How to make so much money with your blog – Guaranteed!

If you want to make money, I mean real money with your blog, read these tips. I’m not pulling your legs. I just want to share with you some very powerful methods that will literally capacitate and transform your blog into a money magnet, a money generating engine, an evergreen money tree.

Looks like some scam isn’t it?

But I’m not asking you to buy any product from me. Neither am I asking you to fill a form and let me grab your email. I’m just asking you to read this post. The method is exposed right on this article.

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Let’s get down to business …

make so much money

More than half the number of bloggers in the whole world is interested in generating some amount of money from their blogs. Go pick out 10 well established blogs randomly in any niche. 5 or more out of these will have some object on them to make money 😉

While few like John chow, Pat Flynn, etc are killing it, a majority is barely scratching the surface. Some have even abandoned because ‘they handle the knife from the sharp end’ and of course, it cuts.

I have read income reports of so many bloggers and noticed something remarkable. I don’t know if these bloggers had this strategy planned or it just came with time. Some of them do about 10% of this strategy and still make it big.

Truth is, if you keep to what I’m about sharing here, you will see the real power of your blog. You will soon stop complaining and move to the camp of John chow. I’m not saying you will be banking $50,000 a month because I’m not doing that yet – but with this plan, nothing stops you from soon touching that target.

Absolutely, in this game plan, you are not going to buy anything. If you have a blog, you are set for the money making journey.

But wait!

Don’t ask me if I’m making 1000s of dollars with this method already. By the time you end reading this post, you will know from your inner person that this is bound to work for you – so rejoice!

Let me again underline here that it’s not a one click button. Nothing good come easy, they say. You will have to;

  • Use your brains.
  • Do some real work.
  • Then sit and see the money swell your account

Looks like I’m sounding too unreal 😉

Wait again! I’m soon going to reveal the real phrase. But let’s talk a bit about some things you must do to your blog first. This is not the core of this post but it’s part of what you must do.

– > Treat blogging as a business!

You must treat blogging as a real business and your blog as a businessaddrienne smith tool. Adrienne wrote a post on how blogging in itself cannot make money. I’m 100% ok with what she shared in this post. I recommend you check it out so you don’t get the wrong information.

Click here to read her article!

If blogging is business, then a blog is just the tool. This tool is capable to make so much money for you. There are 101 ways to capacitate your blog and give it the money making power it deserves. However, in this post, I’ll be focusing on ONE that is guaranteed to generate results.

– > Change your readers’ behavior!

This is one strong point in blogging that every website owner or blogger must pay attention to. When a visitor lands on your blog, how does he behave? Here are some questions to help you;

  • Does he quickly close the page and move on?
  • How long does he hang on?
  • Does he click to read some other articles on your blog?
  • Dose he interact in any way? – Leave a comment, share your article, send your url to a friend, etc.
  • Does he bookmark your url?
  • Does he sign up to your list?
  • Does he visit your ‘about me page’?
  • Does he go to Google to find out more about you?
  • Does he click on an advert?
  • Does he, does he, does he…

These questions help you know what’s happening on your blog – how your readers respond to your articles.

Google analytics is an excellent free analytical program to help answer some of these questions. In my free report, which I recommend you grab this moment, I looked at three of these visitors’ behaviors and how you can positively affect them for a change.

How to make so much money blogging!

I know some folks’ faces are twisted when the read things like this. They say it’s difficult to make money while blogging. That’s correct but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You need to have a positive mindset to succeed in this activity.

It’s not just about making money. No! Not the adsense peanut type of earnings, and you don’t need 5,000 visitors a day either. You need just three things;

  1. The positive mindset.
  2. Treat blogging as a business.
  3. The right monetizing strategy.

I love what my friend Mi Muba has shared in a post on his blog. It’s possible mi mubato make so much money from blogging.  Mi wrote on 10 reasons newbie bloggers must aim to make big money online. Check out his article here!


Hold on for a moment!

