MyBlogU Review ~ Create Epic Content and Drive Targeted Traffic!

MyBlogU Review – Platform for epic, high quality and sharable content, connecting you with savvy bloggers, building backlinks to improve your SEO, driving traffic and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

One of the most exceptional tools for content production and promotion is MyBlogU. To say the least, Anne Smarty got a beautiful idea which she built into a solid blogging tool.

I’m excited you are reading this post because you are going to discover a platform that will literally help improve your blogging experience for the rest of your blogging days.

One of the reasons behind the success of most top bloggers is that they use the right tools and you cannot be wrong on MyBlogU when it comes to generating consumable content that will course others to happily share and promote.

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Argument ~ Would you hire Virtual Assistants to reply to comments on your blog?

Last week, I posted an argument on this blog about taking down comments on blog posts. As I went through the argument, reading different opinions from different contributors, I got another idea which led to this post.

One of the reasons some big blogs took down comments on their blogs is the fact that they get hundreds of comments to deal with daily.

Now, this really is a huge lump to swallow if you have to reply to hundreds of daily comments. If your comments are as long as those Adrienne Smith and most of my friends get, you understand what it means to go through them and leave reasonable replies.

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Trendemon Review ~ Optimize Content and Increase Website Traffic!

trendemon review logo

TrenDemon Review – Maximize content performance and Generate more revenue & conversions from existing content and traffic!

Some days back, I posted this content on how to increase sales and income without increase in traffic. I got lots of reactions from readers including private mails about using the tools I mentioned in that post.

In today’s review, I’m excited to point out another tool that will enable you boost conversions from your existing content and traffic, increase your traffic, monetize and generate more revenue from your website.

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BroadedNet API for blogger/Blogspot ~ Traffic Without Search Engines or SM

broadednet for blogger

BroadedNet has been around since September 2014 principally for WordPress users. My first attempt at getting it work for blogger and other CMS platforms failed.

The Javascript/jQuery developer I hired had some issues finishing his API. So I got another guy who did a job that deserves a positive mark.

So if your blog is running on Blogger/Blogspot, your may want to go try this out so you can be part of the growing community.

It will run on a blogger/blogspot sub domain like this one or personal domain like this and this and this

NB: Since the blogger API is loaded asynchronously (only after your site has finished loading), it will not slow down your site. 

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Dennis Seymour Will Help You Be More Visible in Google!

Dennis Seymour

Hurrah! It’s another Thursday and the journey continues 😉 It’s time to discover and connect with another awesome guy. Blogging is beautiful when you connect with the right people of course.

Where do you find the right bloggers to connect with?

The answer is simple! Pay attention to my Thursday series. I make sure I talk to you about one exceptional blogger from any part of the world. These are bloggers I encourage you connect with. Check their blogs, sign up to their list, follow them on social media.

In the past, I have featured many of these top bloggers. Check out this list for more. It’s my choice who gets featured. You just have to be an awesome blogger and of course, read my blog and engage with others that have been featured.

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SocialPilot Review ~ How to post to Multiple Social Media Accounts at once!

Socialpilot Review tracking

SocialPilot Review ~ Presenting a social media app to help you share to hundreds of Social Media Accounts with a simple click!

As a blogger, one of the social media tools I have been using that has tremendously improved my posting experience is SocialPilot. This very easy-to-use tool allows me to do three things;

  1. Link my blog’s rss feed url so articles I post on my blog instantly get spread all over social media.
  2. Manually schedule campaigns that will be posted at any set time in the future.
  3. Create and post campaigns instantly to selected social media accounts.

If you’ve been blogging and using social media as a platform for exposure, you know how much pains it takes to manually share to different accounts and groups.

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