How to start a successful blog ~ Don’t fail before you start!

I got a question from one of my readers a few days ago on how to start a successful blog. It instantly dawned on me that many more readers may be clicking around with the same question on their minds.

Truth is,  a lot of people who stop blogging along the line failed before even getting into the activity. Common sense teaches us that the way you start a race can determine how you end it.

For the most part, beginners come in with a lot of excitement, motivated by some misunderstood factors. Before they know it, they are hitting their heads on the wall.

Note that we are talking about how to start a successful blog.  It’s all about the ‘start’ moment – that’s the foundation of your blogging business.

Well laid, will be able to sustain a thriving blogging business. That means if the foundation is weak, no matter the beauty of the structure, it will one day crumble.How to start a successful blog

Here first are some wrong reasons people start blogging

Some folks start today and next year, they are no more on the scene. I keep asking myself why are they hopping in and out. The only reasonable reason are the factors surrounding their start. Here are some reasons people start blogging that will surely not take them anywhere.

– > They started because someone told them they will soon start making money with their blog.

Here is a dirty reason to quickly push someone into starting a blog the next day. Just tell them there is so much money to be made as soon as you become a blogger.

blah blah blah…

You and I know this is not true. If you were told that, let me help eliminate that from your mind. You may not make any money for the next 1 year. It may turn out to be a very long journey and you must be ready for it.

So if you were told you will make money like John Chow or Pat Flynn after 1 month of blogging, guess what will really happen next …

or maybe you should ask the monkey 😉

How to start a successful blog

Yeah I know some people can get it going real quick but the truth is, a majority is on the failing side.

-> They started because someone told them it’s easy!


Blogging is easy? Well, maybe posting once per month may seem easy but if you want to treat is as a real business, never think it’s easy. If it really is, everyone would be blogging to make money.

First, you have to brainstorm to come up with blogging ideas. There are posts around to help in that but mind you, this is still a hard phase.

You may want to check out this Ultimate Guide  by James McAllister  on how to come up with blog post ideas. James really throws to the table some practical and result-driven tips

How to start a successful blog with james.

Secondly, developing the ideas into exciting content is another phase that requires hard work and of course smartness. Note that an idea is not enough. You need to build the skeleton and add flesh and skin to it.

Writing in a way as to encourage reading, proper formatting and adding attractive and meaningful graphics can never be easy.

Here comes the third and some-what most difficult part – Promotion

If you fail in promoting your blog, you and your family members and cousins may end up being the only readers on your blog.

In recent times, blog commenting, guest posting and social media have become common ways to promote your blog. But don’t even think this is easy. You can’t succeed on social media without a right sense of belonging – You’ll have to belong to the right groups and communities to drive traffic.

Commenting on other niche blogs is exciting because it helps build your community and drive traffic but who told you this is bread and butter ? If you want to make this easy, you are going to immediately fail.

I don’t want to talk about guest posting being easy. It never is because you have to give out your best to get desired results.

-> They started without proper niche research

The very foundation of success in blogging is choosing the right niche. People practically are blogging about any topic you can think of. But that doesn’t mean you too can jump into any niche and succeed.

If you make the wrong choice in the beginning, chances are that you’ll soon join the rest on the failing side.

I wrote this post in the past to help you choose a topic. It has the details and steps to follow so you don’t fall victim to choosing the wrong niche.

Now, I could keep on listing factors of poor foundation but that’s not the reason of this post. I just want to help someone start a successful blog so I’m not going to dwell on failure points.

So here’s How to start a successful blog!

The best way to start a successful blog is laying a solid foundation and that comes with being able to choose the right niche.  If you list your reasons for blogging, it will be fairly easy to decide what to blog about.

Once you’ve found your topic and once you are very sure about it, you are off to starting a successful blog.

Don’t get me wrong!

Finding the right topic is no guarantee that you will succeed. It’s however a solid foundation because everything else revolves round you being able to publish content that is consumed by readers.

Choosing the wrong topic could be a terrible mistake in a very near point. For the most part, you are soon going to run short of ideas. That could push you into picking materials here and there and trying to join them into a full post. But for how long?