Before I share with you the two words that will give your blog an immeasurable money making power, I want you to look at this post. I have written about Yaro Starak’s ebook on how to get 1000 blog readers a day. Yaro has done a wild job on this product and you need to grab your copy.

Click here to see what I wrote about it

Here is the main point of this post;

Be a Product Ambassador!

That’s the secret to make so much money from your blog. Let me explain in details so you get the bright picture of it.

An ambassador is an accredited diplomat sent by a state as its permanent representative in a foreign country. The ambassador has the obligation to defend and protect the citizens and interest of the represented country (his own country of origin) in that foreign country.

To be a Product Ambassador is simply to represent that product on your blog. This is far beyond mere banner ads and product reviews. I will explain in a minute.

Representing a product opens a huge money making channel through that same product.

Here is the point …

  • Identify yourself with the product.
  • Promote it wildly.
  • Link to it with your affiliate link and make sales.

Aha! I have the hot point to explain below so keep reading. Don’t rush!

Selecting the product to represent!

This is a very crucial point. Don’t just choose to represent a product because it pays high commissions or because it’s your friend’s. There are solid points to consider because any poor choice can really have bad impacts on your blogging career. Here are some points to note:

  • Be sure your readers will appreciate the product – respect your niche.
  • Make sure the product has real quality.
  • Make sure the product has positive feedback from users.
  • Be sure the product pays good in affiliate commission.
  • If the product pays recurring commission, that will be better.

How to effectively become the ambassador of a product!

After having done your research and being confident that the product in question answers to all your questions, I propose you do the following:

  • Contact the product owner and talk to him about your desire to be its ambassador.
  • Request for a discount code or unique link.
  • Sign up to its affiliate program.
  • Request for custom promotional materials – banners, videos, etc.

Now here is the real part of it. It’s the key to make huge amounts from the chosen product. I love this idea 😉

Create a series of review posts for the product!

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle In other words, create a campaign for the product. In this case, a campaign is made up of a series of review posts.

One review post will not be enough. That’s my opinion. You have to create 5 and more tutorial posts, how-to posts, etc about the product. The more articles you write, the more money you make from the product. Here is how you should go about it;

  • Start with the main review first, pointing out the main features.
  • Then do follow up review posts, bringing out details of specific features, showing how they can help your audience.
  • Interlink the posts.
  • Make sure you do your keyword research so you get traffic to your review posts from search engines. That’s what will keep generating sales even while you are on holidays.
  • The more the features, the more posts you should write.
  • Create a category for each product/campaign.

You can be an ambassador of as many products as possible. The more products you represent, the more money you make.

Ok Enstine this is great. Are you doing this too?

At the moment I’m writing this post, I have identified FormGet as an excellent product I’d like to kick off with. Here is my first review of this wonderful contact form generator. FormGet has tons of features to help me write over 10 ‘how-to’ posts. The affiliate program is also great. So watch out for my next FormGet post this week.

So how do I get these products Enstine?

I know the question on your mind now is how to get these products to promote. That shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Go to affiliate product networks like ShareAsale, Clickbank, CJ, and search for products in the categories that match with your niche.

You can also find products that are advertised or reviewed on other blogs. The ideas are just so unlimited.

How long does it take to start making money?

make so much money

If you are excited about this, and if you take this as a real business, creating one complete product campaign per month is possible. That means you create 5+ blog posts reviewing just one product per month (while also writing other articles too). Within 12 months, you should be proud of 12 solid, SEO friendly and money making campaigns.

Now let’s see it this way with some figures:

1 campaign has 5 blog posts reviewing different aspects of the same product.

If each of these posts (averagely) drives 20 visits per day to your blog, that will mean 100 visits per day from a single campaign.

Depending on your reviews and calls to action, you may have more than 50% CTR (I have noticed CTR on review posts is often above 50% for traffic coming from search engines)

Therefore, if a product was reviewed in 5 blog posts, your blog should be driving over 50 visits (from 5 different blog posts) to one product sales page per day. This is the minimum right?

