Pay in Generosity or Money or Be a Struggling Blogging Stranger

I just checked my email.

One blogger told me to invoice him; I will place his guest post. We had no prior bond but he agreed to pay my fee. No hesitation. A serious blogger! He wrote a quality guest post. He freely released money. He gets featured on Blogging From Paradise.

He paid money to get featured on my blog.

I picked my generous blogging buddies as contributors for Blogging From Paradise. These skilled, heart-centered bloggers became my friends by helping me for years and asking for nothing.

These folks paid in generosity to get featured on my blog. Enstine is one such blogger: enjoy his guest post about making blogging blogging.

harsh blogging truthI just emailed 90% of folks wanting to get featured on Blogging From Paradise how guest posting is permanently closed. Of course guest posting is not permanently closed. I take on new friends as contributors regularly. Guest posting is permanently closed for cheap strangers who refuse to pay money and refuse to generously help me, to befriend me.  Guest posting is not closed for the dude I just invoiced; he paid in money. He is serious. But guest posting is permanently closed for:

  • strangers
  • cheap bloggers
  • fear-filled bloggers who refuse to pay in generosity or money

If you refuse to pay in terms of money or in terms of generously promoting top bloggers, you are a blogging stranger, on the outside looking in. I ignore your emails in some cases. Sometimes I respond. But if you email me 2-3 times, responding that I need to do something for you, I label your email as spam and you land in my spam, the S scarlet letter for stranger bloggers.

If enough bloggers spam your emails every single one of your emails winds up in spam. Dead meat. You are toast, at that point.

You Cannot Get Something for Nothing

If you do not generously promote me and expect nothing , you cannot befriend me. You cannot get a contributor gig on my blog. You are a stranger, on the outside looking in.

If you do not pay money and write a quality blog post, you cannot get a guest post or sponsored post on my blog. You are a cheap stranger, who wants something for nothing.

You cannot get something for nothing. You need to give, to get. You need to pay money or pay in terms of generosity to get featured on my blog. You need to pay my rate to get a sponsored post placed on a well-read, respected blog.

Some fools who want to place sponsored posts try to barter my sponsored post price. You either pay my price or do not place the sponsored post. You reached out to me. I did not reach out to you. My blog is my home. You are the guest. I set the prices in my home. The guest does not set the prices because it is not the guest’s home, it is the blogger’s home. You obviously want to place the sponsored post badly enough that you reached out to me and also responded to my email; if you want to place the post you pay the price required to place the post. Otherwise, I ignore your first barter response email or I spam your 2nd barter response email. Try building a blogging business or try placing sponsored posts on top blogs from the spam folder; not gonna happen.

You cannot get something for nothing.

My friends generously help me. I generously help my friends. Why did I write this guest post for Enstine and his rocking community? He generously helped me for years. He is a true friend. I live to serve my friends. We are bonded.

Blogging strangers can gradually become my friends by helping me generously, patiently and persistently. Generosity opens doors. Or if you have no interest in bonding but can write a quality, aligned post and freely release money, I happily supply my readers with excellent content from someone who invests money to lock in a spot on Blogging From Paradise.

Every time I accept money for a quality guest post it simply allows me to weed out the thousands of:

  • stranger danger bloggers
  • greedy bloggers
  • cheap bloggers
  • desperate bloggers
  • lost bloggers

who all try to get something for nothing, pitching me from a deluded, fear-filled energy.

My friends get something – aka links and/or guest posts – because they gave something, namely, they offered generous help to me.

Skilled bloggers who did not build a bond with me but freely offered money and a quality guest post or sponsored post get something – aka links and content placement – because they gave me a quality post and money to lock in their spot.

Every other blogger sits on the outside looking in, a stranger.

One such stranger just responded for the 3rd time, basically demanding I feature her on Blogging From Paradise because she featured me on her unknown, new blog. I spammed her email. She will understand quickly when she burns through enough emails and struggles enough with blogging that trying to GET before you generously GIVE always leads to blogging struggle and failure.

You cannot get something for nothing.

Be generous.


Be prepared to freely spend money or to generously promote top bloggers.

Giving freely precedes receiving easily.

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