Attention! Donna Merrill will help grow your business!

There are lots of talented bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs reading my blog daily. Most of them have something to help grow your business and succeed both online and offline.

From time to time, I’ll be featuring them here on this blog, giving you the opportunity to meet them so they can breath more growth on your business.

Today I’m starting this exercise with an exciting friend of mine. Since reading her blog constantly, I have grown to be more proficient in blogging and it’s always very exciting whenever she publishes a new article on her blog.

Donna Merrill built up a professional practice years ago as an intuitive consultant. She continues to run this highly successful practice to this very day.

In addition, she also runs an online business.  She is a highly successful blogger, product creator and co-founder (with her husband) of an online business coaching club.

Donna started blogging in 2010, and quickly blossomed into a popular personality within the blogging community, and on Facebook.

On her blog, Donna’s main theme reflects her years of personal consulting. She focuses on helping people achieve a breakthrough toward achieving their online dreams.  In fact, Donna has a rather unique gift for getting people past obstacles in their lives, and breaking through walls that have blocked them from reaching their full potential as online entrepreneurs, and just as fulfilled human beings.

donna merrill

Her passion is people.  She loves to lend a helping hand to others on a one on one basis or through her blog.

Donna first came online to be a “forerunner” for her clients… to help them develop their own online businesses.  Many of her clients, even accomplished professionals, were unhappy with their daily jobs and careers.   They wanted to give more to the world while creating more freedom for themselves.  This gave Donna the “aha moment” to jump into the blogosphere.

“It wasn’t easy at first,” Donna points out.  She calls her blog “Donna Merrill Tribe” because of Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” (2008).  Donna realized that building a blog and a business would be greatly facilitated by joining forces with a community of people, rather than going it alone.

She still holds to that principle.  She runs her blog and her online business like a tight-knit community.

As a blogger, Donna shares content that her readers can learn from.  She is big on reciprocity, and teaches her students that in order to be a successful blogger, you must answer every comment left by your readers.  You then need to go to their blogs, read thoroughly and leave your own thoughtful comment.  Then, of course syndicate it on your social media sites if you think your friends and followers there will value it.

Donna’s altruistic character of putting others first has always been her “claim to fame”.

In time, she found herself doing a lot of one to one counseling with online clients.  She noticed there were so many newbies starting up blogs that it inspired her to create her video tutorial product, “Blogging Magic.”  It is designed to help new bloggers, as well as seasoned ones, blog more effectively.

Donna then partnered with her husband to create the Whirlwind Success “VIP Club.”  Donna says that  “we both bring a lot to bring to the table with our unique capabilities.”  So this online coaching club was a perfect way to get to share this intimately with “VIP Club” members.

Recently, Donna decided to produce premium live webinar tutorials.  They are free to “VIP Club” members, and are available to non-members for a nominal cost of admission.  The first such live event was “Turn Your Blog Into A Business,” and others are already in production.

“I just had to develop these products for others so that they can grow their business,” she says of her digital products and highly unique coaching club.

Donna’s online products that she is currently promoting:

Her product “Blogging Magic” has got some reviews

  • “Blogging Magic” was reviewed by Lesly Federici at the Power Affiliate Club. Here is the review
  • Another review was by Sylviane Nuccio. Read the review here

Some of her latest posts are:

  • Blogging For Network Marketers
  • Engagement Blogging
  • 4 Essential Steps Of Affiliate Blogging

Some Recent Interviews I recommend you check out:

Donna on social media:

Time to engage with Donna Merrill

Donna will certainly be excited to have a chat with you. I encourage you shoot her a mail, visit her blog, visit her social media profiles and follow her.

You can also ask her  a question in the comment box below. She will be here to give answers.


29 thoughts on “Attention! Donna Merrill will help grow your business!”

  1. Hi Enstine; Donna does have a powerful voice in the blogging world. and she has proven to be very kind and supportive if her replies to my comments are any indication. I need to get farther along on my own products. just recently started charging for coaching and am about half way through completing my first ebook. but I’m getting there. thanks for sharing her with uss. there are still so many people who deserve to meet her. take care, max

    • Hi Max,
      so excited to see you here this Monday morning and thanks for the engagement with these featured bloggers. I can’t wait to see you feature here too. You are a unique blogger I have ever come across

  2. Hello Enstine,

    Thanks for the wonderful article and letting us know about Donna Merrill.