With 12 products, each receiving 50 visits from your blog per day, that means you have a total of 600 targeted traffic being sent to 12 different affiliate products each day from your blog. With a low conversion rate of 0.5%, that means your blog will be generating 3 sales per day.

If each sale pays $33 in commission, you are up for $100/day from your blog.

This is theory right? I know but I have taken the most practical case possible. No exaggerations.

Ok here is summary!

  • Choose a hot related product every month.
  • Do proper keyword research.
  • Create 5+ different review posts on different features of the same product.
  • Link to the product sales page with affiliate link.
  • Offer bonuses or discount.
  • Interlink those articles.

Doing this will surely give unthinkable money making power to your blog.

If you want to know the power of this strategy, create just one campaign. Watch the results. If you get sales and commissions, create more and more campaigns.

That’s it! Go ahead and start work.

If you like this article,

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A big thank you.

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  1. Thanks for that awesome information Enstine it was very helpful and very informative.Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Enstine!

    Yes, making money is everyone’s dream 😀 There are a lot of people making a lot of money from online only. Affiliate marketing is one of them! Too many ways are open for us but we need to go for the right ways! I also read Mi Muba’s article. That was Very useful for us!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this informative post!

    Keep it up bro!

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Yet another wonderful blog from you. i love your way a creating the content with so much clear idea and understanding. If we really want to make money, the most important factors are mainly consistency, determination, hard work and also smart work. Hard work is necessary since we have to make so much of stuffs and smart is necessary to monetize this stuffs effectively.
    Thanks for this useful article..

  4. Hi,

    I knew from the day one, affiliate sales is the best thing to earn big, great bloggers are using this to earn their hefty amount. The way you explained this is so simple and positive.

    The trick is to know the readers, choose the right product and be determined about the reviews and promotions. Success will then be waiting eagerly. Great article.

  5. You have given very workable guidelines. I wonder how many will implement the tips. I enjoyed reading it.

  6. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for sharing this…I have a question though – what’s your opinion in representing multiple products from multiple manufacturers? Is it a good idea to write a review that compares similar product, say, a shirt, from different brands?

    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Great post I must say. In the beginning I was a little lost but towards the end of the article, it’s full of actionable content. I am definitely going to implement this strategy of campaigning products from July onwards and hope I get to see good results. A very nice affiliate marketing method.


  8. Hi Enstine,

    I am very grateful for this article. 🙂
    I’m wondering how long you online in a day Enstine?

    The idea of ​​making money in this article it seems interesting and requires a lot of time, especially in the keywords research. But you seem to be able to finish it all. That’s the beauty of you I guess.

    Thanks for sharing these interesting ideas, Enstine.
    Nice share, indeed!


  9. Blogs are not the best money makers and this is a fact. Even few of the “A-List” bloggers are simply making the money outside of the blog. Unless you have a team of 20 professional writers, I doubt that anybody can make serious money from blogging. However blog might drive traffic to product or service and this is the main power of blogging.

    • Yes you need to work extremely hard to make good amount from blogging especially now that traffic is tough because of competition. Well, this is very true in some niches

      Hope you are doing great this weekend Banev

  10. Great post Enstine, really hit the point here, If you are monitoring bloggers you may notice hundreds of successful blogs have disappeared this last year because of Google, so we can say that most bloggers are struggling for traffic, and traffic is the main reason for success or failure

    • Hey Jossef,
      Traffic is key and yes, some bloggers have abandoned. It’s not an easy task but as soon as you figure out the point, you will be moving ahead

      Thanks for your comment Jossef and hope to see you around again and soon

  11. Hosting also matters on earning more money with blogs. Because hosting must be with low down time and also good customer support. I found both in Bluehost

  12. Hey Enstine
    What a comprehensive post. You are giving away your best tips my friend, great stuff!
    I have done a little of what you talk about with of course a little success.
    It is time to ramp this up and do more of what you were talking about – more related posts on the product, to help drive traffic and push up the original review post!
    Thanks for putting all this out there

    • Hey Ashley,
      Good to see you here again and thanks for putting in time to drop a comment. Yes! the idea is doing more related posts on the product. This will surely drive more traffic

      Hope to see you put this to action and bank big 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  13. Wow! Such an encouraging comment.So how is the form business going? I’d like to be on it as soon as it’s ready.

