How to make money blogging for dummies!

How to make money blogging for dummies: I have written quite much on this blog on  how to generate income as a blogger. However I keep getting questions from readers who specifically want to know how to make money from blogging.

Just before I started this post, one of my readers during a conversation on Facebook asked  in his words “… how much do bloggers make”

You agree with me it’s a bit vague. Bloggers make anything between $0 and $900k and even more. It all depends on your objectives and how hard and smart you work on them.

I understand for the most part this question comes from beginners who have read some materials on the amount of money some bloggers make.

I have compiled everything you need to make money on this one page. Everyone (including dummies) will be able to use these resources and create a money making blog.

Some bloggers blog for money. Others blog for several other reasons but just want to take advantage of their blogs and make some passive income.

Blogging for money for beginners doesn’t have to be an obsession. If you really want your blog to be a real income source, you have to be cautious and build a solid foundation.

How to make money blogging for dummies – All you need to know!

Before I give you more resources to help you understand how bloggers make money and how you too can start banking handsomely from blogging, let’s start with some basics.

If you want to blog for money, the first thing you have to do is treat blogging as a real business. That simply means you have to dedicate time and money for some initial investment. Most people looking for how to make money from blogging think there is some magic button.


For any business to succeed, you must strategize and work on the principles that drive success. I’m not teaching you business in this blog post though. However, some basics include buying a domain name, professional theme and plugins.

Check Out Don Purdum
How to make money from bloggingDon is a highly recommended business blogger. He has written (and keeps writing) awesome content to help your business grow in this world of technology and Internet. I recommend you check out Don’s post here

I always recommend Genesis themes for a collection of premium and SEO friendly templates for any WordPress blog.

For hosting, you have to settle for nothing less than a premium web hosting service. I have been with Hostgator since 2008. While I can’t tell you they are perfect, I can encourage you for their up-time and customer service which are quite above industry standard.

How to Make Money Blogging for Dummies – Resources on this blog!

My recommended Training Course by Zac Johnson
make money blogging for is a premium blog training platform. All it does is focuses on making you a money making blogger. There are excellent videos that walk you by hand through the steps you need to create a successful money making blog. If you really want to know how to make money from blogging, I highly recommend you signup to this video training course for complete training. Here is a

I mentioned earlier that I have written quite much on this  blog to answer the question “How Do Bloggers Make Money” Here are some highly recommended blog posts you should check for complete materials on how to make money from blogging!

1 – How to create a blog that makes money

This is an incredible collection of about 21 blog posts guiding you to creating a solid blog that generates income. Everything has been well organized so you can start from finding what to blog about to creating and monetizing a successful blog.

2 – How to start a successful blog

I think everyone that wants to start a blog and succeed with it needs to read this post. A lot of people start and fail because they lack the solid foundation. That’s what I detailed in this post to help you escape the trap that catches and draws folks out of blogging.

3 –15 ways bloggers make money blogging

Now, this is a must-read post if you really want to know how to make money from blogging. In this post, I came up with 15 different ways to make money as a blogger. One of my readers asked me “Enstine, How Do You Make Money Blogging?” so I thought to put together a straight-to-the-point guide to help readers know the different ways they can make money as bloggers. Please check that out.

4 – 5 Proven Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

This is a guest post by a great blogger who blogs from paradise. is a blogger many look up to for tips and ways to succeed in blogging. He shares in this post some proven tips that will surely help you as you try to make money blogging.

5 – 15 Top Bloggers Reveal How They Make Money Blogging!

Here is the core of it. I put together 15 top bloggers and they shared with us how they make money from blogging. I had a question while chatting with a reader on Facebook. She said “Enstine, how much do bloggers get paid?”

Well that was kind of taking me to the corporate world where companies employed bloggers for business blogging. So told her I’ll put together information from some top bloggers how they make their own money as bloggers. This of course was to let her know she doesn’t have to work for some boss to make big money as blogger.

Here are the 15 top bloggers who took part in this roundup. Going through their contributions will surely and deeply answer your question on how to make money from blogging:

John Chow  Adam Connell Zac Johnson John Paul

Tracy Raftl Neil Patel Jacob Gube Brian Dean

Yaro Starak Chris Guthrie Matt Smith Lisa Irby

Nick Loper Kevin Muldoon  Timo Kiander

6 – 3 Evergreen Methods to make money blogging!

There are methods that will always generate income for you as a blogger. In this post, I brought them out and shewed you how to apply them and make money day in day out.

