How to Write a Guest Post that Grows Your Business

Guest posting is hands down one of the best ways to grow your online business.

Bonding with top pros in your niche and leveraging your presence are 2 guest posting related chief business builders not to be ignored.

But you need to guest post intelligently to actually increase your profits through this medium.

Most bloggers never capitalize on guest posting, get frustrated, throw in the towel, and quit on this powerful strategy because they don’t know how to grow their venture through this channel.

If you do it right you will become a highly successful and prospering blogger by guest posting on the right blogs in your niche.

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Follow these tips to boost your online income through guest posting.

Where to find sites that will accept your post?

That’s easy. Just read this guide that will teach you how to find those sites. At the end of the article, you will also find a list of more than 5,000 websites. Categorized.

1: Guest Post on Blogs from Your Niche

My business helps bloggers become successful bloggers, from my eBooks to audio books, paperbacks and blogging courses.

So I guest post on blogs directly related to the blogging tips niche, like Enstine’s blog.

Publish guest posts for readers specifically interested in your business offering. Expand your business by speaking to and helping highly targeted readers.

Do not waste much time guest posting on blogs not specifically related to your niche because their readers have little interest in your blog or business offerings.

2: Guest Post for Successful Bloggers

I am no idiot; I know Enstine does quite nicely for himself, financially.

He generates steady cash flow through his online business. This means his readers have cash to spend on his offerings.

Since Enstine has a prospering readership I know these readers are likely to buy my blogging eBook or course if I help solve their blogging problems through guest posts.

Guys; seek out and befriend successful bloggers. Help these pros. Build bonds. Learn from these blogging big dawgs. Gain invites to guest post for their prospering, abundant communities.

3: Do Your Best for Every Guest Post

Some bloggers cling to a weird, business damaging habit; this crowd saves their best content for their blogs and submits average or even crappy guest posts. No wonder these people never seem to have success with guest posts.

Readers of the Bible remember this wisdom: “Hold back, and it will be held back from you.” Never hold back guys. Be generous. Submit your best effort every time. Write helpful, quality guest posts brimming with value.

Act abundantly to tune into abundance in the form of increased online business. Impress readers who hire you, endorse you and buy your products.

4: Guest Post Persistently

After landing a guest post on Positively Positive I did not expect to become a billionaire overnight.

I did receive a traffic surge to Blogging From Paradise. More people emailed me after the post went live. But like all growth in life, business growth is progressive, happening in stages.

Most amateur bloggers foolishly believe if they land one guest post on a top blog that they will become famous and rich. Not true. Successful bloggers who run thriving businesses persistently and patiently publish guest posts on high profile blogs throughout their niche.

I’ve published 600 guest posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com. I’ve published 5 to 40 guest posts on at least 5 blogs that I can think of at the moment. Never mind the 100 plus one time guest posts I’ve published.

Guys; be generous by guest posting persistently on a series of blogs in your niche. Stick around. Don’t be a stranger. Grow your blogging business profits by being a steady, helpful, familiar presence, not a blogging flash in the pan.

Wrap Up

Be generous.

Be persistent.

Guest post on top blogs specifically in your blogging niche.

Grow your business effectively through guest blogging.

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