    I love this statement you made “if you can’t recommend any product to your own family member, you should not promote it to your visitors as well.” That’s very true and thanks for the reflection 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  14. This is indeed a great post again Enstine. For making money through blogging, people should treat their blog as their business. Normally people don’t invest money for the betterment of their blog which is a great mistake. I loved this point.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online but again selection of product matters most because you can’t promote anything. Before promoting any product, bloggers should try it and treat visitors as their family members…i mean if you can’t recommend any product to your own family member, you should not promote it to your visitors as well.

    I think i am visiting your blog after 7-10 days due to my vBulletin project so missed so many blog posts(i guess). Will read all new ones. All of your articles are worth reading. Thanks for your hard work. Have a great day.


  15. always you’re posts are worth reading ,well i have earned so much with shareasale and others very good service indeed

    curiously whats your income from reviews and affiliate per month
    i manage to get 500$ to 600
    thanks for the post
    felt informative

    • $500 to $600 is good supreeth. So many bloggers don’t see that and I know you can do better.

      I’ll be publishing income reports on my blog any moment from now. details will be posted

  16. Mr. Enstine,
    I trust that, really you are a great teacher on your subject. Your practical explanations and approaches are step-by step. I support the Lion roaring comment by Mr. Mi Buba and it is a great suitable garland for you.
    You have stated with blog reader’s behavior and actions and how they react!
    What are the mind set bloggers should have and must care for the blogs as own business!
    Product ambassador approach and how to constantly promote them techniques etc are all well explained. Your guide will really bring back energy for the bloggers who is in-search of ways and means for developing their blogs to be alive and active. Once again thanking you for your awesome post.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words in the comment Kannan. Mi got it on with that quote 😉

      I hope to see you around again so soon, and do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  17. Another awesome post Enstine!

    I read both Mi Muba and Adrienne’s post and as you mentioned they are right on. The one thing I want to focus on is your example. You used a 12 month example and many blogs don’t make it that long.

    You have to be willing to go the distance to make a good income or even scratch the surface of Pat Flynn’s income!

    Excellent points and some I will incorporate for sure.

    Take care…

    • Hey Steven,
      I think the main reason why some bloggers drop is that they want quick results. That’s possible but often, you really have to work hard and give yourself time.

      12 months is just one year. Some bloggers take 5+ years to start making money. I remember in my first year as a blogger, I was able to make about $7k and that has continued. Time is an important factor 😉

      I’ll be glad to see some of these tips implemented on your blog soon. Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend ahead

  18. Hello Enstine,

    To be honest I know most of the things but the real thing is to implement them properly. Not everything works for everyone. Sometimes having Adsense on blog and few high traffic blog post on the top of Google SERP is more than enough enough.

    His (“my friend”) whatsapp related article got on top of SERP and he received 22K+ pageviews in 5-6 hours and earned $60+ . Now I need to get update from him, he’s definitely going to earn few thousand dollars.

    • Tech blogs can really draw huge traffic if you know what you are doing. 22k pageviews within 24 hours is great. I added a tech category to my blog and will soon be bringing up some tech articles too 😉

  19. Hey Enstine,

    I finally made it by although it’s kinda late here but that’s okay.

    I appreciate you sharing my post and the mention as well. Yeah, we talked about my post topic and I just wanted to get people to understand that they are just phrasing things wrong when they’re trying to convince people about making money blogging. It’s the tool we use and it’s a fabulous one for sure but just like you’re sharing here, the money you will be making will be from the affiliate commissions you’ll receive. And I have no doubt you’ll do very very well too. You’re just that kind of guy when you set your mind to something.

