5 Proven Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

Are you disgusted with your money making efforts? I have been there. A few years ago I made peanuts at Cash With A True Conscience. I saw little cash, fewer readers and spent day after day wondering if I were wasting my time or not.

Fast forward a few years. I am prospering through multiple channels because I worked on my inner world. This is the great secret missed by struggling bloggers; as within, so without, meaning that to make money blogging you need to commit to working on your mental tools.

NB: Here are 15 ways bloggers make money blogging

This money making through blogging bit is not for the faint of heart because:

  • You will have to work harder than you ever have in your life
  • You will have to work more intelligently than you ever have in your life
  • You will have to work longer than you ever have in your life

…..to become a full-time, professional blogger. Stomaching the ups and downs of blogging might seem too overwhelming for bloggers but if you trust me, and are willing to follow a few basic tips you can glide through the down times, cherish the up times and build a solid, dependable income stream through your blogging efforts.make money blogging

1: Work on Your Inner World

Meditate, visualize yourself reaching your blogging goals and affirm your success to do the inner clearing you need to do to make money blogging. The majority of bloggers fail to make more than a few dollars online because they fear posting frequently, or monetizing their blog, or doing whatever they need to do to prosper.

Going within forces you to root out your negative beliefs like:

  • I will always be broke
  • I will always be a blogging failure
  • I will never monetize my blog for fear of angering my readers
  • I cannot post daily because I easily run out of ideas

Kick these negative thoughts out of your mind. MVA. Meditate. Visualize. Affirm.

2: Choose a Mentor

If you want to make money blogging seek mentors who make money blogging. Follow their blogs, take notes, study those notes and then, put the notes into action to copy their results. Mentors need not instruct you 1-on-1; you can learn from afar by studying their blog posts and putting their knowledge into action.

3: Create More Value

Sow. Reap. I post 3 to 5 times daily on my blog to share a serious amount of value with my audience. You make money by solving problems. If you can solve problems once daily, or 3 times daily, or 5 times daily, or more, money will flow to you in increasing amounts.

Your job is to create like a machine. Post once daily to rank higher in search engines, boost your page views and increase your blogging cash flow.

4: Make Friends to Expand Your Blogging Network

I see great success on twitter because I generate hundreds of retweets on certain posts. How? I became friends with a massive, supportive network by aggressively promoting these folks. A number of my friends returned the kind act, leveraging my presence by promoting my content to their networks.

Sharing your content to an ever increasing, targeted audience helps you with your online money making efforts.

NB: Here are 3 more ways to boost your income as blogger

5:Β  Read Like a Machine

I read many blogs daily. Sometimes I lose count. This helps me make friends, build my blogging network and acquire the latest and greatest information to help me prosper online.

Read like a machine to boost your cash flow. Learn from the best and improve your writing skills by soaking up quality blog posts on a daily basis.

What tips can you add to this list?

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46 thoughts on “5 Proven Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging”

  1. Very nice tips and you must generate great quality content regularly and keep on learning new things which are happening in your niche.One should always blog about useful content which might be useful for your readers and this will gradually increase your authority in the niche or topic and increase traffic to your blog.

  2. I must say that buiding a network and coming through for each other is just the best way at getting, Give your readers things that will help them in form of great content and you own their loyalty….. Great Post Ryan… Will apply all the point you have laid doen here…Thanks a bunch

  3. The mentor will motivate us to to do more blogging but, it might be risky if someone copy his/her mentor’s blogging idea. Everyone should blog within their comfortable zone.

    Great share! Such a strong thought!

  4. Hey Ryan,
    I was just reading your blog and came here to know what Enstine has to say. But again, you are here.

    Glad to hear how you make more retweets. I knew you’ve been effectively using hootsuite for this… Have not been active yet on Hootsuite.

    Will be following your networking strategy for my blog too…
    Thanks for the heads up buddy πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Ryan,
    I must say making money online is not an easy task, it needs lots of efforts to make money online. thanks for sharing a wonderful article, you have shared really nice tips that i am surely gonna use. hope so see positive results.
    Thanks. Have a nice weekend

  6. hello Ryan bro,
    This article is helping me so much just after taking this in practice i here to comment on this post. I have share this idea with friends they also trying it and got profited.
    Thanks for this post.

