30,000 BroadedNet Credits From Kharim Tomlinson

kharim tomlinson broaded

Kharim Tomlinson of Webmaster-Success is an experienced blogger. I have known him since years back and have been reading his blog even before dreaming to start mine.

I knew Kharim when I created EasyRetweet and he was one of those bloggers who worked closely with me on the platform to make it a useful tool for bloggers.

Today, I have created BroadedNet and he is one of the active users on board.

BroadedNet is wonderful traffic platform uniquely created for bloggers. I created this platform so that bloggers can have a tool to help them get targeted traffic without commenting on entries, voting, liking, etc.

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Break Through STUCK, Unleash Greatness with Deborah Tutnauer!

It’s 2015 and I’m exciting I’m bringing you the first blogger of the week for the year. She’s someone exciting and someone you’d love to meet.

I have known this wonderful blogger since last year but before I give you some more details about her, you may want to know the bloggers I featured last year. Check out about them here. These are very unique and interesting bloggers so having them in your community will be a huge plus.

In 2015, I’ll give another step ahead. I have worked closely with many bloggers who at the same time are product creators. So beside featuring bloggers, I’ll be dedicating some posts to talking about their products, helping them find the market while proposing something useful to my community.

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34,000 BroadedNet Credits, GuestCrew Contest & Huge Exposure! Helping fellow bloggers get traffic!


Isn’t it beautiful that we are getting more results from BroadedNet? All you simply have to do is fill a simple form that takes you less than 60 seconds ;

  • Copy and paste your post title
  • Copy and paste your Post URL
  • Select a Category
  • Set amount of credits to be given out
  • Enter keywords (optional)
  • Then hit the submit button.

That’s all it takes! No voting, no commenting, no sharing required. BroadedNet is based on a very beautiful and effective concept that sends you targeted traffic even while you are away. 

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How I made a quick $200 with help from Google Analytics!

google webmaster tools

This is some amazing trick (from Google Analytics) I want to share with you today. As a matter of fact, it looks like there are ways to make money everywhere. Once you have a blog that’s read, you can always make money.

I did some unthinkable thing and it landed a quick $200 straight to my Paypal. $200 may not buy you a new car but I think if you can clone this idea, you may be able to raise that same amount or more to cover some cost 😉

It all started with Google Analytics. This is some very amazing free tool we have with tons of marketing data most of us unfortunately don’t know how to use.

Here is what happened … 

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December 2014 Report – Income, 188 authors, 528 Comments!

Wow! This is January 2015. Another year behind us 😉

You know why I’m even more excited? The fact that you are reading this post 😉 Yes! You again are here this year 2015. That’s the beauty of the whole thing.

You are y very precious gift this year. Everything else can go but with you, I’m so satisfied. Thanks for making it again to my blog.

One thing is very sure – we have beautiful days ahead my dear friend. FYI, Nothing shall stop us! I’m going to keep nothing back from you this year. Just make sure you are on my list here. Watch as we make it big this year.

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MoboRobo 3.0 ~ Most Intuitive Android PC Manager

moborobo android pc manager

In my last Moborobo review, I brought to you with a great deal of excitement some interesting details about the most robust smartphone PC manager, Moborobo. It’s is the cross platform software that helps you move contacts and other information between Android and iOS devices.

I know as a smartphone user, it makes more sense to be able to effortlessly connect your phone to your PC, move pictures and movies, contacts, download stuffs, etc so that’s what you get with MoboRobo.

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