How to Market Online with Sherryl Perry!

I’m so excited to bring to you someone who is surely able to boost your online business. She is my last (not the least) featured blogger of the month of July 2014 and I’m proud to say that she has ability to help market your products and services on the Internet.

This month, we’ve had;

Donna Merrill Don Purdum Kevin Duncan

These are exceptional bloggers I recommend you network with for a better blogging experience.

Before we go into details about the awesome lady I have for you this week, here are a few questions to help you know the kind of person we are dealing with;

  1. Ever feel overwhelmed about the vast amount of information available on the web these days?
  2. Do you spend hours researching information and trying to make sense of what the latest “experts” have to say about SEO, social media and blogging?
  3. Ever wish there was a website that you could go to where someone helps to make sense of it all?

Then meet Sherryl Perry of Keep Up With the Web

Keep Up With the Web with Sherryl PerryWhy Sherryl? Her blog is different because she taps into her past experiences (as a teacher, CIO, business owner and consultant) to provide her readers with easy to understand information with concrete examples of what works and what doesn’t.

In her #FridayFinds series, (a hashtag that she originated), she curates content from some of the leading influencers and some relative unknown bloggers who have ideas and knowledge that you can benefit from.

Sherryl runs a consulting business and works with business owners and solopreneurs to develop strategies that will help them market their products and services online. She offers customized solutions that fit her clients’ needs.

Some popular articles from Sherryl’s blog:

#FRIDAYFINDS (where Sherryl curates content and features other bloggers):
How Can you Improve Your Website Blog? #FridayFinds
How Can You Get Started With SEO? #FridayFind

How Safe Are Your Backlinks?
Do You Comment for Backlinks on DoFollow Enabled CommentLuv Blogs?

2 Steps to Stalking the Popular Kids and Getting More Traffic
What Is Your Blog Commenting Strategy? (Sherryl’s guest post on Adrienne Smith’s blog)

What Blogging Tips Are You Missing?
Tips for Bloggers | Before You Press that Publish Button

How Sherryl got where she is today:

After graduating from college, Sherryl worked as a teacher in the public school systems. While home with a toddler and a baby, she pursued a career in technology and succeeded in turning a handful of night school classes (in computer programming) into a career that ranged from being the Plant Systems Supervisor at Ocean Spray Cranberries to fifteen years at the United Way of Rhode Island.

After her position as Chief Information Officer was eliminated, Sherryl began working from home as a business consultant. When the company her husband worked for closed their doors (a year later), they started a business together.

Throughout that experience, she (with the help of her husband), created and marketed virtual tour photography, designed and manufactured a specialized piece of photography equipment, published a training manual and built customized websites.

Throughout that time, Sherryl became active in two Chambers of Commerce and a chapter of BNI (Business Network International). In addition to networking for referrals, she marketed their business online with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

How Sherryl can help you:

Sherryl taps into her wealth of experience when blogging and working with clients (who need help marketing their products and services on the internet). Her articles on business strategies, marketing, networking and online marketing are based on her past experiences.

Meet Sherryl (a.k.a. @KeepUpWeb) on Social Media:

Meet her on Twitter
Circle her on Google+
Connect with her on LinkedIn
Join the LinkedIn Bloggers Helping Bloggers group (that Sherryl helps manage)

Time to Interact with Sherryl Perry!

Sherryl looks forward to meeting you, my readers. Feel free to visit her blog and join the conversation there. She is also eager to reply to your comments here. Don’t forget to connect with her on social media too. She loves to share great content!

If you have issues marketing your products or services online, while not talk it out with her? I’m sure she’ll have a solution.

40 thoughts on “How to Market Online with Sherryl Perry!”

  1. Hi Maxwell,
    It’s great to see you here on Enstine’s blog. Thanks for your kind words about my Friday Finds series. I research the topics for those posts and I link to resources that readers can go to for additional information.

    It’s great to know that you find that series valuable and that you learn a lot from them. I appreciate hearing that from you.

  2. Hi Enstine; i’ve enjoyed sherry l’s friday finds for a while now. I love her writing style. I never feel like I need a further explanation of her subjects. people can learn a lot from her. thanks for sharing, max

  3. Hello enstine,
    I personally thanks you to feature such a great blogger on your blog. Features best bloggers will help many bloggers to learn something new every time. Thanks.

    • Hi Rahul,
      Thanks for the kind words. One of the most valuable things that we need to keep in mind is that it’s important to help each other. Enstine’s series of blog posts featuring other bloggers is an excellent example of this. The key is that we can all learn from each other. (I’m sure I can learn about video from you and I’m hopping over to your post after commenting here.)

  4. Hi Carol,
    Thanks so much for the kind words. I‘m so glad that we finally met on each other’s blogs! I was certainly aware of your talents but somehow hadn’t found my way to your blog until I saw Adrienne feature her guest post (for you) on her site.