  7. Very good tips shared here by Ryan.

    I will add taking ACTION to the list. Many people know but don’t take action, hence the reason why they fail. They think they need to learn more and more and more when what they already know is good enough, sadly so, πŸ™

    Anyway, good tips, once again, Ryan. Thanks for writing this.

  8. Choosing a mentor and working on their steps will be great idea to get the targeted goal achieved in easy way.


  9. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for great post on making a good network of blogging to make money. It is good to listen but almost everyone fails to explain their blogging era. That is nice tips suggested by you to overcome situations.


  10. Adding value to your readers would be the best thing you can do to make money from blogging. Apart from that you will be able to build strong relationship with your readers thus they will trust you on a lot of things.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post and the proven ways to make money!

  11. Hi Ryan,
    you are everywhere!
    Tell me your secret : you have 10 hidden twins, right? πŸ˜‰

    I liked your points, for me #3 is the most important:
    “Add value to readers”.
    This is what you need to make them come back to your blog.

    Thanks for sharing and keep rocking! πŸ™‚

  12. Hello There Ryan It is so nice seeing you here on Enstine’s blog! These are some great tips here and my favorite is #5 Read like a machine to boost your cash flow! I would not have put it quite like that but I have been learning so much just from visiting other blogs, I also learn a lot from reading all the comments.Good to see you here Ryan and thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  13. Hi Ryan,

    You definitely hit the nail on the head when you said to clear your inner mind. It’s easy to let all the self negative talk hold us back.

    Taking the time to meditate is extremely vital for anyone who wants to reach their goals.

    Another thing that I’ve found extremely helpful this year is finding a mentor. I’m not saying that you can’t do it on your own. It’s much easier to follow someone who knows the steps to reach success faster.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I know that they will help anyone who follows them. Have a great day.


  14. Hello,

    I really liked your first tip mentioned above: “Work on Your Inner World” which is really important if we wanted to achieve something in blogging or making some money. Of course negative thoughts will make us go backward and discourage our steps. We need to fight it!

    Thanks for the tips

  15. Hey Ryan,

    I am glad to tell you that you have shared almost worthful post for all level of bloggers.
    But it’s most worthful and encouraging for those who just felt frustrated within a week of writing blogs and hope for earning money.

    It really helpful and easy to implement all these steps to a successful blogger.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep updating us

  16. Hii, Ryan

    You are right! and very helpful post.
    I’m very happy after read this Post because i have just started a New Blog on WP Platform and Will start hard work there.

    And this Article will Help me A Lot in success.

    Thanks To Share. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Ryan,

    Why I am lagging behind in this world of Blogging, especially in Search Engine Ranking? Today I got answer. Because In my starting days of blogging I post 1-2 post daily. But now days I am posting only 2-3 article per week.
    Thanks Ryan.. I will start working again.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. Hi, Ryan,
    Nice to see you over with your beautiful tips of money making. πŸ™‚

    Reading more and more and writing frequently is a way to increase are audience. We cannot run out of idea. We have to come with new and interesting post so it take in-follow of money.
    Thank You very much for sharing you tips with us. πŸ™‚

  19. I have to say making money from blogging is not an easy thing and its takes a lot of hard work just like you mention. It seems easier to get a job and get paid for doing it. But if done wisely and following the steps as mentioned, it is possible to make money from blogging.

  20. Hello Ensitne, This is such a great tuitoral for anyone who wants to make money blogging like me. I like the idea of creating a network with other bloggers. I started creating the network and this has by far increased the interractivity on my blog.
    About getting a mentor, I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks cause you have always been my mentor and I am really succeeding cause of you.
    Do have a great Week

  21. Hi Ryan,

    Seeing such a respected blogger making a guest blog on Enstine’s blog is quite unique and got me thinking.

    Anyway, back to the basics, I align positively well with points 2 and point 4; having mentors and expanding your networks through friends.

    Thanks Ryan for sharing this unusual secret to making money through blogging.

  22. Nice and interesting tips Ryan !
    If a person fails to achieve success online then he can choose a mentor that will guide him to success . Thanks for sharing these tips mate !


  23. Hello Ryan Sir,

    Nice post by you…
    Building engaged network and helping each others are the best and quickest method to success. I learned this and other working formulas from you. Thanks.

    Atul Kumar Pandey

  24. Hi.. Ryan
    I’m Glad to see you here On blog Of Enstine Muki.

    This post is really Very Awesome. And Helpful for Make Money Online. πŸ™‚


  25. Hey Ryan,

    This is an awesome post pal. I have been looking at myself and my blog lately. How I am working on building up my blog.