    Great post and explanation of how this is done. I have a feeling you’ve gotten quite a few people excited about this now too. Yay!!!

    Thanks again and I promise to share your post as well. Now enjoy the rest of your week and I wish you the best.


    • Better late than never 😉

      O yes! There was a jump in traffic yesterday when this post went life. It triggered a lot of excitement 😉
      Thanks again for sharing that so much needed info on your blog and thanks for spreading the word about this post here. So much appreciated 😉

  20. Hi Enstine,

    A really revealing tactic there. I’ve been using something similar on my niche sites but never thought of using it on my blog. Will just do this in the coming days! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Cool one there Enstine,

    Recently when I and my partner were planing money making strategy for techatlast, I wanted us to add affiliate to our stream, but I was thinking of a different way to do it, now I got a better idea to go about it.

    Thanks for the share.

  22. Hey Enstine,

    Wow bro, you sure know how to get people’s wheels turning, i tell you LOL… but yes my wheels are turning and you definitely gave me a great idea on what I should write about! Reviews! I would write a review every 6 weeks or so, but never thought about writing about a review for each feature! Hmmm… I may have to put that to practice! Thanks for sharing!

    • I hope you have tour breaks ! I wouldn’t want those wheels to turn in a loop ;).
      A review in 6 weeks? That’s not doing good to your blog. Time for a achange 😉

  23. Hi Enstine Muki
    Before commenting on your post I don’t know why I can’t help mentioning a famous quote here:
    “Unless the lion speaks history of jungle remains same as the hunter says”.
    You spoke so well in this whole post. The formula of selecting one product each month by writing 5 posts on each is not simply a formula, or tip or trick. I don’t have any second thought to declare it as
    “Muki Make Money Blogging Model”.
    If a blogger is clear on his blog audience then picking a product to sell to them is not a big task. Yes fully knowing your audience is not much easy. It’s prove is that till we have a few comments at our blog we read them carefully and happily but once we get huge comments then we don’t want to spend more time than just casting a glance at it.
    We think it a smart move to understand what commentator means to say by just reading its first and last paragraph. So a blogger must be so caring and attentive while try to know his audience with all the ways.
    Again thanks a lot for writing this post with several practical examples and dotted tips and also giving me this honor of mentioning me and my post with a link here. 🙂

    • lol that quote tickles me. I never heard that before 😉 and thanks for the beautiful comment all together.

      “If a blogger is clear on his blog audience then picking a product to sell to them is not a big task”

      That’s a very correct statement 😉

  24. Hi Enstine,
    Awesome post!!!
    I liked your money making idea. The other money making technique which you have mention in earlier part of this post is also very interesting. Will try it out.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful post..:)

  25. Awesome article..Indeed Enstine… Making money on brilliant way always stays stronger.. 🙂

  26. Of-course.

    To earn more money from blogging, we have to treat blogging as a business. I like this point. I also like your post. Way of delivering the content is really nice. Thanks for sharing brother.

  27. Thanks Enstine for this amazing article! It really helped me.. and i’m surely gonna give a try to this..:)

  28. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Amazingly helpful, I just found this post and get excited to approach it as I always found useful stuff here. Providing in depth information about a product before start promoting it is a significant task. It converts the visitors into subscribers when there is some appropriate information about that particular product.
    I am also used to read Muba Mi, he also writes really and his post you mentioned in above was superb actually.
    Keep on sharing evergreen tips…

    • Hi Ayesha
      Thanks for mentioning me in your comments. I do visit your blog and read your posts keenly which do have lot of passion to shine at the sky of blogosphere.

    • Thank you for being part of this post Ayesha. Your contribution is highly appreciated. Yes, Mi is a wonderful guy who provides great stuff on his blog. It’s a blog worth sticking around

  29. Hi Enstine. These kinda Content is what i’ve be expecting to read. i think making money with affiliate products beats the rocks, but would like to enquire. How do you know which content from your blog bring traffic most in search engine?.