If you are in the right niche, you’ll always find yourself flowing. That doesn’t mean they won’t be moments of drought. But being in the right niche, the way out of any content wilderness is always very nearby.

How to start a successful blog – invest in premium tools

I know some folks out there are going to raise their fingers up to argue this point but being a stubborn believer in premium tools, I keep telling my followers that first impression matters.

I know there are free stuffs out there that will allow you impress your readers but for the most part, you will need some  need premium tools to build a successful blog.

-> Get your personal or business domain name !

Some bloggers are doing good with or Congratulations but I can assure you if you move to a personal top level domain, you’l do better. The reason is that this allows you full control offer your content and any other premium tool you would want to use

If you are on, let me quickly inform you that you are not the real owner of your content. Google can just decide to freeze your access and leave you with your hands on your head.

How to start a successful blog

– > Don’t host anywhere!

Your blog is your business  and you don’t want to confide it to tyros or some free hosting service with no success stories. While I totally recommend you do your research before buying your hosting, I can quickly point out Hostgator I have been working with since 2008. Use the coupon code ENSTINEMUKI to save 25%

There are lots of WordPress dedicated hosting services out there but for the most part, a humble beginning on shared server space will strike the deal.

What I want to discourage is the idea of looking for a free host for your blog. It could hurt your blogging anytime.

– > Professional themes!

How to start a successful blog nowThere are both paid and free professional themes out there. For a new blog that seeks to gain traction, it’s imperative to look professional.

I often advise you buy a premium theme. We know the cost has dropped so tremendously. Not only do you benefit from the professionalism and dedication  of the developers, as a theme buyer, you get updates and technical support. These are all factors that affect your business and if you want to succeed, there is no way to neglect them.

– > Get the right plugins!

You can actually start a successful blog without a single additional plugin. But if there is an absolute necessity for any additional plugins, these must be well investigated.

Whether you are buying a plugin or activating a free option, make sure it’s of absolute requirement. Don’t get plugins for what their authors write about them. Investigate and approve plugins for what users say they are.

If I were you, I won’t depend on testimonials on sales pages simply. Go beyond that and investigate the credibility of anyone that says a product is this or that.

These days, people get paid to write fake testimonials just to pump sales. It’s however very easy to find out if a product is credible or not. Check out reviews on forums, social medial, etc

Don’t be Mr know all

If you really want to start a successful blog, you have to make sure every aspect of your blog is handled with the maximum level of perfection.

From your logo to theme modification, graphical designs, etc, you must know your strengths and outsource what’s without your limit of excellence.

Some bloggers want to do everything! Well, if you’ve got the talents, congratulations. However, I want to bring to your attention the fact that there is no room for anything near perfect. You are either great and be used or mediocre and be rejected.

This is some basic information I wanted to share with you on how to start a successful blog. Everything as I said above depends completely on the foundation you put down. A wrong foundation (choosing the wrong niche) definitely will see you struggling throughout and leaving no impact.

If you didn’t check, here again is the post that holds you by your hand and guides on  how to choose the perfect topic to blog about.

As you read it, I want to hear from you in the comment box below. If you are already blogging, are you sure you have a successful blog?

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  1. Before reading your post, I hadn’t even considered that a crucial step in starting a successful blog is to register your own professional domain name! I had previously been using WordPress. Switching to will be incredibly helpful to increase site traffic.

  2. Blogging requires not only skills but patience too it will only get successful when u got get a motivation and personal interest which is the main pillar of a successful blog

  3. We must understand benefits and disadvantages, really before beginning any work. A lot of people become a member of blogging to create cash but it ought to be clear it isn’t as an apple to take. It is a tough task additionally to the best value some persistence and time.

    By the way the specifics are extremely useful.

  4. I have been earning money online through my blogs, websites and other online medium on the internet for more than 6 years. With that time duration – I still haven’t experience having a website that generates money in a monthly recurring without having you to work hard for it.

    Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. totally agree with you Enstine. Actually before starting any work, we should be aware of the pros and cons. Many people join blogging to make money but it must be clear that its not like an apple to eat. It’s a difficult task and takes a lot time and patience.
    By the way the article is quite informative.