    I do realize that posting on a regular basis does help to bring in more traffic which helps to convert into cash.

    One needs to change their mindset about making money and actually do it. If you keep dreaming then you need to wake up and do something about your dream, thats the only way it’s going to work.

    I also follow lots of blogs so that I can gain added knowledge.

    Your points are clear and on point. Thanks for the awesome post.

  26. Hey Ryan

    Welcome to Enstine’s blog! I see you everywhere these days, mate. That’s awesome.

    I’ve never really thought about my inner self. Since I started making money using a niche site, I’ve become more confident at monetizing my blogs.

    I know people frown upon ads, Adsense and sponsored posts but we’ve all got to make a living, right?

    One thing I was terrible at doing was making sure I started each day with the things that will make me money! I’d do all the easier stuff first.

    I’m still guilty of it from time to time but now I stop myself to remind me that I still need to pay the bills!

    I’ve never thought about following a mentor without actually working with them 1 to 1. Silly really because that’s a great idea. I’m going to start my process of elimination next week!

    Thanks for sharing some valuable tips Ryan.

    I hope you have a great weekend.


    • Tim thanks so much! And of yes I have been there on starting the day without jumping into MMA’s…..

  27. Enstine – some great tips here! I especially like the first one which is sometimes a difficult hurdle to get over. Your own inner voice telling you your a failure and you can’t be successful. You need to throw that little guy out the window and just go for it.

    You are always going to piss someone off if you are blogging. They might not agree with the ideas you have posted. But thats a GOOD thing! If you are always playing it safe? Then you aren’t going to go anywhere then – and the same can be said for making money online!

  28. Hello Ryan Sir,

    Again a great post by you πŸ˜€

    Building network and helping each other is the best and quickest way to get success.
    I learned this and other working formulas from you.


  29. Hey Ryan (and Enstine),

    Loved the post man. I very much like the “work on your inner world” point because that really is absolutely critical to success. I first started blogging maybe a year ago, but I ended up giving up because I set my expectations too high and listened to the lies that so many people say when you’re first getting in to the whole Make Money Online thing. Now I’ve come back with a vigor to succeed, while also setting my short term expectations and goals incredibly low, while working on steady improvements. All of these are great tips though man, and I’ve been following you’re cashwithatrueconscience blog for the past couple weeks after connecting with the great Phillip Dews.

    Great post Ryan, thanks for sharing.

    oh, and Enstine you’re blue suit is awesome. (know that’s random but it felt like an awesome place to post this haha). Hope you enjoyed your trip to Lagos bro!

    Josh May

    • Josh thanks SO MUCH for the awesome comment and following my blog! Clearing your inner world is huge. Just saw your last post in a G Plus blogging group the second I read this comment….neat lol! Heading over to your blog now.

  30. Hi Ryan,

    Great to see your post @ Enstine’s blog πŸ™‚

    You’ve compiled a compact and concise list. I envy your skill of churning out 3-5 posts a day πŸ˜› If I were to do it, I would definitely degrade the quality of posts and burn myself out πŸ™‚

    #5 is what impressed me! I think it is one of the most overlooked factor too. The more you read, the more bloggers you come to know about, the more information you gather. Thankfully, I’ve instilled this habit of reading other blogs voraciously πŸ™‚

    Keep writing Ryan!


  31. hi Ryan
    Happy to see you here.Actually i m struggling To make money online before reading your post.i m definitely going to try your guide line
    nice tutorial bro
    keep rocking
    wish u success

  32. Create More Value – I do believe Enstine that the more value that you’ll add in your blogging, the more traffic you will get, and that means that you can generate more money. So by doing so, you will be flourishing with the help of the tips you shared with us.

    Make Friends to Expand Your Blogging Network – keep this in mind too! πŸ™‚

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the IM social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  33. Hello Ryan,

    Glad to see you here on enstine blog, You’ve shared awesome tips for making money from blogging. And I believe the first thing we need to focus on is creating an action plan and working on it with great time management. Now comes all the other things.

    It is really fun making money through blogging, where we can learn and earn at the same time.


    • Jijin, thanks so much and Enstine I appreciate the opportunity deeply buddy.

      We can have fun if we make helping people our #1 goal.

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