    • Hey Emma,
      Google Webmaster Tools is an excellent free tool to tell you which keywords drive traffic to which pages. You can sort them out by clicks, impressions, etc. Try it out

  30. Hi Enstine,

    Great great article this is, Although after reading almost all ebooks related to blogging and making money online with it i still cant find that cutting edge i need to make money online with it, it sounds as if am a total newbie when it comes to this and it really baffles me.

    I must thank you for today’s post as i have gained a thing or two on blog monetization.
    Thanks for sharing

  31. Hi Enstine,
    Another top notch post from your stable. I know blogging is a good way to make nice income (provided it is done properly) I love the idea of treating blogging as a business venture (Thanks to Addrienne for sharing that piece) Just like any other business, enough dedication is required to make real money.

    It’s also important to experiment now and then, sticking to what works and letting go of what doesn’t. The idea of being a product ambassador is interesting, I have never done something of such before, although I have seen blogger promote bluehost “Wildly” on a particular blog I saw a video sponsored by blue host, the sponsor different video every week on that blog (Like they’re they executive producer), I believe the blogger must have established a long term relationship with blue host. So I think being a product ambassador is a bright tip.

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hey Augustus,
      The ambassador idea is very cool. If you do well in promoting a certain product and making sales, in most cases, product owners offer sales bonuses in Cash. Some will create dedicated promotions material for you.

      It’s tough but not impossible

  32. Hi Enstine,

    No doubt affiliate earnings have good opportunities to earn huge and you need to convince your audience to buy this product because it has so many benefits. Heard a lot about this thing but never read any post so brief like yours. Great work dude, Keep it up!!

  33. Man!! .. Enstine!

    You came up with a killer blog post here!!! .. Nice!

    You really talked about a lot of great tips to make money blogging online. If you learn some good SEO and know the right affiliate products to sell – you really can profit from a niche blog in a couple of months.

    You just gotta take massive action with everything!

    Anyways, you got a nice blog going on here man! .. keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this Epic Blog Post!

    I wish you the best success online!


    • Hey Freddy,
      I’m so excited you came over and dropped a comment too. You guys make my blog what it is and I’m so grateful.

      Thanks for the beautiful complement and do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  34. Hey Enstine,

    You always come up with something great, i just read it and i’m glad about it. Many bloggers use affiliate marketing but you’ve completely changed the concept of affiliate marketing.

    I liked the last part where you’ve summarized this money making trick, the only way to make money through this trick is to choose perfect products and to get more targeted traffic on the articles representing the products.

    -Siraj Wahid

    • Wow! Happy again to see you here Siraj and thanks for the comment 😉

      I’m glad you read, understood and liked the idea. I’m sure you’ll soon put it to practice. It’s bound to work for you too 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  35. Iam Looking For this type of post Very Informative with step by step
    I have seen many blogs with make money post
    But it is best post i have seen

  36. Ohh my god….!!

    Enstine Sir, When i saw your Facebook update yesterday about this article i got so excited and after reading this valuable article i can say that my excitation was fruitful for me. I love the methods and tricks you shown above.

    You added a very impressive blog post title “How to make so much money with your blog – Guaranteed!”, which is very attractive and lots of people are going to learn so many things from this article. thanks again sir for sharing this lovely piece of your thought 🙂

    – Amit Kumar

    • Hey AMit,
      I’m particularly thankful for being an active community member both on my blog and social media 😉

      Yes, this method will surely help many who work on it generate enough earnings from affiliate marketing. I’m sure you are going to give it a try too

  37. A big thanks to Enstine for this post. Its all about getting targeted traffic than hundreds of thousands of garbage’s of traffic that won’t pay for clicks.

    First of all we should provide enough information about the products without the aim of promoting it, readers will eventually ask buying related questions, that’s leads.

    You’ve well written with clear details. Thanks.

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