    Isn’t it amazing how we’re both part of such a connected (and supportive) community of bloggers? It seems that no matter what challenges we are presented there is someone who can either help us directly or point us in the right direction. There are also so many bloggers who are willing to help us by featuring us (such as Enstine and Don) and allowing us to guest post.

    I always say that networking online is very similar to networking face-to-face. I feel as if the community that I’m part of is always open and willing to help each other.

    I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re a bit of a geek and that you taught too. We do have similar backgrounds in many ways.

    Well, I’m following you too and I’m trying to meet as many new bloggers here that time permits. You take care too!


  5. Hi Enstine,

    Finally making it over to your post about Sherryl after seeing you mention it on Google Plus. 🙂

    I was recently intro ducted to Sherryl on Adrienne Smith’s site, and then have been in conversations with her on Google Plus too, through Don’s page.

    She is such a friendly lady, and I really appreciate her ‘straight to the point’ style that’s so refreshing these days.

    Sherryl does have a wide array of past experience in different fields which she so beautifully brings into her marketing online and I’ve enjoyed her site for just a short time, but will definitely make her site a regular stop in my blog visits.

    I’m glad you’re spotlighting this lady, Enstine, because I do enjoy getting to know her and hope to build a nice friendship.

    I can relate to Sherryl in many ways because I feel like I’m somewhat of a geek, and have taught (albeit not in the public school system) and have been an entrepreneur for many years – in many different facets, with focus in online entrepreneurship the last (almost) four years.

    I will be following Sherryl for sure – what a smart lady! 🙂

    Take Care,
    – Carol

  6. Hey Enstine,

    I recently got to know Sherryl and didn’t know much about her, but then I found some of her blog posts and started reading some of her content and I’m impressed. I really liked the last one that she wrote, very good. Her blog is one I’ll have to add to my list of bloggers I follow on a weekly basis.

    Thanks for this.

    – Andew

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thanks so much for following me over to my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate your input. I’m hopping over to your blog now.

  7. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks! When Enstine contacted me, I immediately came over to read about the other bloggers that he featured. I realized immediately that I was in good company along with you, Donna Merrill and Don Purdum.

    I recently met both you and Don and I’m already a huge fan of both of you. (I met Donna quite a while ago on Adrienne Smith’s blog.)

    It’s exciting to be part of such a knowledgeable and caring community. I’m definitely excited to get to know more of Enstine’s readers. I’ve already received quite a few visits from people who found me here.

    I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day and an even better weekend!

  8. Hi Sherryl,

    So good to see you featured on Enstine’s wonderful blog! You are in great company. And no, I’m not saying this because I was featured last week. Honest! 😀

    I only discovered KeepUpWithTheWeb the last couple weeks, so it’s very nice getting to learn a bit more about you and what you do. It’s great to find another teacher-turned-blogger!

    Hope you have a wonderful week. I’m sure Enstine’s readers will be visiting you and commenting on your site just like they did on mine. 🙂

  9. Just wonderful! I am just glad that I am becoming a casual visitor of enstinemuki and why not? Because enstine muki has everything to offer. I visit your blog daily and get updates and valuable tips daily.


    • Hi Ammar,
      Thanks for taking the time to join the conversation. I’m a fan of Enstine Muki too. It’s nice to meet you here.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    I have read your article completely. I m a new reader and happy to have found you. I’m impressed by your blogging. Thanks for the tips and I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing

    • Hi Jagbir,
      It’s nice to meet you here. Enstine does have a wonderful blog and a wonderful community of engaged readers

      Thanks for taking the time to join the conversation.

  11. Hello,

    Nice marketing strategies from “Sherryl Perry” and I really don’t know about her till now. I guess I’ll check her blog now.


    • Hi Robin,
      It’s nice to meet you here! I hope you find some info that you find valuable on my blog. I’m fortunate to have formed a great community of loyal readers who actively contribute in the comment section. You’ll find a lot of gems there and I’m confident that you’ll see some familiar faces too.

  12. Hello Enstine,

    First of all I want to say thanks for Introducing about Mrs. Sherryl Mam. I know very well about her blog and i am weekly reader of her blog. So, today i saw this post indeed in your blog . It;s really amazing . As Sherry mam Shared about Safe backlinks i love this article. It;s too helpful for me.

    Thanks Enstine!!

    • Hi Siddarth,
      It’s great to see you here on Enstine’s blog. Thanks for all your support. I appreciate your sharing my posts and I especially value your contributions to the conversation over on my site.

      I’m so glad that you liked my post on backlinks. I’ve grown to really enjoy making SEO sound achievable for those of us who aren’t necessarily gurus in that area.