  6. I know all of this pro bloggers and i also know there blogs. All blogs they provides is very helpful for me. I am a new blogger so this type of blogs and this successful bloggers inspires me to work passionately on my own blog. Thank you to provide this great information

  7. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. For getting success in blogging, one needs a strong base and foundation. Basics are like the roots, with it you can hold the stem of success.

    And perhaps who can give the best tips and piece of advice than a successful blogger?


  8. Hi Enstine,

    Strongly agree with you on the fact that people start blogging seeing others making money and thinking that it’s as easy as 1 2 3 … which ultimately leads them to discouragement in near future.

  9. Hi Enstine,
    what I have experienced in my one year of blogging is that the most important thing to do before starting a blog is to do keyword research that’s my mistake I did not research on keywords and start a new blog blindly.
    It is important to look into some serious points before starting a blog that can grow or destroy it. And i am one of them who do big mistake like this.. but you opened my eye with this awesome article.

    Thanks for this fantastic article.
    Happy blogging!

  10. That’s a really beautiful article! Hope people obey the rules!

    “How to start a successful blog” is the million dollar question! It’s never been easy, especially when you’re blogging for money. The only key to success is “VALUE” of your blog and your articles.

    Think for a while that how much valuable things you can deliver to the world!

  11. This is an awesome post and i read everything till at the end.
    I am also new to wordpress and created my new tech blog.So this post is really helpful for me.

  12. To become successful in every sector you must need hard work, If you feel that it’s a easy task then you totally wrong. In blogging world you must do hard work for the success and it also needs time to get the success.

  13. Hi Enstine,

    You know how often i visit your blog for learning in an attractive and Fun Typo, but i didn’t pay attention to your images that you edit like a hero. Another awesome Blogging Post that can Kick-Start even a Dumb blogger. 😉

    Keep Helping People, they won’t pay you, but they will atleast Pray :{

  14. yes before starting a blog or starting anything, any biz, we have to look into some serious points that can grow or destroy your biz in beginning stage And i am one of them who do big mistake like this .. i had done these mistakes in 2012-13 and now i realize the loss :/ but now i have proper knowledge on how to start a new thing and grow it up slowly slowly . big bloggers like you help us to improve our knowledge . i just want to say thank you for a nice article . it will definitely help newbie bloggers to choose the right thing from which they can start htier career in bloggin or a part time thng that ll help them in future 😀 . and yeah i got the coupons too :p in my emal of thanks for that too.

    • Hey Jatin,
      Thanks for the great comment in which you took time to share your experience.
      Most of us make those mistakes in the beginning especially when you are trying things out yourself.

      If you have a coach, you are sure to skip some silly errors.

      Thanks for using broaded 😉

  15. Hey Enstine,

    You made some valid points about starting a successful blog. The one that really stuck out to me was using paid hosting service. I started off using free hosting and it was convenient for what I wanted at the time.

    But then the more tools that I wanted to install on the free service, the more limitations i ran into. I couldn’t even install plugins for the fact that the free service only accepted HTML format. So with this frustration, and many blogs that recommended getting paid hosting, I went ahead and started using GoDaddy.

    I Believe free hosting would be of great temporary use for beginners, but down the road they’ll eventually need to invest in paid hosting!

    • Hey Sherman,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Free maybe good only for a while but if you want unlimited expansion, go for paid option

      Happy Easter brother

  16. hey Enstine,what a superb article,you are amazing,now i will be must back visit here again and,s really valuable post for me.thanks a lot dear.

  17. nice post dude..
    things to consider for a succesfull blog:
    great content.
    fast and mobile friendly theme.
    on page seo.
    and some patience..

    some more there but this will lead to succesfull blog…

  18. Hello Enstine,
    You are always there for help. I have struggled to build a blog for more than 2 years now without a meaningful success. As a result i started another blog on free wordpress but having discovered I need a domain name to start well. The question is how do I pay for HostGator. I live in Lagos Nigeria.

    • Hey Juliana,
      It’s simple! Just create a free paypal account for Nigieria. Link it to your local VISA or MASTER CARD delivered by your Local bank. Use your Paypal now to buy from Hostgator.

      Does that help?

