Never Ever Quit When Blogging Times Get Tough

I am writing this guest post in the middle of the night

I have been at this blogging bit for a decade. Goodness knows, I have experienced tough blogging times during my 15,000 hours online. Blogging gets tough. But you are tougher than blogging. Guaranteed.

Times are not super tough for me now. But I feel a little bit uncomfortable, for sure. My neck hurts. My back hurts. I keep blogging because blogging helps both me and you. We both win. All the sweet freedom sits just a little bit outside of my blogging comfort zone. I experienced this effect many times. Edging a tiny bit beyond what seems possible and feels comfortable opens me up to blessed experiences.

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Have You Found YOUR Blogging Style?

I place a heavy emphasis on YOUR blogging style because all bloggers possess a different blogging style. You know my drill. I write and publish 600 word guest posts and blog posts heavy on the nuts and bolts of blogging mindset.

I finally figured out; I despise writing long form, in-depth, practical tips laden blog posts focused on stuff like driving traffic and boosting profits. Sure I covered these topics in the past. But I only do so these days in 600-800 words or so

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1 Important Blogger Trait to Develop Quickly

One of the most important trait for bloggers to develop: finding the mid way point between delusion and dreams..

Most new bloggers begin blogging from a deluded, unrealistic mindset. Newbies foolishly believe:

  • blogging is easy because buying your domain and hosting – aka starting a blog – is easy
  • making money blogging fast is easy
  • bloggers can experience overnight success

Each blogger who believes these lies fails, 100% of the time. I know. I observed these deluded types thousands of times over my decade long blogging career. Heck; I was even one of these unrealistic, fantasy-land, la-la land type bloggers for a while. I wanted to get something for nothing. I believed blogging to be as easy as writing and publishing posts and collecting fat pay checks, fast.

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Do You Befriend or Badger Pro Bloggers?

What and who you chase, flees.

Befriending people attracts folks to you.

Use blogging honey to attract pro bloggers. Never try to catch bloggers with sticky fly paper.

I recently changed my advertising strategy. After observing how most well-meaning but scared folks badger pros to snag these blogging big fish I established greater clarity, stronger posture and expanded peace of mind.

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