Did You Learn Networking from Unskilled Networkers?

I wrote an entire eBook on how to network the right way as a blogger.

See me holding the paperback version below?

Every day, my social media and email mirror back poor networking tactics being taught to new or struggling bloggers. Bloggers may teach how certain networking techniques *work* but in the long run, silly tactics damage your reputation and lead to long term failure.

I see 5-10 networking mistakes or more in my email inbox daily. Obviously, unskilled networkers are teaching new, impressionable bloggers or struggling, desperate bloggers the wrong way to network.

Before you email me without using my name, understand this; I delete generic emails 99% of the time. If someone emails me and takes not 3 seconds to click my “About” page, I delete the email and you wasted your time. Most established bloggers follow a similar strategy.

Established Pro Bloggers Need a Mechanism to Disqualify Most Emails

I need some mechanism to delete 90% to 95% of emails to save my time and energy. I am busy. I need red flags, warning signs or other mistakes to note in order to delete most emails in a split second.

Seeing lame pitches, generic emails, competitive manipulation attempts or other silly tactics simply alerts me to delete most emails quickly. I could never read every word of every email because I have hundreds of things to do daily; like snapping selfies with my Amazon paperback.


[thrive_testimonial name=”Bubbie” company=”WorkWithBubbie” image=”https://enstinemuki.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/bubbie.png”]…Three weeks after I purchased your ebook on “How to get Featured on Top Blogs”, I was featured on THREE top blogs! I did not ask for the honor to be listed on those blogs. It happened naturally (like you said it would)…[/thrive_testimonial]

Buying my eBook and/or paperback would be smart if you never networked before, or if your networking seems to be yielding poor results.

Everything changes if you honestly ask yourself: who did I learn networking from and how did they teach me to network? Old school, hard charging, fear-based, greedy, desperate, mindless tactics never grow a lasting blogging business. People see through your manipulation quickly because top bloggers observed such lame approaches thousands of times.

But if you learn networking from Enstine Muki, you ride the blogging straight and narrow. Enstine gives freely.

Check out his guest post on Blogging From Paradise:

How Creating Local Content Can Boost Your Blogging Career

He wrote an excellent piece of content for our blogging community, giving freely of his time and talent. But he also generously promoted Donna Merrill, Christopher Jan Benitez, Anil Agarwal and Lisa Sicard. He then generously promoted my eBook.

He regularly shines the spotlight on other skilled bloggers. *This* is how to become a networking superstar. *This* is how to network effectively. Following networking advice from Enstine and I helps you become a full time blogger; plus you will enjoy the ride. Following networking advice from unskilled, failing, manipulative networkers ensures most if not all your emails eventually wind up in spam folders.

Competing Versus Co-Creating

I linked to one of the top bloggers on earth a while back. Said blogger has made millions of dollars. He generously co-creates with fellow top bloggers, mentioning other pros on his blog, working together to prosper. This is co-creating, or, ensuring everybody involved has a hand in both creating and prospering. Everybody wins.

I rarely check my spam folder but noticed a blogger I have known for years wound up in my spam. Strange. But it made perfect sense after I read the email. Said nice but unskilled networker alerted me that the top blogger changed his domain name a few years ago so my blog link is not accurate. So what? Why would I care? He did a redirect. Big deal.

Anyway, the struggling blogger suggested I remove the link from the top blogger and replace it with his link. This is competing, or, trying to lessen someone else’s success and exposure while you gain from the lessening. This fear-based approach has a winner and a loser. Does it surprise you that this dude’s email wound up in spam while the top blogger has made millions of dollars?

Learn networking from skilled, heart-centered bloggers. We teach you how to give freely, how to be generous, and how to build lasting, meaningful, fun bonds, so that everybody wins.

10 thoughts on “Did You Learn Networking from Unskilled Networkers?”

  1. Bravo Coach Bravo!

    As per usual Ryan, you simply articulated things
    so brilliant and eloquently!

    And I really like where you emphasize,about being
    extremely select and cautious, about whose information and ‘

    You not only listen to, but attempt to follow as well.

    There’s an old saying. Which recommends, if you want
    to really learn how to cook, you go directly to
    the chef!

    Because he or she is the qualified expert!

    But when they want proven expert advice on blogging and
    power networking 101, they turn to an expert networker!

    Like my mega blogging rock star
    coach and mentor, Ryan Biddulph!LOL!

    So there’s gotta be a reason why, right?LOL! Great piece
    of advice as per usual coach! Rock on!

  2. I like the concept of Co creating. We all are human beings and we need help of each other. Without caring others you cannot become a successful blogger or whatever business you are doing.

  3. Hey Ryan & Enstine,

    You guys are great examples of perfect networkers. The most interesting part of this is the fact that you’ve been consistent while doing this.

    So when it comes to this topic, it is quite logical to take advice from any of you. Good to see your book is still relevant, I know you’ve published this book few years back.

    Thank you for writing this and I have learnt some things from what you’ve shared.


  4. Hey Ryan,

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on Enstine’s blog. Great post that you have added.

    It’s still sad that so many are still being led the wrong way in terms of blogging.

    By sharing your post and information with as many as I can, I believe it will save many people from hours and years of frustration.

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing what you have learned.

  5. Hey Ryan,
    love the concept of co-creation vs competition. It makes sense because united we stand and divided we fall. It’s a recipe for blogging success and those that fail are those who either quit too early, or were competing instead of collaborating.


  6. Hi Ryan,

    Nice to see you here on Enstine’s place.

    When it comes to networking, I was taught many years ago to be that annoying person to ask family and friends…cold call…need I say more? I beat myself up a bit for spending money to be “all in” this venture, but as I was being so called trained, I knew in my heart, I could never do this kind of networking. But I do believe in pay to play so I learned a huge lesson. (P.S. I did get my money back after writing a blog post about it lol)

    So I’ve been on the other side of the fence learning but never putting that junk into action. A great way to network is to be giving like you, Enstine, and some of my online friends. Guess it boils down to “you can attract more bees with honey” motto.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic!


  7. Hi Ryan, I can relate on those emails that come in with no name, mis or Ms Inspire to Thrive, really? Haven’t they read anything before sending an email? LOL.

    It is amazing to see how some try to network and then how others like yourself and Enstine truly network and collaborate! That’s the difference there. Thanks for the mentions Ryan and I hope you are enjoying your new place. It looks hot there! Still quite cold here on the East Coast for April.
    Have a great a day Ryan and Enstine 🙂

  8. Hello Ryan,

    I like the concept of Co creating. We all are human beings and we need help of each other. Without caring others you cannot become a successful blogger or whatever business you are doing. Thanks for this great and helpful insights.


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