How Erik Emanuelli Makes A Solid Income Online!

Another exciting Thursday and we are meeting someone to help you build a solid income online. That’s the reason for this weekly post here on this blog – help us meet people who can help.

I want to mention here that everyone I contact to feature surely will have something for you. They are pros and busy bloggers but if you engage with them, there is surely going to be an interesting relationship.

For the past few weeks, I have featured the following must-follow bloggers:

Donna Merrill Don Purdum Kevin Duncan Sherryl Perry Mi Muba

Now is time to meet Erik Emanuelli, an entrepreneur, traveler and passionate blogger. Erik traveled for work and pleasure in over 30 countries around the world.  He’s here to teach you how to make a solid income monthly online.

Erik Emanuelli
He worked in the banking sector for 6 years, and then he has been Export Manager for different companies during 9 years, visiting customers in many countries all around the world.

Since 2010, he started blogging by chance, looking on the internet an alternative form of income.

He created several blogs in different niches, some of them successful, while others definitely not.

He’s now making a solid income every month from his online activities.

Take Action, There is No Passive Income

On his main blog, NoPassiveIncome, Erik writes articles on how to create a steady revenue online, sharing tips on social media, web traffic, internet marketing and useful new resources.

Here are some articles at his blog with particular response in terms of comments and social media shares:

Klinkk – Vote, Share and Get Promoted

Erik founded Klinkk in October 2013, with the aim of creating a free blogging community and give members the chance to be featured, get targeted traffic and build new connections.

With the bookmarking option, it’s really easy and fast to submit a story to Klinkk.

However, there are many features and options available.

And many more are yet to come (soon the chat system will be fixed and an images gallery added for each user profile).

Just to make an example, with the Weekly Featured feature, the story with the most votes of the week is showed at the top of the homepage.

This will bring free targeted traffic and exposure to the content featured!

In just nine months, Klinkk has reached important stats, with more than 1800 real users, more than 5000 quality stories submitted and 1000 comments made.

The site has received high social media signals and it has been featured “naturally” on many blogs around internet, which means without Erik to ask for. I did a review you may want to read here

This led to mentions and backlinks, which has been converted in huge organic traffic, more than tripled since a couple of months.

If you are not a Klinkk member yet, you can register for free here.

You can read guide and tutorials about the platform in the Klinkk blog.

Since few weeks, Erik has introduced the Premium Services, that you can use to automate your submission to Klinkk, adding as many RSS feeds as you need. Plus, you’ll receive social media marketing and advertising bonus, depending on the plan you choose.

Seen how things are going, Erik is planning to add soon an affiliate program.

Erik’s eBooks

Erik has written a couple of eBooks, at sale on Amazon:

He’s working now on writing a new eBook, where he will share guide, tips and secrets on how to build a steady income online.

Erik’s Love for Extreme Sports

Erik has always been an adrenaline junkie.

He practiced several extreme sports, like bunjee jumping, canyoning, rafting, free-climbing, diving, snowboarding and kick-boxing (check his Facebook profile for pictures).

Since May of this year, he finally realized one of his dream and started to learn skydiving.

He has just created a site with his own name, ErikEmanuelli, where he will share videos, images, tutorials and any other content about skydiving and his experience.

His goal is to become a certified sky diver (which he thinks he will realize soon this year), and start to compete in the “freefly” skydiving tournaments.

You can follow his progress on his YouTube channel.

Some Other Niche Sites of Erik:

  • SmartMarketerz, a blog to learn about internet marketing, web traffic and social media;
  • Travel’n’Tips, a site with information about destinations all over the world;
  • BizSmallBiz, with small business trends, tips and ideas;
  • TokyoEzine, about Tokyo and Japan guide, news and information.

Some Recent Interviews of Erik:

Connect with Erik on Social Media:

Engage with him here!

I encourage you hook up with Erik in the comment box below. Ask him questions. discuss with him. He’ll be here to interact with you.

49 thoughts on “How Erik Emanuelli Makes A Solid Income Online!”

  1. Hello Enstine

    First of all I would like to congratulate Erik bro for his feature on your blog. I know him since the day I’ve started blogging and everytime, he bring something new of worth reading. I Still gotta learn a lot from him.


  2. Erik is a very inspirational blogger. I already know him because of his great blog, Although i know about klinkk but rarely use that.

  3. Thanks Enstine for sharing such an inspiring journey of Erik with us. He is really a great blogger. I am user of Klinkk. It is a great platform where we can share our valuable post and stay connected with other bloggers. Thanks Erik for creating such an excellent blogging platform.

  4. Hey Enstine,
    It’s like a dream comes true that Erik is here. He is one of the person in my follow list, Erik is one who encourage me by his work (klinkk) a lot. I was one of them,whose day starts with klinkk.