  19. Hello Sir,
    I’m glad you are here again and thanks for the awesome strategies you always share for the newbie and experienced bloggers.
    Thanks for being One of Us, even with Massive Money you make daily.
    BTW, I liked those recommended tools for building a great blog you listed in this Article for us.
    CHEERS !!

  20. WOW ! Thank you for sharing your experience . Hit us up early that exists errors .The successful blogger blogs and passion for this type of work inspires me in my own blog, so I’m a new blogger, I am. Thank you for the great information to offer.

  21. I know all of this pro bloggers and i also know there blogs. All blogs they provides is very helpful for me. I am a new blogger so this type of blogs and this successful bloggers inspires me to work passionately on my own blog. Thank you to provide this great information.

  22. Thanks for sharing…! This is really nice article that you share us the keys of successful blog. Actually, I have been starting blogging almost three years but I did feel like with that. However, I tried to keep continue and learnt about what I did wrong with my blog.

    Well, I found that I did some mistakes as what you said in above post. I relied on free blogging such as blogger. I did spend some money for ultimate my business process.

    I learn about the mistakes, I have grab self hosted service for my blog. You know..? I did wrong again since I chose low quality hosting and loading speed is really slow.

    I planned to change my hosting service, I found that siteground and DigitalOccean are really interesting to me. Anyway, did you have some ideas about those above 2 hosting service.

    Another, mistake I did with blogging is that I thing that content is king thus I only spent all my for research and writing the content. However, blogging is more than writing. I need to spend more time for promote and build community.

    The last, I always keep in my mind is that successful is working hard and it is not going to get right overnight. Thanks for your love tips.

    • Hey Kim,
      Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. Must of us have hit those errors in the beginning.

      Quickly, I don’t have any experience with the hosts you mentioned about. I have been with hostgator n all has been good.

      Let me know when you are finally ready to move. We may find something together.

      Yes, blogging needs promotion. without it, your content will never be read even if it’s the king. The real work as you mentioned is promotion and there are lots of ways to go with it.

      Very correct! You need to work hard and mix it with smartness. This requires time to generate good results.

      Thanks for commenting and point out issues Kim so let me know when you are moving hosts 😉

      • Enstine, thanks for responding and your Advice.

        Actually, I heard some bloggers talk about Hostgators and it sound really interested hosting. However, it business hosting package is a bit expensive to me. The budget is limited. LOL.

        Sure, I plan to move on the next of this year. I will let your know about that when I am really.

  23. Hi Enstine!

    Great advice here. I feel a lot of people are fed up with false expectations so they tend to feel rather disappointed when they found out they were not told the entire truth.
    You and I know quite well that this blogging thing isn’t a walk in the park. It takes real hard work just like any other business would and you’ve got to be willing to do what it takes if you want to see success.

    If you don’t treat it like a business, than don’t be surprised if you don’t make money right? It starts with a good foundation and then execution. Execution without a strategy and a plan without execution are both worthless. You need both.

    I appreciate you sharing my guide here by the way.

    Thanks Enstine!
    – James

    • Hey buddy,
      You know not planning to succeed is actually planning to fail.

      Like you put it, some people get to a point where they realize it’s not what they were told in the beginning.

      There are lots of blogging course out there that tell you how soon you’ll start making money. Most of these very successful bloggers have misleading sales copy.

      After reading, you get so pumped thinking by this time next year, you’ll be like John Chow. The reality is far from this 😉

      Thanks for making it an appointment. Oh yeah I’m glad your post is a perfect extension to this article.

      Hope you are having a great week

  24. Hey Enstine,

    That’s really great advice and boy do I agree with you.

    I had a guy contact me today through Twitter wanting to know how to start making money and he’s on some platform I’ve never heard of before and the layout of his blog is just horrible. Of course he’s going the free route claiming he has no money but is eager to start making money of his own. If only they really understood how this all works. I think if someone took the time to explain this to them or they read more of posts like this one they might get it. Those idiots have been filling their heads that it’s an easy thing to do. You and I both know how wrong that is.

    Great share and explanation here Enstine. I’ll be sure to pass this along as well.