    Hi Donna, This is feeling nice to reading your review. I came to knew about your blog from here. I met some of your posts. Such a wonderful job you are doing.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


  3. Donna,

    Great article. You have developed so much skill and experience with blogging, social networking and go-giving. And now you are giving even more to those who sign up for your Blogging Tribe, Blogging Magic Course or your VIP Club with your husband. Having read so many of yours and your husband, David’s posts over the years, I can attest to the fact that you both are a wealth of information and can certainly help others to quickly build their online businesses.

    Dr. Erica

  4. Hi Donna,
    I love the fact that you partnered with your husband to create your online coaching club. My husband and I created a business together years ago. Most of my friends always say that they could never work with their spouse but I wouldn’t hesitate starting another business with mine.

  5. Hi Donna,

    Nice to see ya up here!

    I have been falling Mrs. Donna Merrill for a while, and I must say everyone should follow her to get the basics of the blogging. Moreover, she is glad to help others which is why everyone loves her.


  6. Hi Harleena!

    It is so great to see you back. So glad that you enjoyed your time away that was well deserved and congratulations on your new blog!

    I too am so happy I have known you for a long time. I’m an avid reader of your blog as you know and so honored to be here on Enstine’s blog!

    When David and I joined our specific talents together it was the best thing we ever did. The product took us some time to do, and we are creating more and more as we become “product creators” We sure are busy these days with so many people calling us for their “free session” that comes with this specific product. And, we are so grateful that everyone we meet are wonderful people.

    You know me Harleena, I’m a people person and get so excited to meet and work closely with those around the globe!

    Thanks so much for your kind words,

  7. Hi Donna – what a lovely surprise to see you featured here today at Enstine’s blog 🙂

    Not to mention the awesome review you’ve written, Enstine – you always make your guests feel so special! I am finally back….and am glad I landed on this post – surely been a while, but it’s good to be here today 🙂

    Yes, Donna and David are doing so well for themselves, especially with the launch of their new product to help new and seasoned bloggers. I think everyone can benefit from their course, after all learning never really ends. I am SO glad to have known her for a long time now and have seen her slowly grow and reach great heights – that’s what I would call progress, where you evolve yourself by helping others.

    Thanks for sharing more of her with us. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Wow! If I had the means, I’ll offer you wine! Welcome back Harleena. So glad you are back. Hope you had real fun and family. You are surely refreshed now and I can see your fingers kicking those keys on the keywboard.

      Thanks for interacting with Donna here. My list of female exceptional blogging friends keep growing ;). Donna is great and I hope to review her product here one day.

      do have a wonderful weekend dear friend, and once again welcome 😉

  8. Hi Donna and Enstine,

    It’s good to see both of my friends here in the same spot. 🙂

    Donna, I’d say you are one of the most versatile blogger there is. You have a dynamic and sweet personality. I just want to thank you for truly engaging with me here on the blogosphere as well as Facebook and Google+. You are truly a GEM. <3

    I am so proud of you for executing the webinars online. For me this will take place almost NEVER. LOL!!!!! I'm not sure I want to do a webinar. But I'm all for Video Blogging or Video Making of some sort. I still continue to learn "Final Cut Pro" because I someday would like to execute a professional musical video. Yeah. Like the one you see on these professional music & entertainer trailer of some sort.

    Anyhoo, girlfriend, I congratulate you for being a Guest Poster here on Enstine. I know that he is extremely picky on who he picked for a guest poster. I hope the two of you have a wonderful weekend. God bless…


    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for your kind words from the heart. As for doing a webinar…Never say never girl! I remember your first video and you have come such a long way. Now you are singing on videos!

      You catch on fast and I’m sure that no matter what your goals are you will achieve them. You are a dynamo!


  9. Hi Enstine

    What a great feature story on Donna!! I’ve known Donna and David for many years now and they have both helped me tremendously in starting my business blog. As you state, Donna’s passion is indeed people. She is always ready to offer genuine, spot on advice!!