    And I want to thank Erik for it.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mohd,
      thanks for your kind words.
      Your comment motivates me to work even harder to improve Klinkk and give members a better place.
      I really appreciate your feedback and I look forward to interact with you there!

  5. Hi Enstine,
    What a nice article you have written here about Erik Emanuelli. It’s really inspiring us and Thanks for sharing his thoughts and tips. I first time visited his blogs and really interesting.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. Hello Enstine!
    Great post! Thanks for introducing us to Erik. It’s very inspiring to see how others like Erik are living their dream by leveraging the Internet. I can’t wait to check out some of his article that you referenced.
    Thanks for sharing about the blogging platform Klinkk. It is new to me and I look forward to exploring it.
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Lisa,
      thanks for taking the time to read and comment here.

      You may want to sign up at Klinkk to get targeted traffic to your submitted stories and to build new connections.
      Let me know if you need any help!

      I look forward to know you more and have a great beginning of week!

  7. Hi Enstine Sir,

    Thank you for disclosing about Erik Emanuelli. Your article helps me to know more about him. Really He is truly a great Entrepreneur. My co-author Sarmista is a active member of Klinkk. I would like thank Erik for giving us a platform where We can share our article and bind with other bloggers.

    All The Best Erik for your Blog and Wishing you a fun field Weekend.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Hi Carol,
    pleasure to hear from you here.

    We’re already connected via Twitter, and I had the pleasure to share some of your posts.
    I am glad you took the time to read about me here.

    It’s great we can connect more on social media.
    Thanks for your kind words,
    and I look forward to learn from each other!

  9. Hi Enstine,

    What a great post on Erik Emanuelli as I feel like I really know him now when I had never heard his name before! 🙂

    Thanks so much for telling me about Klinkk – I just registered for my free account, and it seems very easy to use. I’ve already voted for some of your articles.

    Wow, Erik is quite the entrepreneur with many sites – how does he manage it all? Very impressive. I’ll definitely connect with him on social media and have a look at his sites.

    Thanks for highlighting this extraordinary man today, Enstine as I really enjoy connecting with powerful action-taking entrepreneurs.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    – Carol Amato

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for featuring Erik! He’s such a supportive, kind and thoughtful guy, and what a story too, right?

    From thrill seeking to traveling I so appreciate his lifestyle. Traveling-wise I haven’t reached 30 countries yet but I’m working on it. As for thrill-seeking I didn’t engage in any of his activities but I did pet three, 400 pound tigers in their cage once. That’s pretty nuts 😉

    Erik is driven, focused and I don’t know how he accomplishes so much, running so many blogs at once. He’s a gem, and this interview shows how being kind, and paying it forward, prospers you….because the guy is always promoting folks left and right.

    Love it man.

    Tweeting now Enstine.

    Have a fun weekend 🙂


    • Hi Ryan,
      great to see your comment here, my friend!

      I would love to pet a tiger, I adore big cats!
      I have, like you in Fiji, a small tiger at home,
      less fierce, but still adorable : I am in love with my kitten! 😉

      Thanks for the kind words.
      Just giving, without asking something in return, is the way to go.
      Good karma will come back, sooner or later.
      And you know it better than me, Ryan!

      I appreciate your comment,
      I wish you a fantastic weekend over there. 😀

      Talk to you soon!

  11. Hi Enstine, very nice of you to have Erik here. Brilliant article and facts.

    Erik is indeed a gem and it is evident with the success he attracts with everything he do it online. I wasn’t aware of all the sites he owned, now I do.

    Having so many niche sites with successful flow is admirable and envious from my side. I am eager to have such stats for me too.

    • Hello Rohan,
      thanks for your kind words.
      With hard work, everyone can reach a good income online.

      As Steve Jobs said,
      “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

      Keep up the great work and success will come. 🙂

  12. Hi Erik

    I am much proud to see you here because your name in blogosphere doesn’t need any introduction and I also been in connect with you at your blog and at your blogging forum.
    But my main reason of pride is the fact I already have gotten this honor to be featured blogger here.

    After being honored here how much feedback and response I got at my blog and social media I think you might already came to know after having the same honor.

    Your ebooks are really cool and I like the first one especially that is a complete guide to start an online business.

    I am so thankful to Enstine he initiated this very useful series of letting bloggers know each other and share their experiences.

    Hope to see you around.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Hello Mi,
      thanks for being here adding your views.

      The honour to be featured here along great names like you is mine!

      I appreciate you taking the time to read about me, checking my eBooks and my sites.

      It’s great to have connected with you,
      have a good weekend!

  13. Hi Enstine

    Thanks for introducing us to Erik and Klinkk – it sounds a useful resource that I hadn’t come across before!