    Enjoy your week and hope it’s gotten off to a great start.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the contribution.

      There are many phases in business and the spending phase is one of these. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to skip it. Free maybe good but paid is always better.

      To add to this, starting a blog doesn’t require your arm. With something less than $250, you can already be running a professional blog.

      Thanks for spreading the word about this post. I hope it helps many that take the pains to read it 😉

  25. Excellent tips Enstine!

    And extremely practical advice as well! I like where you so wisely advised that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a structure may look or appear.

    If the foundation is flawed, at some point the entire structure will eventually collapse!

    Powerful advice indeed! And unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to far too aspiring online marketers/bloggers.

    They get off to a wrong start and therefore their entire marketing foundation (at some point), probably in the not too distant future, is simply going to collapse!

    Although, your totally accurate advice may be heard to hear and is initially unwelcome! The truth definitely still needs to be told!

    And I for one applaud your courage and commitment to simply tell it like it is! Bravo Enstine! That’s why I study so often here my friend!

    Continued success!

    • Yeah! thanks for the comment buddy, and the encouragement 😉
      Some of us didn’t get this information in the beginning. We dabbled to find a focus. We failed at various point before coming to where we are.

      There is quite much free information out there how to start well. so newbies these days are better off than those of us years back 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful week pal

  26. Hi Enstine,

    It really is all about managing expectations. When I started early last summer in June 2014 I didn’t have any perceived expectations other than to tackle my strategies and goals with the long-term in mind.

    One year later I’m having the time of my life!!!! While my blog is designed to create money directly, it is designed to demonstrate my competency, ideas and why a business of any size might hire me as a consultant, trainer or coach.

    The new strategies of 2015 are roaring and opportunities are knocking at my door. It’s an exciting time for sure!!!!

    I hope you have an awesome week Enstine. I’m excited to be on the journey with you for the long-haul!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,
      Good to see you here today buddy and thanks for sharing your experience.
      Your growth has been tremendous because the value in your content is real. Coupled with hard work, you are breaking barriers and making a name worldwide.

      My week is going great and thanks for being part of my team.
      I hope you too are having a splendid week buddy

  27. I am here again to learn and comment on Enstine Muk! 😀
    Another inspiring post Boss! This is one of the best things for any one new coming into Blogging, whether it’s for business or hobby.
    There’s something I’d like to Point which you Said, “They started because someone told them they will soon start making money with their blog.” Unfortunately this still happens till date despite the thousand existing blogs that have preached to make correct this Belief.
    BTW, I liked those recommended tools for building a great blog you listed, but another Big issue people have is picking up the RIGHT PREMIUM THEME THAT WOULD SUIT THEIR BLOGS (considering their Niche), it’d be appreciated if you can help us with some nice themes to choose for our various blogs in your next posts someday.
    Thanks again for this article.

  28. what i have experienced in my one year of blogging is that the most important thing to do before starting a blog is to do keyword research because without that if you start a new blog, you are starting it blindly.
    in my one year of blogging, i have started almost a dozen blogs but only one got traffic from google in very less time and with only few posts and that is due to the reason that competition in that niche is very low.

    • Hey Hamza,
      Good to see you around bro and thanks for the comment and for sharing your experience.
      Yes if you need search engine traffic, do keyword works before starting a blog post 😉

  29. Hi Enstine

    This is what you call words of wisdom for blogging. I agreevwith your points and advise newbies to have the right mindset before the embark on the blogging journey.

    I also agree that no blogger should function as an island but work with right groups and communities.

    What an excellent post. Cheers man.

    • Hey Ikechi,
      Thanks for the confirmation. I like your words to bloggers not to stand alone. You know what happens when a try stands alone. It can easily be pull down by the wind 😉

      Thanks for being part of us today bro

  30. Hi Enstine,

    You sure have written a great foundation of how to start a successful blog. I had to learn the hard way several years ago by not monetizing it correctly. But those were growing pains, and now I learned the how to’s.

    I’ve always used a WordPress blog and now use managed hosting. It sure saves me tons of time because I don’t have to fool around with things in my back office. I found that for a few extra dollars managed hosting was a perfect fit for me.