7 – 4 stupid reasons your blog doesn’t make (enough) money

Your blog’s ability to make money is unlimited. There are however some reasons some blogs don’t make enough money. That’s what I show out in this post. You need to check out these 4 reasons I think they are stupid 😉

8 – 9 Blog Post Ideas That Make Money! #5 got $1000+ for me!

By the time you start blogging, not every blog post has the power to generate income. Some posts make more money that others. Some don’t even make money at all.

In this post, I brought out 9 post ideas that will surely help you make money from your blog. This is another must-read blog post.

9 – How to make so much money with your blog – Guaranteed!

How much money can you make blogging? How much do bloggers make? In this post, I demonstrated that you can make so much money with your blog. As a matter of fact, you can make enough money to live a luxurious life. Check out that post.

10 – How much money can you make with a blog?

This is another blog post I wrote to answer this specific question. You can make money, maybe so much money with your blog but how much?

Check out this post for some exciting details.

11 – 4 ways to write blog posts that make money for life like Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a pro money making blogger. I studied his posts and discovered 4 ways he writes to make money for life. You need to check out this post for some more secrets on how make money from blogging.

12 – The best WordPress Themes to Make Money!

Not every blog theme can make things easy for you as you try to monetize your blog. Some templates are quite flexible, allowing you to deposit money making objects at strategic spots on your blog.

In this blog post, I discussed about the perfect theme you will need to maximize the money making capacity of your blog. Note that this post is not about specific themes. I underlined things to look for when purchasing a theme for your money making blog.

Why looking for how to make money from blogging, you have to pay attention to every detail. Don’t just install any theme because it looks beautiful. While beauty is an important phase, we have to also consider other things.

How to make money blogging for dummies – Bottom line!

Now, all these articles I have linked here have enough materials to make out of you a successful money making blogger. All you have to do now is take action and focus.

Once you setup your blog, start publishing content, driving traffic. Be sure to monetize properly as I detailed here.

I think I have compiled all you  need to know on how to make money from blogging. Take action now and start earning from your blog in the next few months.

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  1. Nice article about how to make money fom blogging. For beginners it is worth reading. Your blog is full of informational posts that helped me alot in my way of blogging.
    I have also published How to optimize an article for SEO

  2. Blogging is a brilliant way of creating long lasting associations. It is a hard to believe avenue for branding yourself. Blogging can also be a best tool for earning money.

  3. Blogging is the work which have to be practiced with tolerance and peaceful attitude. It needs time for getting good readers, rankings, traffic. The key of achievement is to first increase the devotion of your subscribers.

  4. Thanks a tons Enstine for sharing with us this so Great and very confidential information ! 😀 not others telling this methods so easily. thanks again for posting this info it helps a lot … 🙂

  5. Nice Post,
    In all steps to given above your blogs,its such way to earn money.In that artical learned then earn money from the blog.Also say our co writes to like this post.
    Thanks for the sharing of valuable info and that will be increse of knowledge and to way more money to our sites.

  6. Hi enstine,

    what a nice post, Making money from the blog is the main purpose for many blogger, But it is not so hard as blogger think, by focusing on your goal you can achieve anything. If a blogger can make money online then any one can earn their living online.

  7. Great, resource for making money online thanks for posting….

    Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are the Two most familiar and My host favorite way to make money over the Internet.

  8. Thank you Enstine,
    This is really helpful for me and especially 11th one 4 ways to write blog posts that make money for life like Pat Flynn is very helpful as I learned so much from it, so thanks once again

  9. Hi enstine,

    What a great post with useful information. It really worth to learn as a newbie in blogging and a great to push forward by making some thing right.

    Blogging isn’t a night overnight win-win game, it needs to be done one step after the other and following the right path. When it comes to making steady money with blogging, its the easiest thing to do only if you’ve worked your way.

    Thanks for the post enstine

  10. as we know that, we can make money online by blogging which is more than a well stable employee of a reputed company. I entered in blogging one year back effectively and till now i earned around 4 lakh rps which is more than a salary package of an engineer.

  11. Hi Enstine,
    This one of the finest an honest posts ever written on the topic of making money blogging. Blogging requires lot of hard work and patience and most newbie bloggers don’t realize this fact in the very beginning.
    Persistence, patience and hard work are the keys to making money from blogging.

    Your shared great info, thanks for this helpful post.

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  14. i have started my blog recently and had wrote many articles in it but the problem is i didnt get traffic i never make back links although these are my the very first comments.i want to ask how can i get traffic easily because my articles are very high profile but my domain and page authority is always low so thats why my articles doesnt come in front pages of google after having low competition too

  15. Awesome stuff from you Enstine.

    I personally recommend Zac Johnson’s stuff because he knows what he’s talking about. Making money isn’t a rocket science if you have the right mentor who will lead your path.

