The Shocking meaning of the word “NO” This will change your life!

This morning, after firing my boss, I’m home having some fun with kids. I just checked my affiliates accounts and there is some awesome earnings to take care of the bills.

My blog has been booked for some paid content next month. I’m bracing up and getting my fingers ready for more blog hopping awesomeness.

I’m also working on a promotion strategy for my new platform, BlogExpose. If you ain’t signed up yet, check it out now.

One of my great friends, Chioma just got me seduced again. I was checking out her blog and found this article about the creation of the popular mobile app called WhatSapp

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How to transfer data from smartphone to smartphone!

how to transfer contacts from Android to Android

As Smartphone users, there is always the need to transfer data from one device to the other. Often, phone users are faced with the need to:

  • Transfer data from Android to Android
  • Transfer data from iPhone to Android and vice versa
  • Transfer data from Android to Blackberry and vice versa
  • Transfer data from iPhone to Blackberry and vice versa
  • etc

Recently on a Facebook chat with a friend, he asked me how to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

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5 Steps to Find Your Future Hosting Provider!

how to choose the right webhosting

There are tons of benefits in having a reliable hosting partner in the online world. Maybe just as many as the risks you take when you rush your decision and choose based on all the wrong reasons. If you are expecting a way to find cheap hosts or one of those “best” hosts then this is probably not your read.

This actually amazes me to this day – how does one define “best”? One man’s garbage can be another man’s treasure after all, right? What works well for you might work terrible for the next person.

Still, people seem to like generalizations, so for the sake of the argument I will still show you how to choose the best hosting provider…the best FOR YOU that is!

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Meet Adeel Sami from Pakistan!

Today is my favorite blogging day. The simple reason is that I get to talk about bloggers and their blogs/products. I have been doing this since last year and I absolutely enjoy it. I’m one who loves to discover people. We know blogging is one exciting activity that brings bloggers/people together.

I said in the past that bloggers are stars. That’s absolutely correct. If you are a blogger and doing well, people scramble to meet and shake hands with you. Yes! My blogging friends are all stars.

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Your Writing Ability Is Truly Gold…Leverage It Creatively – Akaahan Terungwa

Akaahan Terungwa

Wow! It’s going so fast.

Do we still have 24 hours a day?

We are Thursday again and I’m  here to talk to you about another blogger. I have spoken about may and will keep talking about these awesome friends till the Internet is taken down.

I have featured both men and women that are making it happen in blogging. You can find them here.

If you want to be featured too, just keep hanging around my blog. I surely will spot you one day.

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Shobha Ponnappa: a forte in digital marketing breakthroughs!

Welcome to another exceptional introduction! We continue our journey of talent discoveries today by hooking up with someone exceptional.

This is just an episode in a long series whose end is unforeseen. Check out exceptional bloggers and businessmen I have feature in the past here.

I love us to discover more bloggers. I take the initiative to talk about any influencer here. This is done completely free. However, if you don’t want to wait for your time, we may discuss a fee.

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