How to attract more comments on your blog – Not what you think!

When I got into blogging in August of 2012, commenting was (and is still) one of my favorite blogging activities. I have been able to connect with many exciting (I mean very exciting) folks in the industry.

If you are just new to blogging, trust me commenting on blogs in your niche will quickly drive your business forward.

You don’t just comment for the sake of it. Comment for relationships. Don’t even comment for backlinks. Add value in your comments and watch what happens.

From the point of view of blog owners, I was thinking about things to do to say Thank You to my comment authors.

One of these is to reply to their comments of course. But beyond that, I created  this free plugin. What it does is generate a list of all your comment authors for the specified month.

It’s backend-based and only runs once you are on it. It doesn’t impact your load speed in anyway. So once you generate the simple HTML code, open the code view of your content editor and paste.

There are three different templates in the current version and one of them is what you see below.

Use the free plugin to attract more comment authors

By generating and publishing a list of your comment authors (with dofollow/nofollow links), you actually  get them back. The plugin’s inbuilt email alert system sends a friendly mail thanking them and linking back to the article on your blog.

Of course the mail isn’t triggered automatically. You have to write some stuff (or just send the template), and then insert the link to the Thank You post.

For more on using the plugin, checkout this post

Top comment authors of all times

One other neat information you get is the names of top three commentators on your blog since its history. This information is displayed by default on your dashboard.

comment authors

You may as well displayed this on your front-end using the sidebar widget.

Displaying the list of commentators in a blog post

This is actually something very simple to do. Go to plugin dashboard: Settings ->MyCommentAuthors


Select the Month and Year.

If you want to reward your commentators with dofollow backlink, you need to specify the number of comments to quality. By default, if someone drops 20 comments, the plugin rewards with a dofollow backlink. That can be changed though.

Use the Page break option to break a long list into different pages.

There are currently three templates in the current version. It’s your choice which to use. In this post, I have chosen to use the Simple Text List template.

Once you are done with the options, click “Generate” and the HTML code will be generated. Grab it and paste on the blog post to publish.

Sending a friendly Thank You mail and basic Settings

mycommentauthors basicsIf you are on the list below, you must have received a mail from me thanking you for your comment. Of course that mail came with a link to this post.

The Basic Settings allow you get a few things set.

First, must servers don’t allow you send more than a certain number of emails from your domain per hour.

Unfortunately, we cannot go above that limit. The current version of the plugin uses your native mail() function. However, you may want to use an SMTP plugin like this.

Other options include the from Name and Email Address used in the alert mail.

Use the Reserve List field to filter comments made by some readers. Generally, you may want to remove comments replies from administrators and authors from the list. Simply enter those emails in this field, comma separated.

The content of the email to send

Just below the generated HTML code is the button to send the alert email.

I didn’t want this plugin to be misused. So I hard-coded the email subject.

email template

More instructions on how to use this alert option are on that page. But you have to be careful how to use it. If your server has some limitations, I’d recommend you contact your administrators.

In the next versions, I will be adding the option to connect to an external SMTP server for unlimited emails.

Here is the list for the month of March:


Total Comments on this blog in March 2019

  1. Ryan Biddulph dropped 15 comments
  2. Nikola Roza dropped 12 comments
  3. Moss Clement dropped 10 comments
  4. Lawrence dropped 4 comments
  5. Anil Agarwal dropped 4 comments
  6. Abigale Smith dropped 4 comments
  7. Pedro Okoro dropped 3 comments
  8. Ryan K Biddulph dropped 3 comments
  9. socioon dropped 3 comments
  10. Tushar Dey made 3 comments
  11. James McAllister made 3 comments
  12. Steffi Trott dropped 3 comments
  13. Liton Biswas made 2 comments
  14. Lisa Sicard made 2 comments
  15. Muhammad Faisal dropped 2 comments
  16. Haseeb Ahmad dropped 2 comments
  17. Navin Rao made 2 comments
  18. Oskaaay dropped 2 comments
  19. digipack dropped 1 comment
  20. Gaurav kumar made 1 comment
  21. Joy Healey dropped 1 comment
  22. imran khalid dropped 1 comment
  23. Tricia dropped 1 comment
  24. arpita singh made 1 comment
  25. saida ettaqi made 1 comment
  26. mahmudul dropped 1 comment
  27. Ray made 1 comment
  28. Donna Merrill dropped 1 comment
  29. Malcolm McNeill made 1 comment
  30. Fernando made 1 comment
  31. Kaushal Dhawan dropped 1 comment
  32. Kyra Rodriguez made 1 comment
  33. Vivek made 1 comment
  34. Elvis Michael made 1 comment
  35. Johan Smith dropped 1 comment
  36. Mogisa dropped 1 comment
  37. Chester Loke dropped 1 comment
  38. Swankyy dropped 1 comment
  39. Nico made 1 comment
  40. Nico Prins made 1 comment
  41. Mudassir dropped 1 comment
  42. Sai krishna made 1 comment
  43. Paul made 1 comment
  44. Shamsudeen Adeshokan made 1 comment
  45. Devriti dropped 1 comment
  46. Iliyas Khan dropped 1 comment
  47. malik tabish made 1 comment
  48. Benjamin Robert dropped 1 comment
  49. Nia Jax made 1 comment
  50. Mahmudul hasan dropped 1 comment
  51. Venkat made 1 comment
  52. Lily @ FindingBalance.Mom dropped 1 comment
  53. Ibezim chukwuemerie made 1 comment
  54. Kevin dropped 1 comment
  55. Pallavi Mathur dropped 1 comment
  56. Nat made 1 comment
  57. Liliana Mabel Nicoletti dropped 1 comment
  58. Hannah Lagdameo made 1 comment
  59. Magloire dropped 1 comment
  60. Gaurav Jain made 1 comment
  61. Martin says dropped 1 comment
  62. Simon made 1 comment
  63. Priya Florence Shah dropped 1 comment
  64. Tim Kettler dropped 1 comment
  65. Petersen dropped 1 comment
  66. Sajid Bashir made 1 comment
  67. Adrina dropped 1 comment
  68. Ashish Patel made 1 comment
  69. Jamiu Oloyede made 1 comment
  70. Parth made 1 comment
  71. Brandon Baker dropped 1 comment
  72. Philip V Ariel made 1 comment
  73. Arash Ghaemi made 1 comment
  74. suresh dropped 1 comment
  75. PamG made 1 comment
  76. Yam dropped 1 comment
  77. Tonya made 1 comment
  78. Pascal Côté made 1 comment
  79. Aditya dropped 1 comment
  80. addy dropped 1 comment
  81. Vishwajeet Kumar made 1 comment
  82. Alison David made 1 comment
  83. Boishakhi made 1 comment
  84. Jan Verhoeff made 1 comment
  85. Jeff dropped 1 comment
  86. Bubbie Gunterbg.bubbie dropped 1 comment
  87. Ahmad Nazir made 1 comment
  88. Ronit Sharma made 1 comment
  89. Daniel Hommers dropped 1 comment
  90. Ketam Batu dropped 1 comment

90 comment authors with 151 comments in the month of March 2019

This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

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