PS Love to have you do a guest post about Pinterest at my place if you are interested.

    • Hi Lisa,
      First, thanks for pinning this post. I do really appreciate.

      You can’t be consistent on Pinterest, crafting great pins and not see results. I have no doubt you will see even better results.

      Now about your Tailwind question, I’m still to get to that tool. I still can’t confidently answer any question on it now. But if I find something, I’ll definitely share with you.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week

  10. Nice information you have the

    I like using Pinterest for my business and as a business owner I love having a lot of Pinterest followers. Thank you for the great post.

  11. Hey Enstine.

    I always love to read new discoveries about Pinterest. Yes I completely agree, Pinterest followers are still relevant today.

  12. This is some seriously rocking information! I often get started on Pinterest, but that’s as far as I get with that program. It is pretty easy mostly, but for some reason I haven’t used it as much as the others.

    Obviously, Enstine, I need to use it more!

    Thanks for the reminder!


    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for visiting and I’m grateful for the comment πŸ˜‰
      Yes I think you should use the platform more. Though constantly creating shareable pins isn’t bread and butter, the results are worth the effort.

      Let’s do it πŸ˜‰

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