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous post!
    – Monisha

    • Hi Monisha,

      Good to see you here! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, we do go back. Back to the days when I met you doing the 9 to 5 job. Now look how far you have come! I am so happy that you now work from home and have time to grow up your daughter…all with your online business.


  10. I know I got here later than many because I was a “sleepy head” this morning, but I want to thank Enstine for featuring me here on his blog. I am truly honored and grateful when he asked me to do this feature.

    I have the highest respect for you Enstine not only as a fantastic blogger, giving so much great information to others, but also for your ethical business and genuine care for others.


    • It’s an interesting exercise to have you featured here Donna and thanks for the sweet words. You have a lot to offer people online so it will be wrong not to tell the world about it.

      Have fun here with my readers 😉

  11. Hey Enstine,

    So nice to see Donna featured here today. She’s one of my favorite people online and I was attracted to her because of her presence in social media. I knew I could learn a lot from this lady and not only have I been able to do that and continue to this day but now she’s someone I’m able to call a dear friend.

    What Donna and David are doing with Blogging Magic is to provide for new bloggers and some seasoned as well a place they can learn from those who have been there, done that and keep doing up to this day. They are caring, compassionate and really love helping others succeed in their business and in life.

    I’m glad you showcased her here today Enstine, you couldn’t have picked a better person.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      This coming from you no doubt points to the value one gets from her services. I’m proud of her here on my blog and will recommend her services day in, day out 😉

      Thanks for your voice on this post. Do have a wonderful rest of the week Adrienne.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, we are friends. We met via social media and immediately connected. We have done so many Google+ Hangouts together and not only helped one another, but always had a great time.

      Every last Thursday of the month Adrienne does “Thankful Thursdays” and features many great people to connect with. I woke up one Thursday and the first thing I said …jumping out of my bed was “Wow…It’s Thankful Thursday at Adrienne’s place!” We laughed about that.

      Thank you Adrienne for your kind words and positive input, especially about my product. I so appreciate it coming from you.


  12. Hi Enstine,

    Wow, fantastic review you’ve written about Donna’s buisiness to help bloggers. I have myself written a review of her new product few months ago, but does she know about it? If she doesn’t I hope you’ll let her know.

    I wanted to add that I voucher for Donna and her husband David in case your readers would like to have some positive feedback. Great people who love people 🙂

    • She’s such a source of exact knowledge and I hope my readers get to know her better. Your endorsement is another push. Thanks for adding your voice Sylviane 😉

    • Hi Sylviane,

      Oh my gosh…I know that you had done a wonderful review about my product. Also so appreciate that you did so. I was featured on so many blogs, my head was spinning and I was trying to recall who did what.

      I wish I would have included that wonderful review you had done with my product. I do appreciate you Sylviane for always being an avid reader of my blog and also a friend.

      Sylviane is one of my dear friends on Google+ Hangouts we have done every week last year, but now as we all got so busy , we still keep in touch, and do hang out once in a while.

      Sylviane is one of my “teachers” when it comes to writing. I have learned so much from her. And I always look forward to her other blog where she always gives great content with self development because she is a certified life coach.


  13. There is no doubt Madam Donna is an astute figure when it comes to blogging. I read her blog often as well and the quality she channels out is just filled with lots of insights.

    • You are very correct Emmanuel
      I recommend her blog so highly. It’s a good place to grab more accurate knowledge.

      It’s been good to have you around man

      • Hi Emmanuel,

        Yes, we have crossed paths many times with our blogs. I too find your content so interesting. I am so glad that you find what I write useful.

  14. Donna Merrils is doing great job by providing help to others this will surely help to let create her own existence in blogosphere hence genieune customers

    • Hi Suprabhat,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! That’s my passion…helping others! I do like to attract a good customer base of people who want to learn and grow.


      • even i like to help others in blogging, i want to deliver every knowledge i have to everyone if you want any help in helping other i am always ready. Just drop me a message

        • That’s the spirit of blogging Suprabhat!
          We learn something, and immediately share it on our blog for others. If one of our readers or social media friends have a question, we help them out. It takes many people helping each other to reach success. That is what I love about being a blogger!

          Good to know there are people like you in the world.


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