    Choosing a niche was something that took a little time in the beginning, but I eventually grew into it. Once we are passionate about our niche, there is always content to be given. Yes, there are sometimes when I bang my head against the wall, but within a short time, I do come up with another topic lol.

    Thanks for this information…I’ll be sharing it all over the place.


    • Hey Donna,
      First, you shared a super exciting post about Affiliate Marketing on your blog. I was there and can confirm and recommend it 😉

      You know it’s always not easy for beginners who are finding their ways by themselves. There are bound to be errors along the line.

      Some are fortunate to have been coached by some experts. That took them straight to the points, avoiding some time wasting steps.

      We all made these silly errors as we struggled on our own. But thanks be to God, some of us are where we are today.

      I’m glad you got it figured out! Now you have a calm mind, concentrating on content while the experts handle the hosting.

      Way to go my dear friend 😉

  31. Hi Enstine,

    I agree with all the points mentioned about newbie bloggers going wrong. Perfection is what genius creatives believe. I am so impressed to hear that from you pal.

    For your question ‘are you having a successful blog?’ in the end, it is hard to choose an answer as I always confused in defining the’ success of blogging’ with ‘money making’. If success of blogging is all about money making, my answer would be ‘yes’. If it is about satisfaction and netwrok building, my answer is ‘I’m still hungry’.

    Just a thought! Nothing offenseive 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hahaha thanks for your answers buddy 😉
      I think your approach is good. Some people are making money while some are getting satisfied just with the interactions 😉

      Good point pal

  32. Hey Enstine Nice Post and Very Informative and Motivational and you are Right if any one wants to Earn Money fast Then Blogging is not For Them in Blogging every one Should have Patents to earn good Reasonable Amount Because Blogging is a Business and Every Business take time to Grow.

    • Hey Raza,
      You are correct about saying every business takes time to grow.
      If we understand this, we won’t hurry over things even in blogging.

      Thanks for being part of us today. Do have a wonderful week ahead

  33. And if everything is done right, and I talk here about having your own domain, a good hosting package, use WordPress for good SEO, I can say that writing about a topic that you really understand is even more important.
    Users will feel right away if you are an expert in your niche or not.

    • I guess you are right John!
      After having put in place all the necessary ingredients, it’s good to write on something one understands 😉

      Thanks for sharing with us pal. Do have a wonderful week

  34. Hello Enstine,

    Well, no one will deny your mentioned facts especially the domain and hosting part.

    It is more of a misconception in my country, Pakistan, that people do feel the online world is far different than offline world. If you don’t know anything or have any clue of internet, you can still earn.

    I often say to them it is like a proper business and proper job just like you join an office or run a physical business.

    For the blogging, my gosh…. It is considered a piece of cake.. To start earning within the very first days of blogging by cluttering up AdSense, InfoLinks, Chitika, Affiliate links, and this and that … If I share with you one or two examples, you’ll be amazed.

    I admit I don’t have a successful blog but I am following my passion. And have to innate me to that circle of my passion. To be one.

    Thanks for this awesome post and the points to let all of us know what requires to make a blog successful in the long run.

    ~ Adeel Sami

    • Hey Adeel,
      Thanks for coming up and telling us where you are from!

      You know, just like in your country, Internet Business in Cameroon is still very far behind. Blogging is yet to kick off and a lot of things are still in infancy.

      It’s never easy to earn a sustainable income with blogging with a brand new blog. You may get some drops but it requires time for the blog to mature and build a community.

      Adsense, infolinks, chitika all at once on a single blog may be a wrong direction 😉 Well, except you know how to optimize for maximum results.

      thanks for sharing your opinion in this post Adeel and good luck to you my friend in Pakistan

  35. Hello Sir Muki,

    Am not going to say my blog is successful or not, because

    I’ve been blogging for the two years now and every thing

    seems normal…..i remember the first time i heard the

    word blogging from so called pro’s here is what they say

    Blogging is very easy and you make a lot of money

    from it without stress

    I was like WOW! when i heard that….by the time i

    started blogging that was when i knew what i was

    into….my blogging career started getting better when i

    met Babanature of OneNaijaBlog, his blog

    was like an angel to me because i was going to quit when

    saw his blog and since then things have changed.
    And ofcourse your blog helped me out too i mean in so

    many ways, thanks for the great post. God Bless Ya!

