1000 BroadedNet credits per member ~ Huge gift!

BroadedNet has been doing pretty good these days though I have been slow in promotion. While I decided to sell it to someone so as to focus on the next project I’m working on (and of course my blog), I still see interesting activities going on.

NB: I have written quite much about broaded on this blog. Click here for more

I sent a mail to members about the sale and some of them got really interested. While I’m still in negotiation, I will still want to give a chance to my readers to acquire a wonderfully profitable platform.

What you will do after transfer of ownership is just continue from where I ended and probably develop more promotion strategies to boost sales.

The only monthly charges I face are VPS hosting with Hostgator. Apart from that, you have a business that’s currently generating over $500 while you are doing nothing.

Note that there are currently 1146 valid members and over 1000 campaigns running on the network. Not everyone that signed up has created a campaign though.

Thank you!

I’m taking this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that is a member. I want you to add up to 1000 free credits to your account.

All I require is a social media action from you. Just Tweet or share or Google+ on the content locker below. This will unlock the coupon code for you to grab 1000 credits.


Your coupon code for 1000 free credits: GFTI

What do you do with the credits?

First, click “Got coupon code?” and enter the coupon to grab the credits

Next, click “Create Campaign” on top menu to add your blog post. I’ll will check and approve your campaign so you start getting the traffic.

Make sure you add your campaign in the most appropriate category.

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