      Take care,

  13. Thank you Mr. Muki for always giving bloggers the platform to be part of you family. I am privileged to know you. Keep the good work on sir…..:)

    • Hi Angyer,
      Enstine does deserve a shout-out for being so gracious. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know his readers. I’m grateful for the opportunity.

  14. Hi Enstine and Sherryl,

    What an encouraging article and introduction to you Sherryl.

    I love how you have apparently combined your offline experience with your online activities. Like yourself, I was in a very influential BNI group in Dallas, TX and now I’m in a professional networking group near Washington DC.

    What I have learned after nine years of being in web design and development and owning seven other businesses is that networking online is exactly like offline.

    If you want referrals and relationships, make introductions for people. Online we can use social media, email, and even our own blogs as Enstine has done here.

    It’s not about receiving, it’s about giving. If you give, you will receive. But it’s about quality not just quantity. It’s the first introduction to the relationship. It’s not the end and certainly a few shares doesn’t earn an introduction to a bloggers audience.

    If you want to grow your audience, then be willing to help someone build theirs for the long term.

    When I look at what you are doing, this is what I have observed. I’m excited to read your articles, connect with you, comment, and share out your work.

    Enstine, great choice and introduction!!!! Sherryl, jumping over to your site now to do some more learning.

    I look forward to meeting your next guest Enstine!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,
      It’s great to hear from someone else who was in BNI. That really is an amazing organization. It can be a little expensive to participate in but the training that I received and the relationships that I built completely justified the investment.

      “Networking online is exactly like offline.” . . . I completely agree with that statement! “Givers Gain.” Isn’t that another mantra from BNI? My favorite being “Everything you do is a relationship builder or a relationship destroyer”.

      You and I seem to have more in common than I realized. I’m so glad we’ve connected online!

      Take care,

  15. Hey Enstine,

    Well you’re highlighting one of my favorite ladies online, the lovely Sherryl Perry!

    She really does know her stuff and she also works around her husbands schedule right now too so she’s kind of sporadic when you’ll see her online. Now that’s talent.

    We’ve had an opportunity to get to know each other as well and I call her my “SEO Queen”. I don’t know that much about it but if I want to know something I head over to Sherryl’s.

    I am so glad you’re highlighting her this week and she’s very deserving of the attention. I couldn’t agree more with the selection of awesome bloggers you’ve chosen this month alone.

    Great series you have and I’m happy to stop by and read more about Sherryl.

    You two have an awesome weekend now you hear!


    • As always, thanks for the kind words Adrienne. I love that you call me your “SEO Queen”. I always look to you for tips on relationship building and driving traffic through referrals. Our skill sets are very complimentary. Plus, we genuinely like each other which is always a plus!

      You have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and have fun this weekend. For once, I hope I don’t see you online for the next few days!

  16. Hi Sherryl
    It is great to see you here and read a lot about more your wonderful offline pursuits.
    A true marketer does not rely on any specific medium and promotes his products equally well both offline and online. Yes online promotion has several advantages that is why competition is also stiff here.
    Someone rightly said this is an era of networking in every field of marketing. Howsoever smartly you sell, promote or optimize your products and your services you can’t create an image without proper networking with industry influencers and peers.
    This is equally good to know struggling online marketers are fully aware of this fact and availing every option to be familiar online with others and smoothen their way leading to success.
    Once again it is very nice meeting you here and I am so thankful to my friend Muki for his doing this great job.

    • Hi Mi,
      It’s great to see you here too! I know I’ve been to your blog before but I was surprised to find that I hadn’t connected with you on the major social networking sites. (I have now!)

      You’re absolutely right that true marketers use multiple mediums to promote their products and services. I’m always amazed that so many bloggers automatically dismiss PPC advertising because they have had one bad experience. Sure, it’s an easy way to quickly lose a lot of money but that doesn’t have to be the case. PPC advertising can be a very effective and relatively inexpensive method of driving traffic. We just can’t jump off the deep end and submerse ourselves into a PPC campaign. It needs to be done strategically and we need to closely monitor what’s working and what’s not. It can be a steep learning curve but there are resources out there that we can tap into.

      I totally agree about networking both online and face-to-face. After all, networking on social media sites isn’t all that different from networking in “real” life. It has its own set of challenges but they can be overcome.

      If I have one thing to share with everyone about networking it’s a lesson that I learned at BNI. That lesson/mantra is that “Everything you do is either a relationship builder or a relationship destroyer.” That goes for showing up late for a meeting as well as leaving throw-away comments on blogs.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other online!

      BTW – I’m thankful to Enstine too! It’s an honor to be featured here.

  17. Hi Enstine,

    First I want to thank you for the mention, it is so appreciated! I know Sherryl Perry and she is a fantastic woman. Her blog posts never let me down. She is not only a great blogger, but also a great teacher as well.

