Income & Engagement Reports May 2015

The month of May was definitely an exciting month. I got so busy on my new project for bloggers. BlogExpose, the new project is a platform to help bloggers find more jobs and make money money online.

NB: You can quickly check out this ‘How it works‘ page to know the different job types published on the platform.

I was quite less active on the blogosphere. The number of articles I posted on this blog dropped. Comments also dropped but I made more money from both jobs related to this blog and other jobs from local clients.

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New blog Commenting and Engagement plugin for WordPress

bog commenting system

It has been outspokenly established that blog commenting is an exciting blogging exercise with tons of advantages like exposure, traffic, community growth, business growth, etc.

Now, while looking at my income reports, I found out that my community members have been largely responsible for a huge portion of my affiliate earnings. Whenever I do an affiliate product review, I monitor my sales and commissions. My friends actually buy from me and that makes me money.

Needless to say I’m so excited and proud of you. Yes, you know it and you are smiling right now! The last purchase you did, I earned a commission so thank you 😉

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Meet Swadhin Agrawal, the freelance writer and social media strategist!

Swadhin Agrawal

This is the second featured blogger post after the break I took. Last week, we saw how Brent Jones can help can help maximize your email marketing result. If you didn’t read that post, I recommend you check it out.

There have been many more bloggers and these are top guys/gals you waiting to connect with you. You know success in today’s blogging is about connecting with the right people. Don’t fail to check out this list of awesome bloggers.

NB: Getting featured is actually free and I do the contacting. I have a long list of wonderful bloggers I’ll be featuring here. I’m sure you are the next on list.

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Dangers of not having a Backup & Recovery Solution! [infographic]

Here is an infographic from SingleHop, a cloud computing company, showing that while the cost of not using a backup service could seriously damage your company, many business owners are not taking deliberate measures to protect themselves by moving their data to cloud hosting.

Only a shocking 50% of enterprises backup their employees computers!  When downtime happens, which it most assuredly will, there are a whole variety of negative effects that can take place.  On average, sites have 13 instances of downtime each year.

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Maximize Your Email Marketing Results with Brent Jones

brent ones online

It’s another beautiful Thursday and I’m here with another awesome blogger and Internet Marketer. What’s so exciting on Thursdays is that I get to talk about someone special (or a special product). In the past, I have featured incredibly awesome bloggers you shouldn’t fail to connect with.

Check them out here!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Brent Jones, a rising star in the world of freelancing and internet marketing.

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Writing Jobs for bloggers – BlogExpose Sneak Peak!

blogging jobs

It’s been 2 weeks and 3 days since I started my new platform –

My idea is to put in place a job board for bloggers (Where to easily find Writing Jobs for bloggers). It’s becoming increasingly popular that companies need the services of bloggers – either to hire bloggers for their business blogging needs or simply want them to write about their product or services.

BlogExpose is therefore a platform where bloggers looking for writing jobs can meet with companies looking to hire bloggers for their writing needs.

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