Carol Amato Brings Giving and Experience to Online Business

Yesterday we celebrated my 2nd Anniversary which was very exciting, so thank you for the kind words and well wishes – you truly made this milestone memorable, and I appreciate you!

Today is a new day, and I have a special treat for you. I’m featuring Carol Amato. She has come up with an awesome gift for my readers so please jump on it!

Why should I feature Online Entrepreneur Carol Amato?

I recently met Carol online and was immediately impressed by her giving spirit and genuineness as she truly wants to help others make money online.

These character traits, evidenced by her reaching out to those in need and going the extra mile to help those struggling, are not very common – so I wanted to introduce this lady to you so you make sure to connect with her.

Carol Amato has come up through the trenches and can relate to beginners, intermediates as well as seasoned marketers, and is able to help you on many levels. She extends a helping hand in this dog-eat-dog online world, that you’ll find refreshing and comforting, especially if you’re nervously starting your online journey.

Many have affirmed she’s the easiest person to talk to when it comes to understanding what to do, and when to do it in order to take the next step toward online business success.

A lot of online marketers have knowledge and technical ability, but few have the personal integrity, experience and giving spirit to reach out to struggling entrepreneurs and truly make a lasting difference in their life by providing the help that gets them results.

Carol’s Simple Start Online

Carol got her start in 1992 when she purchased her first huge proprietary computer that cost in excess of $3,000.

She learned the Bulletin Board System, email, etc. Internet was a relatively new thing, but Carol spent her free time (after her three children and husband were taken care of) online learning and developing new skills.

Analytical by nature, she lent herself to learning how to sell things lying around the house on eBay, and quickly succeeded in becoming an eBay Power Seller.

She learned how to host her own pictures because she was tired of spending so much of the profit on eBay picture fees! She was bound and determined to save money even if it caused her great pains to learn a difficult new skill.

Stubbornness or determination? You choose…

The taste of independence and completely freeing experience of being able to host anything on the Internet and OWN it, pushed Carol forward to a wonderful life of entrepreneurship.

She also has customer service experience having worked for many companies from home while her kids were growing up. She gained a lot of insight but determined she no longer could be subjected to irate customers cursing her for things that were beyond her control.

There has to be a better way!” she thought. Let Carol Amato give you free help.

She enjoyed a stint of being a work at home medical transcriptionist until voice recognition software replaced her. She was determined to control her destiny and decided to start an online business no matter what!

Carol’s Starts An Online Business!

Carol bought course after course, and product after product trying to fit the online business puzzle pieces together. She finally determined she needed a personal coach, and soon after working with him started earning money.

Even though she has been scammed and taken advantage of, and so discouraged she almost quit, Carol has grown her business to a very nice level for which she’s so thankful.

She now teaches others how to make money online and avoid the mistakes she made. Carol Amato pulls back the curtain so as to show exactly what she’s doing to grow her business, and shares what is working for her right now.

We know the Internet (and Google) changes a lot, and Carol truly shares her best secrets and sources with her followers.

Carol’s Gift for You(limited)

If you want to grow a successful business on the Internet, then can help you. She covers relevant topics that include the core elements that you need to succeed online.

Learn more about my friend Carol Amato and here.

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Time to talk!

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Thank you Carol for this beautiful gift you are showering on my readers.

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