    Am also looking forward to reading some of the posts on his main blog. I think the more people spread the message that WORK is required, the better. Too much hype out there!

    Have a good weekend.

    • Hi Joy,
      first of all thanks for connecting with me.

      I am glad you registered to Klinkk,
      I hope you will meet new bloggers there, in order to increase your connections.

      You’re right,
      as any other business, also the online journey is made by hard work,
      if you want to have any good future or reach any success.

      Thanks for your comment,
      I look forward to learn more about you.

      Have a great weekend!

  14. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing about Erik. It is lovely to know many bloggers through your platform.

    I also want to be featured lets see when that lucky day will come haha.

    Thanks again for letting us know many more different stuff through your blog.

  15. Hi Enstine,

    So, Erik is the creator Klinkk?
    No wonder I often hear about him. 😀
    I think, the way you introduce someone is very smart. Previously I was not so familiar with Erik, but after reading this article, it makes me want to get in touch with him. 🙂

    I agree with the suggestion from Siraj, I also want to see Pat Flynn here. That would be great, Enstine 😀

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Have a splendid week ahead.


  16. Hi Enstine,

    So glad you are sharing Erik with us today!!! I have been following him for more than a month now and his content is spectacular.

    I recently joined and it’s a fantastic platform. What I really like is that it’s not one you can just join and start putting your content out there. You have to contribute to the community by engaging with others first. It’s a great way to help some people develop really good habits and get them thinking about others first over themselves.

    I would love to try skydiving some day. However, not sure I really have the guts, lol…

    Great post and thanks for sharing more about him with us!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hello Don,
      thanks for your kind comment,
      I really appreciate it.

      I am sure Klinkk will keep growing in the next months,
      and I hope you can create interesting connections there.

      You should try skydiving Don!
      It’s simply amazing!
      You can try with a tandem skydive someday. 😉

      Thanks again for being here reading and commenting,
      have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Enstine!

    Thank you for introducing me to Erik!

    Erik, Just went to your blog and it is fantastic. I also never heard of Klinkk until now. So I jumped over there and joined. As I was there, I found many of my blogging friends. This is wonderful! The community looks like an active one and I’ll find my way around it after this comment.

    I’m so happy to learn about you and what you are doing…a fantastic job!


    • Hi Donna,
      thanks for connecting!

      I appreciate your kind words,
      and I am happy you registered at Klinkk.
      I hope you can build up some good new connections there.

      I look forward to interact with you,
      and I wish you a great weekend! 🙂

  18. once again another heavy weight in the blogging industry get featured on Enstine’s blog. It’s been a wonderful experience having all these pros in the house reading about their success and struggles to become a successful blogger.

    I have come to know a bit about Erick for some time and no doubt about it, he is someone who has seen most of it all when it comes to make money blogging.

    His NoPassiveIncome blog is a very good place to learn and explore your blogging journey. And klinkk? just one stop place for content marketers.

    The last time I saw his sky diving pics, I was like…oh! Is this Erik’s twins or what is he doing thousands of feets above the earth?

    Is good when you live to your full potentials and take yourself beyond limits. Whatever the mind can dream of, the man can achieve.

    Thanks Erik, and more of it to Enstine for providing such a platform to showcase those who have really walk the walk and worthy enough to be emulate.

    • Hello Shamsudeen,
      and thanks for your kind words! 🙂

      I am glad you enjoy NPI blog and I appreciate you being active on Klinkk community.

      But most of all, I like you mentioned my skydiving passion!
      I really love what I do at more than 13000 feets above the earth and I have just one word for the emotions I feel flying : Freedom!

      I really hope to be able to skydive for the rest of my life.

      Thanks for your comment,
      have a great day!

  19. Hi Erik,

    Welcome to Enstine’s blog, though this time on the other side, and it’s great to see you featured here today 🙂

    I did know about your love for sports and skydiving, but I certainly didn’t know you were into the banking sector and then into the export sector and been traveling a great deal. Must’ve been such a switch to hop over the Blogosphere, and I wonder how are you liking the change too from what you were doing earlier? 🙂

    Yes, who doesn’t know of Klinkk, and though one’s joined it sometime back, I love the way you have set it up and putting up a post and sharing everyone else’s is very easy. I wish you all the luck with it because I know it’s going to go places for sure.

    Thanks for sharing more about Erik with us, Enstine. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    • Harleena,
      great to see you! 🙂

      You know, when I started in the banking sector, it was one of my first jobs after my studies, it was like the the biggest goal achieved.
      But soon I realized that I felt like trapped in the 09:00-5:00 working journey.
      And believe me, the salary was good, and moreover, it was a secure place!

