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Blog Traffic For Beginners is an ebook by Yaro Starak. It reveals a sep-by-step formula to build your blog from zero to 1,000 daily readers.

If your blog does not get traffic, you are as good as not having one. Traffic is the highway to success. It is the answer, or at least the tool you use to find out the answers.

However in-depth or exciting your content is, if there are no readers, your blog is worth nothing.

1000 daily readers is enough traffic to turn your blog into a money generating machine. With this kind of traffic, you can make huge affiliate commissions promoting affiliate products, sell ad space for smiling price, earn nice with Adsense, build your list relatively quick, etc.

We generally talk about traffic. However, this traffic has to be targeted. That’s the core of this guide. You need to be able to pull visitors who actually are interested in your content. They spend time digesting your posts, getting satisfied, excited and recommending your blog.

In the blog traffic for beginners guide, Yaro shares 100 traffic techniques he has been using over 9 years of blogging, including ways to attract waves of Traffic from Content Marketing, his current “Best Practice” advice for free Traffic from Google, etc.

Who is Yaro Starak and why listen to him?

1000 blog readers

Yaro is a top money making blogger and founder of  He’s a renowned authority on making money with blogs. Yaro has made over a million dollars from advertising, affiliate marketing and selling his own training products all from his blog.

This guy is a bank of experience and knowledge when it comes to blogging – blog traffic and make money with blogs. With over 9 years of experience, he came up with the highly demanded “Blog Traffic For Beginners” guide.

I got more amazed when I read Yaro’s interview on aha-now. It’s a complete book and this can only come from an expert. Here is the interview.

Here are a few reasons to listen to Yaro

  1. He has succeeded in making a lot of money online.
  2. He is able to drive huge traffic to his blog.
  3. He’s an author of products that have been positively rated by his readers.
  4. His authenticity can be verified.
  5. Etc

What’s in “Blog Traffic For Beginners”?Blog Traffic For Beginners

This is a complete guide for bloggers with step-by-step instructions to grow from zero to 1,000 daily targeted visitors. It is 100% original content written by Yaro himself. He has  tested many of the experiments and techniques included in the guide on his own blogs and websites.

Pages 9 – 28 : On these pages, Yaro explains in details his content Marketing formula. This will help you produce blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails or any form of content, that grabs attention, keeps your visitor stuck to your blog and causes them to share your content.

pages 29 to 38 : Yaro dishes out solid SEO information for bloggers on these pages. I like that he goes straight to the point giving you all the foundation you need to know about Google so your blog automatically attracts search engine traffic from the biggest search engine that exists.

Pages 38 – 45: People get so caught up with plugins and scripts, but there are only a handful of elements of your blog’s structure you need to worry about. These pages (Chapter four) deal with these essential structural elements. 

Pages 46 – 97: This is where the traffic meat is ;). Skip everything else to this chapter for the 100 proven traffic techniques broken down into various categories.

Yaro also introduces three concepts from leading business and productivity books. These concepts (“Daily Habit“, “Tipping Point” and “Fly Wheel”) will literally define the success of your blog.

What some readers say about “blog traffic for beginners”

blog traffic for beginners yaroyaro starak

Blog traffic for Beginners Bonuses

When you order this guide, you get even more stuffs to help you take your blogging career to a whole new level. Yaro added two bonuses to the package:

Bonus #1: Outsourcing Online E-Guide

As your online business grows, there will be unavoidable need to hire virtual workers. How to go about this is often a hard nut for many. this bonus takes away the difficult part of the whole process.

You get to learn how you can start outsourcing even when you have very little money. PLUS what to do to create enough cash flow to cover outsourcing.

There is so much more in this bonus product

Bonus #2: How To Outsource Your Blog

Your blog can perfectly run without you! This bonus product shows you an innovative way to outsource all aspects of both new and old blogs.

NB: As you learn more traffic methods from this guide, your traffic will inevitably grow. That means more business and more money. To stay in business, you need to be productive. That calls for the need to get assistance. These bonus guides are perfect to take you along to a profitable online business.

Who is ‘Blog Traffic for beginners’ for?

This guide is for everyone that has a website and needs traffic;

  • If you are just starting and wondering how it’s done, get a copy.
  • If you are having 50 – 500 visitors a day, this is a growth material.
  • If you are having 500+ a day, you are growing. You need a little touch to step up to 1,000 daily readers.
  • If you are on 1,000 daily readers, don’t think you have arrived. There is more in the blog traffic for beginners guide to grow your traffic even more.

My rating: 5/5

Go get your copy of blog traffic for beginners right this moment and stop complaining about traffic;

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