How to make money blogging for dummies!

How to make money blogging for dummies: I have written quite much on this blog on  how to generate income as a blogger. However I keep getting questions from readers who specifically want to know how to make money from blogging.

Just before I started this post, one of my readers during a conversation on Facebook asked  in his words “… how much do bloggers make”

You agree with me it’s a bit vague. Bloggers make anything between $0 and $900k and even more. It all depends on your objectives and how hard and smart you work on them.

I understand for the most part this question comes from beginners who have read some materials on the amount of money some bloggers make.

I have compiled everything you need to make money on this one page. Everyone (including dummies) will be able to use these resources and create a money making blog.

Some bloggers blog for money. Others blog for several other reasons but just want to take advantage of their blogs and make some passive income.

Blogging for money for beginners doesn’t have to be an obsession. If you really want your blog to be a real income source, you have to be cautious and build a solid foundation.

How to make money blogging for dummies – All you need to know!

Before I give you more resources to help you understand how bloggers make money and how you too can start banking handsomely from blogging, let’s start with some basics.

If you want to blog for money, the first thing you have to do is treat blogging as a real business. That simply means you have to dedicate time and money for some initial investment. Most people looking for how to make money from blogging think there is some magic button.


For any business to succeed, you must strategize and work on the principles that drive success. I’m not teaching you business in this blog post though. However, some basics include buying a domain name, professional theme and plugins.

Check Out Don Purdum
How to make money from bloggingDon is a highly recommended business blogger. He has written (and keeps writing) awesome content to help your business grow in this world of technology and Internet. I recommend you check out Don’s post here

I always recommend Genesis themes for a collection of premium and SEO friendly templates for any WordPress blog.

For hosting, you have to settle for nothing less than a premium web hosting service. I have been with Hostgator since 2008. While I can’t tell you they are perfect, I can encourage you for their up-time and customer service which are quite above industry standard.

How to Make Money Blogging for Dummies – Resources on this blog!

My recommended Training Course by Zac Johnson
make money blogging for is a premium blog training platform. All it does is focuses on making you a money making blogger. There are excellent videos that walk you by hand through the steps you need to create a successful money making blog. If you really want to know how to make money from blogging, I highly recommend you signup to this video training course for complete training. Here is a

I mentioned earlier that I have written quite much on this  blog to answer the question “How Do Bloggers Make Money” Here are some highly recommended blog posts you should check for complete materials on how to make money from blogging!

1 – How to create a blog that makes money

This is an incredible collection of about 21 blog posts guiding you to creating a solid blog that generates income. Everything has been well organized so you can start from finding what to blog about to creating and monetizing a successful blog.

2 – How to start a successful blog

I think everyone that wants to start a blog and succeed with it needs to read this post. A lot of people start and fail because they lack the solid foundation. That’s what I detailed in this post to help you escape the trap that catches and draws folks out of blogging.

3 –15 ways bloggers make money blogging

Now, this is a must-read post if you really want to know how to make money from blogging. In this post, I came up with 15 different ways to make money as a blogger. One of my readers asked me “Enstine, How Do You Make Money Blogging?” so I thought to put together a straight-to-the-point guide to help readers know the different ways they can make money as bloggers. Please check that out.

4 – 5 Proven Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

This is a guest post by a great blogger who blogs from paradise. is a blogger many look up to for tips and ways to succeed in blogging. He shares in this post some proven tips that will surely help you as you try to make money blogging.

5 – 15 Top Bloggers Reveal How They Make Money Blogging!

Here is the core of it. I put together 15 top bloggers and they shared with us how they make money from blogging. I had a question while chatting with a reader on Facebook. She said “Enstine, how much do bloggers get paid?”

Well that was kind of taking me to the corporate world where companies employed bloggers for business blogging. So told her I’ll put together information from some top bloggers how they make their own money as bloggers. This of course was to let her know she doesn’t have to work for some boss to make big money as blogger.

Here are the 15 top bloggers who took part in this roundup. Going through their contributions will surely and deeply answer your question on how to make money from blogging:

John Chow  Adam Connell Zac Johnson John Paul

Tracy Raftl Neil Patel Jacob Gube Brian Dean

Yaro Starak Chris Guthrie Matt Smith Lisa Irby

Nick Loper Kevin Muldoon  Timo Kiander

6 – 3 Evergreen Methods to make money blogging!

There are methods that will always generate income for you as a blogger. In this post, I brought them out and shewed you how to apply them and make money day in day out.

7 – 4 stupid reasons your blog doesn’t make (enough) money

Your blog’s ability to make money is unlimited. There are however some reasons some blogs don’t make enough money. That’s what I show out in this post. You need to check out these 4 reasons I think they are stupid 😉

8 – 9 Blog Post Ideas That Make Money! #5 got $1000+ for me!

By the time you start blogging, not every blog post has the power to generate income. Some posts make more money that others. Some don’t even make money at all.

In this post, I brought out 9 post ideas that will surely help you make money from your blog. This is another must-read blog post.

9 – How to make so much money with your blog – Guaranteed!

How much money can you make blogging? How much do bloggers make? In this post, I demonstrated that you can make so much money with your blog. As a matter of fact, you can make enough money to live a luxurious life. Check out that post.

10 – How much money can you make with a blog?

This is another blog post I wrote to answer this specific question. You can make money, maybe so much money with your blog but how much?

Check out this post for some exciting details.

11 – 4 ways to write blog posts that make money for life like Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a pro money making blogger. I studied his posts and discovered 4 ways he writes to make money for life. You need to check out this post for some more secrets on how make money from blogging.

12 – The best WordPress Themes to Make Money!

Not every blog theme can make things easy for you as you try to monetize your blog. Some templates are quite flexible, allowing you to deposit money making objects at strategic spots on your blog.

In this blog post, I discussed about the perfect theme you will need to maximize the money making capacity of your blog. Note that this post is not about specific themes. I underlined things to look for when purchasing a theme for your money making blog.

Why looking for how to make money from blogging, you have to pay attention to every detail. Don’t just install any theme because it looks beautiful. While beauty is an important phase, we have to also consider other things.

How to make money blogging for dummies – Bottom line!

Now, all these articles I have linked here have enough materials to make out of you a successful money making blogger. All you have to do now is take action and focus.

Once you setup your blog, start publishing content, driving traffic. Be sure to monetize properly as I detailed here.

I think I have compiled all you  need to know on how to make money from blogging. Take action now and start earning from your blog in the next few months.

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