      So one of the companies I was dealing with (client of the bank) offered me a job as Export Manager.
      I accepted right away, as it was a job which allowed me to travel and being paid for!
      I travelled a lot, during 8 years, and I worked for 3 different companies as Export Manager.
      But also here, after sometime, I missed the freedom, I still was working for someone else, not for myself!
      So beginning of this year I open my company, and left the secure job.

      I’ve some project in development (some of them “offline”), but I really love what I do online.
      I can work anytime, anywhere.
      Of course there are some risks, as the economic compensation for what you do, above all the first years, is not commensurate with your efforts, but I am pretty satisfied until now.

      I have many hopes with Klinkk, and only time will tell me if it will be a success.
      But I am quite satisfied until now, as I receive so many natural mentions and backlinks every week, which tell me I am doing at least something good.

      It’s always a big pleasure to “talk” to you Harleena.
      Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

      • I can so well understand what you mean by the full time job, having gone through the same myself, and nothings better than working at your own pace, from home now 🙂

        You’ve surely gone through a lot and enriched with so much of experience, including the skydiving and all of those activities – wonder how you find time for all of it, including blogging!

        Klinkk is picking up very well and no doubts about it’s progress as well. Yes…lol…nice ‘talking’ to you too 🙂

  20. Wow, it’s really great to my favourite expert blogger Erik Emanuelli here on enstinemuki dot com. A special thanks goes to you Enstine sir for featuring several impressive things of Erik.

    I am going to check out Erik’s eBooks right now and hope i will got some of the best blogging tactics and suggestions from here.

    Thanks for this great share 🙂

  21. Wow, it’s really great to my favpurate expert blogger Erik Emanuelli here on enstinemuki dot com. A special thanks goes to you Enstine sir for featuring several impresive things of Erik.

    I am going to check out Erik’s eBooks right now and hope i will got some of the best blogging tactics and suggetions from here.

    Thanks for this great share 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, Amit.
      It means a lot to me.

      And thanks also for being so active on Klinkk.
      You deserved to have won the second giveaway at the end of June.

      I hope you are receiving some good hits to your blog from your ad on top sidebar of Klinkk! 😉

  22. Hey Enstine,

    It’s great to see Erik on your blog, i know Erik because of I never knew that he has some other blogs too.

    Why don’t you feature Pat Flynn on your blog? I would love to read him here and i hope it will attract more visitors.

    Thanks, i loved reading this.


    • Hey bro,
      I’m in a process that will feature many bloggers. Thanks for the suggestion.
      BTW, why did you skip yourself and talk about Pat? Ain’t you a great blogger too?

      • Wow! Are you offering me a feature on your blog? I would love to be featured here 😛 By the way, I’m in learning phase and i still need to struggle a lot to be like Pat and you.

        Thanks for the compliment though.


      • Hey Enstine

        Another Featured member and this time Erik’s i know him from a long time and following him, even i use klinkk for social bookmarking but rarely i get any comments and visitors from their even after having quality post due to less engagement

        • Hi Suprabhat,
          thanks for reading my story.

          I am glad you are a good member at Klinkk,
          but you see, as any other blogging community (and as you mentioned),
          you need to be active, in order to receive real engagement form other members.

          So you need to be the first to comment on other stories, and blog posts.
          And soon you will receive back social signals and engagement.
          It’s all about power of reciprocity.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Hi Siraj,
      thanks for being here.

      I am glad you know me via Klinkk, and I am happy to introduce you my main NoPassiveIncome blog, together with some of my others niche sites.

      I’ve a question for you, if you let me:
      I see you started a brand new blog, “ProMarketerz”,
      have you dropped “BlogCooters” blog?

      • Hey Erik,

        I just checked your blog and it’s awesome, it seems i have visited this blog before but i neglected it but now i’m not going to neglect it anymore.

        Yes, I’ve left BlogCooters and i’m glad that i did because this blog is turning into a good income stream for me.

        BTW, i have a question for you too; How’s my new blog?

        -Siraj Wahid

        • Glad to know you visited my blog, Siraj, thanks!

          I am familiar with your new blog, because I personally visit all the stories submitted to Klinkk.
          So I noticed you changed your main blog.

          I see “ProMarketerz” has already some good stats, even if it’s new.
          The layout is clean and you share quality content.

          I’ve just dropped a comment on your latest blog post:
          “Marketing Your Blog: 5 Traffic Streams You Are Neglecting Everyday”.

          By the way, why arent’ you using CommentLuv there?

          P.S. It’s fun your blog title is similar to one of my new blogs too (“SmartMarketerz”). 😉

          • That’s what i like about you, you visit the stories and comment on them as well. It’s really good to see you developing good relationships with fellow bloggers.

            By the way, thanks for commenting on that entry. I disabled Comment Luv due to some issues, i will enable it again in few days.

            Yup, my blog’s name resonates with yours, i just checked it 😛

            -Siraj Wahid

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