  16. Enstine, this above is awesome article as usually you did it.

    Actually, “how to make money blogging?” is almost the common question that I almost get those every day from my friends followers. I would agree. The most most of them are newbie blogger who not readers to make money from their blog.

    Thanks for sharing, Nicely resources of your post and linked. I’ve read some of those article, but not all of them. I will come frequently and finish it.

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  18. awesome tips to generate money from blogging. I understand that making money for a newbie seems to be difficult but dedication towards the work can help to earn money online.
    Thanks a lot for such information.

  19. Hi Enstine!

    I must say this is no less than a Bible for bloggers to get started with making money from blog. And assembling the ideas and opinions of all the top bloggers and folks on how to earn more money–you do deserve a massive solute from him. Hope to implement few of the tactics.

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    That’s one comprehensive guide to on the topic. You have covered almost all aspects of how to earn from blogging and the links are so resourceful. I had to spend more than an hour going through all of them.

    Such a valuable post! Thanks for creating it.

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  21. I think dedication plays a huge role while planning to create a blog and make money from that. One have to work really hard and read everything related to the targeted niche to get expertise.

  22. Hi Enstine,

    I believe one of the main reasons so many bloggers failed to make decent money from blogging is because they’re just another blogger, and not a business man.

    Blogging is no different from business, the fact you’re doing it at your leisure time or zero cost free doesn’t take away that is not a business.

    Unless bloggers start seeing themselves as a business man and not a blogger, making money from their blogging career may just be another hit and miss game.

    Thanks for sharing with us, your vast experience as a money making blogger.

    • Hey man, that’s an interesting point. It’s business that generates income so if you don’t treat blogging as a business, there is hardly going to be any income.

      Like you mentioned, sometimes we get fooled by the fact that we get some things free. That’s why I sometimes recommend paid resources over free. That does affect our mindset and puts us to work

      Thanks again for being part of us this weekend bro. Better days are ahead

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    Today I read another top rated post on, every day I found many content on internet related to how to make money online, and every time he used his recommended tools inside his article.. but some problogger share only valuable content.. and here I always found truly meaningful content… thanks for this awesome article ..

    Mohd Arif

    • Hey Arif,
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  24. Hi Enstine,

    Awesome post, indeed! 😀

    I completely understand your feelings. I am also frequently asked like that. Indeed, like you said, bloggers can earn $ 1,000 or $ 0, that’s the business works, I guess.

    I agree with building a solid foundation first. There are many people who ask “how to make money from a blog?”, But there are only a few people who really want to do it. Perhaps, it is natural selection. lol

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine. Great article one!
    Keep up the good work. Have a great week ahead!


    • Hey Nanda,
      Thanks for being part of this post today and adding a beautiful comment. I’m sure you are on a path to making huge amounts with your blog 😉

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  25. It looks like a roundup post with a lot of links with useful articles to read. I will check one by one.

    It’s very helpful to me.

    • Yes lol that’s a roundup post. It’s a wonderful idea to bring up some important posts you think are buried on your blog 😉

      Thank you for being part of it Alize

  26. Well starting a blog is very easy but making it successful it kinda hard or may be need lot of dedication and hard work.

    Article is really helpful.

  27. Well written. This is surely help the newbies blogger to know what about blogging and how to make money from it. Some newbies think that blogging is a easy task to do but i wanna tell newbies. Never see anything easy when it comes on profession. Professional activities always a tough thing to do. So, first think with deeply and then take decision. Thank you enstine for sharing your thoughts with the newbies blogger.

    • Yeah you are correct! Professional activities are tough. They require time and studies 😉

      Thanks for the wonderful comment Romjan

      Do have a wonderful week too

  28. This is another great post by you.

    This is a great collection of posts on how to make money by blogging. All these posts are of great value and have proven ways to make money from our blog.

    I will surely be going through earn one of these and learn and follow the ways given in them to make money from my blog and wish to generate good income from my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this post including all other posts mentioned in it , they will be of great help for all bloggers.

    • Wow! I also want to thank you for being part of my community Singh! There is nothing as exciting as having you guys around
      I hope you are set for a wonderful weekend ahead 😉

  29. Hey Enstine,

    There is definitely no magic button when it comes to making money through our blog. We just have to take the bull by the horn and just go to work.

