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I’m back with my Thursday Series, featuring and recommending top bloggers here on this blog. It’s one of the most exciting moments each time I’m about to talk to you about a wonderful blogger.

Before I started BroadedNet (Exciting Traffic platform for bloggers), this actually has been going on, creating a lot of excitement among readers. So many bloggers have written to me asking to be featured. However, it’s my personal decision who I feature here and the only condition is to be my reader. Featuring here is free. That’s if I contact you. If on the other hand you contact me, I’ll charge a fee 😉

Before we get to knowing more about the awesome blogger for this week, here are the bloggers I have featured in the past. I encourage you check out their blogs and network with them. I can assure you, these are awesome, cool and helpful bloggers. You’ll be so excited to have them in your community;

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Now meet Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph“Where is Ryan Biddulph today?”

The guy always seems to be island hopping here and there. His last trip was to Savusavu, Fiji. Now he’s chilling in Ubud, Bali. He lives the dream and has crafted a freeing, inspired internet lifestyle but many forget that he had to do a few things to arrive. RB sells a dream first and foremost but also offers products and services which help you too retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Blogging from Paradise

The title and tagline says it all:

Blogging from Paradise: Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Ryan’s job is to take you with him. He overcame some pretty grim odds to become a full time digital nomad and now his duty, or his predominant intent, is to take you with him. If you have no internet skills, fear not! Ryan was in the same boat some 5 years ago. If you have never run a business, don’t worry. Ryan had zero entrepreneurial skills 5 years ago during his security officer days.

Ryan learned from scratch how to become a professional island hopper through smart blogging and he helps you do the same. He publishes value-packed, helpful posts daily to inspire new and veteran bloggers everywhere. Ryan also offers a rich library of eBooks and multiple services to help you make your blogging dreams come true.

Blogging from Paradise eBooks

RB decided to build his recently hatched Blogging from Paradise blog and brand around selling the dream of living in paradise as a full time digital nomad. He went ahead and became eBook crazy, publishing a stacked library (9 eBooks and counting) of Blogging from Paradise eBooks for folks who want to become full time pro bloggers. Whether you want to blog from Bali or simply retire from your 9-5 job to blog from home he can provide you with simple, practical tips to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Ryan’s Blogging from Paradise eBook series has:

  • Received 2 endorsements from New York Times Best Selling Author and Business Advisor to the Stars Chris Brogan
  • Has been endorsed by top earning blogging coach Yaro Starak (check my review of Yaro’s traffic book)
  • Has been used as a study guide for an inbound marketing class at prestigious NYU

He’s published 9 eBooks as of this writing but eBook # 10 will be here before we know it. Click the following link to pick up your favorite eBook(s).

Blogging from Paradise Library

yaro starak“I recently had a chance to take a look inside Ryan Biddulph’s latest ebook that lays out his philosophy for blogging from paradise (which in Ryan’s case is all about hopping from tropical island to tropical island). If you want to see what kind of lifestyle you can lead thanks to blogging, with emphasis placed on how you can lead a life on your own terms, not just the making money aspect, download this ebook. You won’t regret it.” ~ Yaro Starak, Owner of, Million Dollar Earner, Laptop Lifestyle Consultant

More endorsements here….

Coaching Services

After seeing new and veteran bloggers struggle to gain traction online RB decided to start a blog coaching business. If you feel stuck – blogging-wise – and need a fresh set of experienced, veteran eyes on your blog take a look at what Ryan can offer you.

You can be a successful blogger who’s keen to take your blog to the next level or a new blogger with no clue in Hades where to start. RB’s been there, and with his year’s worth of experience reviewing countless blogs and his obsessive attention to detail you can boost your blog traffic and income by tapping into his know-how.

Before you read another word, understand that Ryan has:

  • Cracked the internet lifestyle code by building an income generating – and savings generating – blog
  • traveled the world for the past 3 and a half years as a full time professional blogger
  • successfully coached clients to blast through their blocks and to live their blogging dreams
  • been invited to speak to a marketing class at world renowned NYU in New York City in December 204

Ryan can help you get clear on why you’re blogging. He can also help you drill down your blog to service a targeted audience….and you just know that THIS is where the money, the traffic, and all those prospering, inspired relationships lie.

Click the following link to learn more about Ryan’s Blog Coaching Business:

Ryan Biddulph: Blog Coaching

Freelance Writing Services

Call it freelance writing or ghost writing. Whatever floats your boat. Ryan offers freelance writing services to bloggers or website owners who are too busy to blog. Or, maybe you flat out have zero interest in creating and publishing articles, and want to hire someone to create content for you.

RB has published over 10,000 articles between his blogs and for his clients over the course of his blogging career. That’s a lot of writing.

His clients include:

  • A prominent marketing company
  • A highly successful digital marketer and entrepreneurial wizard well-known to bootstrapping entrepreneurs
  • An entrepreneurial coach, social media rock star and Facebook marketing demon who runs a highly successful Fan Page
  • An big time pro blogger who’s an established authority in building *high earning* niche sites

Since Ryan’s a ghost writer he prefers to keep the identity of his clients secret. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to trust Chris Brogan’s (business advisor to Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Google and Microsoft) judgment on whether or not the guy can write.

Learn more about Ryan’s freelance writing business here:  Ryan Biddulph: Freelance Writing

Check out Ryan on Twitter here and connect with him on Facebook here

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