    Sherryl’s experience precedes her. When it comes to business and marketing she knows her stuff and is so helpful. She is one of the most respected bloggers I know. Glad to see her here on your place Enstine! You couldn’t have picked a better person.


    • Thanks for the kind words Donna. You know I’m a huge fan of yours as well. I love the fact that (like me) you’ve collaborated with your husband to build your business. I always find stories like yours inspirational.

      I promise to be by your blog soon! In addition to reading your “Blogging vs Facebook Pages” post, I just found a link on Adrienn’s blog to your article “Why Is Google Like My Ex?”. That sounds like a fun read I don’t want to miss!

  18. I should draw inspiration from such bloggers 🙂 Loving how the female bloggers are dominating the blogging industry.

    Sherryl has surely got some respect from me as a newbie blogger.

    I am going to learn a lot from her #FridayFinds series and she is into my read list blogs.

    Thanks Enstine!

    • Hi Priyanka,
      It’s nice to meet you here on Enstine’s blog. It definitely is a new world now compared to when I graduated from high school. It’s hard to believe it now but the options for women were fairly limited. Now, the world is wide open with options for women (as well as men).

      I look forward to seeing you on my blog. I try my best to share topics that interest bloggers of all levels of expertise. There’s also always a lively conversation in the comment section. So, be free to chime in! I get ideas for new articles when people ask questions and lots of times readers will share great resources that they use as well.

  19. Hi Enstine,

    Sherryl Perry is a respected blogger that I adore very well.

    During my initial starting days as a newbie blogger, her blog was my safe haven. I learn a lot of life changing, challenging contents from her blog, and all the tips, guidelines gained from her became my strong fortress till date.

    I highly recommend her service to any company looking to market their online business



    • Thank you so much for the kind words James. It’s always a pleasure to see you and read your contributions to the conversations in the comments. You know that I’m a fan of your blog too!

  20. Hi Sherryl,

    What a pleasant surprise to see you featured here this time at Enstine’s blog – and trust him to choose just the right nuggets each time 🙂

    It’s been a while since I’ve known Sherryl and we visit each others blog as well, but it’s always a pleasure to know more about her through your series. I didn’t know she too was a teacher as that’s something in common we have. And the vast range of things she’d tried earlier before stepping into blogging – what a journey I must say, enriching one indeed.

    Keep sharing more of such gems with us, Enstine. It’s always good to see old friends here as well as the new ones you introduce.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week, both of you 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,
      You can’t measure my excitement each time I’m to feature a lovely blogging friend. It’s one of the most exciting blog post I do.

      I can’t remember exactly how I met Sherryl but I’m sure it’s either on your blog, Adrienne’s Sue’s or Donna’s. A wonderful group of excellent female bloggers.

      The excitement continues 😉

    • Hi Harleena,
      As always, it’s great to see you. We have known each other for a while! Isn’t it amazing how many bloggers have been teachers? I’m sure I’m dating myself by saying this but teaching was one of the most popular career paths for females when I was in high school. (The other top choices were being a secretary or an airline stewardess.) There are so many more opportunities available now.

      I was very pleased when Enstine contacted me to be featured here. Not only is it great exposure but it’s also a way to meet new bloggers and connect with friends

  21. It’s great that you write about marketers and entrepreneurs you admire and give us their backgrounds to inspire. Apart from the strictly factual and biographical details, could you put more of your personal reasons for featuring these people on your site? It would certainly enhance the interest of the posts and let us know more about you too.

    Keep up the great work.


    Steven Lucas

    • Hey Steven,

      It’s good to see you here and thanks for the question. On the first post where I featured Donna, I explained why I started this exercise on this blog. Here is what I said

      “There are lots of talented bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs reading my blog daily. Most of them have something to help grow your business and succeed both online and offline.

      From time to time, I’ll be featuring them here on this blog, giving you the opportunity to meet them so they can breath more growth on your business.”

      I won’t want to be repeating this on every post featuring a blogger. So what I’ll do is create a post that details this out and how to get featured.

      Thanks for the beautiful idea 😉

    • Hi Steven,
      It’s nice to meet you here. As Enstine says, meeting new people and expanding our community is a wonderful way to help each other grow our businesses.

      I just hopped over to your blog and read your post about lists and traffic. (I had never heard of Safe-Swaps before.) We can definitely all learn something from each other.

    • Hey Enstine this is another one more featured person on your blog after Kevin Duncan

      This is one of the great way to let us know about their background and some more details on what they are good. And really i am thinking that i can follow many popular and experience person to learn something new.

      • Hi Suprabhat,
        This is a great way to be introduced to new blogs (and to new readers). I’m very grateful to Enstine that he chose my blog as one to feature.

        It is all about learning from each other. I find that bloggers like Enstine who have the CommentLuv plugin makes it very easy for us to find other blogs of interest. Being able to hop directly over to someone’s post is a real convenience.

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