Backlink Building: 3 uncommon link building Techniques!

Is backlink building *really* hard?

The answer depends on your Strategy, But I have something entirely different for you.

As one of the highest value components of SEO, link building is a lot more critical than people imagine. The truth is – you can’t enjoy maximum organic traffic without quality backlinks.

The volume is high enough you can hear: Quality over Quantity, even if you are using powerful tools like SEMrush for SEO and Marketing

Linking building is hard, and that’s why it’s still a top-ranking factor. One of the greatest blogging mistakes you should avoid is not building backlinks.

To smooth the way for you, I would show you 3 unique link building techniques you can leverage even if you are a nobody.

Warning: Make sure you read this before your competitors.

So, let’s dive in.

Crowdfund Backlink Building

Crowdfunding link building is when you get a link back to your site for donating a small token to help an organization.

I recently discovered this backlink technique; it’s highly neglected. With just a token of $25 or less, you can get a sweet backlink to your site.

Take a look at this:

You saw it clear. You will get a link back to your site for a little donation of $25. If you have a tiny budget of $250 per month, you can earn 10 free backlinks every month.

How to build links with crowdfunding

The process is pretty simple:

  • Find opportunities
  • Make a donation
  • Get a backlink

It’s easy finding opportunities, but before I proceed, this is the list of crowdfunding sites you can leverage:

  1. GoFundMe
  2. Kickstarter
  3. Indiegogo
  4. Crowdrise
  5. RocketHub
  6. Lending Club
  7. Crowdcube
  8. Ulule
  9. Patreon
  10. AngelList

Make sure you play around to understand how each site operates.

So how do you find crowdfunding opportunities that can earn you backlinks?

First, you can use any of these 2 search terms to find opportunities:

  1. site:[website url] inurl:projects + “link to your”
  2. Site:[website url] inurl:projects +”donor page”

Replace the URL with a specific URL among the 10 listed above.

Let’s use the first search term using ‘Indiegogo URL,’ this is how my final search term looks – ( inurl:projects + “link to your”)


And I found this offer asking that I donate $10 to get a shoutout plus a link to my site.

Backlink Building

That’s super easy right? This technique sounds like the easiest if you are on a meager budget. It requires little-to-no effort.

You should use any of the 2 search terms to find opportunities; I already listed 10 crowdfunding sites you can leverage.

Testimonial Backlink Building Technic

Most Businesses rely on testimonials to build their reputation and increase sales. As they say: ‘The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.’

This serves as an excellent way to grab stress-free backlinks. Take a look at this ahref testimonial/review page; you must have noticed everyone mentioned got their name and URL included.

[ahref testimomial]

The only downside to this strategy is you must be an expert in your niche to get such mention. That is why branding is vital for SEO. Fortunately, there’s a more relaxed approach to leverage even if you are new.

Backlinks building with Testimonials in 4 Steps

Step 1: Make a list of targets

This part should be super smooth; we all have products or services we use and pay for either monthly or yearly.

For me, I use a few SEO tools like Ahref, semrush, Grammarly, KWfinder, and many more.

The point is to make a huge list. Huge list means more free backlinks. Few things to keep in mind while listing your targets:

  • It needs to be a product/service you use
  • It must have existing testimonials
  • The product must be relevant to your site

A quick point to note: You don’t necessarily need to go after big brands, you should be okay with companies that aren’t really big so you can easily be accepted.

Step 2: Send your testimonial pitch

You don’t just shoot random testimonial to the sky. You need to be sure you aren’t wasting your time. First, Send an appealing pitch requesting that you submit a testimonial.

Few things to consider while sending a pitch:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Briefly explain how the product or service helps you achieve success
  • Provide specific results and proof (if possible)
  • Ask if you are welcome to post a testimony
  • Include your website as part of the testimony

A quick point to note: Drafting a testimonial pitch should is equivalent to drafting an outreach. You want to keep it short, detailed, and captivating. You don’t want to leave any sign you are doing it for just backlink.

Step 3: Write your testimonial

So you finally got an approval to shoot your testimonial. The next thing is to write a mind-blowing testimonial. You want to keep it short and sweet and of course not dull.

The goal is to convince other customers reading the testimonial to buy the product too. If you are strategic enough, you can compile a testimony that would not only be for backlink building but referral traffic also.

Things to keep in mind while writing your testimonial:

  • Write what you love about the product or service
  • Write how it helped your business succeed in some way
  • Recommend the product or service to others

Quick Point to Note: You should treat the testimonial like any other article where the end goal is to convert readers to sales.

Link Building with Infographics

Most people either love or hate infographics, with some viewing them as an obnoxious way to condense content and others seeing them as a powerful digital marketing tool. The truth stands: Infographics are sweet way to earn backlinks.

Having a detailed information compress into a single image with beautiful colors and diagrams is eye-catchy, and If properly promoted could be a honey pot of links.

Recommended: 5 hot tips to Create Infographics that Your Readers Will Love to Share

How to build backlink with infographics

First, you need to design your infographic. It should be eye-catchy and very attractive. The designing aspect should be simple; you can either do it yourself with canva or hire someone on Fiverr.

Nobody wants to view an infographic full of fluffs; the value the infographic is returning should be your priority. Even if the design is out of the world, it’s still valueless if it contains meaningless information.

Publish your Infographic

To claim ownership of your infographic, you shouldn’t hesitate to publish it on your blog. If search engines must notice your infographic, then you must post it along quality content.

Publishing an infographic solo has no SEO benefits; search engines can’t read images, but they understand words. More importantly, proper keyword research must be done before publishing an infographic.

So what next…?

Promote your Infographic

You don’t just publish an infographic and call it a day, you need to push it to the right channel. Think of it…how would influencers know about your infographic?

Outreach is the neatest option, reach out to influencers, tell them about your infographic, and ask if they could link to it.

You should keep in mind Outreach has a shallow success rate. In fact, Brian dean Skyscraper’s technique recorded only 11% success rate. The goal is to reach out to as many as possible. will be of help to get the website’s email address.

The best thing that works fine for Outreach is to build relationships with pro bloggers; that way, you can quickly push them a mail which they would gladly accept. It’s not easy to grab an influencer’s attention.

Share Your Infographics on Social Media

As I mentioned, infographics are Cool because they’re easy to share. A picture with some interesting stats and useful data is much easier to send or post on social media than a full blog or article, so be sure to take advantage of sharing opportunities.

By sharing your infographic on social media, it would reach many audiences. Twitter & Facebook are good places to share infographics. Pinterest is the best as it is designed already in a way that it’s best for images.

Additionally, You might be lucky an influencer come across your infographic and share it with his audience or even publish it on his blog with a link back to your site.

Building backlink with infographics isn’t so easy nor hard. It’s like any other link building method. The difference here is that you are taking advantage of visuals.

Conclusion on backlink building

Backlink building as proven to be more complicated over the years. You need to set an evergreen strategy to continue building links; it would never be easy.

Even if you write a captivating blog post, you shouldn’t expect much to happen if your site hasn’t built enough quality backlinks.

Luckily for you, You can take advantage of these unique link building techniques. You need to stand out to be a successful blogger.

So tell me, what is your favorite strategy?

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