    • Hahaha! I’m sure that pro won’t make that same statement now 😉
      Well, some niches may be less competitive, giving you quick ways to make money. But on a generate note, it’s not easy.

      Yeah Babanature is a great guy. i call him boss of adsense and I’m one of his loyal readers.

      Hope you are set for a wonderful week

  36. Hello Enstine .Infact this post fits my needs .i am learning lots of answers now .Basically i am from Pakistan .I have few friends trying to purchase hosting but there is a problem among all problems.our credit card is not working online for international transactions and we don;t have access to paypal.Now how someone surrounded with problems can create great and unique content .Foundation is not strong .everyone here is using blogger or wordpress but few are using top level domains

  37. Hey Enstine Sir,
    This is a nice topic and post.
    When I start blogging, I thought it is very easy to earn money online with a blog, but after some week I realize that it’s not so easy as it looks.

    You wrote a wonderful piece of article which going to help thousands of bloggers.

    • Hey Rabin,
      Great you are here with a comment 😉
      Yes, it’s not that easy to make money blogging. However, with time and doing the right thing, the money will soon start coming your way.

      have a wonderful week bro 😉

  38. Hi Enstine, I love this and what you have really explained. Its fact that most people start blogging from different things like I knew someone who started it just because a friend is engage in it but later on he found it difficult to cope with situations. Later on abandon the blog. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  39. Hey Enstine,

    Great thoughts. I have started way too many blogs before I finally found one where I really enjoyed the topic. I think that is the most important thing, enjoying your topic. It is easy to write those first couple of posts but after a while you will need to really dig deep. This is so much easier when it is a topic you love!

    I for one agree with you on the premium tools. It is important to have the right tools, doesn’t matter if they are free or come with a price. Just get the right ones for the job!


    • Hey Chris,

      This is just m y second blog. My first blog was doing great, generating income. I sold it out to blog on my name and I’m very excited I did.

      You are right! When you enjoy your topic, you do it better. In the linked post, I talked a bit about passion and profession.

      Some people are into a profession they don’t feel passionate about. They however know a lot of things in that topic. So will you follow your profession or passion?

      It’s another week buddy and I’m particularly excited because it’s yours here on my blog 😉

      • I know all too well what you mean about following your “profession” and following your passion. I am sort of lucky that my “profession” and my “passion” are very closely related, but not exactly the same thing.

        I am excited too! Thursday will be right around the corner 🙂

        But first we have to tackle this Monday!

  40. Hi einstine

    Nice article there

    I agree all the points. We must be knowing some thing very strongly in order to earn.

    For a new blog, ads and affiliate links never work. But services do.

    I agree that we have to usw premium tools but not necessarily in every case. for example if we dont get many subscribers there is no need to spend money on premium mailing tools..instead free mailchimp does the work.

    • Hi buddy,
      What’s up?
      The free service of mailchimp is not bad at all. It only has the issue of limiting certain resources. BTW, that’s when it comes to emailing.

      What do you think about free sub domains and free hosting?

      • Free Sub domains and free hosting Sucks !
        It points that the blogger is not serious towards blogging 🙂

        Free always costs latter so it is better to invest in a top level domain and a paid hosting from the very beginning.

  41. Hi Enstine Muki
    Great Post!! Nice Information For newbie bloggers!! But I have a question Which Plugin is best for SEO For Long term Blog??
    Thanks For Sharing
    Regards Kartik Chugh

  42. This is absolutely right
    I was making such a huge mistakes before on my blog and got frustrated after 3 years not getting desire result
    A whole day with 2 clicks and the whole month with may be 200 clicks
    Earning on the blog just 2cents or at least 10cents
    But not until meeting good adverser and pros, especially when I was introduced to


    • Hey Lawrence,
      Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m glad meeting broaded has changed your story 😉

      Now you are getting clicks and dollars right?

    • Thanks for the great article, To achieve success online, you must fail as fast as humanly possible.
      Failure is the key to progress.
      Track your results and modify your results accordingly.

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