    You have provided a plethora of ways to make money through our blog. From your content to different training, once you consistently apply what you learn then making money becomes inevitable!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    • You’ve touched the keypoint in your comment bro which is applying what we’ve learned
      A lot of people sit and complain without taking the necessary action.

      The wrong actions too bring wrong results. So the best way forward is to learn something that’s good and apply it.

      Thanks for making it again to this post bro
      Do have a wonderful weekend

  30. Hi Muki Bro,
    Thanks for another informative post. I’m looking for something new because I got huge traffic to my blog but fail to make money with it. I try several methods Like MyThemeShop Affiliate, Adsense, Payoneer Affiliate etc. But I don’t now why these are not working.
    Hope, this post will help me to identify and solve the problem.

      • Hello Muki Bro,
        My blog got huge organic traffic but I’m unable to monetize my blog properly because of my poor knowledge in traffic monetization.
        I’ll glad if you help me to monetize my blog. Please add me on Skype at “manikaf”

  31. Hello Enstine,
    This post is amazing for the beginners.
    You have all the resources listed here which can help anyone a lot.
    Also “How to Create a Successful blog” post is the Base for all the things. If you have a good blog/Website and if you are motivated then no power can stop you from earning money from your Blog. You just have to work hard.
    Thanks for this great post!

    • Excellent comment Yogesh!
      If you are motivated, yes, you will go miles. Just keep the motivation and work hard. The money will soon start coming in.

      thanks for the comment man

  32. Now i understand how this stuff ( Making money from blogging ) works.

    Thanks a lot for breaking it lower to my own benefit and to others.

    Presently, studies won’t let me blog full time to make the best out from blogging , but surely oneday it shall be the things of the past .

    BTW, It’s a good share

    • Hey John,
      It’s good to go through studies so you won’t blog like many others. After your studies, you will be able to blog like a pro with a broader mind.

      Pay attention to your studies, then come join us 😉

      • Hohaahaa. . I’ll surely do that bro.

        Most at times your earning reports got me thinking 🙁 . giving me the hope that i’ll earn like you as time passes

  33. Hello Enstine,

    This is a very resourceful post. Just like any average beginner, when I started blogging, I thought it would be a smooth ride all the way. The honest truth is that it’s not. I have learnt so much for 3 years.

    Indeed, it requires time and money like any other business. It’s not for lazy people and definitely not a “get-rich-quick-scheme”.

    I recently made some resolutions about my blogging crusade that I believe will give me the result I desire.

    Keep doing great sir. Cheers!

    P.S: You influenced some of my resolutions. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Thank you bro and I’m so excited you an active member in my community.
      Thanks for the beautiful comments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend man 😉

  34. Hi Enstine, Nice and informative post here it takes some extra work to make money blogging which aren’t easy at all but once you’re in money keeps flowing in.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  35. No matter how many ways, if you do not have a strategy to work over, then there is no success. That is what exactly you said. And I find you mentioned many sources to make money online, and that is good to see 😀 Thanks for the share 🙂

  36. Hi Edi,
    I found out I have written enough on how to make this money so putting everything together will be a great resource for many.
    Thanks for being part of the conversation buddy 😉

  37. Wait, so this magic button I bought doesn’t actually work?!

    But seriously, great list of resources for making money from a blog. A lot of people don’t mind starting but when they realize it is going to take longer than a week they give up. Making money from blogging is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint!


    • Ah! You bought one? If I were you I would just ask for a refund this moment 😉

      Yeah it’s not how fast we start but how long we can go. Most of the people I met when I just started have abandoned. It isn’t easy at all especially if one has to depend on free methods to promote 😉

      Thanks for adding your voice bro

  38. Hi Enstine Sir,
    This is just another masterpiece from your side. Earning money from a blog is really tough and requires a lot of hard work. Though following the points mentioned above, one can easily get an overview about it.
    Thanks for such a wonderful post.


  39. Wonderful post Enstine. I love how you emphasize that there is no magic button to making money with blogging. In a recent training I organized I discovered that a lot of people think blogging is a magic lamp: just rub it a little and your bank account explodes in cash.
    They cringed when I told them the amount of work involved, that blogging is just like any other business- it needs time, serious efforts and some financial investments before it can yield any fruit.
    Will be checking out your other articles mentioned in this post. Keep up the good work Enstine.

    • Hey Chioma,
      You are really correct about that. A lot of people are given the wrong information so they come in hoping to click here and there, then bammmm! The money starts coming.

      If things were this easy, then everyone would be blogging. There is a lot of hard work and we should favor these newbies by telling them the truth.

      Yes make some time to go through those posts. A lot of useful information inside.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week

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