Affiliates! Get paid per free signup on BlogExpose!

get paid for free signups

I have added an affiliate system to BlogExpose and I want to pay you for every blogger you refer to the platform. My aim is to make sure everyone that tries to promote this money making tool makes money.

NB: If you don’t know what BlogExpose is, check out this detailed post I wrote on Carol’s blog and be sure to sign up for free.

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How to Build a Blog Community with Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Do you want to learn how to build a blog community? Do you want to take your blog from a ghost town to a busy and noisy city? Do you want to learn the hidden secrets of networking with the right people in your niche?

Now, in today’s Thursday post, I’m going to tell you the story of someone that’s an icon in blogging. She’s helped many (including me) to be successful in blogging today.

Adrienne Smith has what you need to grow your blog from an almost abandoned home to a busy business ground where everyone signs up to receive important materials.

Note that we are continuing our journey of discovering awesome bloggers. You may want to check out this list of some more bloggers I have featured in the past.

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How I automate 95% of my Online Business! Clone my method.

automate online business

One very cool aspect of online business is the fact that you can automate up to 99% of business procedures and then focus on other areas that grow your business or maybe pay more attention to family.

Can you steal my brain?

Well, this is exactly what I do so I want you to clone my method. The reason is this:

When you too have more of your business effectively run by bots, we are surely going to meet at the beach, have more time to catch fun while the business runs on its own, generating income and profit. Yeah!

Most of you hanging around me know that being a blogger, I love developing apps for my fellow bloggers. Recently, there was BroadedNet (sold on Flippa) and now, I’m currently running BlogExpose.

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What Bloggers Must Know about Web Hosting: 9 Ways to Stay Out of Troubles

I simply can’t stress enough how important it is to host your blog with a good web host. What makes a good web host?

The key is a host that provides fast loading time and an impeccable uptime record.

Keep in mind that uptime is absolutely essential, as you need your readers to be able to access the content on your blog 24/7. After all, if potential customers go to visit your blog only to find that it is down, they could very well take their readership (and their business) elsewhere.

In addition, speed is becoming increasingly important in terms of SEO. Google has been using site speed as a critical ranking factor since 2010. A faster blog host means a faster blog, which translates into higher Google rankings.

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Android file manager ~ ES File Explorer!

One of the biggest challenges of Android Phone users is being able to flexibly and effortlessly manage phone files and apps locally and remotely

I know the popular Android Os comes with an inbuilt file explorer/browser/manager but the simple truth is users are always looking for the best Android file manager with more feature that enhance user experience.

My wife had some wonderful pictures on her phone so after transferring some to my Android phone through Bluetooth, I thought there could be a better way to handle these files.

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Learn Growth Hacks for your business with Chioma Anozie!

Chioma Anozie

Another interesting Thursday is here and it’s time to showcase someone awesome. Like I mentioned before, I love Thursdays because I get to talk about bloggers and their products.

I try as much as possible to touch bloggers allover the world, especially those reading my blog. I’m not charging any cent for this. I’m just excited that I’m able to give someone more exposure while helping my readers connect with awesome people.

Today, we are meeting someone coming up so strong. Adrienne Smith mentioned here on her Magical Monday post  and I think she has her place on that post.

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